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Pepper Saint Ontiod, Isle of Dogs

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This Antic pub in the Docklands enjoys a nice location in the middle of the docks, with water pretty in close proximity. Many were enjoying the outdoor seating. I elected to stay indoors, where there were still a fair few. Strangely, there was a bouncer on the door. There's the usual mish-mash of furniture and 2 of the ales were from Volden - Session & Autumn. The guest was Adnams Ghost Ship. A visit upstairs to the toilets revealed another large room, with a further solitary drinker. Not, the best Antic pub I've been to. But, probably the best place for a pint in the area. My Autumn was fairly nice.
blue_scrumpy - 22 Sep 2019 13:49
A Friday night visit for a few beers after work, I got here at 6.30pm and it was already pretty busy….but to be honest this pub is always busy in the evenings. Service was quicker than normal, they had more staff on and one of the young lads was very much on it.

4 ales on which were Doombar, Volden, Hop Stuff’s Fusilier and Truman’s Firestarter. Hop Stuff’s Fusilier and Truman’s Firestarter were both drinkable.

Having reviewed the Pepper a few times over the years there isn’t really much else to say, nothing’s changed since my last visit in July, they still serve a good mix of ales and the furniture and décor is still odd.
lezford - 18 Oct 2016 16:48

A Thursday lunchtime visit for a couple of pints with a work colleague, it’s been several months since I’ve been here.

3 ales on cask with the only option for me being Tiny Rebel’s Cwtch which is a cracking beer and from one of my favourite breweries.

Fairly empty on this visit and therefore quite soulless. A decent pub and on this occasion cracking ale.

Surely it’s time someone else reviewed this pub!

lezford - 2 Jul 2016 23:34
I seem to be only person reviewing this pub! Does no-one else on here ever visit the Pepper ?

My most recent visit was a Friday night in late July with some work colleagues.

Busy downstairs so we bought our drinks and food a seat in the upstairs bar. The bar was closed on the upper level but there were plenty of seats and the balcony was open for smokers.

3 ales on tap but I only drank ELB Cowcatcher @ 4.8% all night. A cracking pint that was very well kept and extremely drinkable.

Always busy here but for some reason getting a drink during this visit was a breeze, normally it’s a bit of a ’mare.

Decent pub with good ale but The George is my pub of choice in E14.
lezford - 17 Aug 2015 16:50
Came here the other Friday for a work colleagues leaving do that just happened to coincide with Halloween, all of the bar staff were dressed up to reflect Halloween except one bar man who was dressed as Alan from the Hangover films complete with baby Carlos!

At 5pm the pub was already pretty busy, it was also pay day aswell so the combination of this, Halloween and a Friday was the reason.

Easy enough to get a drink though as the bar staff are very efficient and serve in order without getting confused and just shouting next.

3 ales on with my choice being ELB's Cowcatcher @ 4.8% I had numerous pints and each one was as good as the last.

I left around 8pm and it was still packed.
lezford - 19 Nov 2014 14:56
My 2nd and latest visit to this Antic pub was on a Friday lunchtime as I needed to get out of the office.

3 ales on hand pump...Truman's Blindside @ 4.4%; Late Knights Old Red Eyes @ 4.5% and Sharp's Doom Bar. I opted for the Blindside as it was a new beer for me, £3.30 a pint served in my choice of a straight glass or a mug....always nice to be given a choice.

Typical electric furniture and decor as you expect from Antic....stripped bare floorboards etc etc.

I was unimpressed on my first visit, but now I understand and appreciate this place and its worthy of a visit.

lezford - 7 Feb 2014 14:15
Went in for my first visit after being recommended by a colleague of mine.

Now owned by the Antic Pub co, this place is definitely worth a visit.

3 real ales on draught along with a couple of decent American brews. I had a pint of Trinity from the Redemption Brewery, a nice light beer and it was very good.

Eclectic combination of tables and chairs, as well as board games make this a very comfy and welcoming pub.

