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Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

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user reviews of the Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

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Excellent meeting-up place near station with interesting selection of ales and friendly, welcoming service.
Trev - 8 Dec 2019 14:32
The Cabbage Patch is clearly a very popular pub on matchdays and also when teenage girl bands are playing! Given the previous reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by this place. Whilst it is a Fuller's pub, there were only 2 of their ales - London Pride & Oliver's Island. Guests were Long Arm Lucky Penny, York Guzzler & Wychwood Drophead. The interior was nicely decorated with seating over a couple of rooms and customers spilling over into the garden at the rear. Better than I had expected.
blue_scrumpy - 26 Jun 2017 20:02
Echo the sentiments of others. Grotty, dim and filthy. Due to the location it will always be packed on match days - but there are far better pubs in Twickenham. The Eel Pie or the Fox for instance.

Tourmalet - 5 Feb 2016 12:00
This is not a particularly pleasant pub. Poor beer, slightly squalid, gloomy environment. There are far nicer pubs nearby
The_Speckled_Hen - 12 Nov 2013 21:27
Erm... no... if anyone says to me, "shall we meet here prior to the rugby at Twickenham?", I will be selecting a different venue.
NLBS - 28 Oct 2013 12:08
£4.30 for a pint of Heineken on a Monday evening, disgraceful.
fkind - 16 Apr 2012 20:08
Owned by Fullers, how can the beer deteriorate so much in the short jouney from Chiswick?
Had a quick lick o' paint, but still smells, and unable to pull anything other than a warm, flat bitter.
Ladies toilet seats broken (see my 2007 posting on this one!)
Go to the Wetherspoons down the road - their new policy on restricting numbers makes for a far nicer experience & the beer is so very well kept.
TW1 - 15 Feb 2012 09:27
I was thee on Saturday afternoon for the England/Italy match. Someone puked up all over the table behind us. And after 2 hours it STILL hadn't been cleaned up despite asking at the bar 3 times.


bollon - 13 Feb 2012 11:08
Visited last night -first visit for a long time - good selection of beer and very helpful barman who let me sample some of the ales before choosing. Quite impressed, this is a much better pub now than it used to be.
phil_27 - 17 Dec 2011 00:22
I had to meet a colleague near Twickenham station on Thursday night and suggested the Cabbage Patch. Very, very expensive for an average pub with no ambience unless there's a game on at Twickenham. The manager's (Fuller's) policy seems to keep the prices high. So you get few people who for whatever reason are prepared to pay significantly more than other establishments that offer a far better deal with better beer. The Antipodean staff just don't seem to give good customer service - they are more interested in talking among themselves and service for them appears to be a drag. That is of course unless you are an attractive female.
osprey - 4 Oct 2011 01:15
This pub seems to exist exclusively for rugby days. Beer is 30-40p more expensive than pubs next door and opposite. So what do you get for the extra money?

The beer is appalling. I don't think they have ever cleaned the pipes. Service even worse. Despite having about 20 live in staff who seem to spend all their time propping up the bar or putting techno on the jukebox at 2 in the afternoon, you'll never actually find anyone behind the bar serving.

Had a Sunday Roast there once. Was lukewarm and clearly microwaved. They also do pizzas which look ok from what I've seen, but I won't be risking it again.

They have various tvs which seem to show whatever the bar staff want to see (ie watching sky news when there is a cricket match on, aussie rules instead of football, etc etc).

Has pool tables, but are so close together that you can't play a shot without jogging somebody trying to play on another table.

Some sort of nightclub upstairs. Shudder to think what that's like.
dingdangdo - 12 Sep 2011 16:06
have heard some rumblings that Fuller's are soon due to take over this establishment.

I have mixed feelings about this. I do like Fullers beer however this pub always had a few guest beers on. The likelihood is that Fullers will limit the beer range to their own tipples. I hope that at least squeeze in a few of the bastardised Gales Brews to give a bit of choice and variation.

I also hope they keep the pool tables as this pub works well as a no frills sports boozer.

Watch this space! ! !

