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Drum, Walthamstow

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user reviews of the Drum, Walthamstow

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Monday was my second visit to the Drum. I believe it's one of the older Wetherspoons and the interior and exterior actually have a bit of character about them. Inside, walls and pillars create separate drinking areas to make for a more relaxing environment in which to imbibe for a while. I struggle with the soulless interiors of most branches of 'spoons. It was reasonably busy with a local crowd and had a decent range of beers - Jennings Lakeland Stunner, Ringwood Boondoggle, Sambrooks Wandle, Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best, Weltons Perstar Princess Coffee Porter & Golden Chilli, Growler Hound Dog & London Fields Love Not War. Westons ciders on offer were Marcle Hill & Wyld Wood. An above average Wetherspoons.
blue_scrumpy - 3 Apr 2013 20:55
Came in around 5.30pm on a week night and the place was filling up nicely.

Choice of 8 ales on tap and the 2 I had both from local breweries were very good.

Old style spoons which are better than the newer ones, nice attentive bar staff, friendly locals and all in all a very pleasant pub for a few pints.

Good transport links and a place in the 2013 good beer guide are sure to draw more visitors to this place.

I will return
lezford - 20 Mar 2013 13:34
Great choice of ales served by nice bar staff in a very pleasant atmosphere , probaly the best spoon in east london and easy to see why it's in the good beer guide .
mr.toes.5_ - 28 Oct 2012 12:08
I rather think the previous commentator has just about got the essence of this pub, without going into unnecessary detail.

It is interesting to hear it is one of the earliest regular Wetherspoon outlets, although that fits exactly with the kind of decor and layout found within - it does have a surfeit of cheap pine, orderly alcoves with glass panes, flowery carpets and is patently far less grandiose than some of the later offerings procured after Mr Martin made his multi-millions, which is indicative of first-phase JDW design in the 1980s/'90s. I am somewhat amazed that it doesn't appear to have undergone any significant revamping in 25 years. But it's none the worse for that; the interior is both comfortable and neutral in its feel, and it matches the pleasant Victorian corner local exterior which apparently maintains its link with its former identity.

Ale-wise, one had a goodly sum of cask beers to work through, although the total of around 10 might have been inflated by the recent outgoing JDW 'international' beer festival. What we sampled was well-kept, though this being after a visit to the nearby King William IV's Brodie's Bunny Bash where the brewer was offering some 40 options on pump, I can't vouch for the state of my palate. Amazingly though I do recall that Arundel New Horizons was my first drink in here. And I seem to recall it was similar to how it'd tasted last time - at another Wetherspoon's, during their festival!

Food-wise I can't comment substantively, though one always knows what to expect (and what not to) with JD grub. Service was efficient enough and quite friendly. Toilets I think were in reasonable nick, which isn't something one can take for granted.

All in all, not a destination pub; more one of convenience, if in the area and have had enough of the more earthy and beery charms of the King Willy. But not bad.
TWG - 10 Apr 2012 16:16
Opened in 1986, this is one of the oldest Wetherspoons, and is - like most of the early Wetherspoons - simply a revamped pub rather than a converted bank or cinema. The pub feel is welcome, though, despite the small size, it is still recognisably a Wetherspoon with plenty of cheap pine and standard issue trimmings. The name comes from a reference to the drums that hung from the ceiling of the original pub. It's an OK place, but fairly standard.
SilkTork - 18 Jan 2012 17:55
Very good wetherspoons. Lots of choice on the beer front and the quality was very good. Nice little yard out the back. Seemed to have a lot of regulars and there was a friendly atmosphere.
Alfnoax - 6 Aug 2011 10:56
Surprisingly good 'Spoons pub, more of a local than the traditional cavernous drinking den that most Wetherspoon's are. Had an excellent pint of Redemption. Staff friendly and attentive. Good mixed clientèle for early evening.
simontheeditor - 26 Jun 2011 09:10
You nearly always get a good range of reasonably priced food and drink at a Wetherspoons, and this one is no exception. Add the friendly staff and this is a very acceptable pub indeed.
Trev - 20 Nov 2010 19:13
best pint of Ruddles ive had in any JDW. Staff friendly...and this pub is ideal to spend an afternoon.
natalinbrazil - 21 Sep 2010 22:24
It was our wedding anniversary at the weekend so we dropped in for a lunchtime drink and a meal.

