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Old to new religion. Start at Kilmartoin Hotel (2/3 Real Ales, Practical food - not pre preped ready meals - real fire and welcomeing place. Head south past cysts, Standing stones and via Temple Wood accross the Monnie Mhor nature reserve to the canal. Turn right (west) to the Crinnan Hotel (expensive, traditional west highland "welcome", 1 real ale (alegidly). From there head south through the woods along to the path to Carsaig Bay. Turn Left (East) accrros the pass to "the house in the pass" Tayvallich. The in n does great seafood and 1 Real Ale (Cale 80). This is close to where Columba landed before heading off to Iona. Public transport practicalisties probably mean doing in reverse - or on reaching the canal heading East to Cairnbaan Hotel (2 Real Ales), the Commodore in Lochgilphead and then to Ardishaig where the Bridge Inn (the old Canal Managers house) is good for the food and the Lorn Bar does good Real Ale (local pub with pool table etc.)
(suggested by Ussian P Blagh -
This is the first pub crawl for the real ale society at the University of Nottingham. Start at the Forest Tavern, Mansfield Road, then Lincolnshire Poacher, Langtry's, Bell on the Square, Roebuck, Sal or Keans Head, Bunkers Hill and Old Moot Hall Inn. Then the cypriot society party for me-give it.
(suggested by Chaz)
We tend to do crawls all over harrow toen centre, 1st the junction-trinity-oneills-rat and parrott-then finish in whichever of the late bars has best atmosphere.
(suggested by catherine)
revolution so:uk bierodrome the railway tavern the falcon the clapham north
(suggested by kristie)
monolopy pub crawl of london! take your top hat and thimble and stop at every space on the UK monolopy board
(suggested by mike)
It is the Paddington Pikey Pub Crawl. When we did it last thursday with over 20 workmates we started in the Pride of Paddington, then onto the sawyers arms, along to the Sussex Arms where no women ever drink and reef is 1.35 a bottle, down to the depths of the Cads Bar where 1.60 will get you a pint, along to the Alexander Fleming where the only 2 shots they have tequila and zambucca, next to the Monkey Puzzle which in truth was too respectable for this crawl, down the road to the Heron which is at the bottom of a council estate, then up the road to the final trio all a stones throw from each other. The Rob Roy, The Royal Exchange and then The Great Western. By this stage we were steaming and the Exchange & Great Western were not keen on getting our business, so we decided to head back to the pub of the night, The Heron, to dance the final 20 minutes away, unknown to us that the pub was closed for a private party for a group of germans. It didn't stop us first time and it didn't stop us second time. Great night and a seriously challenging crawl. 16 drinks in total (ncluding shots, tart juices, spirits and beer), i would love someone else to replicate it and let me know how they get on.
(suggested by rory -
For Gosport- start at The White Hart on Stoke Rd and then work your way up to The Vine (note- min age is 21yrs). Next to the Rose and Crown then Olivers. Up the High St to George and Dragon then wetherspoons and finally the Waterfront. Guarenteed you wont be standing at the end? Happy drinking xx
(suggested by Lynzi)
St Albans (the younger alternative route!) Start off at the town hall. Walk right along Victoria street to Casa, then straight into O'Neills next door. Wander back onto the main street and to the left to the Bell, shortly followed by the Cross Key. After leaving there head to the Vintry (located further down and right at the main traffic light junction). Continue to the Fleur found along but the other side of the road to the vintry and next to the clock tower. End up at batchwood nightclub by catching the batchwood bus from the main street by the bus stops.
(suggested by Sue McElroy)
St. Albans Real Ale Pub Crawl and History Tour, Hertfordshire-type 'AL1' in Multi-maps. Start at the Clock Tower (town centre)- time Midweek. 1st stop the BOOT (guest ales & ambiance) then down the hill a bit - George St to the TUDOR TAVERN (mainly for well kept Bombardier-C.Wells) then down Fishpool St. (you know where this is going)to LOWER RED LION - 6 guest ales different all the time and friendly (CAMRA approved). By now if you can - stagger further down Fishpool St go to the BLUE ANCHOR for some McEwens Ales. Mc's Best is good and sometimes a seasonal one on! Two more pubs left. Your now in the old town of St. Michaels - over the bridge and past the waffle house/Old Mill and next pub is THREE HORSESHOES very rustic and finally if you can still stand SIX BELLS has 6X, Abbott Ale and Green King ales. Cheers...enjoy the walk back UP fishpool st...
(suggested by Jim)
Tour de Portsmouth Harbour. Compulsory to be done on bicycles. Start at the Crofton, Stubbington,Hants. Then to Wetherspoons in Fareham, then the Churchillian on Portsdown Hill,the Ship at Hayling Causeway, the pub by the ferry, the RMA in Eastney, the Volunteer on Albert Rd, SOuthsea, the Still and West, Old Portsmouth, the Dolphin, Old Portsmouth, the Bridge Inn, Camber Dock, the Gales Pub at Gunwharf,then the Castle, Gosport, the Dolphin, Gosport,the Old Ship, Lee on Solent and....back to the Crofton. Target time 8 hours, one pint in each pub.
