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Coppermill Tavern, Walthamstow

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user reviews of the Coppermill Tavern, Walthamstow

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Nice traditional local with a warm welcome and good beer. The pub seems very much part of the local community and is something of a classic of its kind. Why can’t there be more locals like this?
strangetorpor - 22 Jan 2018 18:27
Popped in this avvie after frustrated attempt to get to some free music thing in a park in the stow apparently.

Sat outside on the benches, enjoyed the company and the atmosphere and the locals, very tidy little boozer, Doom Bar might have done with changing but otherwise, can't complain at all. We'll definitely be back now I've discovered what a nice little cycleway exists and with such a good pub en route between Hackney and Waltham Forest.
Paulie_Tandoori - 18 Jul 2015 20:55
Went to the Coppermill fearing the worst after reading the reviews. I was with my wife and daughter, both Asian. Got a friendly welcome from the barman and customers. There were also two black guys drinking there. Seemed like a decent pub, and the beer was OK. No food at present, but there are plans to introduce it. You can get drunken twats in any pub, but there were none in the Coppermill when we visited.
cockfosterslad - 8 Dec 2014 19:36
The Coppermill isn't racist? really? really! go on, its Friday night and have a look around. How many black or Asian faces can you see? how many shaven headed white people can you see?
I'm sure you are the kind of white person who would be horrified by the accusation that you personally are racist, but when black people like me avoid your pub because we don't appreciate the looks and comments we get from the locals then you really need to assess your attitude.
When white friends tell me that the Coppermill is "nudge nudge, wink wink" recommended as the walthamstow place for them, and you want that special feeling black people got in pubs in the '70's, the Coppermill is the place for you.
dannye17 - 16 May 2014 21:40
Great little pub!!!!! The real ales are fantastic and well kept!! The place is a lively little gem of a pub with "Knick Knacks" all around the pub! Even some historic photo's of Walthamstow gone by!!

We went along on a Sunday afternoon and watched some footy with the locals and stayed til the evening! We were about to go when this guy asked us if we wanted to join the pub quiz! It later transpired that he was a local who volunteers to compare every Sunday!! This guy called Brian is an absolute treasure!! He has aligned the quiz with his own humour and had everyone in stitches!!....He definitely has a talent for laughter and should be on TV. On top of all this there is a prize of £50 for the winning team which unfortunately wasn't us......Oh and it's free!!!!!!!!!.............Thank God for The Coppermill!! A jewel of a pub!! Try it out for yourselves!!
BusterNut66 - 27 Mar 2014 13:40
To juanpablo. Firstly you were obviously drunk when you wrote your report on The Coppermill E17 as your grammar and spelling are not great. But besides that you say it is a racist, homophobic pub etc. and yet one of the bartenders is openly gay and we all love him. As for EDL supporters well your own bigoted narrow minded attitude could only come to such an absurd conclusion. I have known the pub for 10 years and in no way is it anything like you described. In fact the locals are completely tolerant of all ethnic groups and enjoy meeting new people from different cultures. The colour of your skin has never been an issue in this pub. Your shameful review is narrow minded, immature and nothing short of insulting to the good folk who frequent this local. If this is the standard of your reviews i.e. to slag others off then I can only recommend you get off your high horse and take that silver spoon you obviously have out of your arse. The Coppermill is a local's pub, yes, but we welcome all visitors. In no way is it homophobic or racist. If there was racism then you met the wrong person, as most in this pub will shoot that person's comments down without a second thought. There is a mix of all types and religions and political views in this pub but perhaps we're not posh enough for the likes of you.
One more thing, there was an EDL march in Blackhouse road near the pub and yet those against the EDL meet in The Coppermill prior and after their successful campaign of telling the EDL where to go, so get your narrow minded facts straight.
Coppermillcustomer - 7 Oct 2013 12:44
The Coppermill is a pub that in principle you would like to frequent as its less pretentious than some in the village and has a more 'locals feel' than chequers and the Bell. Always a couple of decent ales and one or two nice older locals who will chat to you. Unfortunately, some of the regulars are bigoted, EDL supporters who will not make anyone Asian or Black feel particularly welcome unless you have been knocking around for years and tolerate arseholes in order to somehow 'fit in'.
Obviously alcohol is part of the problem but many of these middle aged, predominantly white working class men are clearly a bit territorial and possibly have moved to Chingford and just come back to their old local and have a problem with the fact that the area has become very multi-cultural over many years.