We both had packets of Tesco Value Crisps as starters (we bought them from the Tesco round the corner on the way).

For the main course we had pan fried economy fish fingers served on a bed of pot noodles.

Our dessert was a Whitbread Gold Label Ice Cream Flambé.

We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and for drinks I had a pint of Cinzano Bianco followed by a quart of Glencoe Malt Whisky.
The wife had 5 two litre bottles of Diamond White from Tesco that she had cunningly smuggled through in her handbag.

The staff were attentive and friendly.

That was until they spotted the empty Diamond White bottles strewn around our table, at which point they physically ejected us!


THE_SABBATICAL_GOAT - 6 Jul 2010 00:15
My first visit for over two years and the pub has gone upmarket!! 2 stiff backed armchairs in front of the fireplace and a row of books on the mantlepiece. Doesn't quite go with the area. The only other change is that the 3 urinals, which were too close for comfort in the gents, have been replaced by a stainless steel trough. Beer selection not too bad including a couple of Irish ales although they were not that memorable. Unless I am in the area, which is unlikely, I don't think I will bother to visit again
wyndham - 17 Mar 2010 20:28
Not your normal JDW infact i have never been in one like it. The Hepworth Old Ale was on good form and for £1.89 a pint i simply had to have another. Service was quick and friendly, the scottish barmaid was having plenty of banter with the locals. Was told the bishop farewell was also on top form. Well worth the visit.
nutsaboutbeer - 23 Feb 2010 19:24
Okay Spoons pub, early opener but those hours appear reserved for lost souls staring forlornly into their half empty glasses.
Airwolf - 15 Feb 2010 12:19
This pub is a LAUGH!! I love it. Real PUB!!
nightsmoker - 9 Feb 2010 13:19
Probably my favourite Spooner pub, small for spoons therefore you feel as if you are somewhere different to be honest ok not bad, good value etc!
steviewonder - 18 Nov 2009 13:20
The beer here was excellent , I tried both Acorn brewery beers and they were superb in their condition , the dark one being very good . The pubs a bit tatty but the beer was excellent
gphillman - 7 Sep 2009 15:21
Was in here on Sunday night, 8 different beers on including some from Acorn and Nethergate. The Acorn darkness was very good. Will be going back next weekend for their Westerham brewery weekend.
sideshowbob - 1 Jun 2009 14:27
This pub seems to have improved recently. I had a pint of Ringwood Fortyniner which was excellent. Yes the clientell is still the same but would return for the beer, 10 available today. A new manager has given a new commitment to real ale.
sideshowbob - 3 Jan 2009 13:53
Yes, this is a Weatherspoons and yes, it's local reputation is that it's full of pensioners, benefit claimants and anyone who's been barred from every other pub in the area but they've always had a good selection of beers on when I've been there and it's prices can't be beat, so you get what you pay for. Never had the food so can't comment.
blondini - 7 Apr 2008 07:15
This is simply the best real ale pub in London. Period. The pub itself may have seen better days, but the locals are friendly and food edible. However, forget such frippery. With ten real ales on offer every single day its one pub you won't regret adding to your rounds!
poitghy - 21 Mar 2008 16:13
Hit its nadir a week or so ago when I walked in to be informed by the singularly charmless barmaid that there was NO real ale on at all! In a Wetherspoons!
E17Bee - 30 Nov 2007 20:41
Had a drink in here over the weekend. I though i'd walked into a doss house. Vagrant types plentiful, downing cheap booze. Stunk to high heaven where I was sitting. People complaining about their food. beer was ok though but it was like buying a drink in Tesco's and drinking it in a park full of down and outs! Yuk!
offthewagon07 - 19 Nov 2007 19:09
This is a follow-up report to my one of 20 September last year. The pub's still the same with the usual collection of old reprobates. Also there is still the very limited menu. As it was the Autumn Beer Festival, an excellent selection of beers was available.

