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Load Of Hay, Uxbridge

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user reviews of the Load Of Hay, Uxbridge

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Very quiet in here late this afternoon. Only 4 other customers. 3 ales were on - Beer Rocks Ltd Scary, Bowman Swift One & Sharps Doom Bar. The two Millwhites ciders were Winter Spiced & Rum Matured. The barman/landlord was keen to know how I found the Winter Spiced cider. I'm not a great fan of Millwhites cider, as they go. But at least this pub serves a real cider. So all credit for that.
blue_scrumpy - 3 Dec 2011 20:46
MLC need their necks wringing.
watching_them_4_you - 30 Apr 2011 00:15
MLC are back here on December 4th. We had a great time back in September and look forward to seeing you all again.
MLCUK - 6 Oct 2010 18:22
MLC are back here on September 18th. We had a great time back in July and look forward to seeing you all again.
MLCUK - 17 Aug 2010 10:34
MLC will be playing here on the 17th July, you are sure to have a good time.

Look forward to seeing you
MLCUK - 15 Jul 2010 14:02
Not the establishment it used to be! Devoid of customers and atmosphere, with empties piling up and tables not cleaned after food, the standard of which has unfortunately gone downhill too. Although the return of Ken has ensured that the beer is up to standard, it is not enjoyable if consumed in second rate premises. Once I would have recommended this pub to anyone - now I'm not so sure if personally I'll go again. A great shame.
simonjolty - 10 Jul 2010 00:02
My band "STOLEN" will be back here on Saturday, 22rd of May, 2010, so if you enjoy real live music in a real pub with excellent real ales, see you there.
Keep it real.
Cheers, John.

JohnnyBGoode - 18 Mar 2010 08:15
My band STOLEN played here last December (2009) and had a great evening.
The Good Old Boys played the following weekend and also had a great time.
The ales were excellent and everyone was very well behaved and enjoyed both gigs.

We will be back here on 23rd of May, 2010, so if you enjoy real music in a real pub with excellent real ales, see you there.
Cheers, John.

JohnnyBGoode - 4 Mar 2010 19:57
Lordy only knows why there are negative remarks about here. The onmly thing I have to complain about occasionally is the cold back room when the fire isn't on.

The beers are varied and generally interesting and Grant is a really nice bloke in my opinion. Everyone I know who has eaten here has said the food is good to very good. Sure it isn't Michelin star but this is pub grub.

It's generally reasonably busy and has a load of locals. The language can be a bit choice but perhaps that's because it's a pub. If I can't swear in a pub where can I go.

There's a smoking area round the back and they often smoke round the front.

Occasionally you have to wait a few minutes to be served while a group of students pour in and um and ah about what they want but I've never waited more than ten minutes.

8 out of ten but soon be 9 if he changes from Guiness to Marstons Oyster Stout
woofhound - 21 Feb 2010 20:28
Gave this pub another try last night, after hearing that they are now stocking real ciders. They do indeed have 3 Millwhites ciders. In addition, 3 real ales were available - Sharps Doom Bar, Vale Best Bitter and Itchen Valley Hampshire Rose. Some of the clientele are a bit questionable. The language is choice. There also seems to be a fair splattering of students from the nearby Brunel University. However, I would definitely now consider coming back. The rating of 4.4/10 is undervaluing it in my opinion.
blue_scrumpy - 3 Feb 2010 20:33
Pub is not going “slowly downhill”. It died a huge death less than 2 months ago. Grant is an arrogant individual “who knows best”. Fact is, he doesn’t and his ignorance WILL be his downfall. The way in which the staff are treated here is unforgivable.

Getting rid of the Carpenter thieves should have been a re-birth. It wasn’t, and he failed miserably here.

Personally, I’d love to see this place go to the wall. It (and all that have ever run it) deserve it.

Incidentally, this is a pub. Pubs do not employ chefs...They are simply microwave and boil in the bag bods.

watching_them_4_you - 28 Jul 2009 23:29
Pub is slowly going downhill, as I've said before,the landlord is employing minimal staff, so they cannot be expected to do all the things required.. Subsequently sticky tables, spent pints left, stressed staff, which does not provide a good ambience when you come to spend your money.

