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Cricketers, Croydon

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user reviews of the Cricketers, Croydon

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The pub is too expensive. The karaoke by Mandy is good (Danny Murphy no longer hosts here). The atmosphere is friendly.
glenfarg - 13 Apr 2015 03:54
Beerintheevening is a joke it allows slanderous comments to be put on reviews and when contacted by us on several occasions has done nothing about this my wife lea hessell is named on a review accused of sleeping with danny murpy which is a complete lie made up by a very sad individual
Beerintheevening has also been contacted by the police but still nothing so has left us no other alternative than to take them to court for libel
drako - 7 Aug 2014 12:35
This pub has good and bad points- it's a great pub during the day but terrible at night
The pub sells fab food- Ashley being a great cook, but the drinks are very expensive. It does however depend on who is serving you.
The have karaoke every Sunday- hosted alternatively by Mandy Barnett and Danny Murphy. Mandy's nights are always popular and busy- Danny's quieter and full of sexual innuendos! He has spent time in Belmarsh for sexual offences and is currently on the sex offenders list. He is sleeping with several women at the same time- Alison Williams, Janine Simmons, Lorraine Crowley and Lea Hessell to name but a few. Avoid at all costs. It's a shame the pub has to have people like him in there
Every now and again, the pub will have a band- but not often enough. This could be a great pub under the right management, but their choice of staff needs to be looked at
Blondegirl69 - 23 Jun 2014 19:06
Is this Foxmulder the same person as the poster called Dave Marks? Looks like it judging by the comments. Personally speaking, I've been to Mandy B's karaoke and thought it was good. Will go again some time. I had been to Dave Mooney's karaoke at the William IV on a Sunday too, but was tempted away as the Cricketers had a nice friendly atmosphere, and better beer (though it is expensive).
glenfarg - 19 Feb 2014 22:15
Just Pull Up Outside The Dump and Note How Many People are In there 6 people all night.. If Youre Lucky and I dunno about the Pub Changing Its Name, It Should Be "Sorry we`re Open" Dont Take My word for it go and see for yourselves
foxmulder757 - 19 Feb 2014 20:32
Do Not Touch This Pub with a Bargepole, I Think Its too expensive, The Food Is also expensive and well Over the top and to have a drag queen Making himself Look stupid On a Sunday Night at The Karaoke, which is also Shite Thats run By Some Lesbian Called Mandy Barnet and her Partner Danny Murphy who are awfull. These People dont Know me at all, cos if they did they wouldnt come on here trying to Lie. Take My Word For It, stay well clear Of This Pub
foxmulder757 - 19 Feb 2014 20:22
I recently noticed that this pub has changed it's very historic name. I just don't know why this pub isn't a goldmine, considering it's location in quite an expensive area, full of young professionals. You only have to go five minutes round the corner to The Builder's Arms to see where everyone is. I have always found the atmosphere here parochial, intimidating and just downright shoddy. Please can this pub be taken over by someone who has a clue! The current owner/tenant didn't even know where the pub's original name derived from, telling a reporter that there was no connection between it's name and the area. Omitting the fact that Addiscombe Cricket Club has been in existence for nearly 100 years and started just round the corner in Canning Road!
harry_palmer - 24 Aug 2013 14:58
I have to respond to Dave Marks' post, as it is totally inaccurate, on so many levels! Firstly, there is no beer that costs 4, I think Fosters is 3.50 and Carling is 3.40. There is karaoke on a Sunday, which is shared on alternate weeks by two different hosts (I'm one of them) and as I know Dave Marks, I can categorically say that he has never even been in the pub on my nights. As for Paul 'prancing around half naked' ... he hasn't been in the pub since last September when he ceased to be the chef in the pub, so to post something up months after it was even possible for it to have happened, is not only unreasonable, but misleading to the general public, and to describe the pub as 'his local' is another anomaly, as he's never in there!
mandyb - 12 Mar 2012 10:15
****Do Not Touch This Pub With a Bargepole**** Overpriced 4.00 for a Pint of beer