However, I made the mistake of having the fish pie and it came up quite burnt at one end. The people behind ordered 4 meals one of which was steak and this came up frozen. They complained, the barman said he would have another one brought out but they refused as they considered it would just be reheated. Knowing JDW's of old I would have to agree with them. Even with a limited menu they still can not get it right. In future I will pop into Greggs which is virtually next door as at least you know what to expect from this chain!
wyndham - 8 Nov 2007 22:14
Recently held FULLERS Festival in the last 2 weeks of 03/07 provided a great extension to the varied range of beers on offer here at this WETHERSPOON's pub at £1.59 a pint
The ( non-smoking ) conservatory is ideal to enjoy your meal , especially a 'ruby' on Thursdays served 3pm+
Plasma TV's offering Sky Sports News ( on 'mute' - subtitles only ) are an annoying distraction though...
Doesn't seem to be affected by the 2006 re-opening of THE BAKERS ARMS on the corner
focus - 7 Apr 2007 10:39
Quite an odd little Wetherspoons, much more cosy than their usual pubs. This junction - the 'Bakers Arms' junction, has pubs on every side, and this is the second best of them.
Greshon - 16 Feb 2007 09:28
This place was my regular haunt when I lived in E17. Full of interesting characters; didn't seem like a Wetherspoons at times.Wish I was still near enough to pop in for a pint or two.
Ordinary - 14 Feb 2007 14:13
nice place if over 50, great ales, great company, look out for pub mascot mark, good if you a regular but welcoming to newcomer, if on a pub crawl go to the bootlaces sure mark will drag you there
gavster1975 - 1 Jan 2007 18:25
An excellent real ale pub. Has been rewarded by CAMRA in the past. It is accepted some of the customers look a bit dodgy but that is what the area is like anyway| Good staff and quick service. Unfortunately there is a very limited menu not like any other Wetherspoons I have been in.
wyndham - 20 Sep 2006 14:04
Good selection of real ales. Guest cider was Weston Old Rosie when we visited which is a rare find in London I'm told - proper West Country Scrumpy. Service was good. Food was fine, although vegetarian selection not fantastic but veggie chilli was tasty enough. The only decent pub at this end of Walthamstow, although a pub nearby is being done up currently so competition could be on the way.
anonymous - 23 Jan 2005 01:07
One of the best Wetherspoons and one of the smallest. Beer quality and range id good and v cheap!. Friendly atmosphere and regular barstaff who actually like their job and customers. Not a place to go on the pull but none the worse for that.
Paul - 20 Apr 2004 12:33
Rather GOOD as wetherspoons go, this is their most pubby pub.
lad_newton - 11 Dec 2003 17:31
Not bad, one of the best pubs in the area, but not much competition.
Good selection of real ales, and better atmosphere than most Wetherspoons.
Paul - 3 Dec 2003 14:29
Ok!! Ive only been there once, when me and my sis thought we'd do a very small pub crawl round Leyton...(not the best idea)...and yeah..our verdict was "CRAP!"....more "craich" in a morgue!
Kellie Thompson - - 4 Sep 2003 12:01
The best and well kept range of ales in East London, and one of JDW finest pubs cos its small and busy. At its best in the later evening. 10 ales, 5 permanent -incl. Summer Lighting and 5 ever changing guests. Far better than the nearby William IV. for beer quality. A drinkers pub
Rob Jones - - 20 Jul 2003 15:21
One of Wetherspoon's *oldest* pubs, but not its best. IMO it should sell it to someone who will be happy to run a "local" - a hovel full of old leery pissed men (although it empties out later in the evening, past their bedtime!) - not up to JDW standard and not somewhere I feel happy visiting as a female - and that's saying something!
Flash Wilson - 17 Jul 2003 18:47
this pub is so horrible, i have been in there twice, why i don't know, just really odd atmos, wind open space doesn't help this, odd people, rude staff, honestly one of the most disturbing and quite frankly shittest pubs i have ever had the misfortune(s) of going to, never ever agin, vomit
ian - 10 Jul 2003 16:35
One of Wetherspoon's best pubs. Always a good range of guest beers here, and a pleasant beer garden. A great refuge for those left "publess" following the cessation of brewing and change of beer quality at the nearby William IV. Hopback ightning is a regular, and the range often features a strong dark beer.
Lee - - 28 Mar 2003 17:35

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