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Running Horses, Erith

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user reviews of Running Horses, Erith

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We have now moved out of Erith so this horrible pub is no longer our local, though we hadn't been for over 6 months anyhow - big deal.

Reported the pub to the Council but no doubt the smoking has continued and will continue for a long time to come.

When you order your food here (if it's available, normally it isn't), why don't you stick a lit cigarette in the middle of it? Enjoy!

djfunnyboi79 - 17 Sep 2012 13:01
Before i was lucky enough to do as i please.
i had only been in this pub once.
Pop in and see i dont think anyone sits in this pub all day.Im flying back on the 24th june for a few days so i will venture back in for a nose.
I spend most of my time on the golf course now and no i dont drink lager.
Enjoy crayford.
water - 25 May 2012 13:12
Water, I bet all you do all day is sit in this hell hole drinking crap lager.
Crayfordman - 25 May 2012 07:58
Part of a syndicate that won the lottery hence the retirement.
No doubt you work but judging from your grammer probably a minimum wage earner.
i agree it is a scummy little pub but it seems to attrach your attention.
im told the staff they keep an eye on what you post thats in between having a crafty fag while playing pool.
Me get a life you wish you had mine.
Run along your lunch hour is due to start.
water - 24 May 2012 13:12
Water - if you know people who work there you surely can't be talking about the management so you're talking about the bar staff - the bar staff that people have been complaining about on here!! So no wonder you're defending them!

Ignore any future postings from this person. He/she is also very immature. Retired at 32? And you're coming on here to post reviews about a scummy little pub? Doesn't add up matey. Get a life and get out there and enjoy your 'retirement'. Hope it rains.
sheena121 - 24 May 2012 11:52
No i dont work in the running horses i had some good fortune that allowed me to retire from work last year at the age of 32.
But i do know people who work there.
staff have to answer to their boss but everyone who complains on here never goes further than speaking to the bar people.
if i had a problem in a restaurant i would first complain to the server than if i was still not happy i would speak to the managment.
i will jump on a plane back to kent for the closing down party.
Its 32 degrees here so im back off to the beach with my board.

water - 23 May 2012 13:58
Furthermore, if you look at one of the original postings on the smoking, the barmaid was actually informed and just ignored it. So staff WERE informed!!! If they chose to ignore it then they along with the people who run this pub are breaking the law. Enough said.
sheena121 - 23 May 2012 11:27
I get the distinct impression 'water' that you may indeed work in The Running Horses as you're very quick to defend them a day or several days after a bad review has been posted. If so, your comment on the place being shut down after being reported to the authorities and the immature 'lol' that follows shows how totally incompetent you are at your job. You obviously don't take it seriously. GROW UP!!!!!
sheena121 - 23 May 2012 11:25
Crayfordman seems a very busy individual.
Yet again someone who has witnessed smoking in the pub can i ask what was said to you when you reported it to the managment or was you to scared to because of the unfreiendly staff who tend to be all women.
God forbid after you report this to the authorities and the pub gets shut down.(lol)
The regulars could all end up in Crayford drinking with the scum there.
The One Bell with even more plastic wannadies.

