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Revolution, Clapham

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user reviews of Revolution, Clapham

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This place looks good but it is too busy for it's own good. We waited ages to get served and couldn't find anywhere to sit :-(
srsarar - 23 Jun 2010 10:30
Lovely Venue (although a bit too small)

The Staff are RUDE Though (This seems to be a running Trend in Clapham with the Exception of the 2 Brewers, Belle Vue & the Falcon)

It gets Ram Packed on Weekends too - But for a week day afternoon early evening drink its Not Too Bad!!
Jedi_Clem - 22 Mar 2010 18:26
Just not very good. Run of the mill drinks and not that pleasant a crowd.
parsonian - 15 Aug 2009 10:39
Smart joint , i did not get any hassle from the boys on the door but perhaps thats cos i'm a bit older, and they really are juniors !

overpriced chain in essence but pleasing enough for a swift few
mikeh1 - 11 Aug 2009 20:42
The bouncers did not let my mate in on a Saturday daytime because he wore trainers (new converse)... Perversely he let in a group of all guys in wearing trainers right before our eyes... strange!!!!
DB17 - 7 Jun 2009 11:41
Inside, you are dealing with a trendy looking, up to date look, although even with an upstairs, it is small.
Popped in on an early evening visit, and the staff were friendly, came to the table and offered to bring a round over. Your looking at a bar/club atmosphere, so beer and cocktails, ok range but rather expensive.
Then tried to pop in on an evening visit, to get the bad bouncer experience. Looked up and down, then told 'members only tonight'. Wow, you can tell im not a member before checking memberships boys? Doesn't bother me these days, im not dressing up poncy for a flying visit, those days have gone, I get to move on somewhere comfortable while said mind readers get to enjoy the cold. Still, they will be predicting thoughts on how to do a decent job hopefully next
the_original_rawnsleys - 28 Mar 2008 12:14
What happened to this place? It used to be great and full of fun friendly people a place where me and my friends always used to go. But it seems they have changed all of the staff and introduced a new door policy the new staff are rude and arrogant avoid at all costs!
sexyboy23 - 2 Aug 2007 01:10
great night out...
tonys - 17 Sep 2006 18:49
eurgh! Totally chavtastic.
TechnoBimbo - 9 Aug 2006 11:57
we love a bit of revolution, good music and good drinks, just have to get in bit early to nab a table! fit djs though :0P

Andrea3 - 27 Jun 2006 18:11
This is all a bit subjective isn't it???
Take it with a pinch of salt, at the end of the day how many comments have been made by other venue owners and their staff, this is a competitive area for trade??!!
Me and my mates go to revolution all the time, ok so its bit of a chain bar and you're always gonna have that stigma attached but they have some wicked music in there. The friday nights are soooo good for music, that Kwaito record label thingy?? They have an amazing resident jaffa or something??? he was doing some unbelievable scratching, he's really good, you should check it out they bring down some really good djs and i've seen them put in a full 8 piece many bars in the area are doing that then??
Hey you probably think i work for the bar too, i don't, im actually in the city but we have such a great time there every time, im just passionate about good music, I've been to the white house and zouk and the clapham north and most of the places around there, and its all the same crappy funky house music by djs that look so bored, Revolution fridays are really good music, these guys are really goodd

