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Kings Oak, High Beech

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user reviews of the Kings Oak, High Beech

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I was in the pub today (26/05/12) and ordered sea bass, caesar salad and breaded chicken with chips for our child from children's menu. I asked for 2 teas and a glass of tap water - I repeated "tap water" quite loudly and several times, but unfortunately didn't pay attention to the total price (42 pounds) and wasn't given a receipt which would help me to see a mistake.
We got our food and drinks but when our daughter tried to drink water from a tall glass she started screaming in pain and we found out it wasn't tap water - it was vodka! The girl who took the order misheard me all the 4 or 5 times and charged me for vodka - thats why we paid so much. And when I explained it to her, being close to tears, she didnt even follow me, didnt say sorry and didnt, obviously, refunded the money we paid for the drink we didnt need. I wont visit this pub ever again and wont recommend it to anyone.
fionka - 26 May 2012 21:22
The Kings Oak is in a great location but is trying to be a gastro pub (they even say on their website "the first gasto pub in Essex").
The food is on the lower side of average but the prices are just plain stupid (£7.50 for a baguette), and if you wish to pay by card for anything under £20 they will charge you an extra £1.
The service for weddings and functions is also below standard and will be subjected to price increases once you have paid your non refundable deposit.
This is a pub that is best avoided.
chigwell - 26 Apr 2012 21:20
The best thing about this pub is the extensive garden, which, if you arrive early is deserted and tranquil.
The inside of the pub is horribly gloomy and badly decorated .As i was out walking the dogs and wearing old camouflage trousers, I felt out of place inside the pub. The staff are straight out of The Only Way is Essex and have nothing to say to you. I opted for the Stella Artois which was very well kept i must say
DerHammer - 10 May 2011 23:16

We ate there twice last year 2010 and were very impressed with the pub the staff and the food, but this year (2011) were extremely dissapointed. The staff seemed rushed off their feet, the food was not nearly as good nor were the choices and the ladies toilets smelt of someone having been sick (sorry) for being graphic. If we hadn't of ordered and were waiitng for food I would of left. It was very off putting.

Such a shame we went there deliberately as we had enjoyed it so much last year. Won't be visiting again sorry Kings Oak.
Lynn59 - 12 Apr 2011 10:27
Not what i expected, the pub has changed somewhat from my previously visits to a bar. Emphasise seems to be on fooddinning. I think the bar caters for more glamerous people. Good location though especially now the council is redeveloping public area outside of the bar. Bring back the pub!
harperp3 - 14 Mar 2011 14:03
Hi Kingsoak, High Beech.
Watch your blog. There is an abnoxious reviewer, called "StoutChappie", who visits every pub in England every day of the year then writes something defamatory about your reviews.
merkin5 - 2 Feb 2011 18:59
Booked a table there today for a few friends (in the bar) for Sunday lunch. Arrived on time and saw the place was nice and busy, usually a good sign (although a few too many kids running around, approx 25). Got some drinks in and placed food order at at 1.45pm., but was told that food orders had been put on hold for 20 minutes, no problem there if they are busy. However it got to 2.30pm and I had noticed other people who had ordered before us were still food less, so I went up to get the score. At this stage I was told that they were still to busy to take food orders and couldn't promise to do so for another hour!!! After this we promptly left and went down the Duke of Wellington. What I would like to know is, Why no one told us what was going on? Why was no apology given at all? Why take bookings when they had no intention of honouring it? We shall never darken their door again.
FraserBacon - 2 Jan 2011 19:28
We've got a Tastecard so everything was 50% off (all food) for our party of 4. Walked into the bar area and were told we could dine next door in the restaurant. We'd just spent 2 hours looking at fungi in the forest so prefered to be in the cosy atmosphere of the pub instead.
Restaurant seemed a little cold and formal, quite clinical somehow and possibly better suited to familes - certainly when we were there for Sunday lunch.
Ordered 4 roasts, 2 beef, 2 lamb. The beef had to go back because it was cold, however the waiter insisted on getting us brand new plates of food (which seemed daft, but was on order of the chef). The fresh horseradish was perfect, hot, with a real kick and perfect consistency. Giant yorkshire puds with any roast is always a bonus. The chocolate pudding was immaculately presented and all tastes (clotted cream, clotted cream ice-cream, strawberries, 3 layers of chocolate truffle mousse) worked brilliantly. All washed down with an Old Speckled Hen. A great little pub in wonderful surroundings. Thanks.
jackiealex - 25 Oct 2010 09:13
Had a very nice meal Sat night for our 35th Wedding anniversary and was made to feel very special. Food was really nice and we really enjoyed our evening. Highly recommended.