water - 23 May 2012 10:30
PS; if there was a competition for worst pubs in London, this pub would score highly!! I wonder if Beer in the Evening does league tables like this lol!!
powdersoap121 - 22 May 2012 14:39
Have to agree with a lot of the other punters - this place is a poor reflection of the area. Erith isn't the nicest of places I'll admit but this place does it no favours. Unfriendly staff (especially the landlord) and really foul-mouthed locals. We took our youngest (4 years) in on a 'quiet' Sunday afternoon recently and embarassingly on leaving he asked us what 'f**k' meant. Not good at all!!!! Didn't notice any smoking but looking at the place wouldn't be surprised at all if it happens on a regular basis. Stay away.
powdersoap121 - 22 May 2012 14:38
Noticed the comments about the smoking. I have witnessed this and I am going to inform the authorities. This place needs shutting down once and for all......scum
Crayfordman - 21 May 2012 23:51
In fact this place should have been knocked down like the swimming pool, only with all the regulars inside it still.
Crayfordman - 20 May 2012 15:10
Don't bother. Very rude staff. Go elsewhere where the Chavs don't go.
Crayfordman - 20 May 2012 14:40
London796 - I was in a pub as I wanted a drink!!! And didn't want to be met with a stinking toilet and people smoking!! If REAL locals count as foul mouthed hooligans then yes I'd rather go for a "drink" in a restaurant...but why on earth should I?!!!! I am not a snob. It's just my opinion, but this place is a complete dump. Others agree so I know I'm not the only one.
sheena121 - 10 Apr 2012 19:48
With respect Sheena121, what on earth were you doing in a pub? There are plenty of bars and restaurants around that would probably be more appropriate for you. A fabulous pub should have real locals; furthermore, a glass of wine should certainly NOT count as one of its indispensible offerings.
London796 - 6 Apr 2012 01:07
A Daily Telegraph Reader?. Oh . Must be an accurate and unbiased view then.
Tuna - 5 Apr 2012 21:47
I drank in this pub from 2002-11 and find some of the comments risible. Yes there is bad language but that is probably because it is a public house, a sanctuary for adults. From the nature of the negative comments, I'm guessing the patrons in question are the sort of people who faff about ordering, complain bitterly if there is no free table and pay only by credit card. My advice to such people is eat in a restaurant where everyone else is anonymous. as for cliques, this is a phenomenon known as 'locals' and 'regulars' a bastion of any British pub and part of the the fabric of British life.
For the record, I am a law abiding subject, university educated and a Daily Telegraph reader and never saw any trouble in the place and got on very well with the locals and staff, and equally saw a flourishing transient trade of diners who mostly seemed very happy to be there.
erithexile - 5 Apr 2012 20:33
Having only been a few times to this pub I must admit we really weren't too impressed. There certainly aren't many pubs in the area so we really don't have much choice - might venture back but only at a push. I can't speak myself on this score, I can only go on what my husband tells me but he said the toilets were disgusting - no toilet roll and free floating 'material' in the toilet the whole duration we were there (nearly 3 hours). The hand dryer wasn't working and he said there was a pathetic, almost empty squeezy bottle of soap. So we must disagree with the previous poster's comment on the pub being cleaned throughout the day. It wasn't even that busy so the toilets could certainly have been checked at some point. The pub was also cold. There are two fires, one of which was lighting quite well beside the pool table but the other was struggling. We were sitting in this area and it felt quite uncomfortable - the radiators weren't on. Drink prices were reasonable but wasn't impressed when I was offered a 'table' red wine. I opted then for a chardonnay. Staff not overly friendly, a pretty average reasonable service. I'll agree with some other posters comments on the language of some of the locals. It really isn't very good - the 'F' word was mentioned on numerous occasions and the awful 'C' word too. Not what you want to hear after a hard day's work when you're after a relaxing drink. Final point - the smoking. Yes indeed we noticed it too, only once but to be honest that's too many times. And yes it is breaking the law. Personally I haven't encountered this problem in any other pub since the smoking ban came into play. So all in all pretty poor.
sheena121 - 10 Mar 2012 12:44
As one of the locals i feel like you are hating on my 'INTIMIDATING GROUP', and i have seen various comments about how you have given it a second chance and questioned why you did. If you think so low of a place i do not see why you would be interested in returning, further to this i do not understand why there is so much hate for the running horses. I feel like the great qualities of the pub have been hidden in the shadows, the pub offers; brilliant food, great activities, friendly locals, a brilliant football team and most of all great hospitality with plenty of fun and laughs. I can not stress how much i disagree with some of the comments, yeah you might prefer other places but the pub is made out to be a place that it is far from. People have called it a 'dump' the pub is cleaned every day throughout the day and is never in a bad condition. I have been to many places were the standards go alot lower than the runners. Lastly i want to make my opinion clear of the staff. These guys are; bubbly, friendly and most of all prompt with their services, with a reccession as such everyone is doing there best. The smoking 'picture' got to me the most many pubs have closed doors and smoke inside so im with 'water' with everything he says feel free to reply but only do so if you have experienced problems which would never happen in another pub.
stopcomplaining - 10 Feb 2012 14:44
Can i say i have only been in the running horses once so i cant really comment on it in depth.
But you imply you have been in there numerous times. Why when you say that smoking must be going on with the managments consent.
you obviousley had never experienced it before.
Personally i would have made a point of speaking to the managment if not that evening the following day.
Why dont you contact them today and voice your valid concerns.
water - 7 Feb 2012 14:03
Given how quickly "water" responded to my original posting, I do perhaps wonder if he/she was one of the delightful locals who graced this "fine" pub on Sunday evening.

