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Pen & Quill, Shuttern

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Maybe the reason why this pub has closed is it's off beat location?
It is out on a limb and needs to be a pub on part of a pub crawl.
I agree with all the comment though on how dirty the place was.

montie49 - 23 Oct 2012 18:58
Closed down again, and this time it loks fairly permanent, what with the economic climate and that. No great loss, always was a dump.
cellarbuoy - 20 Aug 2012 09:49
I expect a reasonable pub with reasonable music, that's all I ask for. Having never been anywhere need the Castle I fail to see what that has to do with anything (maybe I admit to visting Brazz once or twice in the distant past). I do like a bit of hard rock/metal (honest...!!!), not so keen on them Goths mind but. As for the complaining about other people I suggest MadPete fails to see irony when it appears (and seems to be another BITE one hit wonder...).
beggarsbanquet - 9 Mar 2012 18:57
I'm not quite sure what the last reviewer is expecting. This is not the Castle Hotel nor does it pretend or claim to be anything like it.
If you don't like hard rock/metal/gothic rock, then don't go there. Its not compulsory. Honestly, some people have nothing better to do than complain about other people. FFS get a life!
Friendly atmosphere, friendly landlord & landlady, good music. What more could anyone ask for?

MadPete - 7 Mar 2012 10:44

Quite the contrary regarding quiet classical music. Just accept that people have views conflicting with your own sometimes. If you can't may I suggest it might be you who needs to move on and not bother re-appearing...!!! Your loss mate.
beggarsbanquet - 6 Sep 2011 20:03
I showed a customer you disgrasful comments, and he took the computer a wrote his own opion, couldn't work out how to log out of this thing...............but in response to your previous comment about guitars.....from the sounds of it, you would be happy if all we ever played was clasical music, really really quietly..........don't bother comming back, your obviously not the sort of customer we want in our establishment.
wiggi - 6 Sep 2011 19:51
Erm, unless I'm missing something, you do realise you've gone from being owner of the place to a paying customer now Wiggi. Get your story straight!!!
beggarsbanquet - 6 Sep 2011 19:42
How can the previous person say that this pub doesn't have a good range of music? It is the most welcoming pub that I have ever been into, and I have lived in alot of places over the years..... Everytime I go in they have something different going on, and the food is some of the best I have ever had. They are friendly and accomodating, and seem to have people of al ages and backgrounds happily getting along. Where ever I end up living in the country this pub with the wonderfull people that both run it and go to it, will always be my local.
wiggi - 6 Sep 2011 19:02
You mean 15 by the dates you've listed and and about 9 that at least may involve some sort of heavy guitar laden noise.
beggarsbanquet - 6 Sep 2011 19:00
well running through the styles of music this month alone. we have 2nd (rock) 3rd (rock) 4th (acoustic) 7th (acoustic open mic) 9th ( metal night) 10th (80's synth pop) 11th ( acoustic) 16th ( modern rock covers) 17th (80's rock) 21st ( karaoke) 22nd ( acoustic, indie and rock) 23rd ( black sabath night) 24th ( trance, indie, acoustic, rock and roll, punk, metal, pop) 29th ( foo fighters covers) 30th ( dance dj set) so out of all the dates this month i think you'll find 2 nights out of 20 with really loud metal or the like. read suited and booted for reviews on all the bands.
wiggi - 6 Sep 2011 18:08
Ah nice try Wiggi, infact I have been in your pub numerous times either of my own accord or dragged in by mates hoping to at least give it a chance so to speak. Although Wiggi says his music is different 5 days a week etc a good percentage is still of the let's turn up the volume and see how much nonsense we can come up with without resembling a tune (Slipknot or something similar I believe it's called). I have to take your word on the kitchen but redocorating on going??? Mmmmm...!!!