(suggested by don)
The Otley Run Named after the 'Otley Road' out of Leeds, rather than Otley itself. The traditional route can be completed on foot, and is as follows: 1. Woodies' Ale House 2. The Three Horseshoes 3. (O'Hagan's) New Inn 4. The Headingley Taps 5. Skyrack 6. Original Oak 7. The Hyde Park Pub 8. The Library (formally Feast & Firkin) 9. Pack Horse 10. The Eldon 11. The Old Bar (in the University Union) 12. The Fenton 13. The Dry Dock Then onward to Leeds City itself, where the choices become endless!!
(suggested by Rob H)
* Right start the night off in Brookes bar, excellent to get it started quickly, 10 shots for 8, funky music and a decent high quality bar. * Move down the town to Bellini's. Excellent music, good vibe, funky house music and good quality clubbers.Gets you in the mood to move towards....... * Liquid....Not fantastic i know but its the better nightclub out of the lot! If you get there early enough then you get in for free with a flyer or at a discount price, and some free drinks with it!! they also do buy one get 2 free if you go on time! * Depending on the scene in Liquid move towards Charlie Browns if you want a late one. Good funky dancy music. Why not?! * Then to Sammys for a kebab and a brandy and coke!
(suggested by Hannah Lindsay)
The ultimate GEORGE BEST pub crawl,guaranteed to get you rip roaring drunk,or at least merry! Your likely to bump into BEST at some of these pubs as he regularly frequents them and puts his liver through its paces. Get a cab to Margaretta Terrace,Chelsea,SW3 visit the "Phene Arms",drink a glass of wine quickly.Walk round the corner to the Kings Road and pop into "Henry J Beans",then drink a couple of pints of premium lager at the bar. Cross the road to "the trafalger", once inside hit the top shelf,start with vodka and move onto brandy,also keep sipping away at that white wine.By now you should be well on the way.Now stagger up the Kings road until you reach the "Chelsea Potter" once inside this fine pub you must continue with the spirits. You will now be drunk and may even have George Bests autograph as well,trust me ive done it and Chelsea is a great place for a pub crawl......... Get a cab to
(suggested by N ick Hamer.)
You should try the CIRCLE LINE pub crawl. Go to a pub at every stop on the circle line. Apparently great fun, but can't remember the end - even though my great friends got me round! It's a huge challenge.
(suggested by Samantha Ingram)
Over the course of a weekend, try having half a pint in every pub within the city walls in York. Everything in York City Centre is within easy walking distance, which means there are no travel difficulties, but it doesn't give much recovery time between one pub and the next. Me and 3 workmates managed this in 1996, when there were 56 pubs. Many have since changed, some closed, and some new bars opened, so I would guess there might be a few more than 56 now.
(suggested by Dom Ainger)
The Delph Run, Brierley Hill, Dudley, West Midlands Starting at The Bell, working your way up the hill and down Quarry Bank High Street to the Waggon And Horses at the Bottom. 12 pubs in all I think
(suggested by Alan Hickens -
a pub crawl along the river, is a must do in the summer time starting at the boater onto the slug, the royal barge, bishop, gazibo, bar ha ha, bar cassa, the porter blacks, the ram then the kingston mill. its good fun!
(suggested by gio)
The balham pub crawl. Start at the lounge bar on bedford hill, and work your way round tot he bedford (and there are two bars, so one at each). Then its on to sainsbury's car park (the exhibit), under the bridge for one at the firefly, then back under the bridge to the balham tup. Moving swiftly on to the blthe spirit (or whatever that pub next to macdonalds is called that particular week). Ignore the Moon under water. You know why if you live in balham. Feel free to now stop off for something at macdonalds, and then its round the corner to the two new bars there at the bottom of bedford hill. Then you have a clear run up balham high road to what used to be bar interlude, the puzzle and then the duke of devonshire. Be careful not to go into foxtons on the way, because it looks like a trendy bar. Finally you can end with a pint and a game of pool in the George, before falling out of there and getting a chicken cottage from across the road near clapham south tube station. If you've still not had enough, there is always oblivion, then another firefly, and the windmill on clapham common. From then on there is a whole world more pubs in clapham...
(suggested by Loz Gray)
A pal (new to London) did this crawl a couple of years ago and we had a great time. These were all historic pubs. It started at the Anchor, 1 Bankside SE, then walked to the Old Thameside Inn, 2 Clink St SE, then walked to the George, 77 Borough High St SE, then to the Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market EC3, then to Dirty Dick's, 202 Bishopsgate EC2, then finished at The Prospect of Whitby, 57 Wapping Wall E1. Had a great time, good beers and nice people.
(suggested by Ken Derby)
The Edgware Road, London. West Hendon Colindale Burnt Oak Edgware Stanmore Harrow
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