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Hobgoblin, Bedford

This pub has gone way downhill since I last commented. The majority of the new staff are complete posers, the atmosphere has died...and what's up with the jukebox which plays dance and indie?! It's meant to be a rock pub! What happened to the decent MP3 selection? What happened to the live music?

It's a shame as I can tell the landlord is investing money into it. The mounted fans are an excellent idea, as were the tea lights on the table (which seem to have disappeared). He needs to revert back to the same music, atmosphere and bar staff he used over a year ago or face losing even more clients.

26 Mar 2008 16:27

The New Inn, Wymington

wonderful little pub full of atmosphere and locals, but you never feel unwelcome.

6 Mar 2007 15:26

The Prince Of Wales, Bromham

not a bad pub. the staff are friendly and welcoming and they play most big games on the TV.

6 Mar 2007 15:23

Rose, Bedford

the staff are friendly enough, but i call this a "spiking pub" for obvious reasons. never leave your drink unattended.

6 Mar 2007 15:19

Hobgoblin, Bedford

since the new landlord has taken over, the place has gained a brilliant atmosphere, great barstaff, and i've heard recently that every thursday sees a band or two play. not too keen on the doorstaff, but it's nice to know that bedford finally has a real rock pub.

6 Mar 2007 15:09

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