BeerGutt - 28 Jul 2011 13:53
orrible pub i hate the place,i wont repeat the reason !!!!!
easystep73 - 25 Mar 2011 22:28
short pints and over charge....would avoid
theguv1 - 11 Mar 2011 16:40
yes it is expensive, but it is the nearest pub to the rugby ground so what do you expect?
went in after a long absence, on a non rugby day, still one of the better pubs in Twickenham if you can ignore the prices
TheGP - 22 Sep 2010 20:25
The true Twickers Pub!!
Polite_talker - 4 Sep 2010 23:00
RUBBISH.........who wants to pay through the nose for a pint and sit in a piss smelling sess pool when there are far better, cheaper and nicer pubs in Twickenham?! Give it a miss
sirdrinksalot - 25 May 2010 13:42
Very very expensive place. Other than that its okay
T_Burne - 20 Apr 2010 21:09
How this place can warrant charging £3.75 for Kronenbourg & £3.95 for Guinness is a f%$king joke! I would usually just say avoid on Rugby days but just avoid at all costs really, dont do it to yourself unless you're willing to take out a morgage for a night out here? Oh and the food is disastrous.......they should be paying YOU to eat it!
thepubcritic - 17 Apr 2010 21:36
go there quite regular..always good for a late beer and a bit of a giggle! gotta say the food is very good, And also have to say always had a top nite upstairs and the music's quality. The dj saturday was top notch! All in all a good pub
davyjones123 - 10 Apr 2010 20:23
Gadzooks!.......£3.70 for Fosters and an eye-watering £3.95 for Guinness, with no proper ales available in the function room upstairs. I guess those rugger boys must be jolly wealthy chaps......
LondonWolf - 18 Feb 2010 12:02
I used to like this pub/bar load, but the atrocious DJ at club cabbage has finally broken me.

1 - he can't DJ
2 - he doesn't have an origninal DJ bone in his body, he only has tunes from 90's and top 40 townloads
3 - he only got the job because of his family connetions, he is nephew to owner

Awful bar, pub, club
samanthaburrough - 14 Feb 2010 01:00
I used to like this pub for the football as it's one of the last places left in Twicks where you can watch the footie, but I do not go down here anymore since they started charging ridiculous prices for drinks.
A pint of Kronenberg now costs £3.75!! Amstel £3.65 its such a rip off. The screens have degraded as well and picture quality isnt great anymore. Food is still decent and it's still quite lively, I'd still go there if it wasnt for there ridiculous prices.
justaquickpint - 21 Jan 2010 16:26
A good pub for a family lunch. However do not go when a charity run has been organized as we experienced people getting changed & drying their armpits next to us as we tried to eat!!! Not a good experience. It's a real shame because we have had lovely meals there before!!
rholland - 19 Oct 2009 14:35
Pretty good pint of Pride on Saturday night. Met with some old school colleagues for a bit of a reunion. Went upstairs to the 'club' and my girlfriend's bag was stolen. Lovely!
Prior to this event, we popped in for a drink a couple of weeks ago, and found the staff to be extremely rude.
robhealy - 5 Mar 2009 02:08
Guinness at £3.75 seems a bit on the steep side right enough. Haven't been here for a couple of years.
Do they still hike up the prices on match days ?
The Patch was my meeting place to pick up match tickets when I lived in London.
I usually stayed for one or two swift ones but always wanted to get out of the place as soon as possible. Overcrowded and over rated.
Often called in on quieter evenings when London Irish played their home games in The Stoop. (Before Quins got jealous of London Irish's success and threw them out)! That was about 10 years ago so it's too far back to comment on the pub now.

The_Inspector - 16 Feb 2009 15:23
Unbelievably Guiness is now £3.75 a pint. Having happily drunk in the Patch for over 10 years, I will now stay away. The prices are outgrageous in this average pub.
Oolybel - 16 Feb 2009 13:05
Nice little place but gets totally rammed on match days being the closest pub to Twickenham station. Even on saturday before the Quins match it was uncomfortably crowded - but a decent bar all the same
murgatroyd - 14 Dec 2008 19:47
Cleversaz: you cant blame them for putting on prices that people WILL pay!!! :D

I am one of the poor residents, living just behind this pub!! - and on match days, it is the MOST crowded!! - So I think the reason for the high price may be to either KEEP AWAY people, or to ensure massive stocks of beer, with the financial overhead this needs... I dont go there much, I prefer the riverside pubs..

Another pub even closer to the match is the 'rugby tavern'(see it entry for more..) now refurbised and called 'Garryowen' - they are expensive too....