Large terrace at the front as well as a balcony that both over look Millwall Dock, it’ll be very pleasant when the warmer weather comes.
lezford - 3 Apr 2013 13:19
The puzzle was my closest pub for 4 years. Last time I went past it was shut but my last visit I went in and thought I was in an antiques store.

I love the way all the corners of the pub are set out differently. It's a new approach, the staff were very friendly. The only downer was the chef asleep on the couch.

Beer was good prices, food was very good value.

A huge improvement.
makavelli - 20 May 2011 14:18
Had arranged to meet my mate here from work after I travelled down from Liverpool. Friday rushour on the underground when your carrying suitcases is a nightmare, but it was worth it to have a few pints in here. Really nice pub, despite being busy with office-types, I never waited more than a few seconds to be served. Reasonable prices, nice bowl of chips to go with my beer....not bad at all!
Scousefire - 13 Feb 2011 13:58
cracking pub overlooking the water, they have recently just started a new comedy night
went to the last comedy night, it was called what a great night! there was even a prize draw at the end of the night where a friend of mine won a meal for 2 at the venue, really great addition to a nice pub in a lovely location, will be going to the next comedy night on the 25th I think,
leer34 - 21 Aug 2010 20:21
I visited this pub on Saturday, now Pepper Saint Ontiod, with a group of friends, 1 from the area and the rest of us from Greenwich. We had a very enjoyable evening playing pool, admiring the views of the Thames and eating real chips! I'm sooo fed up with eating frozen chips which seems to be the norm now in pubs!

The bar staff were very friendly (I think they are new staff from when it was Puzzle) and told us that they are planning some events soon such as a comedy night and maybe a pub quiz. Seeing as there's not much to do in the area we all agreed that we'd be back to save us having to go further afield, plus to try out the roasts!

Bestie - 24 Jun 2009 14:59
The Puzzle is dead, long live Pepper Saint Ontiod!

Coming soon from the people who brought you Tooting Tram & Social and the Balham Bowls Club an exciting new pub on the Isle of Dogs.

Watch this space.....
maxalderman - 13 Feb 2009 11:31
Sadly this pub has now closed.

Used to be great on a hot Summers day sitting opposite the river.
thenightwatchman - 22 Nov 2008 15:47
Good for the footy though the manager has been known to sleep in on a sunday and leading to numerous people heading to Greenwich to find an alternative venue.
bobdonelan - 15 Jul 2008 14:58
Not as good as the score suggests.

Overrated view, The Gun has a better one.

The place just seemed 'dirty'

anonymous - 24 Jul 2007 13:03
I used to drink in here when I lived in the area. Really empty at times and really busy at others, never anything inbetween.

What makes this pub great is the river views and the food. Not bad all round, one of the best in the area.
deanfp - 28 Jun 2007 16:14
For me the best pub in the area, though a little expensive.
dangelo - 14 Jun 2006 12:06
I wholeheartedly agree that the beer and Food are very good, probably the best in the area....its the Service that lets the place down, I wouldn't complain about it when its busy, but there are times i've been in there in the evenings (and its not busy) for a quick few after work, and thats what i want, a quick few, not a long wait while the bar staff chat away between themselves....again, if they were chatting to the customers i would not complain, thats part of service, but they are there to look after their customers, not chat away among themselves.

Im a customer, they are in a service industry, if they cannot get the service part right they really should work elsewhere.
Venom - 5 Jun 2006 22:26
Venom you keep spreading your poision on this site you slippery snake. But we do have something in common.......... the love of amber necter! And we are both top pub connoisseurs.

I don't work at the puzzle but I like to think I am a loyal servant ever since it was Harrys Bar back in the day.

One thing we must agree on is in summer its great to have a beer outside by the quay. The lamb cutlet meal is top draw and the clientelle during the week is of good respectable hard working folk.

Its generally a very good place to have a drink in my humble opinion

wilf - 5 Jun 2006 18:24
Wilf, you are obviously on the take or work in the Puzzle as you think its faultless, its clearly not as many different posters on here have testified to.

