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The Trout, Goring By Sea

the trout is now under new management again, tanya is doing a really good job, she wants it to be a pub for local people there is now a tv, the most expensive item on the menu is 6.00

6 May 2009 18:20

The Oak and Ivy, Hawkhurst

sounds like a wonderful pub shame its about to be spoilt with jay and anna going in as bar managers and simon as a cook watch the stock and the takings go down now

27 Nov 2008 16:03

The Trout, Goring By Sea

well update to all who have chosen to stay away from the trout since THEY took over or where made to feel unwelcome THEY HAVE GONE LEFT NOT THERE ANYMORE woohoo so biker come back and see what the next lot have instore for the pub with the most ever landlords in only 5 short years

12 Nov 2008 16:24

The Marquis Of Granby, Sompting

under new ownership

6 Sep 2008 00:24

Eden, Worthing

its closed down, going to be a chinese retaurant

6 Sep 2008 00:22

The Trout, Goring By Sea

dear biker, its now into september what are your views on the trout now, i noticed some of the staff have been replacedwhich is unfortunate and according to the advert in this weeks local paper they now have a dress code its a pub in durrington not the ritz be good to hear your veiws

6 Sep 2008 00:13

The Trout, Goring By Sea

well so soon these new managers just aint got wot it takes

16 Jul 2008 21:59

The Trout, Goring By Sea

Ok where do we begin, now being called the trout (this to trick people into thinking that its a posh eating establishment). The place has been open 5 years had at least 1 set of managers every 6 months some have'nt even lasted that long, the longest serving managers were Paul and Theresa Jacobs (1 whole year), the couple that have just jumped ship lasted all of 6 weeks, I hasten to add not because of the clientel, (all the touble eliments have been removed, AND WILL NOT BE RETURNING) they were not making any money, not suprisingly as the food value went from being hearty home cooked pub food at very affordable prices to stuff people could'nt pronounce let along afford to eat, this is not going to work, the pub is situated in the middle of several social housing estates, where most of the residents can't afford to eat out and when they can it would'nt be to the local, at the moment its a dead hole BUT the "new managers" want to try and turn it back to the affordable eatery it was a few months back, good luck to them I say (they are going to need it), Its got itself a bad reputation over the years,lets forget that bit about it its a really lovely place with a huge decking area, fish pond, friendly loyal staff some have seen all the managers in and out. Go and give it a try, I think you might be plesently suprised

29 Jun 2008 01:10

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