I admit it's better than the previous owners who seemed to thrive (or not as the case was) on it being some dive but until my next hopefull visit in which I might just give your invite a go then, I'll have to have to go by your word.
beggarsbanquet - 6 Sep 2011 12:07
I would also like to invite the previous reviewer to come back in. feel free to look around my kitchen and enjoy some live music. bet you find it clean and tiday and the music not to heavy for them ( unless they only like classical that is). maybe even talk to a few people and check their knuckles to see if they've been grazed on the floor. we have very few of the old locals in now and people are travelling a long way to come see us. so again feel free to pop back in any time. introduce yourself and i'll happily show you around.
wiggi - 5 Sep 2011 11:27
the kitchen review was carried out while the kitchen was stripped apart for re-decoration and cleaning. the eho are now happy with what has been done. the re-decorating is still going on. as for the screaming guitars and the like. well the music is different every night so the previous review is very misleading.. the previous reviewer obviously has only visited once and obviously when we had metal playing. but we have all sorts of music 5 days a week. the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. No hassle, no idiots, just great fun.
wiggi - 5 Sep 2011 10:52
It has re-opened but don't be fooled by the previous comment. People will do well to take note that the kitchen that is supposed to be up to scratch received 1 out of 5 from the hygiene inspectors (in serious need of some bringing up to scratch). Also the slow decorating mentioned must be so slow that it has stopped. Of note the same knuckledraggers and Rab C. Nesbitt wannabe's still drink here when not drinking in the Coal Orchard that infested the place beforehand. It may be a music venue but the "music" (some sort of heavy guitar laden noise) seems to attract even more of the buggers, each to their own I guess.
beggarsbanquet - 10 Aug 2011 18:04
well the pen and quill has re-opened and is now a very busy live music venue with bands from all over the uk and some international bands as well. the kitchen has now been brought up to scratch and now has a completly home cooked menu. entertainment is on weds, thurs, fri, sat and sun. the place is slowly being decorated and has been scubbed from top to bottom. come in give us a try and be pleasantly suprised.
wiggi - 11 Apr 2011 00:40
Although this place went out of business many months ago, the hygienne inspectors still prosecuted the ex owners for breaching hygienne regs and fined them 6500.
I actually ate here once and promised myself never to do so again.
Shame on the previous owners (roadhouse inns) and on the owners (heavitree inns).
Dr_Pangloss - 14 Jan 2011 18:23
This place has now closed down, as previously predicted
Dr_Pangloss - 1 Nov 2010 21:45
This pub has character, and Otter. It usually does have other real ales, but I have never gotten past the Otter, so I cannot tell you what they are ... I have been going to this pub for about 5 years now, and always found it an aimiable place.
GazzaNZL - 30 Aug 2010 09:02
Walked into this place and the barmaid looked shocked at the presence of some custom, unclean, dark, dingy and falling apart. Nasty.
beggarsbanquet - 11 Oct 2009 17:10
Not much of an improvement on before, possibly even worse.
Same foul beer, and if this place has been cleaned, I'm a Dutchman.
New owner nearly got a fine for littering up the town with promo posters. Pity he wasn;t closed down
Dr_Pangloss - 19 Mar 2009 19:45
The Pen and Quill is now under new ownership......We have now cleaned and decorated...... We have live music performed by the top bands from all over the Southwest, every weekend......We have a new chef, a new menu and a new carvery/buffet unit so you can now get a world of top quality cusine FAST. With our new WIFI connection and conference facilities. Our polite, friendly management and staff really do mean business..... so come in and JUDGE for yourself.
Thepenandquill - 4 Mar 2009 17:00
My prediction for the next pub closure in Taunton.
Watch this space.
Dr_Pangloss - 4 Feb 2009 17:44
Used to be a nice little place to have a bite to eat and a few liquid refreshments. Went in a week ago and was served by a po faced girl with nicoteen staines on her fingers. Put me off eating, and from going back again.
suavegeezer - 29 Nov 2008 19:49
Nice enough looking pub with lots of potential, but when visited all 3 ales were "still settling",it took bout 5mins to get served even though the pub was all but empty,and the cd they were playing had about 6 tracks and i even heard the all saints twice in bout half n hour, 6/10 deff could be better run
fat_beer_badger - 17 Jul 2008 21:44
Very poor in every respect. Poor food, poor beer and poor service. Someone here needs to sort this shambles out soon.
chopin - 11 Jun 2008 09:02
I went to watch football in here the other day and a staffer told me the don't have Sky anymore.
YoYo - 9 Jan 2008 18:32
I totally agree with everything said by the previous contributor.
I would also like to add that if you fancy a pint served this way, check out the angle at which the cask is lying at. When they are nearly empty the rear of the cask is lifted up so they can get all of the slops out. It's best therefore to choose a beer from a cask that is lying horzontal, as this will be newer.
Having said this, I followed my own advice and was still sold a pint of sour beer.
I won't be going back to this pub.
Brahmsandliszt - 14 May 2007 21:37
This pub is run by Heavitree, in Exeter. The idea of having barrels on the back bar is one they have in nearly all of their pubs. God knows why
It is possible to have a cooling system for doing this, but this is obviously too expensive for these cheapskates. The beer gets too warm, it goes off too quickly, and every time a pint gets served, the equivilant volume of air gets sucked into the cask to replace the beer. In a cellar, this means cool clean air. In a bar it means smoke, sweat and farts.
cellarbuoy - 11 Jan 2007 23:51
Proper pub! Good old pub grub (the vege lasagne is amazing), fairly decently priced. Also hire cool bands to play on Saturday nights - me and my friends really rate this place as a good night out on a Saturday if the right band is playing!
moonflower - 10 Jan 2007 14:12
The times I've been they've had 4 barrels behind the bar and Otter on the handpump. Since they make no effort cool the barrels, these might be better in the cooler months.

Large pub, large screen for Ford Football Sunday.
YoYo - 4 Jan 2007 14:48
Better than average town pub? Well perhaps so, but as this is Taunton we're talking about, that doesn't mean a great deal.
TA010929 - 2 Sep 2006 10:31
Better than average town pub
RJB - 16 Oct 2004 14:23

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