If you look closer at the facilities these pubs offer, you will see why they are more popular to not just match goers, but also concert goers!
comnut - 19 Nov 2008 19:36
This pub exists purely for the exploitation of the masses who descend on Twickenham for rugby matches. At £3.55 for a pint of Kronenbourg, this is definitely no place for the locals. If you're visiting Twickers for a game, walk a little bit further away from the train station to one of Twickenham's many, infinitely better hostelries, where you will find your money goes that bit further and you have a reasonable choice of decent refreshments. And you can always come back to the Cabbage's very own 'night club' later when you're too drunk to notice how much of a rip-off it is :)
Cleversaz - 11 Nov 2008 14:22
have to agree with with TW1 this place seems to lost its passion, its just going through the motions........shame.
the_one_eye_spy - 11 Nov 2008 01:27
Great boozer, a little pricey in comparison to say the sorting room but still with a good atmosphere, pool, darts, fruities, wii on big screen, footy, pinball, loads of seats and space what do you expect. The nightclub isnt that bad either, if not a little pokey.
whoagigi - 4 Oct 2008 14:35
The same ole story continues... went in, Pride was unavailable, so was served Deuchars.
Took it back 5 mins later, as tasted of vinegar. The staff said a couple of others had already complained... then WHY STILL KNOWINGLY SERVE EGGY/OFF BEER!?!? They changd it without question, which is to their credit, but at £3 a pint for bitter, at least it should be drinkable.
Several years ago, it was a fav pub in the area, with its various areas/bars/garden/pool/music etc. catering for all comers. Now, I just think the owners have lost interest in running a decent local. It's going the way of many other Twickenham pubs, in just catering for the match day trade, and sod the wannabe regulars who'd like to drink there the other 350 days of the year.
If pubs were successful according to the quality of beer they served, they Patch would sadly have started going out of business several years ago, but, as Kirsty and Phil would say, "location, location, location", so I guess it'll continue to be successful, and so wont change unless the owners/managers get back some passion for the pub trade again. It has to be given a much lower mark than a few years ago.
TW1 - 20 Sep 2008 13:32
Visited CP a few weeks ago for the first time. Service good but extortionate prices even for London for mediocre / very poor ale - Brains SA in particular tasted stale, verging on vinegar.

Give it a miss if you want decent ale.
EricBlair - 21 Aug 2008 20:53
also avoid real ale if possible.
bagrat - 8 Aug 2008 22:29
I quite like this pub, and have been coming here for approx 9-10 years. I am quite cautious to eat here again, however. To get food poisoning once is enough but on two separate occasions is over the top. Some of my friends have reported similar experiences.
There is not a shortage of places in twickenham/richmond to drink or eat in. Will still pop in midweek for a pint or 2, as have been before. Just not as often.
bagrat - 8 Aug 2008 22:28
Revolting beer. Odd place and the second worst in Twickenham after the grand union.
nickthefish - 19 Jun 2008 07:46
Food- Excellent, and if anything a pound or two cheaper than I'd expect (not an invitation to increase the prices though!). Never had a bad meal and the pizzas are better than any "proper" pizzeria. Drinks- Good selection at London prices. Yes, it is expensive, but so is everywhere else outside Weatherspoons. Staff- Ive always found them very friendly. Manager is incredibably friendly and professional with all customers. Although known for its rugby links I would not call this a "rugby pub", it's more modern than that, although you will find a spot in the main bar away from the games machines/pool tables if that is what you want.
anamenooneelsehas - 13 May 2008 17:14
This is a pub with ideas above its station. I could not believe the absolutely extortionate price for a pint of Kronebourg £3.55! If I had not been with friends they could have shoved it. We all know how much they rip the rugby goers off but on a normal evening in midweek? I very rarely use this overrated dive and it will certainly be a long time before I cross its threshold again.
bluesouvenir - 4 Apr 2008 16:25
My local but an absolute disgrace given its pretensions. It will be a long time until I visit again

On my arrival the London Pride ran out so while it was being changed so I selected Bombardier, this was not available either. Selected a pint of Deuchars, it might have been OK but was served freezing cold so I couldn't tell. Managed to find a a table that wasn't full of empty glasses and litter. Next pint, Pride still not available due pipes being cleaned would be another 30mins. Why is being done during evening trading? Pride is still not available in Sports Bar but I am asked if would like one from the other bar. Of course I would, going to the next room is not unreasonable, is it?

A man offers me illegal DVDs for sale by as he walks through the bar!

Manager enters Gents with jug of water. Hmmm? Think I'll wait until I get home.

Bar staff begins spraying cleaning product and cleaning (during evening trading?), starting with the games machine by my shoulder! There is only one other person in the bar and the tables all around are still full of glasses!!

A completely unsatisfactory experience, maybe my expectations are too high after all I was looking to enjoy a decent beer in a clean and tidy environment.
Wessy_Boy - 27 Mar 2008 09:11
I love this pub one of my favs, staff are great, food is delicious...n the salsa evenings are fabulous...

