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The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

Just won CAMRA South Herts Pub of the Year - what more can you say? I've been going here for years (It's celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2009)
Go and enjoy a great night out with decent beer or two!

5 May 2009 12:41

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

I first went to this gem of a pub something like 7 years ago. It was like an oasis in a sea of mediocrity in Northampton. I was fortunate to know the manager at the time and had some very pleasant evenings there. The manager moved on and so did I and it was only by chance that I happened to be back in Northampton in May of this year. After such a time lapse of 5 years or so would it/could it still be the same? A resounding yes! It was like a trip down memory lane and all the things I enjoyed about it in the past were still there. This is a pub that is run by people who really care about their beer and their customers. It's the sort of place that from the outside you might not even give a second thought too (particualrly where it is located - sandwiched somehere between Morrisons Superstore on one side and the Carslberg/Tetley brewery on the other). So maybe that makes it a hidden gem. Except there are quite a few people who know about it! A truly great pub - in fact quite possibly my all time favourite! If you are ever in Northampton seek it out - and if after a session there you don't agree with me I'll refund your beer money!!

2 Jul 2008 17:08

The Red Lion, Histon

A true classic pub. Really friendly, great atmosphere, comfortable surroundings oh and the beer is great too! Wish i lived here but unfortunately don't so make a pilgrimage every now and then. Have never been disappointed and can't wait to go again (which ahppend to be this weekend - Hurrah!

2 Jul 2008 16:55

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

A great pub that I always enjoy visiting. A real locals sort of pub but one that makes you welcome! I generally go on a Saturday evening and have always enjoyed the atmosphere - a great rang of real ale and teh belgium beer choice is good too. there is always Leffe on draught plus one guest belgium beer and on one particular evening I enjoyed the best draught Leffe I've ever had anywhere (and that includes belgium!).Never bothered about food but as far as a place to go for a good drink and atmosphere you can't go wrong here (bit of a trek out of town if you are walking thoufgh!)

2 Jul 2008 16:52

The Six Templars, Hertford

Oh Dear! I have tried one or two of the Weatherspoon pubs over the years - in Cambridge, Haverhill and London and have very mixed feelings about them. On the one hand they serve a good selection of Ales (but I don't think any of them are cask conditioned) and at reasonable prices and they try and use interesting buildings to convert- and somehow they have a relationship with CAMRA - BUT, how shall I put this... the atmosphere is never welcoming. This outlet is a case in point. Loud, brash with no atmosphere at all (unless you like the atmosphere of motorway services or airport lounges)the staff don't have knowledge of what they are selling and it does seem to attract a certain element of society to it which I do not normally associate with (The Six ASBOS is an appropriate alternative name). So Ok if you like your beer hard fast loud and cheap 9which could also refer to much of the clientele but if not (and I guess that's why you are on this site) I would look elsewhere.

2 Jul 2008 16:42

The White Horse, Hertford

A true olde worlde pub serves mainly fullers ale but usually has at least one guest ale on. With the winter coming go on a cold day and snuggle up in the downstair bar next to the real fire with a pint in hand. bliss! Tucked away down a side street in Hertford but worth searching for if you dont know the area. Sunday lunch is good too and Monday evening a special themed meal is usually available for a fiver but get there early.

24 Oct 2007 16:38

The Old English Gentleman (OEG), Saffron Walden

A great pub run by a great landlord. Not a massive selection of real ale but always at leaset one guest ale on. Serves Leffe blonde on draught at 2 - good value (price ast time of writing this review). I go here quite regularly and always enjoy the beer and the atmosphere. Good food too

24 Oct 2007 16:33

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

A classic pub. Very well maintained beers, constantly changing guest beers and a good selection of belgium beers (though not cheap).

Only down side is the place could be bigger but thats not their fault. Great interior (feels like a pub from a bygone age) run by people who know and care about beer and their customers.

Friday and Saturday nights can get VERY busy but the atmosphere is great.

I would vote this as the best pub between Hertford and Cambridge from a strictly drinking aspect.

24 Oct 2007 16:24

The Gate, Sawbridgeworth

An all round good pub. Very popular with locals and there are plenty of regulars here. Always get a warm welcome. Varied range of real ales - usually in good condition. A bit on the old fashioned side in respects of decor etc but thats part of its charm. If you like Leffe belgium beer they have both the dark and blonde on tap and its the cheapest Leffe available anywhere.

24 Oct 2007 16:18

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