There is a difference between 'having a chat' and 'willfully ignoring punters while you chat'

The latter tends to annoy somewhat, as i dont go to a pub to stand waiting needlessly, i go to drink beer with friends....If the bar staff want to do the same rather then work i suggest they are in the wrong trade.

Now the Bombardier has gone as well....another Minus for the Puzzle
Venom - 2 Jun 2006 00:14
They come from Shadwell and lands a far
All come to see the famous Puzzle bar
There greeted by Anya, Will and Isabella
All under the guidance of a very sensible fella
His name is president Alex the captain of the ship
If you fall out of line he cracks down his whip
His deputy in waiting is no other than Miss Keely
She can out drink most men she admits this freely
Chefs Sammy and Patrick provide the main course
Whilst their kitchen assistant churns out special sauce
We also have Gemma now a permanent resident
Often finding herself summoned by the Puzzle bar president
Of course the best part of the Puzzle is the lower sector
This is where you get served the amber nectar
At the end of the bar stands a charming young chap
And I aint from south London and I dont wear a cap
Im single, well mannered a real gentlemen thats for sure
Ladies please dont all rush, form an orderly queue at the door
Rumour has had it that Im the `deal or no deal banker
Others would just say Im just a complete and utter w#nker

wilf - 27 May 2006 11:48
Bloody hell man the staff aren't being paid a the same as Alan Sugars apprentice!!

I am steady to frequent visitor of the puzzle, when its busy you get served quick as poss and if its empty yes the bar staff do chat to each other!

But when your lets say working in an office envio
roment who dosen't chat to each other! As long as the work gets done who cares!! Why pick on the pub staff only!!

Apart from that everyone has said the bar is 9/10. I don't know a bar where staff don't chat when its empty unless of course their robots.

I am English through and through and its time we started to relax a little and take life a bit easier. If you don't get a beer the second you step to the bar who cares, just be polite and make someone happy for a change.

Bring back Kilroy!

wilf - 19 May 2006 18:17
Have to agree on this.

The only thing that spoils it is the barstaff chatting to each other rather than the punters.
darkness - 16 May 2006 17:40
According to an old wifes tale the Puzzle bar sits on the sacred burial grounds of the famous white knights of ye old blighty and that good luck is granted to all those who set foot upon this hallowed turf bearing gifts of gold and silver.

The puzzle bar staff show the same courage, bravery and honour displayed by the knights that lay beneath them. The knights once showcased their skills in wielding the sword or lance on horseback. The Puzzle staff readily showcase their skills in pint pulling and uncorking wine although I have yet to see this being done on horseback.

Employed by Lord Alex, and furnished with the equipment and training they need, the puzzle bar crew are well prepared to serve their Lord. Bound by their word and pledge of service they walk into battle every lunchtime and evening rush, standing proud, preparing to die for the cause.

The staff are positioned in regimental formation with normally two at the rear providing defensive cover in the kitchen and three guarding the front ready to pounce on any customer needing service.

So overall what does this pub say to you? Well it says I love you, it says I want you to come in and have a pint, it says stay and have another, it says sit outside in the sun and enjoy the great view, it then says come back in get another pint and then go back outside again to enjoy the sun.

But to sum it all up the Puzzle bar says `come here and give me a bloody big hug you wally!

You will leave the puzzle bar feeling warm inside (and not because youve pissed yourself). It is worth checking out!!

wilf - 17 Apr 2006 13:24
I would have thought that its even better business sense to keep ALL clientele happy, rather then drive off potential future regulars with awful service.

The Beer is good, and the food is great, and its a comfortable place for a beer and to watch the footie....all in all its a good pub, but the service by inexperienced bar staff who are more interested in yakking with each other then serving the beer really lets it down.

Its a pity because that aside its a good pub.
Venom - 30 Mar 2006 18:37
A wonderful place to spend quality fun family time with you and your kids. All the fun games, modern interior, and construction make this place a dazzling magical world. All the realism of everything, truly brings you to another time and place... a place you'll never forget.. I recommend to everyone

That was a review for Disneyland but it could be mistaken for the Docklands Puzzle.

