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Comments by jacrud

The George, Croydon

Some great beers on this week - Oakham, Darkstar, Thornbridge, Tillingbourne, Portobello, Twickenham, Tripple fff, Sambrooke, Surrey Hills and Cronx.

26 Jun 2013 10:53

The George, Croydon

Ales this week include the usual Darkstar beers, Jaipur, Oakham JHB, Scarlet Macaw, Green Devil IPA, Inferno, Dreamcatcher, Citra, Bishops Farewell. Surrey Hills Greensand IPA, Ranmore and Shere Drop. Tillingbourne Black Troll, Falls Gold and A.O.N.B. Coming next week is Darkstar Green Hopped IPA and various Cronx beers. Thursday 25th October The George will host Oakham brewery in a meet the brewer evening which will feature beers upto 9.0%!! Also Darkstar "Rock Star" will be on sale soon which is a collaboration with Magic Rock brewery.

9 Oct 2012 14:57

Postal Order, Crystal Palace

The new manager Raj seems to know his beers! Popped in today and had a great pint of Thornbridge Jaipur! The new ale board at the end of the bar posts the current beers due on for that week. Darkstar Hophead, Festival and the American Pale Ale are due on aswell as Twickenham Naked Ladies. Onwards and upwards.......

18 Apr 2012 12:24

The George, Croydon

Thornbridge Wild Swan, Brother Rabbit, Ashford, Jaipur, Kipling and Lord Marples.
Surrey Hills, Kissingate, Sambrooke, Tillingbourne, Twickenham and Darkstar beer on over the next two weeks

12 Apr 2012 21:30

The George, Croydon

Do you even know what "Kelham"is Wealdman? Maybe you should research the word to realise it is a brewery, and that the beer needs to actually be ordered in order to sell it in any one public house

3 Feb 2012 23:49

The George, Croydon

Another person who knows their beers......did you enjoy your imaginary Kelham beer with your imaginary blonde sitting on your knee?

2 Feb 2012 21:22

The George, Croydon very interested to know how you came to sample Hepworth and Kelham beers in The George as you have below stated seen as these beers have not yet been on sale THIS year?! You obviously know your beers............

30 Jan 2012 23:57

The George, Croydon

Beers on for the next 2 weeks:
Thornbridge - Jaipur, Kipling, Sequoia, Wild Swan, Brother Rabbit, Lord Marples
Darkstar - Hophead, APA, Festival, Winter Meltdown, Smoked Porter, Imperial Russian Stout @ 10.5% - (IRS will be on sale Friday 9th ONLY)
Surrey Hills - Albury Ruby, Ranmore Ale, Shere Drop
Sambrooke - Powerhouse Porter, Junction Ale
Twickenham - Winter Warmer, Naked Ladies, Sundancer, Winter Cheer
Oakham - JHB
Kelham Island - Pale Rider
Greene King - Abbot Reserve
Plus many Christmas special ales too

2 Dec 2011 09:24

The George, Croydon

Thornbride beers range from Summer Ale with ginger and sage, Raven, Lord Marples, Kipling, Jaipur, Wild Swan, Chiron, Seaforth.
Oakham beer range from Black Hole Porter, Inferno, Tranquility, Bishops Farewell, JHB, CITRA
Darkstar beers range from Hophead, APA, Festival, Hylder Blonde, IPA

All on Saturday 24th Sept

24 Sep 2011 01:10

The George, Croydon

Arriving soon for the Beer Festival at The George: 15th Sept-25th Sept

Oakham beers
JHB 3.8%
Bishops Farewell 4.6%
White Dwarf 4.3%
Inferno 4%
Citra 4.2%
Endless Summer 3.4%
Black Hole Porter 5.5%
Oblivion 5.7%
Green Devil 6%
Tranquility 6.5%

Thornbridge beers
Jaipur 5.9%
Kipling 5.2%
Wild Swan 3.5%
Lord Marples 4%
Chiron 5%
Browne 4.3%
Sequoia 4.5%
Galaxia 5.2%

Darkstar beers
Hophead 3.8%
Festival 5%
APA 4.7%
Hylder Blonde 4.2%
Summer Meltdown 4.8%
India Pale Ale 6.2%

21 Aug 2011 12:24

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