The Restaurant wasnt busy but had a few people there but its really lovely with Chandeliers and very posh. Will go back next year for our next anniversary.
Gorgeousflower - 10 Oct 2010 21:56
What a fabulous day. We went to Kings Oak today for Sunday lunch and really had a good meal. First time that i took my Dad there and he really enjoyed it. We sat in the gardens and the sunshine was lovely.
caroil - 10 Oct 2010 21:16
This is a really great pub. Me and my colleagues came across it on thursday by chance as was coming back from meeting in Loughton and took short cut through the forest. We stopped off and had a relaxing lunch and the food was good. We had a look around and was surprised at how big this place is and we picked up a leaflet on christmas parties as we are looking for a venue for office party. Will certainly go back again and try out the restuarant.
stuartdever - 8 Oct 2010 19:42
We went to the Live Mic Night, for first time. Was a really great night. Singers were good and the food was nice - just basic bar food. Had a really good evening.

Its a really great place with lots going on. This time we were in the main events room, think its the Kings. Very Glamorous. We have previously eaten in the pub/gardens for Sunday Carvery so this was different. Food on Sunday night was OK, not same menu as in the main pub area but we enjoyed it and had a good time with the entertainment and that.

Will certainly go back again.

ches - 28 Sep 2010 00:23
I attended the Whites Night Party on 31st August with 10 guests and we had a great time. Bar-B-Q, entertainment around the Pool and it was spectacular. The new owners who I think have been there for just over a year have done the place up really well. Very upmarket and lush. Went back there for dinner in the Restuarant last week for my Dads birthday and we had a really great evening. Food was very good and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

There seems to be a lot of negative feedback about the Kings Oak but I feel its due to the past owners. It has certainly improved since last owner took over who is Linzi and is very lush and I will be going back again in October. Linzi makes us feel welcome everytime we visit.

I like a venue that is upmarket and reasonably priced but offers a good service and excellent food. I work in London and live in Epping so its really refreshing to eat out in the country.
caroil - 24 Sep 2010 22:24
I have just read previous comment after I posted my review of my families experience today. What can I say but whoever posted this comment is talking a lot fo codswallop. We really enjoyed our meal and time at the Kings Oak today so anyone reading these reviews, suggest you go there and make your mind up as we had a great time.
ches - 20 Sep 2010 00:52
This is a great pub in the heart of Epping Forest. Went there with my family for Sunday lunch today and must say we really enjoyed it. I havent been at the Kings Oak for several years and must say it has certainly changed and is very upmarket and a place I will visit again and recommend to my friends and family. Food was really good. Generous portions for the roast meal and the kids menu was also good. Highly recommended. Chesney.
ches - 20 Sep 2010 00:49
I am going to Epping Forest today and I'm looking for a pub for lunch. I was considering this pub, but I am very put off by RichieCrook and caroil promoting the pub. In my experience on BITE, the pubs that pimp themselves in a deceptive manner are rarely good pubs. I am even more put off when other positive reviews appear by people who haven't rated any other pubs. The regular and real reviewers say this pub is bad - and the "new" owners (how do we know?) enter a series of deceptive reviews under different names. Hmmm
SilkTork - 14 Sep 2010 10:40
I forgot to mention, they have a swimming pool there and we had a look around and must say its very upmarket but you need to be a private member to join. We may consider joining next year as will be somewhere nice to take the children.
Gorgeousflower - 12 Sep 2010 22:13
We came across this pub today, by chance as driving through Epping Forest. We decided to stop off for Sunday lunch and we were very impressed with the food, service and friendlyness of the staff.

