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Comments by crispsandbeer

The Prince of Wales, Reigate

top marks for having bar billiards and a real log fire.

2 Jan 2006 00:04

The White Hart, Reigate

Dodgy food (ours took ages and when it came it was cold)
Totally full of chavs.

1 Jan 2006 23:58

The Tickled Ivory Piano Lounge, Reigate

Will 2 said :
"Would rather go here than somewhere like the Angel."
Yes indeed that about sums it up. It is just a bit better than the ASBO hole the Angel. Not my bag at all.

1 Jan 2006 23:52

The Causeway, Earlswood

Yes indeed a nice pub if what you are after is a night watching chavs and gypos fighting. Last time I went there (and it will be the last) I left after watching a burly looking man punch his female companion in the face after a furious row. I work and live very locally to this pub, as do a few of my friends. Needless to say we go elsewhere.

1 Jan 2006 23:30

The Skimmington Castle, Reigate Heath

not sure what food goosegog ordered but the food I had on the last three visits was ace. Especially the crayfish and prawn salad. mmmm

1 Jan 2006 23:08

The Angel, Reigate

apparently the only pub in the locality which is not in the pub watch scheme. Consequently it attracts all the scrotes that have been banned from every other pub. need I say more

1 Jan 2006 22:59

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

Top pub for a quiet pint. Quite small but you know that when you choose to go there. Mmmm Stowford Press cider. Very nice. Only pub I have been in with it's own cave system below it. (The market has some behind it but that's not the same)

1 Jan 2006 22:51

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