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Comments by elleme

The White Lion, Warlingham

Can't comment on beer and food as husband waited and waited to get served at bar with no luck. Barmaid walked off when it was obvious he was waiting. All she needed to say was 'I'll be with you in a moment' and we might have persevered. As it was, we gave up and went next door, which didn't have the same olde-worlde charm but at least had staff who were working. Someone else at the bar was complaining about slow crappy service too.

17 Sep 2014 14:43

The Alma, Crystal Palace

They have started having a market and bbq in the beer garden - I think it's on every Saturday now.

18 Jun 2008 14:56

The Mansion, Gipsy Hill

Decent enough place. A bit poncy but sometimes that's a good thing when you're in the mood for it. I'd go more often if it didn't involve a steep uphill walk after a couple of pints... but great for those on the lower part of Gipsy Hill.

23 Feb 2008 21:54

The Alma, Crystal Palace

It's been improving a great deal lately. I think they could do with just a slightly wider range of ales (without turning into the overpriced and slightly pretentious White Hart over the road). The live music is a good move - I just never seem to know when it's on.

23 Feb 2008 21:51

Westow House, Crystal Palace

I had a problem with badly kept ales a couple of times. That puts me off. If they sorted that out I'd be more inclined to go back. Food was nothing to write home about the last time I tried it, but to be fair they've changed over to selling pies now which aren't made on the premises, and that may be more foolproof.

23 Feb 2008 21:47

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

It's not an exciting sort of place - probably best described as a bit of an old man's pub. But for all that it's well run with friendly bar staff, beers are well kept and they do a decent, good-value Sunday roast.

23 Feb 2008 21:43

Postal Order, Crystal Palace

LOL I think I've overheard the guy who bemoans 'the onslaught of Brussels' and more. My ears started bleeding after a while. On the upside I go in here because I like to try out the guest beers. I find the staff OK at present - there's always something of a turnover but they have been worse. Wish the atmosphere was better though.

30 Jun 2007 15:21

The Blue Bottle, Crystal Palace

Yes, it's now called Westow House. Beer seemed a bit flat (and no, it wasn't a real ale).

30 Jun 2007 15:08

The Black Sheep Bar, Crystal Palace

I'm another person who will like this bar more when the smoking ban is enforced. Smoke in pubs doesn't usually bother me too much but there's something about the layout or the flow of air which means that if you're eating something, there will be smoke drifting over your food. The food itself isn't bad at all so will taste all the better soon. Service good and friendly, the only other thing they could improve is the range of beers which aren't very imaginative. Good choice of wine/cocktails though.

9 Mar 2007 15:03

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