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BITE user comments - mattclapham

Comments by mattclapham

The George, Balham

Really impressed by this place, nice leather chairs, spacious, maybe a bit too pricey but nice crowd- young and friendly

7 Nov 2005 21:09

The Treasury, Plymouth

Great interior, and for Plymouth this is a trendy bar with a lot of good things going for it- hope it encourages others to buck up their ideas

25 Oct 2005 20:44

The Roundabout, Plymouth

bad food, but good cheap drinks and friendly student staff- worth a visit

25 Oct 2005 20:43

Mannamead, Plymouth

good for the mutley plain pub crawl

25 Oct 2005 20:41

Jesters, Plymouth

This place is like an embodiment of the Trsiha show- women in their forties acting like teenagers and just a really threatening atmosphere- it was an experience

25 Oct 2005 20:41

The James Street Vaults, Plymouth

did the JSV challenge- filthy, but great bar and good atmosphere

25 Oct 2005 20:40

The Gog and Magog, Plymouth

This is alright, the clientele are a bit dodgy but otherwise its a nice little bar to visit on a pub crawl- not for too long mind you!!

25 Oct 2005 20:39

Cuba, Plymouth

This is looking increasingly shabby these days, used to be ultra trendy and then just got taken over by new bars turning up and looking and being just better. Great brekkie though

25 Oct 2005 20:38

Bar R / Ride, Plymouth

Used to go here all the time, bit expensive and very crampt most nights, but I like it and always a good crowd. Heard a few scare stories about some of the old bouncers who used to work there- not sure if they still do- but overall for me it was a good one to turn up at

25 Oct 2005 20:36

The Bank, Plymouth

This is one of the only nice old buildings that survived the WW2 bombings- its a nice little pub- maybe could do we a bit more character and a refurbishment- but generally its nice hidden gem in the city. Not too expensiove either actually

25 Oct 2005 20:35

The Kingston Gate, Norbiton

What a wasted opportunity- this pub COULD be really good. In REALITY its a complete thug magnet- don't enter unless you are covered in tatoo's, have an ASBO to your name or are looking for a fight or a stolen car stereo- shame shame shame

25 Oct 2005 20:32

The Gazebo, Kingston Upon Thames

No atmosphere here, and the beer on offer is unheard of stuff- but overall it's great place- cheap, i mean cheap beer and also you can sit ou on the river steps in trendy plastic glasses. Good place in the summer, or if you are on a bar crawl- but i wouldnt spend the entire night there- good starter pub to see the river area

25 Oct 2005 20:30

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Great and affordable food

25 Oct 2005 20:23

Players Lounge, Guildford

Overpriced- and again no character or any form of personality from either the bar staff (most of whom are bored- as people avoid buying drinks in there)...or the atmosphere

Rubbish place- dont go

25 Oct 2005 20:22

Casino, Guildford

Whether it's called Bar Zuka or Bar Mambo or whatever- this place has and always will be over priced, with uncooperative staff who have a chip on their shoulder.


25 Oct 2005 20:19

The George Abbot, Guildford

Used to be my favourite pub/bar in Guildford, but it seemed to go down hill abit when they changed management a couple of years back. The pub is generally nice and well located, fond memories.

25 Oct 2005 20:17

The Five and Lime, Guildford

Best bar in Guildford, shame it's not a bit bigger, but the back garden makes it unique and quaite funky feel in the evenings.

25 Oct 2005 20:14

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