The Bar Staff Fluctuation the bar Prices when It suits them and their Karaoke Is third rate aswell On a sunday and I can say Its rubbish and They have a Drag Queen Prancing Around the Pub whos Name Is Paul Pravenell who Is meant to be the cook Or chef every sunday Prancing around the whole pub forcing his drag act on to us all... half naked I might add and its not funny when all I wanted to do was go into My Local for a Pint and Im forced with that, so Ive decided I`m not drinking in there any more and Ive told everyone else to avoid this aswell. The food Is Lousy and not surprising comming from a drag queen who thinks hes got Talent which he quite clearley hasnt
davemarks - 29 Jan 2012 01:23
Just read the below comment by Tiffy and felt compelled to respond.
The Cricketers is a very good pub:
New chef with a rare quality for offering Good food at very reasonable prices. I had the Bacon and Brie, and will be back. If you haven't tried the food recently, you should.
I washed my Lunch down with Addlestones on draught and enjoyed it greatly with the food.
The Beer offering is good. Guiness, Pride and Doom Bar are all well kept.
Draught Budweiser was a new one, but if you like your Lagers you cannot go wrong.
The staff are a pleasure, maybe on Tiffys visit they had a bad day, but I have been enough to know that they are warm and welcoming.
Local or not the pub is well worth the visit.
INMHO - 27 Oct 2011 14:07
really unfriendly and aggressive! if your not a local you wont fit in! never will i return!
Tiffy - 15 Jun 2010 13:46
Top pub, top people. Karaoke night is the bizz. Stroll on.
cranfield - 1 Sep 2009 13:02
I use this pub on Fairley regular biases, beer reasonable could be better, atmosphere friendly.
Well worth a visit.

mrcolinpalmer - 3 Dec 2008 12:36
Pleasant enough for an early evening aperitif on a Saturday night, comfortable atmosphere despite unwatched Arsenal match on the TVs. If they got rid of some of those tellies and had a better choice of beer than Pride or Pride it would be one of Croydon's better offerings.
nickdavies - 24 Aug 2008 10:51
How you find this pub will depend on when you arrive. If you fortunate to not share the experience with a load of Chelsea regulars then you will find it pleasant and enjoyable. If you are unfortunate to coincide with them all at the bar getting drunk on lager, it can be unpleasant. They dominate the proceedings and are all friends with the people behind the bar.
Shame because it is a clean, well run pub with a decent area outside for sitting and smiling at people getting off the tram.
They only have London Pride and it is not well kept.
It is one of the more expensive Croydon pubs, and the lager isn't brilliant, which makes you resent the high price of a round.
If you take part in the Thursday Quiz regularly you get to know the quirks and traditions and it can be a really good night out, although the questionmaster whittles out the questions and answers all evening to keep you in late.
redjim73 - 17 Apr 2008 09:37
My new local. Friendly staff. No longer a Chelsea supporters stronghold.

Good range of drinks. Locals friendly - always someone to talk to. Mixed groups on different nights. Quiz night very lively with half time B..... Bingo very funny! Food - standard Pub Grub but Sunday lunches excellent!!
anonymous1010 - 3 Apr 2008 16:14
Came in here on a friday night with a mate and walked into a hostile pub where loads of drunk builders and other males gave us intimidating looks!!! Was surprised that we had to pay 3.20 for a stella which is far too expensive for a pub in croydon!!! It also didnt help that a bloke sitting next to us with his guinness was popping pills.