I live in the area and have occasionally pulled my bike over and sat outside with a pint of Doom bar and have seen the odd dick-head coming out with offensive stuff, obviously quite pissed. However, it is not so random as many of these blokes are friendly with the bar staff, one of whom has run the pub quiz in the past. He along with others were being racially abusive to an older Asian man walking past, then also shouting 'lesbian' at a lady who came in and then walked out again this evening.
I don't bear a grudge against anyone in particular, but I hope the staff read this and be more mindful about the effect of tolerating if not encouraging nasty blokes to prop up there trade. Until the culture of this pub changes, I would give it a wide berth if you feel strongly against sharing your space with ignorant, aggressive, sexist, racist homophobes.

juanpablo - 1 Sep 2013 23:56
Played in a football tournament at the Douglas Eyre Sports Club the other Saturday and this pub as well as being in 2013's GBG was also opposite the entrance.

A real locals pub with a friendly welcome.

4 ales on draught, I had a few good pints of Theakstons "Masham Four and Twenty", the Adnams "Ghost Ship" however was not so good.

Horse racing was being shown on the television with it being Derby day the watching crowd was large.

There is a large beer garden / patio to the side as you enter the pub and you are also able to stand outside on the pavement drinking.

lezford - 10 Jun 2013 15:28
Friendly local pub with good service and a nicely decorated interior. One large single bar with a couple of TV screens and tables and chairs around the edge. 4 real ales were served - Fuller's ESB & Pride, Greene King IPA and Mighty Oak Simply The Best. It's a fair way from the tube and didn't look too promising from the outside. But well worth the visit if nearby.
blue_scrumpy - 1 Mar 2010 20:59
We popped in here last weekend and they were kind enough to turn the sound on (quietly) for a League One football match on Sky, even though no one else was that bothered. It's definitely a locals pub; there was a good gathering, mostly of blokes, despite it being midday on a Saturday, and a hum of conversation. They all seemed friendly enough too, and we're definitely more indie-looking than "short back and sides"!