We have no doubt the management are well aware of the smoking activities and no doubt either it has been going on for some time, so really what was the point of informing them? The barmaid herself could have kindly asked them to stop. She just seemed bewildered we were actually complaining about it. I'll say again - smoking is ILLEGAL inside public places.

So yes we will enjoy going to other pubs further afield. Pubs that treat their customers with respect and follow English Law.
djfunnyboi79 - 7 Feb 2012 13:45
The previous post says i have graced this pub for the last time which implies you have been in quite a few times so why did you not ask to speak to the Managment regarding the smoking incident? Then all of a sudden this pub has become a dump?
Maybe the news shopper will be intrested in your smoking story.
I hope your your flat sells quickley and that you get to enjoy many smokeless nights in the Dial Arch.
Lets hope no one drops a peanut on the floor while your there prompting you to make a call to the Environmental Health department.
water - 6 Feb 2012 15:49
Sunday 5th February; me and my partner have graced this pub for the last time, despite giving it MANY chances. What a dump! Last straw came when we noticed one guy openly smoking at the bar on this date around 7pm with not a word said to him...then around an hour later, 3 local people all started smoking at the table. Again not a word said. This is actually illegal. What a joke! We actually approached the group of 3 and asked what they thought they were doing to which they replied..."We're not smoking"!!!!! Lol! So we thought let's go. On leaving the pub the actual exit was locked, prompting the barmaid to let us out. We said to her that we had noticed 4 people smoking at the bar. She didn't seem at all bothered, in fact actually saying to us that she felt threatened. We have photographic evidence to prove this smoking took place and will use it. We certainly won't be back. We plan to move from this area soon and have our flat on the market. It can't come soon enough. The Dial Arch in Woolwich is a classy pub and worth travelling a few stations to, even on a snowy evening like this. Stay clear of this dive.
djfunnyboi79 - 5 Feb 2012 22:03
This could be a great little local - there is a marked lack of pubs in the area but there is a total lack of ambition here.
From the charmless couple who run it, who would choke on the words 'please', 'thank you' or any other basic courtesies to those who provide their livelihood, to the regulars who leer at every woman who walks through the door and stare aggressively at any 'new' male who walks in, the place is devoid of friendliness.
Families, only enter here if you are happy for children - of any age - to be in the earshot of the loudest, foulest language - shouted use of 'f' and 'c' words amongst others are not mollified at all in the presence of youngsters because the regulars border on thugs.
The pub is not clean, the toilets are a disgrace, the wine is both expensive and putrid and it's a battle between you and the beer flies who gets the best of your pint.
In short - don't bother.
UKRichard - 16 Oct 2011 10:29
Posted a review about 6 months ago and have since visited the pub a few times. Needless to say, not a lot has changed. I find the language from some of the regulars disgusting. They are also NEVER told to keep the noise down and I agree with a previous posting about a regular group of punters constantly congregating at one end of the bar. They are intimidating and unfriendly, just like the landlord and landlady. I'm sorry but they have no social skills whatsoever, no matter how many times you say thank you and please. Please people, sort it out. It could be a really lovely little pub but it's spoilt badly by this. I can't see me heading back any time soon.
djfunnyboi79 - 9 Oct 2011 15:35
I must admit, that my opinion regarding this pub many moons ago still hasn't changed much.
I did however, give it the benefit of doubt and revisited it several times over the last six months or so, just to satisfy myself.
Unfortunately the land lord and landlady are not suited too the leisure industry, despite my constant use of the words please and thank you's, i was treated like an alien; they are extremely rude....never a smile, a greeting, or even an acknowledgement...that's when they are behind the bar (very rare), but they do not go unnoticed, you can find them at the end of the bar with the rest of the clique, just follow the foul language and you'll spot them easily.
Shame really, it's a great pub (architecturally), just needs a slice of passion injected into it.
moncrief - 28 Jun 2011 08:58
This pub is a nice building in a reasonably nice location and with it's facilities, t should be busy 24/ 7 /365. But it's not.