The staff are friendly (even the kiwi) and understand that it makes good business sense to keep your regular clientele happy.

The Puzzle has a new menu on the way. Current helpings are more than satisfactory and quality is of a high standard always.

The problem with live sports not being shown has not been an issue under the current manager. They even showed my team Luton! It is the only place to go for live sport in this area with its big screen.

Upstairs has also taken a dramatic improvement. I definatly recommend this place for a drink whether is alchoholic or its popular Cappuccinos.

wilf - 16 Oct 2005 18:31
totally shocked as most puzzles are good. the canary wharf puzzle was a terrible pub. the manager (the kiwi girl) was rude, disinterested and seemed to have a constant scowl on her face. I've seen them run out of alcohol, had warm beer, turned up for a football game and its not even open. i wouldnt bother with this place unless your a friend of the staff because its obvious that the only bother with their mates.
mcnner - 12 Oct 2005 11:31
Good Pub in general, let down by disinterested staff though.

Food is ok, Beer is good, however staff seem more interested in having a laugh then serving the beer.
Venom - 8 Sep 2005 22:30
I didn't realise drug addiction was such an issue in the area but judging by the last comment i must be wrong.

There was a regular change in management in the early part of the year with staff turn over at a premium high leading to low efficency.

But when the chips were down, with the Puzzle bar in a deepening crisis it welcomed back an old face to the helm......

It was in the style of Bianca `RICKY'!! I wasen't there on his return but i have heard rumours he arrived on horseback in brown knee high boots with spurs. With a determined look on his face he stormed into the pub and his first words were `get me a pint i'm here to stay.

He has kept to his word and in his time back he has assembled a new crew behind the bar, with the mixture of good looks, intelligence, humour and charm. (You can guess that he got rid of Alan the chef then).

The Puzzle bar has regained its heart beat and is coming back to full fitness all it needs now is consistancy behind the wheel and this ship will sail in the right direction.

The main thing that makes a pub great is however the customers. There is one customer especially who stands out. He's normally found drunk at the end of the bar. He is single about 6ft 2 inches tall with dark hair and a beer gut. He is single and approachable.

wilf - 22 Aug 2005 23:22
what a serious downturn for a pub , the old manager lisa had this place doing well and very clean. now it is a dump, the food was below par , the staff we encountered were rubbish, the young lady who was giving it large should try a corner in kings cross. she may get more tips there. def one of the worst puzzle pubs now , shame!!
anonymous - 9 Jul 2005 15:27
Lived here for 3 years and never used to rate this pub. But since new management took over its just got better. Really nice food and a great place to watch footy. Specially in the summer.

Only draw back is the toilets are upstairs!
makavelli - 23 Apr 2005 21:58
Not a bad friendly establishment with good views, beer was ok didn't try the food but it looked ok. Games room upstairs.
Womble - 17 Apr 2005 10:48
The Puzzle bar is situated at one of the Docklands most naturaly gifted hotspots, Crossharbour.

Its boasts views of beautiful blue water in which the famous James Bond speedboat chase was filmed.

In the summer it is packed full of customers soaking up the sun next to its tranquil surroundings. There is also a balcony upstairs where you can sit and have lunch whilst topping up that tan.

The Puzzle bar has an even mix of staff male and female. So you can have a good manly chat whilst glancing your glass eye over the other sex behind the bar. This works the other way round but i find the men aren't as easy to talk to.

The puzzle bar is the best in Docklands for live sports. It has a big screen and little TV's scattered around.

Time and effort is taken into every meal that comes out that kitchen. The menu has grown but standards have not dropped. About the chavette i may have been a bit hasty making that comment its up for debate. All i can say is that since shes joined cutlery has been going missing at the dozen.

what next i've covered that you can be confused for being in the carrabian hmmmm oh and the puzzle bar has one of its new young breed of managers now at the helm....... (hang on i can't read what hes put here) i think it says he looks more like Jonny Depp than Ricky and his motivational skills have improved morale and efficency and has made the Puzzle bar a more pleasurable experience.