It is right in the middle of the Forest and as the weather was good we sat outside in the gardens so our kids could play. We really enjoyed our afternoon and will certainly visit again.
Gorgeousflower - 12 Sep 2010 22:07
Scout Chappie, I dont know who added that review but it was not me so if you can remove it that will be good please. You really need to visit the Kings Oak to make your own mind up about it. I have never had any complaints and know they are doing there best to make it a great pub to visit. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.
caroil - 30 Jul 2010 23:06
We went to the Kings Oak a few weeks ago on a Sunday and had to wait nearly 1.5 hours for our starter. We did enjoy the starter but when the main course arrived it was cold and we didnt complain as it was really busy. The staff were not very helpful or never seemed bothered that we had been waiting so long so we will not be going back there again and wouldnt recommend this pub.
caroil - 30 Jul 2010 22:44
I would like to let everyone know that the Kings Oak is under new owners and have done really well in refurbishing the place. I posted some reviews a while back and received some odd comments about being the owner. I dont work at the Kings Oak but I do know the Landlady is Linzi Pollard and she has worked hard in building the place up. The food is really good and we all enjoyed it anyway but the Beach Club is fantastic. You have to visit the place to see what I mean.
caroil - 28 Jul 2010 22:08
Forgot to say. The meals had were very nice and good value for money- nothing re-heated at all!

hailtheale - 20 Jul 2010 23:15
Whilst this is a gastro pub it's still very good.
It has a garden with benches and an impressive play area, also dog friendly outside at least with tubs of water available which impressed me and my very hot Rottweiler!
Limited choice of bar snacks but very good size and not bad in price- word of warning though there is £1 surplass for cards under £20 min spend!
Saturdays and Sundays there is BBQ and hog roast which looks very good value
hailtheale - 20 Jul 2010 23:11
Actually this is more of a comment to stoutchappie rather than the Kings Oak itself although I don't really want to make this into a forum for 'thrust and counter thrust'. The problem with these sites is that they are put up by their webmasters to obviously make problem with that. The trouble is that they don't ever tell the real story as the reviews are never cleansed and there is rarely a right of reply by the owners/landlord. The reviews for the Kings Oak go back some way BUT the Kings Oak is under new management and has new chefs. I know the new owners of the Kings Oak and they are really trying hard to overcome the bad reputation it's had from the past. Everything is cooked fresh (ref re-heated Pork), they make their own ice-creams and bread and source local fresh produce, hence being slightly more expensive. The lady complaining about the wait on Father's day was justified but I also happen to know that the Kings Oak invited her and her party back for a free dinner and it was the place (and food) could not have been that bad. Rather than acting as a self appointed review commentator and make innocuous remarks about other users comments, I suggest stoutchappie, you get yourself down to the Kings Oak and make a proper judgement yourself.
RichieCrook - 15 Jul 2010 10:16
If you want to have a great meal in relaxing environment then you have to go to the Kings Oak. The views from the pub across to the Forest where you can see all over London is amazing. The ambience at the KO is fantastic, whether you are in the Pub, Gardens, Dining Room or Beach Club Tent or around the Pool.

I love the KO, the food is fab, staff are really friendly and helpful and we thoroughly recommend this place. It has something for everyone and if you have children there is a fantastic adventure area in the Forest Gardens where there is plenty of room for children to play. I took my Grandchildren there on Fathers Day and it was extremely busy but the kids had such a great time playing and there is also a bouncy castle which is supervised and we had a wonderful BBQ lunch and they even had a Hog Roast.

We highly recommend the Kings Oak.
caroil - 14 Jul 2010 21:26
Hi, I really recommend The Kings Oak having been there for lunch and dinner several times. Its fantastic and the service and food is excellent.I couldnt believe the changes that have been made by the new Owners who apparently took over in 2009. It is very high class, with chandeliers, bbq and hog roast served in the gardens and they have a private members beach club. We have had the BBQ in the Gardens and also dinner in the Dining Room which is really stylish and the food was gorgeous.