It's a dreadful shame that the landlady is severly lacking in customer service skills. She is unfriendly preferring only to ensure her little clique of intimidating friends that gather around her at the bar are satisfied customers.

There is no last orders shouted and no bell rung so when you go to the bar to ask for another drink, the circle of freinds will get served but no one else. The landlady will then bawl you out insisting she rang a bell when funnily no one, not even her own bar staff heard it.

The food is served by depressed bar staff - hardly surprising really as they are left to do all the work whilst the landlady sits there holding court.
LocalRes - 22 May 2011 23:18
i have just moved into the area and i find this pub very friendly.
as has been said before the locals can be a bit loud at times but i always feel safe and the carvery is superb.
pop in for a pint you want be dissapointed.
water - 16 May 2011 11:14
This place is a bit hit and miss to be honest. I live nearby so essentially it's my local, but it doesn't feel that way when you walk in. More often than not I feel awkward when ordering drinks at the bar. Not on every occasion but some occasions, I have been completely ignored and when finally served have found the staff to be unfriendly. I have noticed staff members drinking alcohol whilst on duty both at the bar and even taking their drinks outside and joining groups of people who are celebrating one thing or another which brings me to my next point - I find the music is played much too loud and at least once a weekend there seems to be some sort of stag/hen do or karaoke, so not really the place to go for a quiet pint. Sometimes the locals CAN let the place down to, using bad language and really loud with it. This behaviour is mostly just ignored by the staff, not on every occasion but most. I'll continue going but as I say very hit and miss. I don't expect much from it.
djfunnyboi79 - 10 May 2011 07:10
I have visited this pub a number of times over the last 6 months and there has never been hot water or a working hand drier in the bogs. Even the quiz machine was bust and retained my money. On my last 2 visits (I live near by) the bar staff had to change the barrel for a draught pint - the pint wasn't the best. Music is played constantly and is fairly loud - I'm in my thirties and no fuddy duddy but I'd rather they give it a rest. I feel that the pub has plenty of potential and the building is lovely and in a nice location. I will be visiting in the future but I hope the place improves by then.
MJEllis77 - 7 Apr 2011 13:36
Went to this pub for the first ti8me in 30 years, was very impressed, nice atmosphere, cosy, made to feel very welcome, food GREAT :)
honey50 - 10 Nov 2010 13:25
Nicer than you would imagine nestled as it is between the main roundabout into town and two tower blocks. Clean and quiet in the early evening, seems to take its food seriously, a carvery advertised. A locals place but in a good way, John Smiths was off when I was there ( maybe permanently, a big black 'X' gaffa-taped across the pump) but the Boddys was decent (2.95). Worth a gander.
ShenaniganOFlanaghan - 21 Oct 2010 20:22
This is my local pub which I frequent several times a week. It can be construed as cliquey, but it's just a local pub where most people know each other already. Give it a chance and even an outsider (like me) will be welcomed into the fold.