Right i'm off to get my free pint!

wilf - 11 Jan 2005 18:21
If you thought the puzzle bar was good before its got even better under its new managment.

I don't know how to describe the new manager so i can only go by what i've heard from women at the bar. He's been described as Jonny Depp, Patrick swausy and Ricky from eastenders.

The new Puzzle bar staff don't just boast a new full set of fine ladies operating the pumps in orgasmic fashion but the staff also provide morgage advise, legal expertise (off the record) and computer advise on top of there job description as bartenders.

I've cleared over 2000 viruses on my PC due to clear presise instructions from Puzzle bar staff and been fully virus clear since then.

The Puzzle bar has increased there kitchen staff in order to accomidate busy periods, Northern Monkey Alan is still taking meat round the back door and is joined with Sammy an ever present since the Harrys bar days and a Chavette just brought in, all i can say is watch your hubcaps.

Ricky!!! I love you bianca.

The Puzzle bar is surrounded by beautiful blue water after 6 pints you can easily confuse yourself for being in the carrabian, its a bit of a let down when you come round and you realise your looking out on to Millwall Docks.

Well done to the new management for taking this pub forward and making it a fun enviroment to socialise in.
wilf - 7 Jan 2005 21:41
nice place, nice view, good food, good pizzas! plenty to do if drinking and chatting isn't enough! definitely worth a look if you're in the area. i like it.

anonymous - 4 Jan 2005 19:24
If your looking for a nice friendly bar, hot women, quick service and nice views go to all bar one.

Only Joking the Puzzle bar has it all. The staff are friendly but I wouldn't cross Lisa the manager she rules with an iron fist and has done alot to get this place busy since the days of Harrys bar.

Monkey Alan is one of the chefs he's from up north and apparently cooks a good Sunday Dinner with Yorkshire puddings.

Friday after work is the best day down there but also Lunchtimes get busy. Its nice to sit outside on a sunny day and soak up the views of hot executive women and the dock which borders the puzzle bar.

All in all I love it. I am a loyalty card holder which entitles you to cheaper drinks and a chance to win money in the Loyalty card holders lottery.

Its also worth mentioning that the Puzzle bar is stacked full of stuff to do, theres a pool table, table football, large connect four and many more games.

If I had to critise one thing it would be the fact that there is an upstairs bar which is not being used. Its a long way downstaris after 8 pints.
William - 21 May 2004 11:18
been living in Isle of Dogs for 6 months now and its great. The pubs are a little more to be desired.

The Puzzle has become our local and I can only describe it as being..quiet but good. Ususally fills up with after work drinkers but its very empty from 7pm onwards, but the football does draw in large crowds.

Beer and drinks are reasonably priced, food is excellent. But the only downside is when upstairs is hired out and you have to use the disbled loos downstairs.
dean - 31 Dec 2003 11:42
What can I say ... With no disrespect to the former owner of Harrys bar, but when this Pseudo restaurant come drinking whole was taken over by the Puzzle Pub ... I was uncertain of what was going to happen. It hadnt really established itself under Harrys dew to strange opening and closing hour. But after a few months and normal licensing hours this now extremely popular and lively public house meets in my book all you can possibly expect from a public house. The management, namely under the direction of Lisa, who has worked so hard over the year to gain clientele with introduction of comedy nights, quiz nights, man size Yenga towers and pool tables upstairs seems to have made it all work. The food is excellent and reasonably priced for pub food, and is always served in good presentation. The cellar is well kept and it would seem the pipes are regularly cleaned, and have never had a bad pint from them. They have good competition form the Spinnaker down the dock. But if you find your self on the Isle of Dogs and want to take a client for a meal and a bottle of wine or just out with the lads. It might be worth your while exploring Pepper Street and having a good meal and a decent pint in great surrounding over looking the docks and canary wharf towers. Once your there you will understand what im going on about.
Paul - 22 Dec 2003 13:24
average, lacking a bit of atmosphere, not to sure why as the location is good and the decor nice , always clean. Clearly a stop over for people on there way to some were else.
Justin - 28 Nov 2003 15:14

got anything to say about this pub?

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