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Seven Stars, Falmouth

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user reviews of the Seven Stars, Falmouth

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Visited on a hot sunny lunchtime so was sitting out the front in the sun trap patio (early in the day).

Would like to visit again maybe on a winters day and then get to really sample the interior of this pub.

montie49 - 26 Jul 2019 17:43
Its now three years since the Rev Barrington Bennetts passed away and I am very pleased to say that nothing seems to have changed at all.

The front bar still has the keyfobs dangling from the ceiling and the mobiles nailed to the walls....... and still undecorated.....

This is a gem, and a very rare,untouched wet sales led pub serving well kept beer. Long may it continue.

ridleyman - 20 Dec 2015 21:13
Finally visited - the pub interior is truly wonderful and worth the visit as a work of pub art. On the downside, the pub was incredibly (church mouse) quiet in an otherwise boisterous town midweek, and the beautifully served Bass was a bit average. Unmissable though.
mtaylor40 - 19 May 2015 23:16
I've been to Falmouth many times but have always been a bit wary of this pub, I'm not sure why maybe because the reviews on here made it sound a little rough or maybe I found the frontage strangely daunting.
How wrong could I have been !
popped in here a couple times recently. I first visited on a rainy Thursday dinnertime - the inside of the pub is like no other I've ever been into ! It's like a pub in an old mans shed in the garden and I mean that in a good way it's charmingly old fashioned. I absolutely loved it but could also see how its enchanting ricketyness might not be for some people.
There was about 10 other people in and the banter and jokes between what I assume to be the locals was good natured, humourous and I was pleased to hear without any noticeable swearing at all. Unfortunately I could only have one pint but I felt very at ease here and would've been quite happy to stay and drink meself silly !
I also visited lateish on a Tuesday night. Again there was about 10-12 people in and everyone was once again very friendly. The clientele tends to be older fellas but I did stumble on a bunch of students sat in the back room who declared it their favourite pub in Falmouth too. This pub has a lovely relaxed and easy going feel to it and it was easy to get talking to an old regular at the bar and was able to enjoy 2 of the best pints of cider I've had in Falmouth.
A wonderful pub. Please don't let the rather 'seen better days' appearance of this pub put you off. It's an experience as well as a pub.
BLACKTHORN.BRISTOL - 22 Aug 2012 16:04
Popped in next doors (Packet) as this one was closed. Bays Gold advertised @ 3.10.
Hommel - 8 Jun 2012 19:17
Visited this timeless pub last Wednesday to be greated with the news that the Rev Barrington had passed away on Christmas Eve after a long illness, his funeral was in Truro Cathdral yesterday attended by 3 bishops! The locals had left him a half of Bass on the matlepiece in the front bar. Beer was as good as ever, but there must be some doubt now as to the future of this wonderful relic from another age. After 58 years in charge Barington has called last orders!
Hodge1 - 7 Jan 2012 10:05
Went here last Friday night. Shame back bar was closed. Excellent, strong pickled egg.
stuartandmonica - 24 Nov 2011 14:20
went in the front bar had a ginger beer and for a 2nd pint had a titanic brewery beer.i asked the barman about the place and has not change for 57 years and rev barrington the landlord was unwell and it looked as his grandaughter was going to run the pub. this is one of the best pubs for beer i have been in just for the beer poured from the barrel and way the pub is.i hope the rev has improved in health and all the best because he runs a fine pub
forestwood - 9 Nov 2011 13:31
There's no getting away from it, this pub is seriuosly rundown. However we had a long chat with the owner who is the 7th generation to run this very historic pub, and work has already started on a complete restoration. We were made very welcome by the barmaid and served some excellent beers straight from the cask. Personally I would like to see a bit more choice especially as Sharps seems to available from Cornwall to Caithness. Give this place a chance; they need all the help we can give.
Steamer1 - 5 Nov 2011 17:57
After reading about this place my wife &i visited it when on holiday in Falmouth.Well i Thought i`d walked into the wrong place.What a dirty ,nicotine stained,unfriendly pub.I thought the pub discouraged mobiles(but that apparently does not apply to the barmaid).We sat at the bar and the first thing the barmaid did was move her phone(i think she thought we were going to pinch it)We had no welcome or greeting of any kind got the impression that she didnt want to do anything.The only other people in the bar were 4 foul mouthed sailors,who were told to watch their language once,but it made no difference.We quickly drank our (not very good)beer and left.Never to return
twigimala - 18 Sep 2011 16:51
Proper old-fashioned drinker's pub. Took the wife there at the weekend and she didn't like it at all at first - we were sat in the back room and it is, basically, falling apart. We moved to the front bar which was much livelier, and in relatively better repair, and she decided the pub had some character but she still wouldn't want to risk using the ladies'. Me, I think the place is just great. But it will have to have some work done on it sometime soon or it will be in danger of disintegrating.
newbury_drinker - 8 Nov 2010 12:34
Occupying a position on the edge of a large square in the town centre, close to the Falmouth Packet Boat memorial, is The Seven Stars, a basic no frills unspoilt locals pub, with a prominent Victorian - style frontage.