We are seriously considering organising our 25th wedding anniversary at the Kings Oak in the Kings Room and Beach Club Tent. We have been shown around and its breathtaking and the swimming pool is beautiful. They have themed the pool gardens Nikki Beach style and we are so hoping that we will be able to join the private members club.

caroil - 14 Jul 2010 21:17
Awful experience of their dining room. Went there for Father's Day and to celebrate my daughter's first birthday with my family. We were left waiting for food for 2 hours before we walked out hungry. My 83 year old father asked to see the manager and was ignored and the staff rolled their eyes when I complained. Given that I am 5 months pregnant, I was very upset and left in tears. I really don't recommend this pub for service or if you want to eat.
moosesue - 20 Jun 2010 18:04
Hey this pub was bought by Linzi Pollard a couple of months ago and it is now being completely renovated. Linzi has owned numerous restaurants during her working life and is now turning her magic to the Kings Oak. A new chef is already installed with wonderful new bar menu which is constantly being changed. I have eaten there regularly and the food is excellent. I cannot wait till the full restaurant is opened. The rear garden has been revamped with a new decking area complete with Nikki Beach furniture and renamed 'The Beech Club'. I understand that the pool area and Beach Club will be a private members area and the membership is being opened up soon so contact them if you are interested. Inside, Linzi has taken the Kings Oak back to its original glory with high ceilings and chandaliers. The boozer customers have all disappeared and a much better atmosphere has already been achieved. The function room (renamed the Kings Room) is gorgeous and overlooks the pool and beach club. The 'Sunset Patio' is beautiful in the evening with a wonderful outlook. I strongly recommend this Gastro Pub. Go visit it.
RichieCrook - 10 Sep 2009 20:20
Seems like chav heaven with all their uncontrolled, irksome little kids running wild.
BobOs - 23 Aug 2008 11:51
After a gorgeous walk in the forest we saw this pub which looked great from the outside, beautiful building and lots of space - We were hoping for a roast dinner and had high hopes for this pub. UNfortunately the food choice was pretty basic english pub food, scampi, sausages and mash and that kind of thing, hardly inspiring.

I ordered the sausage and mash which was lumpy, the butter hadnt been mixed through and the gravy was just usual watery stuff, the sausages werent much better, my friend had the ham egg and chips, the chips were cooked in stale fat and the food just left a lot to be desired. For a pub that we had hoped would be a great sunday pub it was dire, the music on the screen was pumping out mtv dance. It has a lot of potential because of its location, it needs a new menu and for the place to have a more classic feel. A real shame.
PinkMook - 27 Jan 2008 21:08
this Pub has a lot going for it, lots of space and right in the middle of the forest, a good place to water the horses!! after a walk in the forest. As for beer swilling essex lads, those days are gone. the swimming pool has been open to the public since July 07, and is great! they serve good pub food also. and for the music (live) lovers amongst you They have an Acoustic Club there, the last sat of every month, which is very popular. free entrance.
sotherngit - 16 Sep 2007 21:35
Has a bad repuation lasting years but it looks like it is changing.The location is perfect in the centre of Epping Forest and there is so much potential for this place to be one of the most renowned pubs with a reputation spreading for miles(for the right reasons), the management just need to stick with it and really turn it around.Wednesday nights are great with the British Owners Motorbike Club meets,fantastic atmosphere.Great for children too on a warm evening as there is a nice big grassy play area with picnic tables.Hope The Kings Oak continues to thrive!
cluck - 12 May 2007 17:40
Noisy and brash, full of bare-chested Essex boys racing their cars or playing football in the large beer garden, whilst guzzling pints of lager. Donít hold your breath whilst waiting to be served. Marginally more pleasant in the winter.
Greshon - 16 Feb 2007 09:41
Summer is here and this place is still the best there can be, what more could you want totty, a swimming pool and a beer garden. there is one small problem the wait to get a beer. But that is more than made up for by the people, this is the weekends for me till it get cold again. happy days
tubbygit - 25 May 2006 19:51
Horrible. Most weekends during the Summer there are live DJ's blasting out Drum & Bass/Urban/Techo that can be heard half way across Epping Forest. If that doesn't dissuade you, the foul-mouthed bling bling Essex Geezer and Gals that frequent the pub should make you think twice. The surrounding roads are full of drunken boyracers in BMW's, Mercs and hot-hatchbacks. This place is Essex at its worst!
Stoff - 6 Mar 2006 10:12
The Kings Oak Public House has a Large Car Park and even larger family garden, swimming pool and restaurant. Often DJ's or Live music events take place on Sundays in the Public Bar or main funtion suite.
Lee Simm - 29 Aug 2005 11:18

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