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The Lincoln Lounge, Kings Cross

This doesn't feel much like a real pub. It's never been great, but in the past couple of years it has got worse. There's a restricted selection of beer, and the bar staff tend to be dour-faced.

If it's a Friday, you will end up standing outside dodging cars or pedestrians who just want to get through the big crowd of people without too much hassle. Rather than a pub where you can go for a peaceful drink, it feels more like an American bar with a bad dj.

23 Jan 2012 09:48

Lush Camden, Camden

I used to be a regular. Used to. Then the misguided owner went on an ego trip. It became non-smoking, was boycotted and then reverted. All the best bar staff left or were sacked. Tasteless paintings were put up along with a massive photo of the owner. Regulars got told to move so friends of the owner could sit down. The front door became a notice board for messages to ostracised patrons. And the owner djs. Appallingly badly. This has become the most unwelcoming, insipid pub in London. And it's still too expensive. DO NOT GO HERE.

16 Mar 2006 10:42

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Nice atmosphere, nice beer, friendly staff and a barmaid who seems to be about 3 feet tall. But most importantly, you can light matches on the brick at the bar. Genius. I'm going back just to do that.

10 Jan 2006 14:37

Lush Camden, Camden

I have been here far too many times and I'm still not bored of the place. The paintings on the walls might be unnerving, the drinks might be too expensive, it will be too crammed on thursdays and fridays, girls will annoyingly order cocktails during the happy hour thereby slowing down the bar service, and there's a guy who keeps mooning when he gets drunk. But I'm still going back. Because I sold them my soul and they have never run out of sambucca. But the primary reason for my return is because they put something in the cocktails that brings out lesbian behaviour in the girls.

9 Jan 2006 16:02

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