The public bar at the front features wood panelled walls with fixed bench seating, an original bar counter and shelving and a real time warp feel to it. The bar top has a deceptive curve to it - so position your drink with care !. There's a collection of key fobs suspended from the ceiling. Mobile phones are banned - a point emphasised by one attached to the wall with a nail driven through it.

The saloon bar at the rear ( note the glass in the door featuring seven blue stars ) is equally basic and has several notable plain glass large mirrors. This bar is serviced by a hatch at the side of the public bar in the corridor. The pub is listed in CAMRA's National Inventory of Heritage Pubs, the only such pub in Cornwall.

The long pub name board up at roof level - see the photograph here - has gone ( came down in a storm apparently ) and a rather temporary looking white tarpaulin bearing the pub's name and draped along the outside railings lower down is the current replacement. There's no hanging pub sign.

I'm a big fan of unspoilt, no frills pubs like this, but I'm afraid that this pub does feel somewhat run down and neglected. Some of the seat cushions and padded bar stools in the front bar are looking distinctly worn and dirty and, in the rear room, part of the ceiling appears to be missing. The exterior could also do with a lick of paint.

Locals here are very friendly and a warm welcome is assured. This is a pub where conversation and beer ( or cider ) rule the roost. However, a degree of grubbiness means that it doesn't look desperately inviting from the outside and it is perhaps telling that, on two separate occasions, other visitors to Falmouth who I got into conversation with were people who, like myself, had specifically sought this pub out, as opposed to people dropping in by chance.

Beers are served direct from the barrel, placed on metal stillages behind the public bar. On my recent visit, beers on were Bass, Sharps Special and Skinners Cornish Knocker. Bass is apparently a regular fixture and a cartoon in the bar dated October 2004 shows some glum looking customers bemoaning its absence on one particular occasion. Over 2 consecutive evenings, all 3 beers were found to be in excellent condition. Prices ranged from 3 to 3.10p. The pub is listed in the 2010 CAMRA Good Beer Guide.

I do hope this pub can keep going. If you get the opportunity, do drop in, but watch the opening hours - despite its central location, it closes in the afternoon, even at weekends.

JohnBonser - 23 Sep 2010 13:19
Wonderful,unspoilt pub and long may it continue.But my pint of Sharps Special was not good-rather flat tasting.My father who lives near Falmouth tells me the beer is often like this.Living on its reputation perhaps ?
boundsgreenboy - 18 Sep 2010 14:24
Real great character pub, great for sitting and listening to locals or sitting outside and watching world go by.

Well kept beers, straight from the barrel.