Emily2 - 13 Jun 2006 22:42
Halleuah to that its a toilet it makes the shite bars in clapham look fantastic its a glorified youth club dressed in burberry
juzza - 1 Jun 2006 12:20
Why queue to go in here? Its has absolutely nothing going for it
anonymous - 18 May 2006 23:57
Have to disagree with a few of the comments on here... I go to Revolution every weekend and find the place is full of beautiful young trendy people. The bar gets very busy on a saturday so arrive early DJ's are brilliant I rate Revolution as being the best bar on the high street!
sexyboy23 - 7 Apr 2006 14:09
One of the places to avoid in Clapham if you're not 18-21 after sheer cheese and wearing what your trophy girlfriend has told you to wear walk away grown ups with real lifes
juzza - 31 Mar 2006 15:10
People, please my dears don't waste your time unless your architecural students: the external glazing is pretty neat if you're into, well, office buildings. If you want a drinking venue go elsewhere, a pulling venue go elsewhere and a nice place to meet, select from a range of fine wine,beer and food then....of course, go elsewhere. Just look at the type of people that queue outside at a weekend and you have your answer, though hair gel, gold chains and shirts outside one's jeans may be positively magnetic to you.
mersovan - 17 Jan 2006 21:17
ive been going to revolution for months. i think it is great! the best bar in clapham! the music is brilliant the drinks great and the staff really friendly. if your looking for a good night out then go there!!
lexi - 11 Jan 2006 19:41
Over-rated! Cant believe there are queues actually outside this place! Someone open something DECENT in Clapham Common!
anonymous - 9 Jan 2006 22:46
Not bad during the week, but an awful place to go at the weekend. Always rammed inside (takes hours to get served) with a Q outside for good measure. Really don't get why this place is so popular at the weekend.
lwk198 - 25 Sep 2005 21:56
Yuk, guys, never again - entrance fee, lousy DJ, ... the best thing about it: KFC just opposite. End of.
pepsi - 26 Jul 2005 12:21
This place is shit, why they have queues coming out the door on saturday evenings I don't know. Expensive drinks, charge to get in, usually crap music, full of people who THINK they are cool going there. Oh and make sure you read the non-existent sign on the cigarette machine saying "no change given".
theworstbarman - 12 May 2005 13:07
I think this place is good at first, but going back a few times it gets boring. Conveniently over the road from Infernos if you're having a late one though. Shots and cocktails are pretty good. Two floors means it gets plenty of people in. Entrance fee to pay, but not a surprise.
mulletintheevening - 12 Apr 2005 16:37
That's one of the best places that i've been in London. The music is great, the drinks are awesome and the friendliest staff that i meet.
ricawenzel - 1 Apr 2005 18:23
Wow went to Revolution in Clapham last weekend for the first time for a friends birthday. Very busy, good atmoshpere, great staff, great service, great vodka!
anonymous - 21 Mar 2005 10:52
I went to this bar last weekend and had a great time! Although it was really busy and sometimes it did take a while to get served at the bar, the atmosphere was great and the music was good, playing funky house for most of the evening. I recommend the pitchers of cocktails here if amoungst a group of frineds as they are reasonably priced and have a good variety. I will most certainly be going back here.
It is a good place to start off in for a few hours before heading in to town i find.
steven - 21 Dec 2004 11:17
It's a terrible place, musics shit, beers shit and spirits are overpriced, never going again.
scottylad - 14 Dec 2004 10:34
New staff - new image - same old place - lacking atmosphere and people personality. Why do people go back??
John Hammond - 26 Oct 2004 20:03
I thought it was brilliant! One of the best nights ive had out in a long time! Vodka shots...Excellent! Will be going back there for my birthday!!!
Danielle - 27 Sep 2004 13:44
Revolution in Clapham surely must hold the record for the slowest bar service in the world.
Jim - 4 Sep 2004 12:03
How true popped in for one around 11pm on Saturday and though busy it was absolute shite, no atmosphere and no music. Drank up quickly and left
The Clap - 29 Jul 2004 13:09
Seems inexplicable how this place is rammed out on the weekends? It's a souless charmless venue. Overpriced, packed and staffed by badly programed Automotons. Have some imagination and go and find a real bar in Clapham before places like this colonise the place and turn it into another grey faceless high street.
John - 29 Jul 2004 12:18
To be honest this bar is ok for a mid week drink - a good venue for a quick drink with friends or even a quiet mid week date. However on Friday/Saturday nights it is simply souless. It has nothing to offer and is not a bar to meet people/have a laugh. It lacks space, has a poor interior and just does not work. The queues of people outside make me very confused as there are far far better places in the area.
C Langley-Winstone - 23 Jun 2004 17:47
looks cool on outside but not that exciting on the inside, i guess ground floor is bit lively compared to the upper floor. a few twts drink there though - unfortunately!
-joo - 25 Mar 2004 17:15
Didn't experience any problems with the staff, but then again I didn't fall off the bar drunk whilst shouting about how rich I was and spilling Champagne. Generally the place is okay, but over priced and the egos inside, over-inflated.
crazyfunster - 23 Dec 2003 00:15
I have been to this bar on a number of occasions, and every time I have been hugely dissapointed by the staff who are inexcusably rude. I have for example been thrown out for wearing a cap whilst sitting at the bar. Now come on!
If it wasn't for such unnecessary behaviour I would be a regular no doubt.
Anna - 9 Dec 2003 16:28
In the past, revolution would have been the ideal bar. However, upon making a reservation there with 1.5mths in advance, I was told that my reservation was not booked. Apparently, other people booked an earlier time than me so I lost my booking. I was not even notified. A holding deposit was given and I complied to Revolution's request. As a result I am very disappointed with Revolution and believe me, even if this review is not approved by the moderator, many people will still hear about it. Guaranteed.
Kristine Balagtas - 4 Dec 2003 16:56
In contrast to Richies comment, I have been a regular since it opened and think that your experience might be a little misguided!! Good chilled out bar!
John s - 1 Sep 2003 14:52
Was thrown out of this bar after ordering Champagne and accidentally slipping off my stool. What the hell? Do they have something against rich people. What do you have to be a wanna be banker or estate agent to go into this 'Swimming Pool' style bar. Geess Lousie next time I wear my back shirt and order Bacardi Breezer like the rest of the cross eyed rednecks that frequent this joint. No Class.
Richy LLoyd-Graham - 11 Jul 2003 15:05
try the "Russian Bride" like the "white russian" but with an extra ingredient!!!!
marianna - 16 Jun 2003 11:44
good bar for the weekend. not enough staff serving drinks though and those that are there are too busy trying to look good.
james - 28 May 2003 16:31
bar staff more interested in copping off with each other than serving you... soooo many sorts of vodka though, how can you resist?! (there is a waitress service too if you are too drunk to get to the bar)
lindsay - 15 Feb 2003 15:44

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