well worth going in there just to see it, well laid out....
Scarlett28 - 30 Nov 2007 10:53
just had an extensive or did i mean expensive refurb of the old sports side. more tele's in booth-like arrangements and a huge improvement where the pool tables are.
why are the ladies toliet seats broken already? how does this even happen? what kind of women go there and what are they doing to break the seats? Get 'em replaced within 10 years this time please!
Still overpriced, but location is everything...
TW1 - 23 Nov 2007 14:29
Why have they removed two pool tables in the refub? Smelled of paint wehn we went in but definitely looks a lot better. Still devoid of any atmosphere and very overpriced, however.
Cleversaz - 18 Nov 2007 12:21
went in last week, some time since I have been there. They have spent some money on the place, however it still stinks
cityworker - 15 Oct 2007 14:48
Well it's not bad the beers abit rough though and it smells abit like a public toilet however the staff are nice and friendly.
fireball2 - 6 Sep 2007 14:12
The place actually looks quite appealing - but sadly let down by appalling service. Probably the most infuriating form of poor service as well - blokes behind the bar serving their mates ahead of anyone else and having a great laugh about it too. We walked out when this occured for 2 rounds in a row. As ever with these places, what passes for jolly banter between rugger fans would be arrestable offences if a football stadium happened to be within a mile of the vicinity - expect the full array of raised kilts, racist songs, blokes throwing up, if you're 'fortunate' enough to be here on a rugby weekend.
LondonWolf - 17 Aug 2007 15:49
I was in here last night(Weds) at about 7pm in the pool bar. No-one behind the bar until an off duty barmaid went and called someone. This has happened to mw several times in the past. The London Pride came at £2.90 a pint and was not great. The pub is generally dirty and depressing and now sports a smoking area which is less than 50% open amd hence illegal. If visiting Twickenham give it a miss.
StrawhillJohn - 2 Aug 2007 12:02
Went in there last Saturday after reading some reasonable things. Where do I start?! I plumped for the Deuchars, which as someone else has previously mentioned was in shocking condition, warm and odd tasting. They haven't got a clue how to look after their ales it would seem. And the worst part about this whole fiasco is that I got charged £3 for it!!!!!! Absolutely DISGRACEFUL. I wouldn't expect to pay that in central London for a cracking pint of Fullers Discovery or something. Farcial. The pub itself was a dump as well, 4 pool tables (terrible cloths) charing £1 a go. This pub obviously has had trouble in the past as you have to pay a deposit for you cue and chalk. Its like a youth club or something, they even have a pinball machine. On the other side is a lounge area which is a bit better, but still, avoid.
Sharp - 11 Jul 2007 21:57
Visited this pub on Saturday night. Drinks average prices, bar staff friendly and efficient. Went upstairs just before 11pm (to 'The Patch' - a 'club' above the Cabbage Patch.)Got in for a fiver, but costs a tenner after 11pm! It was packed out after midnight but we still managed to have a good time. Ladies be warned, it's a meat market up there but there were SOME lovely guys who were just up for a laugh. Good music - don't be fooled by the 'cheese night' label, they played basically all the music you want to hear on a night out. After 1am it's harder to get served at the bar, but all in all this is a good place to go if you don't want to head into town for the night. Special mention of the bouncers who were very attentive, made sure the laydeez booked cabs to get home downstairs and were (contrary to popular belief) quite friendly. The bouncer who got us our cab actually got us 'mates rates' on the cab - which incidentally, arrived within seconds of booking it!!!

All in all, a good time to be had at 'The Patch'.
anonymous - 2 Apr 2007 08:51
I really enjoyed last night in here.
the Fullers was top class.
the Pizzas were authentic and lovely.
and I for one think the re-furb is tasteful and sympathetic. Well Done.
tomas.aquinas - 24 Jan 2007 13:00
A bit dark and dingy and despite its GBG rating I found the beer (Deuchars) to be warm and a bit stale. Echoing Bedfont's comments of two months ago. It was, also, a Tuesday, so quite likely it was the end of a barrel, but still. Apparently has a cracking jazz club so it might be worth turning up for that.
beeronaut - 19 Dec 2006 23:48
this pub is no way a locals or a real ale pub they crap beer!!! the manager knows nothing.
arogant to say the least!!
will never use this pub again as long as i live
anonymous - 15 Dec 2006 14:09
Have been in here before on a rugby day and had a great time. Saying that this Sunday wasn't too impressed. Had to wait much longer than usual to get served.
anonymous - 6 Nov 2006 19:15
Visited on the day of a big rugby international so saw it packed to the rafters, only serving keg John Smith's Smoothflow and Fosters at £3 a pint in plastic glasses. On that basis, seemed a bit of a hellhole, to be fair the atmosphere was good and cutting down the beer choice to "lager or bitter" at least means you get served almost instantly despite the crowds. Wouldn't visit again but I can see why rugby fans like it.
anonymous - 6 Nov 2006 11:36
Disappointing place, unspiring and limited real ale, mirroring the atmosphere!
Quinno - 24 Oct 2006 17:23
Went to this pub on a Tuesday and pub was full and inadequately staffed. It probably did not help that they allowed 2 film crews to film what looked like a series of The Apprentice which involved people who could not sing singing. The beer was average. The Duechars IPA I had was in dull poor condition.
bedfont - 12 Oct 2006 10:34
KingRaama - 5 Oct 2006 15:31
A pub Iíve visited a few times now over the years prior to gigs at the nearby rugby ground, Iíve always found The Cabbage Patch to be a pretty decent venue for a get together. The place does get pretty packed, yet despite this, the staff remain friendly and the service has been excellent on my visits and surprisingly, Iíve always just about managed to get a seat. There is actually quite a nice beer patio out the back for the summer too. The downside to this pub however would have to be the prices. Itís been £3 a pint of Fosters on my last two recent visits and your getting them in plastic glasses! All in all though, itís not a bad old place and I certainly have found it more tempting than the rather bland looking ĎSpoons pub a bit further back.
HTM69 - 25 Aug 2006 15:13
A pub of 2 halves, one side for sitting and drinking, the other for drinking, playing pool (4 tables), table football, quiz machines and pinball.

