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The Sun Inn, Barnes

Not so much a public house, as a tired cliche. "Like, yah, let's go and drink at 'the Sun'," drool irritating West Londoners. "Did you know, one can sit by the pond?" Oh WOW! Aren't you lot SO INSIGHTFUL and CUTTING EDGE! I tell you what: GET OUT! Oh my goodness.

15 Jun 2008 17:54

The Half Moon, Putney

How DARE you?

15 Jun 2008 17:53

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

This pub is like a bad dream, after one has eaten way too much strong cheese just before bed. Oh my lord, I want to cry just thinking about how unpleasant it is. Sob...............

15 Jun 2008 17:51

The Refectory, Golders Green

This pub is some sort of elaborate practical joke, surely?

15 Jun 2008 17:50

The George, Eton

I enjoyed it when I went there. Nice food. True, the bar staff seemed a little bored and uninterested. But so would I be in their pitiful shoes. Not at all bad.

15 Jun 2008 17:47

The Gate Lodge, Golders Green

So bad it's great! This is such a hellhole that it demands to be visited regularly. More of a corridor than a pub it is cramped if even three unfortunate souls visit at the same time. Last time I went, I ordered "a glass of house white, please" from the perplexed bar woman. She waddled off and returned some minutes later with a glass of red wine. When I reminded her that I'd asked for white, she clearly thought I was VERY fussy. She then went away and filled a glass with two different types of white wine. I decided not to argue with the deranged cow this time. Overall, there is a Star Wars feel to this bar. No, not that mad bar that they visit in the film. Rather, the scene where they get stuck in the garbage-crushing unit and the walls start closing in on them. That's how it feels to stand in this almost sarcastically-ridiculous pub. I love it! 10 out of 10!

15 Jun 2008 17:45

The Morning Star, Datchet

This is not just a bad pub, it's a blot on another otherwise attractive village landscape. The clientele are horrifically intimidating and unpleasant, the staff are a little nicer but only just. Absolutely unwelcoming and with an air of bored menace at the best of times, this pub attracts the very worst of the locals. It's like flies around...well you know the rest. And not even nice flies - irritating, bloated obnoxious flies. Inside is cramped, aggressive and with that all pervaying air of boredom and menace. There are a few regulars who seem to spend most of their lives here and are seemingly perpetually hammered. I don't blame them, I'd need to be utterly intoxicated to spend any time at all in there, let alone my entire waking existence. In the summer - and beyond thanks to the smoking band - the regulars crawl out onto the foreground, and prove a hideous spectacle in an otherwise lovely area. They should knock this pub down and turn it into a marshy pond - most of the regulars would feel quite at home there.

15 Jun 2008 17:41

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Almost tearfully horrific, unless you sit in the garden. In which case, just about bearable. Some fit cadet boys sometimes appear here. Phwoar!

15 Jun 2008 17:36

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