The decoration and exterior of the pub is showing signs of wear and tear, and guess one day something will need to be done but it'll be a shame as it is like you've gone back in time.
Statto - 27 Jul 2010 20:21
Down here on the Thursday before Easter and I was dispointed to note that this place was closed in the Afternoon...............why everwhere else was open??
bjbrummiejohn - 15 Apr 2010 08:38
Proper pub. Would get 5 for the mobile ban. 5 more for the WGGA & well-kept beer. And 10 for the decor. 20 out of 10.
Devon_Gentry - 30 Mar 2010 07:10
No music, no food, no pool table and no mobile 'phones and no w*nkers: Last decorated prior to the war (boer war that is) What a great pub. I had a weapons grade ginger beer, don't know why 'cos I've never liked ginger beer, still it went down ok. Spent half an hour sat outside chatting to the lovely elderly landlady. It's a timewarp and a welcome one. Walk 50 yards from here to the horrendous Packet Station and make a comparison.
muzzyofrotherham - 14 Aug 2009 20:13
Felt disappointed with the beer choice this visit with only Bass and Skinners Cornish Knocker to chose from. No problem with the Cornish Knocker, but looked for a better selection. It is summer and the place has plenty of thirsty visitors!
gillhalfpint - 10 Jul 2009 18:17
not quite living up to it's legend status, but well kept beer and friendly locals
littlecon - 12 May 2009 14:08
A gem. Had nice Betty Stoggs from Skinners. Bass also available as was the weapons grade ginger beer which I sampled - it is an acquired taste! (but excellent in my opinion - although it is fiery and quite alcoholic). Decor is like a museum. Lots of chat. All in all a great place to have a drink. Highly recommended.
pxk99 - 6 May 2009 20:27
No Grandmas Weapon Grade Ginger Beer on my last visit, but boy is that tasty!! I love this place!
hotrods - 7 Feb 2009 13:19
Lovely pub serving great beer. Friendly landlord and interesting interior. Another chance of the Grandmas Weapon Grade Ginger Beer at 5.5% when we were there in August. Great so will be back next year when in the area again.
gillhalfpint - 8 Oct 2008 10:42
The best pub in Falmouth by far.
beer_hunter - 3 Sep 2007 12:05
Just the same as when I first visited over twenty years ago (it has not been decorated,,,, good), beer was as good as expected. Nice to hear locals talking rubbish in the pub. This is a pub
anonymous - 3 Sep 2007 12:03
Great, traditional pub. Not been touched for years. Hope it doesn't change.
anonymous - 29 Aug 2007 22:06
Very nice and unspoilt. Finally got in this year as the landlord still keeps to old pubs opening hours. Worth the wait
trekman - 18 Aug 2007 15:42
Very good little spit n sawdust stlyle pub, friendly with good beer
blamm - 26 Jan 2007 11:55
This pub is just like it was twenty years ago - fact. And quite possibly how it was fift, seventy years ago. Lovely pint of Bass, and cosy atmosphere!
hotrods - 28 Dec 2006 11:18
Visited 23/10/06 Monday evening. This pub is almost a film set. All that's missing are the cameras. Step through the door and you are are going back in time 50 years or so. It's worn and shabby but to try and do anything to it would be criminal. It's atmosphere is great, customers friendly and the landlord (a Reverand) a character. Beers (Skinners, Sharps and Bass)were first rate. If you are into pub architect this is a must-but remember to turn off your mobile.
Caraman - 29 Oct 2006 23:17
Nice old pub with good beer. Pleasantly unspoilt and scruffy.
hrse12 - 1 Aug 2006 00:06
I went in this lovely old pub several times with older crewmembers whalst my ship was in dry dock for 2 weeks over the new year 2004-2005. Thought it was one of the nicest places iv ever been into. great atmosphere and very welcoming. my only reservation was that i got lost twice returning from the ladies loo, Im not sure if it was the maze of doors navigated or the amount of very moorish beer drank! Highley recomended.
beerlass - 27 Jul 2006 16:25
Want a good, quiet pint in a totally unspoilt pub? No mobile 'phone noise? No loud teenage customers on alcopops? This is your place!!!
Leeroy2004 - 9 Mar 2006 00:27
This pub retains its traditional interior, and it's really like stepping back in time when entering. I think Bass and Skinners were on sale when I last visited in November, and they tasted good. Landlord appears to be highly respected - I believe he is a priest. Visiting the Seven Stars is an ideal antidote to seaside resort - just enjoy good beer and company.
fromedrinker - 15 Feb 2006 11:27
i like this pub, its very friendly to all who enter not like most cornish pubs where the locals thinks your an alien from the foreign planet "england" and they would like nothing better if you left cornwall, but without the money from tourism what would they have-answer -nothing. perhaps the priest- cum -brewer can pray for there deliverence as he serves up his most excellent ale!!
whitewitch - 11 Jan 2006 10:47
Not everyone's "pint of beer", but completely unspoilt and with no pretences. Used by generations of local families which leads to interesting and friendly conversation.
H&SG - 20 Jul 2004 16:49
Probably one of the finest real Pubs in cornwall. No bandits, jukeboxes, food or music just a fabulous pint of beer. An absolute must for any serious crawl in Falmouth.
Andy P - 11 Apr 2004 18:09
Great pub, good beer and an EXCELLENT Sunday lunch
Mal - 3 Dec 2003 20:59
Lovely old pub with Bass straight from the barrel, run by an ordained priest. Locals very friendly but whatever you do don't use a mobile phone.
Millay - - 5 Nov 2003 17:31

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