A nice place with good beer, not eaten here so can't comment on the food. The staff are always friendly.

The Patch, club upstairs is Twickenham's equivalent of Richmond's Park Avenue, pure cheese! Entertaining non-the-less.

They run a good system on rugby days so you don't go thirsty, not a bad walk to the stadium from here either.
Ladril_Leafstar - 31 Jul 2006 12:44
Love this pub for lunch or an after work drink and occasionally a boogie upstairs although I wish the DJ wouldn't play the same music - 2 visits in 4 months and you know what song is next. Food is good and reasonably priced - recently had a cajun pizza and was impressed with the quantity of chicken and it was fresh!
bestbarmaid - 26 Jul 2006 21:44
An interesting venue, and you are more likely to find a table that suits, here, than most other pubs. The Cabbage Patch seems to be catering for all types. Or at least trying. It ain't half as bad as 'BeerHeaven' makes out!
The pub is in four enclosed parts, and a garden/terrace area at the back. So the whole family can go, and each be in different areas, without seeing each other! Fantastic! No other pub has thought of that! If you're feeling young & noisey, you've got the pool table & footy on the TV. If you're legless and want to boogy, you go upstairs! If you want a quiet drink, you use the 'salon' nearest the train station. A boon for rail travellers during the day; and boppy-revellers at night! I just wish the Cabbage was my local..!(apart from rugby days, when your paper's made soggy with lager, you can't see or hear the tv, and there's never enough staff to get you a second drink before the police arrive..!!) Oh, how we laughed..!! We love the Cabbage Patch! TJ
TeeJay - 20 Jul 2006 14:57
Hosts folk music. Expensive ale. Packed with well-fed rugger buggers occasionally. Food. Kids. Crawl quota: one pint. You have been warned.
BeerHeaven06 - 6 Jul 2006 15:38
As part of the Rugby Twic day out, it's a must. Beer poured in advance - check. Bar-b-q - check. Random rugby fans singing a range of songs - check. People climbing the fence to get in - check. Beer on your shoes - check (don't wear good ones!). Hijinks - check.
LooseVixens - 25 Jun 2006 20:51
Came here allot as a student, quite a young crowd, great sports bar and the food is fantastic!!
Can get vey busy on rugby days but all in all a good place to drink.
anonymous - 7 Jun 2006 23:33
Average for the area - does have late night bar upstairs. However, it is not a great place to be, go to a better pub in Twickenham instead
mike2004 - 25 May 2006 12:20
Spacious old looking pub in a prominent location near Twickenham station. Popped in to watch the end of the FA Cup Final after noticing it wasn't too packed. Plenty of television screens. London Pride, Young's Ordinary and Deuchars IPA on handpump, I sampled the latter which was in reasonable condition. £2.70 a pint which seems to be about par for the area.
Rich66 - 15 May 2006 19:53
There is a door between the two out the back
bobl72 - 12 May 2006 13:42
One side a place for playing pool, the other a place to grab some nice food. Bit pricey mind. And why no door between the two?
Zod - 11 May 2006 16:15
i went in there last month on a Saturday afternoon and 8 'lads' who were smashing pint glasses on the floor to the sound of madness on the jukebox, they started a fight with me and my gilfriend. the barman must have been watching old Leone westerns because he did nothing except polish - so we left. i would like to reassure others that this pub is not usually like this. IT DOES GOOD PIZZA.
anonymous - 18 Mar 2006 23:55
The best thing about The Patch is its like a tin of Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin.If you are a Twickenham lad or lass you know that its always there to fall back on.
bobl72 - 17 Mar 2006 11:06
Been coming in here for over 4 years on and off. Good real ale and food is consistently good. Sports bar with pool tables on one side and more upmarket food orientated section on the other. Staff come and go generally - lots of Aussies and other nationalities but friendly in the main.
thehonesttruth - 11 Mar 2006 18:37
I've always quite liked the Patch, though I only drink in the wooden side. 4 pool tables and a big screen for the footy. Get there half an hour early and you've got a great seat, then a few rounds of pool after the game. What right-thinking chap wouldn't be into that? It's normally got some reasonable totty in as well. Yeah it is a bit expensive but you're talking about 10p on a pint. That's like a quid over a ten pint session. Place seems alright to me.
DaveMere - 10 Mar 2006 13:50
I don't like the layout of this pub and it's a bit boring to be honest..
XXXXX - 6 Mar 2006 11:13
was good, now rubbish - what are the owners doing - is there a secret place where the owners of this pub, the Orange Tree in Richmond and The Bear get together to work out to badly refit a pub.. it's like an All Bar one now! And one of the most expensive pubs in twickers..
anonymous - 11 Dec 2005 18:29

