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Bakehouse, Welwyn Garden City

Tried this pub a few nights back as we were meeting friends who live in WGC, place was heaving at 7pm, we got a table for four cleared and wiped down no problem, the fun started when himself went to the bar, I watched him wait behind several other bods then the whole queue being usurped by a young lassie who the barmaid had seen arrive last, a loud "excuse me love, there's a queue here!" soon sorted matters, the server however never commented much less apologised. She then took the order from the next lady in line, took the cash, and gave no drinks! The lady obviously thought it was table service, when she asked if that was the case the response was a sullen "well it can be I guess" Most of the bar staff (with the exception of a gem called Stewart) seem to be trained to deliberately avoid all eye contact and to never acknowledge anyone waiting, our group made three trips to the bar and we all got similar treatment. Good points were a bright smiling waitress and ... erm ....
The food was mediocre at best, microwave in a pouch curries and a chewy chicken breast dish, like Wetherspoons food but not as well done. Priced appropriately but Welwyn has way better places than this, Marstons do themselves no favours at all here. Avoid.

23 Jul 2016 20:49

The Rocket, Euston

Used this place once and never will again. Mid afternoon, place was quiet, ordered food, was clearly an inconvenience for the glowering female-type thing behind the bar, drinks were slopped onto the bar a couple of yards from where we stood, food when it arrived was awful, greasy and cold chips, rubber burger, and a curry that looked like it had been eaten already. I had the cheek to ask for salt after hunting round all the tables nearby, the response was a snarled "it's all on the tables" when I politely pointed out that the pots were actually all pepper she slammed down the glass she was holding and stormed off, located salt from god knows where and banged it on our table as hard as she could. Needless to say we didn't stay, and didn't bother asking for a manager either, just knew there'd be no point. As we left, my partner poured the flat lifeless lager we'd been served into the curry, it made a nicely brimming plate of unspeakable looking slop. Good luck picking that up love! We never normally behave like that but hey, you reap what you sow.

4 Oct 2013 02:22

The Dolphin, Kings Cross

This used to be where my workplace had its gatherings, I went along twice (I never learn!) dear god, where to start?? Sticky floor, sticky bar, a selection of glowering mono-browed locals and being charged a different (escalating) price for the same round each time! Final straw was when a double vodka appeared in a round (nobody was drinking it in my group) and when it was pointed out to the young man serving me his response was a lightning-quick "oh well, I'll have it then!" and it was down his neck before you could blink!
However, thems the bad old days and now we all drink in the Skinners round the corner!

4 Oct 2013 02:00

Flanagans of Battersea, Battersea

Popped in here a couple of weeks ago after looking round the power station, pleasantly surprised, the pub was heaving as a big match was on, staff as friendly as you like despite being so busy, and the place was spotless. We managed to bag a table and spent an hour imbibing decent wine and good atmosphere, shame it's not in our usual neck of the woods as we would definitely visit again. And again.

4 Oct 2013 01:38

Westow House, Crystal Palace

We use this place a fair bit, always a good range of beers on pump and some interesting bottled stuff too. Have tried the food several times, and to be honest it can be bit hit and miss, obviously an imaginative chef but portion size can vary and once found a hair that wasn't mine!
Whenever there's music on here it's always quality, beer festivals are well run and good fun, as is the quiz night and everything is done under the watchful eyes of Craig (if you don't know who he is you don't go in enough!)
The only niggle is that it seems to be nigh on impossible to become a recognised face here, don't know if the staff are told not to acknowledge regulars or what but it gives a feeling of something missing in an otherwise good pub.

4 Oct 2013 01:22

The White Hart, West Norwood

Went in this pub when we found our journey on a rail replacement bus turned short, and dismal though those buses are it was more fun ( and a darn sight cleaner) than this place. Sticky carpet and bar top, an all-pervading smell of stale beer and an un-identifiable grey scum floating on the top of my coke all combine to make this visit our last. I see an earlier poster on here mentions the lack of women, well the two propping up the bar that day both appeared to have escaped from their carers and they and the shadowy characters at the pool table all froze and gave us the stranger-in town stares as we walked in. Didn't notice if anyone watched us leave, I was moving too fast. One to avoid.

3 Oct 2013 01:08

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

Have used this pub a few times in the evenings, apart from the Jeremy Kyle Show fodder that regularly drink here it's not too bad, enjoyed good live music here once or twice but that now sadly seems to be finished. Average cleanliness in the bar area, however the visit where I found SHAVING STUBBLE (and it didn't look like facial stubble either, if you catch my drift) on the bar of soap in the loo was my last!!!

24 Sep 2013 12:00

Patricks Bar, Upper Norwood

Reasonably priced bar, the place to be if you like your sport and easily the cleanest pub in the palace. Cosy basement bar has live music as a regular feature, only drawback is no beer garden so this place is quiet in the warmer months. Evening pizzas phoned through and delivered from a nearby restaurant is a novel way to serve food! The owners a nice guy and his staff are on the ball, there's far worse places to drink round here!

23 Sep 2013 20:58

The White Hart, Crystal Palace

Popped in here recently looking for Sunday lunch and can only say I won't be returning. Got my lunch but it would have been better value in a number of the areas "greasy spoons" Ordered the pork, described as organic hand reared etc etc, well it may well have been but it was so overcooked and tough it could have been a frozen supermarket joint and the portion size would have left a toddler hungry! And the pile of overdone veg, watery gravy, brittle Yorkshire pud and three small barely-browned spuds didn't help either. Nowhere near value for money.
Decidedly indifferent service from a mainly teenage staff more interested in chatting to one another than serving was another turnoff, as was the constant badgering for feedback (chance to win a meal for two? No thanks, knowing my luck I probably would!!)A decent glass of wine was the only bright spot in an otherwise depressing visit, and there's plenty of places in the triangle that can provide that with a decent meal too!

23 Sep 2013 20:33

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