The beer was excellent. A really good pint of ESB and well kept, tasty London Pride. There was also Green King IPA and another on hand pump too, whose name escapes me but was in good nick as well. Not much in the way of food, but then that's because this place concentrates on being a pub with great beer. And a very good job it does of it too. I'll be popping over the marshes for another pint here soon.
trueconfessions - 8 Sep 2009 14:37
my local for the last 3 years, will be sad to see the back of it,cracking little pub
walthamstowgooner - 8 Sep 2009 12:52
Given the state of some other pubs in Walthamstow I was eager to give this one a go. Went there a few weeks ago with a friend and on the way in it felt quite "local" in a negative way - however was all going fine until my friend took a sip of his Bulmers Draught and it was flat. He asked for the pint to be re-poured, stating that the glass needed to be tilted when poured. We were referred from the bar lady who severed us to a seemingly drunk land lord who insisted it was poured perfectly and refused to reserve, then got very angry because my friend commented on the way his problem had been dealt with. I drunk my beer (which was fine by the way) reasonably fast and we left to go to the Village. Maybe it was a one off and I am not saying I'm never going back - but it wasn't the warmest of welcomes!
nickbo - 11 Sep 2008 16:51
A great little boozer. The bar is tiny. I understand it used to be an even smaller off licence. Beer generally good. Only place for a drink between Blackhorse Road and Walthamstow Marshes. No cycle parking but you can sit outside in the Summer.
Abikeandapint - 17 Aug 2008 21:54
Couldn't agree less with Frank and Eric below. My physical appear is quite the opposite to the locals but although they can be rough around the edges I've found them to be no bother at all. Julian the landlord has just opened a new little beer yard too so now I can meet my missus there after work and bring our little girl along too. The barman in ther last Friday was a real gent too. I've been drinking the GK IPA which is rarely an outstanding ale but I've had no reason for complaint. The Coppermill is getting better all the time I reckon.
danrkelly - 13 May 2008 22:56
Great local in the public house desert that is the St James Street and Blackhorse Road district of E17. Julian is an accomodating landlord (I even fed my 11 month old daughter her tea in the pub once), the Fullers beer is well kept especially the ESB and it popular with cyclists as it's on route to the River Lea, the marshes and Springfield Park E5 from Walthamstow Central. I am growing to like this place more and more.
danrkelly - 29 Aug 2007 12:53
Re the comment posted on 14th June.
If your dog is going to pi** up the fruit machine ,
run about in the pub and is obviously not trained then the manager is entitled to have a go.
Do yourself a favour and learn some etiquette !
anonymous - 25 Jun 2007 10:29
Has more of a 'country pub' feel than any other pub in Walthamstow, located as it is on the edge of the marshes by the canal/river. A well-kept pub serving a good range of well-kept ales.
Greshon - 17 May 2007 10:17
This is a truly wonderful Spurs pub !
The Spurs fans in here are true diamonds !
This is a smallish pub which is unfortunate for me as I take up half the pub !
Do you remember the milky bar kid ? Well that's me only 40 years older and 40 stones heavier !
My claim to fame is that I've got more chins than a chinese phone directory !
The beer in here is second to none !
hippo - 27 Oct 2006 12:34
This is a great pub, although it is very small and if you dont get a seat, you are very close to eeveryone else. Beer is good and has outside seating as well
Banner - 2 Aug 2006 14:31
This is a cracking pub, and yes it is a local, in the truest sense of the word. Neither me or my other half are from London, but the welcome is always warm and friendly. The Fullers ESB is one of the best kept ales I have ever tasted. The last time I went there for the Sunday night quiz, the winner donated the prize to charity and the Landlord doubled the prize.

In a world of plastic theme pubs, the Coppermill stands out as a gem.
anonymous - 2 Mar 2006 13:06
i rated this pub 1..becuase the guiness is excellent! it is a local pub for local people, who sadly think they own it! well lets face it, if your face does not fit..dont bother, or if your ethnic or gay! the same faces year in rear out! this pub needs to be closed down for a few months..just to remind the regulars that there is a life out there! it is a shame as this could be a cracking pub!
anonymous - 31 Jan 2005 00:32
I used to be a local but moved to the coach and horses in stoke newington which has better beer and is more gay friendly. Check it out in Gay Times.
John Mannion - 12 Oct 2004 17:41
I love this place but then I am a local. There isn't a great range of beers on tap but you cant beat a pint of bitter at this pub. Yes this is a local pub for local people but me and my lesbian partner Gina have always got a warm welcome here, which is a lot more than I can say about the many anti gay pubs in Walthamstow.
Kathy Molloy - 8 Oct 2004 09:24
A really nice backstreet local but woe betide winning the Sunday night quiz if your accents not local.
Paul - 20 Apr 2004 12:45
Imagine building a bar in your front room; put 6 pumps on it and12 optics on the wall. Then go down the local charity shop and buy all their old books, coloured glass bottles and jars and broken fishing equipment. Place all this old junk in a haphazard way around the room and dont dust them for 10 years. Then hang your telly in the corner of the room and whack a fag machine on the wall. What have you got? The Coppermill pub. I should love this pub because I use it so much but then thats easy for me to say because Im a local. If you dont live within a 2 mile radius of this pubbeware. A few of the regulars have their names above their seats painted on boards and whoa betide anyone who sits in them..Im not joking, you couldnt make it up! But forget the locals who are afraid to move out of their comfort zone and have a chat with the head barman man.
Street_Geezer - 11 Sep 2003 17:05
Is it the last real local boozer in London? - probably. Stuck down the end of Coppermill Lane near the marches (a fave escape run for burglars & joyriders). It's small, slightly overdecorated and has a really nice atmosphere (& some decent bitter too).
James Broad - 11 Oct 2002 09:22

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