You don't mention the pizzas which are excellent. This surprises me as you obviously know food being Big and having such lovely chips on both shoulders! Those smug Quins fans will challenge you on rugby knowledge any day of the week.

kewkwin - 25 Nov 2005 21:21
Sadly shows English rugby at it's worst as it's full of the most boorsh oafs on international days, and smug Quins fans with little or no rugby knowledge at other times.

Without rugby, it's just a run of the millpub on a main road. Could do with a real going over. Given its location a decent pub is trying to get out.
BigPete - 7 Oct 2005 14:57
Good folk club out the back on Sunday nights which regularly books visiting American roots/country acts. Also approx fortnightly 60s R&B revival gigs upstairs at the Eel Pie Club night. Beer can be pricey but
£2 50 gets you a good pint of Deuchars IPA.
E17Bee - 15 Sep 2005 11:16
Too expensive and ruined by the refit.
issas - 6 Sep 2005 13:57
Just been into the Patch, not been here since the refit! Fantastic, still traditional feel but with upto date twist. Toilets are thousand times better!!
Lunch menu really good ( check out their pizzas!!) Staff very helpful and place very clean. will def be back here.
anonymous - 4 Jul 2005 14:02
just like other bars used to be original you can tell its only the money they are after what a shame
pete_pub - 26 Jun 2005 16:42
Ahahaha classic rip off move by the Patch - Did they try and sell you some bottled water for £50 a bottle?

This place has gone to the dogs so much. Sadly, all the money they make from Rugby days means they can be rubbish all year round. See also Admiral Nelson in Whitton...
TheGP - 23 Jun 2005 13:40
This pub is the pits. Didn't get much change out of ten quid for pint of Fosters and large G&T. Stopped for a drink on the way to U2 & it was heaving with people surprise surprise buying drinks! THEY THEN TURNED ALL THE WATER OFF. Toilets didn't flush and couldn't wash hands. WHY? Apparently because people had the audacity to fill their little plastic bottles with tap water in the toilets. I'm on to environmental health straight away - they should be closed down!
dottyvincent - 20 Jun 2005 18:25
....and to think, this is the pub where I lost my 'bitter drinker's virginity' when Watney's Red was 2/6d a pint. How the mighty (mighty?) have fallen. Our works Christmas Dinners are now held here, which I have to say, aren't bad. The Patch upstairs is a reasonable venue, depending on what's on of course.
billynibbles - 6 May 2005 23:12
Went in for the first time after the refit and it has gone badly wrong.

The Patch always had a certain uniqueness, homeliness and character - It now feels like an All Bar One.

Avoid like the plague, this is now just another Twickenham average bar - See Hook Line and Sinker, The Bear etc. - It's the same pub. Shame on the owners.
TheGP - 29 Apr 2005 10:47
brilliant pub, with the option to carry on in the "nightclub" upstairs. £10 to get in is a little steep though!!
paulemery - 16 Apr 2005 10:36
Oh dear... what have they done to the Cabbage Patch? It was never a fantastic pub (and I'm not sure 'quaint' is a word I would use), but it did have some character about it. The cynical refit has destroyed all of this - the airport cafeteria comment is spot on and the excessive number of TV screens makes you feel more like you're in Dixons! The only thing they do well is feed the cattle on rugby days.
anonymous - 22 Feb 2005 13:20
The prices in here are astronimical - Which is a shame as it is a good pub. Seems to be slowly in decline though, the iffy refit, the food has definitely got worse (particularly the Sunday Roast)

I suppose because the Patch is the traditional Twickenham rugby pub, they make so much money from that they don't care about the punters the rest of the year.. I just hope no-one builds a pub nearer the stadium!