Not worth a visit in my opinion.
h.bomb - 9 Feb 2008 10:06
Nice, adequate pub let down by the football loving oiks who monopolise the bar and the smokers crowding into the small outside space. Not very relaxing in either area. Well kept beers and a small selection of adequate wines.
FluffyRona - 8 Aug 2007 17:47
Change of feel on Sat pm when it was full of blokes watching Chelsea on tv. Not hostile exactly, but a very different pub to a mid-week visit. Handy for the tramstop (Lebanon Rd). Only the one handpump serving London Pride, which was fine, but I just had the one and jumped back on the tram (to Addiscombe) in search of beer variety at the Claret freehouse.
trainman - 20 Feb 2007 14:31
An excellent pub to visit for a Sunday drink. Been here a couple of times now. I like going here in the Summer time sitting out the front whilst watching the world go by.
Kerrminator - 5 Feb 2007 10:11
Agreed - a nice, cosy friendly pub. Good atmosphere, pleasant bar staff, and an enjoyable Thursday night quiz. Great place to avoid the Croydon masses; not a checked shirt in sight! Worth a visit..
angelkitty - 27 Jan 2007 23:27
I like it, and often go to the pub quiz (on Thurs, 9pm). Its a good local and the staff make just enough effort to remember you for it to be genuine.
carsonspost - 23 Dec 2006 17:36
Had a few cheeky ones in here last night. Quite a nice little pub. Outdoor seating with canopies and patio heaters, which bodes well for winter (and the smoking ban!). Pleasant bar staff. Good beer. No attitude. Will be popping down to check out the pub quiz next Thursday!
steve5312 - 26 Jul 2006 10:30
nice cosy local, only had fuller's pride which was nice, if they had more real ales i would definately visit again and again
anonymous - 18 Jun 2006 08:39
Many years ago, I was a local here. One afternoon one of the other regulars, who was rather a large gentleman, let rip, the most god-awful fart I have ever witnessed. It cleared the entire pub. Everyone including the bar staff had to evacuate & remain outside for 10 minutes!! That was over 6 years ago, so you're probably alright now.
JohnnyCrow - 19 May 2006 13:51
Pleasant enough weekdays but gets very raucous on Saturday nights in particular, with dire karaoke / fun nights etc a particular hazard. Very much a locals pub. It is more than your life is worth to make any noise if a team scores a goal against Chelsea....
Jack_of_Diamonds - 4 Mar 2006 19:55
A great local, although I agree that sitting outside has lost some of its charm now that the trams and the chavs are thundering past every five minutes...
FluffyRona - 1 Mar 2006 16:41
Great, good atmosphere, and a friendly 'no trouble' pub.
anonymous - 9 Nov 2005 14:20
Good atmosphere, nice bar staff. Carole & Al the owners are always friendly and welcome you. Music good - all round selection especially 60's, 70's - many a time it's has turned into an 'off the cuff party! Sunday afternoons are a great time to catch up with everyone and it can get fairly busy into the evening. A cosy pub for winter, and in summertime it is nice to sit out the front and enjoy the warm evenings with a pint/wine or two !! (small beer garden at back also. In all a relaxed, friendly and fun pub!
anonymous - 9 Nov 2005 14:13
Small seating area outside is very pleasant, irrespective of the trams that go past every 4-5 minutes on average. The bar is pretty large and generally serviced by at least two people, so there is no waiting for drinks.


SERVICE - 9/10

FOOD - 4/10
There is no food served in the evening, other than some unappealing sandwiches. Daytime offering is not much better, consisting mostly of fried off-the-shelf stuff.


OTHER - 6/10
Pub quiz on Thursdays. Questions not thoroughly researched, but potential for a fairly substaintial prize.
Kokan - 14 Jun 2005 12:31
Nice enough place. Beer well kept and food served in large portions. Only downside now is that sitting outside in the summer has lost some charm, what with the trams thundering past every few minutes.
palser - 26 Apr 2005 16:24
good chelsea pub
nice atmosphere when les is away
ade young - - 17 Jun 2004 00:20
Big Al - brings the charm & the barmaids bring the drink

A perfect place for the summer & offers great entertainment

James - 23 Mar 2004 12:26
Many who visit for the first time call it a proper pub. Clean, neat, decent beer and food, good staff. No urban naffness or namby-pamby country nonsense.
Good mix of regulars and drop-ins.
Atmosphere to match. Welcoming. Also good for watching world go by in the summer.
joe - 23 Jul 2003 13:30
pretty little town pub with a great atmosphere
graham - 8 Jun 2003 07:58

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