Chef has left, and it seems most of the regulars... Grant seems impervious to any constructive criticism.. but there lies the rub... There is no rudder to this ship a great building with great history. Locals who have just given up , having supported this venue because they have genuinely loved the place.

Beer that has given you deli belly the morning after, food short of the mark, unclean toilets, unhappy staff.. what more can one say?

There are other pubs in the vicinity that are picking up on the loads trade, and will continue to do so until the management and landlord lift their heads out of the sand and really see what is going on and take the criticisms seriously and do something about it!! Without replying to this post saying I have lost the plot.... I am actually speaking the truth if you wish last poster to defend the indefensible?
frothonthetop - 20 Jul 2009 01:22
Isn't it a shame when people make inaccurate comments on subjects they clearly have no knowledge on. I have been in on numerous occasions and have seen at least 3 other people reading the quiz.

I do think that before you pass judgement you should get your facts correct as loose lips sink ships!
boobies - 4 Jun 2009 13:03
Its such a lovely pub as pubs ought to be, but lately am so disappointed with the sloppy service. Very young bar staff, which is fine, but it would help if they knew more about the drinks they serve. For example not knowing what the house wine is, slow service - God help us if the pub got really busy. Ther seems to be no rudder at the helm, that can up the ante when needs be, which is very frustrating for people waiting to be served.

No one clearing away spent pints, no one cleaning tables, one person behind the bar and sometimes no one!

The quiz night attendance is dwindling, not sure whether this is due to the economic climate, or the fact that it is so badly managed. Start time depends on when the chef has finished in the kitchen it is obvious he hates doing it. Don't blame him cos there is no one else. Its a complete mess, no checking on scores, no verification on who's won,, people who should have won not aware cos its all a shambles at the end, very frustrating. Get someone in who enjoys doing it -don't keep lumbering the chef.

My rating of this pub - could do better.
frothonthetop - 30 May 2009 00:17
I see lots of reviews have been removed. Probably for the best

Oh well I hope the pub has improved, it does sound like it is on the up which is good to hear, given that it is a nice traditional and very different pub to your averge chains that we are stuck with these days.
ladyday - 1 Mar 2009 19:48
Was pleased to visit earlier today (first). L/T and quiet but pride was first class. As has been said before, one of the few remaining proper pubs in uxbridge. A regular I hooked up with with was unhappy about the loss of previous managers. He (and I?? - he as P***ed!) wish them well at the The Abrook Arms?. Any way, great place.
conkered - 10 Feb 2009 20:00
A very enjoyable and pleasant pub to go to,the New Manager Siobhan was very pleasant , efficient and helpful.
It is quite refreshing to see young people using the pub and behaving sensibly,pubs like this one are few and far between and must be preserved as part of the Great British Tradition not a wine bar or themed pub,but a proper pub. Karaoke night has now stopped Thank God.
Things can only get better for this Pub.
pet - 3 Jan 2009 19:56
Gary and Sue have moved on and now run another pub and I wish them well. I haven't visited the Load for quite a while due to being very busy or suffering from the flu. My old crew now use other pubs and I haven’t seen them recently.
The Load Of Hay is one of the last of the few, real ale houses/coaching inns. The old saying, "if you don't use it you loose it" is very true these days, so if you value quality and varied real ales in a real pub, there is no excuse not to visit. John.

JohnnyBGoode - 30 Dec 2008 11:25
Allora, io lo prendo, Gary e le Sue loveley non sono più?


So, I take it, Gary and the loveley Suey are no longer?
Italaiux - 16 Dec 2008 20:32
I sing in a duo and played here the other Sunday - what a lovely pub. Its so nice to see proper pubs still standing amonst the cack of todays boozers - Uxbridge has Baroosh, Slug and Lettuce, Naz, Zanzibar etc and they are all well and good but the proper pubs are disappering from our streets thick and fast - the Load of Hay is worth a visit asap.