Worth a mention as well is the nightclub upstairs, one of the few later night venues available in Twickenham - However, tried to get in the other night and at £10 entry for an upstairs room in a pub, I was never going in - Drop your prices for gods sake, talk about delusions of grandeur!
TheGP - 18 Feb 2005 13:42
What the hell happened? This place was an institution, a legend. It had character and a very colourful history. It now looks like an airport cafeteria. Chronically bad refurb, absolutely criminal. Such a pity.
beer - 11 Feb 2005 10:25
I used to love going to this pub. It was "quaint" with wood floors and wood chairs & tables, none of which seemed to match. It was quieter than many of the other pubs in Twickenham, and maybe for that reason it's regulars were often more mature (not ancient, just older than 20 years old).
Since it's recent "makeover", the bar-length has halved, the number of seats increased and there are plasma TV screens everywhere you look.
I and many of my friends no longer go there. Instead we try not to be seen going in nextdoor, to the Weatherspoons "Moon Under Water" which has much a much better selection and quality of beer, most of which are more than a £1 cheaper than at the Cabbage Patch. This represents a sizeable saving to the kitty when there are 10 of you drinking!! (Typically the kitty would be up to £50 heathier after just four beers.)
Alastair - 25 Jan 2005 23:10
Great place for a game of pool on a big American size table, good for watching sports. Beer overpriced altho I expect they're just taking liberties cos of their location. The newly renovated 'Patch' upstairs isn't bad at all now altho it's lost some of the charm of the old place now your shoes don't stick to the floor and it no longer feels like a wedding reception. Entry fee doubled from a fiver when they reopened which is perhaps a tad adventurous. Great if you're REALLY pissed.
Cleversaz - 24 Jan 2005 17:39
I only venture to this pub when seriously hammered on a rugby day and I've lived in Twickenham for a very long time...don't think I need to say more. Take your meat stick if you are not in the mood for top room letching....apart from that girls the rugby talent is AOK...just don't expect him to hold a conversation with you. oooh b4 I forget great number of pool tables...can't remember how many downstairs...I was too drunk last time I played there but had a good laugh.
Mad_Moo - 24 Jan 2005 17:06
the re-fit has improved it. Had lunch there a few weeks back, was told that there was no Mash - only Bubble and Squeak with the Sausages. They then gave me mash, with cabbage taht had been lightly fried, so I guess the food is not prepared on-site.

I go there everyweek before the rugby and I have never had a problem with the Guinness.

Mike - 1 Nov 2004 17:27
Having just moved to Twickenham my girlfriend and I are trying out the local pubs so what better than to try The Cabbage Patch with its pub of the year award.

Strange pub this one!! Looking at it from the outside you would think you are about to enter a bit of a run down dump (badly lit building) but inside the saloon bar is very nice. The staff are pleasant and knowledgeable enough (are they all from Poland??), good quality beer and nice food (we would happily eat here again). Excellent screens to watch the sport on and they occasionally play old music videos Ė which kept me occupied after having read the free newspapers. The place is a bit pricey but having said that I do find it hard to fault and on reflection for what is offered it is a fair balance. Catherine (my girlfriend) has asked me to remark on the cleanliness of the ladies toilets (and so were the gents when I think about it) but felt that the cutlery could do with a polish or be replaced.

We will have to try and find an excuse to have a pint in the public bar sometime and Iíve heard that the club is suppose to be great fun if you are in your 20ís and 30ís. We are looking forward to another visit.

Ricky and Catherine - 11 Oct 2004 13:25
The new bar is an obvious attempt to go for the more upmarket clientelle, not a bad thing in itself. The beer quality is very questionable. Not advisable to go for the guiness as they dont seem to know how to treat it. The prices are the highest aroound, The staff in general are pleasent enough but you do feel a bit like a number. All in all OK for a rugby day but there are better pubs around for a regular friendly pint.

In terms of being the only late bar around, the Hook Line & Sinker servew til 12.30 and doesnt cost you a tenner to get in!!
OMFG - 29 Sep 2004 16:35
Bud on tap is not exactly a great selling point...

TheGP - 23 Sep 2004 13:35
Lots of seats, some nice pool tables and Bud on tap (it taste so much better than a bottle, why?). After that, you can climb the stairs and into Twickenhams only late licence bar. Marvelous.
Zod - 21 Sep 2004 13:11
i think the cabbage patch is wicked. the new salloon bar has just been revieled after loads of work on it. i wish the neighbours would stop complaining about the pub. you almost never get any trouble in the nightclub and the staff are not only quite good looking but really friendly. the food is lovely and i hear they have just designed a new menu. go down have a few pints and enjoy the most famous rugby pub in the world.
lou - 13 Sep 2004 15:12
Nice boozer for some decent pub food before watching the Quins. I'll be there tomorrow so give us a nod if you're passing through and we'll drink, swear and tell lies together.
PieFace - 10 Sep 2004 14:48
The Patch has a reputation as a place to go on Rugby days, although personally I would avoid like the plague on such days.
Otherwise, is a decent pub, it's only fault being the ridiculous prices which prevent it being a regular drinking venue.
For a Saturday afternoon pint though it takes some beating.
TheGP - 9 Aug 2004 16:16
The Patch (the club upstairs) rocks... plays classics such as "I am the one and only" and "Dont stop me now" and of course "Rapperís Delight". Brilliant for a late drink after the Hook Line and Sinker round the corner! Come on down people!!!!!
Russel Williams - 28 May 2004 13:08
I love it , I go there as much as possible.