Food: great bar food (decent serves), reasonable prices, upstairs carvery which I haven't been to in some years but remember it being first-rate.

Drinks: good range; the only cask ale is London Pride, which sometimes goes off due to lack of sales, otherwise the usual lagers, John Smith's and Guinness.

All-in-all a nice gaff, certainly the best in Erith.
MedwayMutt - 6 Dec 2009 13:38
avoid if ur lookin for a decent bar in erith go the ship.

got food poisoning and land lady 'loulou' (wtf??) tried it on my hubby

fuking dive

babygrrl - 5 Sep 2009 19:16
I have no idea where the other reviewers went. The lager was flat and slightly warm. The Land Lady has the mouth from the gutter and the bald bloke was a pompous git. Really wouldn't reccommend this place at all if anything I would tell people to avoid.

giving it a zero
fleet_street_girl - 5 Sep 2009 18:32
Much better now the new(ish) landlords have taken over.
Food is ok
bowmore - 11 Sep 2008 11:51
There is a small group of us who have recently started using this pub on a more regular basis due to our more Local establishment being closed down by the last 'Landlaord'!. On Sunday last week the 6 of us ate in the carvery and none of us could fault the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food, plus the rather reasonably priced menu. Last night (Wednesday) we all decided to have the 'Curry & Pint' offer and again found the food fantastic. For 6 the menu would certainly give some of the local Indian Restaurants a run for their money. At last a friendly, well managed good food pub for Erith.
Alfie08 - 3 Apr 2008 10:50
fantastic food, really changed since it was taken over, lovely pub.
Billgates1 - 4 Feb 2008 11:46
The people who own it have realy done well they have turned it round from been empty to getting a good mixed local crowd.
decent reasonobly priced bar foods nice decor two big screens for the football defently worth a visit if you are in the area
localman79 - 3 Feb 2008 09:44
In time this will become a decent pub again. There are the usual regulars which on the odd occasion put people off, but most of the time its a decent welcoming and friendly atmosphere.
adstrac - 26 Sep 2007 14:38
Just as i thought it could'nt get any worse after getting soaked to the skin walking from the ship up the road to this pub,and looking like a drowned rat as i entered, an incredible 4 minutes went by and i still wasn'nt approached, so off i toddled,or should i say waddled to the white hart, where i was promptly served and offered a towel to dry my self off.
moncrief - 12 Mar 2007 19:09
carvery is now open, and the best food i have eaten in a pub for a while it makes a change from the horrible chain pub rubbish. a good selection of food and beers very friendly atmosphere the new landlord has done wonders for this place great turn around. It seems that since the new landlord has taken over this place and thrown much needed money the rest of the pubs in erith have pulled there socks up and pulled them selfs out of the gringe holes they have been.

get your selfs down there you wont be disappointed.
beermmmmm - 11 Dec 2006 17:00
nice pub. been drinking there for years. new people taken over and very nice. doing a lot for the pub, will be nice when the carvery is finished.
rpsmurf - 25 Jul 2006 22:50
When ever Ive been in there it's DEAD!

But has a nice outside area.

AustinPowers - 27 Jun 2006 21:10
This pub is very much a regulars pub, I have been told a new landlord has taken it over and hope he can bring it back to its glory days of the early 90's when it had a fantastic carvary resturant upstairs.

The beer is ok and a good selection of snacks. Nice to sit outside in the summer.
beerconnoisseur - 5 Jun 2006 20:11
Friendly atmosphere, Your'e having a turkish bath mate'' There is none due to it always being empty.
Apart from one day a year during the erith festival. A total waste of space, Needs an injection of lots of capital and new proprietors.
moncrief - 11 Jan 2006 11:21
Friendly atmosphere/good location
bazman - 2 Oct 2005 21:53

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