It was quiet in there when we played but the guys who watched were really good to us and joined in etc - we are back in January and I can't wait to gig here again, will try and get a few bods down. Grant was running the show when we played along with Siobhan and another lovely barmaid, so can't comment on the previous entries here, but I was pleasantly surprised. Try it!
tombsie - 15 Dec 2008 16:47
I now only visit when there is live music on, like The Culprits and Sunrise.
Gary and the younger staff are always pleasant and the ale is always good.
Fortuneatly, I have not endured any raised voices from the kitchen and I have always enjoyed my times there.
JohnnyBGoode - 5 Oct 2007 19:34
Grant Lewis needs to grab this place (and his workers - The Carpenters) and sort them out. Sue, as noted previously, is a naturally nasty aggressive piece of work. Gary, well , he never does any work. 14th person (officialy) to leave this dump
anonymous - 22 Aug 2007 01:33
I agree with mightyboy entirely. We suffered massive abuse from HER (Sue) where she once was (she liked to think) the proprietor of the POW in Hillingdon. I have asked the leaseholder (Grant) to speak to her, as regards the filthy attitude. I, despite 11 emails, have heard nothing further. Says it all really....
MartinShaw - 4 Aug 2007 00:51
On a visit to the area, was recommended this pub and didn't regret the tip. In fact, I went back several times. Beer garden excellent, beer just as good - local real ales - and staff pleasant. (In fact, one of the bar staff was very fetching - say no more.)
Locals seemed a relaxed bunch who weren't put out by outsiders. Experienced none of the stuff posted by others, have to say.
Gorodish - 1 Aug 2007 15:25
I like this pub, always 3 or 4 real ales on and the food seems very good, The staff are always very nice, i think it's the best pub in the area. If you like a good pint then give it a go.
mtslider - 3 Jun 2007 19:29
Uunfortunately this pub has turned into quite the joke. The pub is lovely and the bar staff that they have had for the past 4 years I had been going in there were just lovely. The only problem with the establishment is the managers who have no customer service skills, and drive their staff to leave as the landlady is not a very pleasant lady, often seen by staff, her children and punters who are paying for a quiet pint and have to listen to her scream, swear and shout like a woman possessed, especially at her know who wears the pants there!! Its a shame as the majority of punters are a great laugh and nice and friendly, and pub its self is quite nice. With new managers I would definately have continued to drink there, but quite frankly I cant bare to look at the landladys usually miserable looking face thundering around the kitchen.
mightyboy - 10 May 2007 16:02
I really do miss Ken, the food is very average nowdays, beer is still pretty good, the quiz machine and projection tv are a pain in the arse, like 2 or 3 of the punters who spoil it for the rest. If you want a quiet drink & a natter then the front bar is best. The new ladies & gents are now off the dining area, spotless and clean, a great improvement. Orange juice machine is a very welcome addition.
John73 - 19 Apr 2007 04:06
Fear not all ye who seeketh Ken. He's to be found oftimes tending to the regulars and passersby at the Queens Head in Pinner. Still a venerable gent, he can raise a laugh or three with some tales of yore at "The Hay". Be warned!
mikem - 25 Feb 2007 12:35
ken was a lovely, lovely man. will be sadly missed by brian and myself. Wouldn't go here again in light of the current "circumstances". Good luck to new managers
tanya_alc - 31 Jan 2007 23:33
Ken has had to find employment eslewhere. He may have been passed his best behind the bar, but still a great cellarman and an honest man. He is still in the trade and his "ousting" has not prevented him from carrying on serving excellent ale. Ken was the last of the "old guard".
JohnnyBGoode - 27 Dec 2006 17:04
Where is Ken?

He suddenly disappeared - does anyone know why? Te beer is not quite as good recently.
polchraine - 17 Nov 2006 20:39
Acceptable. Pub is a leasehold and on loan to a (once) local school teacher. It is run by two individuals who once managed the Prince of Wales in Hillingdon. Pub is OK but cliquey and not cheap. It will be interesting to see how the next rent review goes...
anonymous - 6 Aug 2006 22:54
Consistently good - cut my drinking teeth here!
Grossy - 27 May 2006 03:16
Always been an excellent pub - I've used it for 30 years.