I like nothing more than sitting in there in my coat downing a few bitter shandies while my life wastes away , but hey if you're gonna do it you've got to do it in style.

I always wait for someone to come and talk to me , no one does though.

Great place for a pint and a session of self pity , when they close that place down they'll be removing me with the furniture.

Home from Home.
Convery - 20 May 2004 18:00
Beer wasn't so great for a long time but is now great. Staff never have been great, always look bored really and a bit corporate in their white blouses, but Stuart the guv'nor is a sound bloke and since I live round the corner, it's always worth a pint on my way out. Run by good people so a good place. a Landmark in Twick.
David - 18 May 2004 01:28
A pretty good pub. A little pricey & can lack atmosphere in the week, but the food is OK & the bar staff always seem friendly enough. The club upstairs is a bit embarrassing (unless you're over 30 and stuck in a timewarp)!
grellierj - 14 May 2004 11:01
I worked here for my college work experience in 2000 and the staff then were nice and I am sure that the staff are still nice.
HayleySmithers - 3 May 2004 22:17
Went there on a Thursday; drinks were very pricey. Did have some pool tables and a couple of quiz machines, but apart from that it was a bit rubbish. Particularly considering to get from one side of the pub to the other you actually have to go outside!!

Went upstairs to "The Patch" club/late night bar after closing. It was generally full of ugly people and pikeys (aren't they the same thing though?);o) Best looking girl there worked behind the bar!

Left after about half an hour, like any sane person would do in a place like that.

If this is the best Twickenham has to offer, I'll be staying away forever!
Ben - 9 Mar 2004 18:14
A cracking weekend pub. Got just about all you could ask for in a pub; decent beers, pool tables, good juke box, good bar food, loads of TVs for the footie. Usually a good crowd in there. Well worth a look.
Alex - 13 Feb 2004 16:38
Best rugby pub, could do with being a bit cleaner downstairs. Upstairs nightclub, "The Patch" is awesome.
Andrew - 12 Feb 2004 09:27
Probably a good pub if you are under 20, like pool and enjoying being in a crowd of yobs swearing as loud as they can. Grossly expensive.
andrew1961 - 25 Jan 2004 12:55
Nice pub for food and beer. Not the cheapest, but a decent place with a moderate sized beer garden. Avoid on rugby days unless you are going to the rugby !.
Good for lunchtime beer and food. Good for family lunch food - staff are very helpful, as long as its not too busy.
Newly opened club upstairs, if you like that sort of thing.
One of the better pubs in Twickers.
anonymous - 6 Jan 2004 10:12
Fabulous for Rugby days? The last time I was there after a Rugby game the place had been closed by the Police and the staff were mopping up broken glass. Alright otherwise - pool tables, good dukebox, seperate area for those who want a quieter drink. However, the club upstairs is like going to some family wedding reception.
Good for: Probably Friday night rather than a Saturday.

thenationofjames - 4 Dec 2003 13:27
Excellent pub. Great beer and decent food. And parking for at least 1 car if you're early. Or park at the Waitrose parking across the street. Fabulous for Rugby days at Twickers.
Dush - 9 Nov 2003 04:45
Expensive, but good drinks and excellent pool tables
Ben - 18 Aug 2003 15:25
A fun pub which gets nice and lively on rugby days whether it be at Twickenham or at The Stoop. It is a favourite haunt for Quins fans after the Stoop bar has closed. It also does pretty good food and is a pretty chilled place to have a pint on a warm summer's evening. At the weekend there is also the late night upstairs club - Club Cabbage - which plays cheesy music
The Prof - 10 Jun 2003 17:56
A great day at the Army v NAvy Rugby on 3 May. A bit miffed that the outside bar pushed its prices up by 20p per pint after the match; sharp practice if by the management - robbery if by the staff!
Crossland - 5 May 2003 20:04
Great fun on rugby days. Good beer and generally nice atmosphere.
Angus - 24 Mar 2003 13:38
Has some great Folk acts playing in it's Folk club. You just have to be prepared for the local folk singers as they can be a bit hit and miss.
Mike - 18 Mar 2003 16:46
Two pubs in one ! One side caters for meals and lasy drinking afternoons, whilst the other for pool/games and the younger clientelle. Friendly & fun atmosphere, good beer, up to date SKY coverage and void of the "wilder" customer type.
TK - 27 Feb 2003 11:55
This is an excellent example of a pub that has been designed to cater for everyone, with a games bar out of earshot from the excellent food section, with a large main bar in between. There is an established venue upstairs for your cultural nonsense, and a fairly small but pretty garden out back. I believe there is a comedy night, a quiz night, a jazz night, and so long as there is never a karaoke night this pub will continue to pleasure me.
Loz - 9 Aug 2002 02:10

got anything to say about this pub?

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