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The Black Cherry Bar, East Dulwich

A fantastic little bar that works hard to provide something different for East Dulwich. Great cocktails, an excellent back bar selection, interesting beers and, for the most part, decent service. It's NOT a restaurant - and has never pretended to be - and this website is about BEER (ie liquid) not FOOD - so DRT79 wants to save his pennies and go to a proper restaurant if he wants something more than basic bar food (oh - and if you've got comments to make about them - save them for or somewhere suitable).

Its a small, independent business - striving to provide something alternative - and that should be applauded. OK, if the staff are unnecessarily rude, or you get served "off" drinks, have a moan - but otherwise you should just keep schtum and thank God for people like the owners of Black Cherry who are saving London (and particularly East Dulwich) from turning into yet another bland, provincial high street town.

Well done guys - keep up the hard work - and don't let the b*st*rds grind you down.


16 Dec 2006 10:47

Liquorish, East Dulwich

The cocktails here are absolutely shocking. The ingredients poor and over powering - lowest common denominator. Whoever makes ANY cocktail with cheap Jose Cuervo tequila (NOT the proper "tradicional") and charges these prices should be strung up.

Best cocktails in this area

1) NUMBER 22 - Herne Hill
3) PLAN B - Brixton

Any other reason to bother with this place...? erm... Nope. Not one.

1 Apr 2005 11:14

The Florence, Herne Hill

What the hell is that horrible pea-green gloss everywhere. Like a Disney-land Irish pub. Dreadful.

19 Feb 2005 11:50

Number 22, Herne Hill

A bar and restaurant really on the site of what was a dreadful wine bar. It's a fantastic little place that mixes great cocktails, serves some fantastic (mainly organic) wines and even has Cruz Campo on draft. Definitely the best place in Herne Hill by a mile.

19 Feb 2005 11:48

The Patch, East Dulwich

Hmm. Not bad, but a bit of a disappointment when you know it's the same owners as the Palmerston and Sea Cow. Good for the football I guess as everyone can see that huge screen and enjoy burgers n pizzas watching Chelsea wallop whoever they are playing...

19 Feb 2005 11:38

Inside 72, East Dulwich

Now now Christine!! Dull Dulwich??? Name another area of London with a range of boozers and restaurants as diverse (and brilliant) as The Sea Cow, The Palmerston, Franklins, Inside 72, The Edt, Le Chardon, Thai Pavillion, Tandoori Nights, The Green, Hanna's, The CPT - and then onto the Village for the Dog... And not a Starbucks or a MacDonalds in sight! The area is fantastic - one of London's true gems!!! Where would you prefer to be Christine? Clapham?

1 Dec 2004 17:18

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Disappointing. Friendly enough, the beer was fine, the customers were your usual mixed Borough bunch - but the pub somehow lacks chracter and is incredibly smokey. I don't think it's a BAD pub, but compared to The Globe, The Market Porter and The George its a bit souless.

1 Dec 2004 16:50

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