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Circle Line Pub crawl in London. Due to be changed in the next years, so this pub crawl must be completed. half a pint per stop, make sure you buy a Day Travel Card for use of underground and buses which costs 5.40. For the hardcore drinker, it's a pint per stop, but you will pass out unless you take your time
(suggested by dave -
re the "Rail Ale Trails" as well as the Wessex Trains' site mentioned, full details can be found on ttp://
(suggested by Richard Burningham -
Pubs on/by the Northern Line (Tube)
(suggested by Neil MacPherson -
The "Rail Ale Trail" series - promoting use of rail in Devon & Cornwall. The idea is to vist a couple of pubs each time as part of a country walk and collect stamps for a free T-Shirt. We modified it to do 10 pubs in one day which made it a lot more fun. A little tricky to organise the plan of attack around limited trains (especially as the day went on and each pub seemed less appealing to leave) But we loved it. We did the Tamar Trail near Plymouth but there are others. Go to to download a brochure.
(suggested by The Flat Hillwalking Society -
Dick Mayfair's Epic Pub Golf Championship 2005 Taking place on Jan 5th 2005, starting at The Bear on Lewes Road at 11.30am, this is a 36 hole course running all day, all the way through Brighton. Open to all, there will be more details and a printable scoresheet available soon on E-mail me for more info.
(suggested by Richard Harrison -
Linlithgow High Street Marathon... The Royal Burgh boasts a fair number of pubs along its' single High Street...I think it could be as many as 14 in a mile and a half..get of train at east end of town, walk to west end and commence the crawl in The Black Bitch tavern (I hasten to add, a Black Bitch is a native of the town, referring to the greyhound dog on the coat of arms) back to the train station via such fine places as The West Port, The Footballers Arms, The Four Marys et al...finish up in the Star & Garter and stagger back on to train...job done.
(suggested by alan w)
The great Saltash Golf Challenge Pub Crawl!!!! Saltash has 9 main pubs spread around the town. Start off in the Cecil or Ploughboy, onto the Rodney then the Two Bridges, Boatman, Union Inn, Waterside and back up to the Brunel for the late license on a Fri or Sat. In each pub have a drink from the 9 on a list you choose, if its a par 2 down that drink in two goes, one of the pubs can be a rest, where you drink your desired drink at a pace suited to you. Lowest score wins. Sobering up tie only avialable briefly between first 3 pubs, its full on from then on
(suggested by Stuart France)
12 Pubs of Christmas Remixed for 2004. 1.Pied Piper, Putney. 2.Eight Bells, Putney Bridge. 3.Golden Lion, Putney Bridge. 4.Seven Stars, Fulham. 5.Lord Burleigh, Victoria. 6.The Shakespeare, Victoria. 7.The Moon & Sixpence, Soho. 8.The Queens Head, Picadilly. 9.The French House, Soho. 10.Two Brewers, Covent Garden. An unfamiliar twist on the Christmas pub crawl already submitted. The idea is 12 pubs on the 12th day of Christmas with 12 people, starting about 12pm. The pubs correspond to the 12 Days of Christmas Song as follows: 1. The shakesPEARe. 2. TWO Brewers. 3. The FRENCH House. 4. The QUEENS Head. 5. GOLDEN Lion. 6. The Moon & SIXpence. 7. SEVEN Stars. 8. EIGHT Bells. 9. The QUEENS Head. 10. LORD Burleigh. 11. PIED PIPER. 12. To Be Confirmed. As you can see, this isn't really very strict but the heart and soul is there as well as the imagination! The Queens Head refers to Calling Birds and to ladies dancing from the song. Birds/Ladies......Queen!? The rest are quite obvious. The idea isn't to do the pubs in the order of the song thou. They've been selected to cut down on travel and maximise on drinking time. Little regard has been given to the quality of the pubs. Slight diversions could include but are not limited to: The Pear Tree, in Barons Court and the Bird in Hand in Kensington. These weren't selected really because of the geographics.
(suggested by George -
The Wimbledon Eight as invented and crawled round by Oliver Reed (check out his autobiography for proof). Includes most of the pubs in Wimbledon Village - Hand in Hand, Crooked Billet, Swan, King of Denmark, Dog and Fox, Brewery Tap, Rose and Crown and Fox and Grapes. I don't what order he visited them in but after a few it doesn't really matter!
(suggested by Dave)
The Baa Crawl: Visit 4 Baa Bars in 1 day. They are located: 1 in Liverpool, 1 in Wigan, 2 in Manchester. All less than 5 minutes walk from a train station, all on the same train route. Return from Liverpool to Manchester is 8. Bargain and great fun. We did it and got wasted. Check the Baa website for exact locations.
(suggested by Mike Clough)
finchley high road stat early you'll need too.
(suggested by charles ricks)
Manchester, Start in the moon under water (wetherspoons) Deansgate, then onto Sawyers arms (deansgate 300yds) onto Square bar (peter st (0.3miles) onto brannigans (peter st 200yds) onto bar 38 (peter st 40yds) onto sports cafe (quay st 500yds) and ending up in walkabout (50yds)
(suggested by Matt)
For a local type evening try Horwich, near Bolton - 12 pubs situated on a half mile stretch of the village - starting at the Toll Bar, then all the way up to the Brown Cow - a must to finish in there!
(suggested by Sadie)
definitely a Sam Smith's crawl round London. we're trying hard to work it into an alphabetical order but already struggling on D. c'mon, kids! rise to the challenge and help me out!
(suggested by LizP -
ABC crawl. Go into as many pubs as you can manage, in the first drink something that starts with an A. second drink something that starts with B and so on. How far into the alphabet can you get??!!!
(suggested by Don)
How about crawls along the length of the London Cycle Network routes? Route 3 for example starts at Waterloo then goes to Kennington, Vauxhall, Stockwell, Clapham,
Circle Line - a good one done by those at university who have a whole day to waste and get wasted!! Get off the tube at each stop find the nearest pub then hop on the tube to the next stop and so on. A great experience!!
The Gay Triangle (no, you DONT have to be gay!) One Gay pub in Wimbledon, One in Kingston Upon Thames and one in Chiswick with one straight pub in between each of them as long as the straight pub name sounds 'gay' !
(suggested by David R -
all these are in uxbridge old bill, hogs head, zanti bar then royals.
(suggested by Amy)
what about a NON SMOKING pub crawl: there's now two completely smoke free pubs in London, The Crown and Sugarloaf and The Phoenix, both in the city and within walking distance, so a non smoking pub crawl is possible. It would have to be on a Friday or other week night since they're closed over the weekend. as there's more pubs with good non smoking sections, other destinations might be possible too.
(suggested by thomas g.)
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