Beer range is excellent and even when the place was becoming run down, Ken kept the beer in excellent condition. It has recently received a 10 years in the Good Beer Guide award.

The new owners have cleaned it up but not spolit the atmosphere although it does get a little crowded.

polchraine - 7 Apr 2006 22:01
When you enter this pub you will find that the staff are polite and friendly, there is always a good choice of real ales, the food is excellent home cooked foodand there is a wide variety of chioce.
They regularly have live music and if you like mowtown, 70s disco diva and rock and roll then watch out for the one and only Maddie, she has a brilliant voice and she will keep you entertained all night.
A very nice and friendly pub.
P.S. Go and have sunday lunch for £5.50 it is well worth it.
anonymous - 22 Jan 2006 18:58
Excellent pub! Friendly staff, homemade cooking, clean toilets, nice sized beer garden......... the list goes on. There is always some form of entertainment - live music, special theme nights, quiz nights etc..... It is a favourite of mine and it doesn't break the bank!
CharleyMouse - 12 Sep 2005 14:59
Great pub, once you find the entrance? (Round the back oddly enough). Excellent 'home-cooked' food, friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere. This is really a hidden treasure!
jcf - 21 Feb 2005 12:51
Excellent real ales, superb vegetarian cuisine, great live music and wonderful staff
Rowson - 14 Feb 2005 08:54
The Noisy Boyz gig was very well received on Saturday, 21/2/04.
The Load of Hay was quite packed and everyone enjoyed the performances, which included that of my ex-front man/guitarist Pete Coulshed, who played solo in the intermission. The BOYZ will be back in town soon, so watch this site. John.
John - 26 Feb 2004 10:48
Lots of changes in ownership, decor, atmosphere, plus new regular punters from elsewhere in a short time... but still my favourite boozer...

3 good and varied guest beers on hand-pump, with 'Pride' always available.

Pete - 26 Feb 2004 01:15
The live music scene is being revived at the Load Of Hay. Look out for the "Noisy Boyz", (black dog Dave and his son), (not noisy at all). An excellent country/folk/blues duo. They have played in the Militia Canteen many times and are alway well received. John.

John - 30 Jan 2004 18:02
The excellent food is now so popular that it can be hard to find a seat some Sundays. The ever changing range of top quality real ales never fails to impress. The walls now have some pictures and the lighting has been fully refurbished. My favourite pub just keeps getting better.
John - 26 Nov 2003 19:02
Since the Red Lion, Fuller's pub, oposite St. John's Church in Hillingdon, closed, to be turned into a Fuller's Hotel, all or most of it's regulars now use the Load Of Hay. It's good to see the pub with so many new,friendly, frequent customers. Refurbishment is continuing, with the oak tables being restored to their former glory, one at a time.
John - 23 Sep 2003 01:20
Visited last year with two friends; the pub was absolutely excellent I would have given it 10/10, but I never got the chance to visit this year. Will try again soon. The food was superb and there was a good range of ales, just as it said in the Camra good beer guide. Hope this still is the case.
lad_newton - 15 Sep 2003 17:51
The re-furbishment has not been to everyones taste, but it is only paint. There is to be some toning-down soon. With the walls still bare, without any pictures and mirrors, the yellow emulsioned walls in the borough bar and gloss black beams, are very in your face. The new engines and real ale range are excellent, as to is the re-vamped food. The front bar is now fully open with it's own new engine. The pub is now open all day. The carpet has been found to be perfectly OK after some serious industrial cleaning and the new floor covering in other areas looks good. Long live the Load of Hay.
John - 15 Sep 2003 17:29
My favourite pub in Uxbridge.A true free house.Excelent beers, good food and occasional special event live music.Friendly staff and regulars.This fine old coaching inn had got a bit run down but is being refurbished 5/9/03 to 12/9/03 by the new owners just starting. Give it a try 12/9/03.
John - 2 Sep 2003 18:52

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