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finchley high road stat early you'll need too.
(suggested by charles ricks)
Manchester, Start in the moon under water (wetherspoons) Deansgate, then onto Sawyers arms (deansgate 300yds) onto Square bar (peter st (0.3miles) onto brannigans (peter st 200yds) onto bar 38 (peter st 40yds) onto sports cafe (quay st 500yds) and ending up in walkabout (50yds)
(suggested by Matt)
For a local type evening try Horwich, near Bolton - 12 pubs situated on a half mile stretch of the village - starting at the Toll Bar, then all the way up to the Brown Cow - a must to finish in there!
(suggested by Sadie)
definitely a Sam Smith's crawl round London. we're trying hard to work it into an alphabetical order but already struggling on D. c'mon, kids! rise to the challenge and help me out!
(suggested by LizP -
ABC crawl. Go into as many pubs as you can manage, in the first drink something that starts with an A. second drink something that starts with B and so on. How far into the alphabet can you get??!!!
(suggested by Don)
How about crawls along the length of the London Cycle Network routes? Route 3 for example starts at Waterloo then goes to Kennington, Vauxhall, Stockwell, Clapham,
Circle Line - a good one done by those at university who have a whole day to waste and get wasted!! Get off the tube at each stop find the nearest pub then hop on the tube to the next stop and so on. A great experience!!
The Gay Triangle (no, you DONT have to be gay!) One Gay pub in Wimbledon, One in Kingston Upon Thames and one in Chiswick with one straight pub in between each of them as long as the straight pub name sounds 'gay' !
(suggested by David R -
all these are in uxbridge old bill, hogs head, zanti bar then royals.
(suggested by Amy)
what about a NON SMOKING pub crawl: there's now two completely smoke free pubs in London, The Crown and Sugarloaf and The Phoenix, both in the city and within walking distance, so a non smoking pub crawl is possible. It would have to be on a Friday or other week night since they're closed over the weekend. as there's more pubs with good non smoking sections, other destinations might be possible too.
(suggested by thomas g.)
I'm suprised the Circle Line Challenge has not featured heavily. Each stop on the circle line (27 or 28 stops) has to be visited. It takes all day (trust me on this one) and it is recomended that half a pint at each stop is consumed. That way, 14 pints at the end of the day. A good steady drinking session. Plus, it takes in many fascinating sights around the capital!
(suggested by Nick)
hey im from bromsgrove and a good pub crawl is 1 the crabmill 2 the hopole 3 the queens 4 the hoggs head 5 the red lion 6 the golden cross 7 the hoolerhans 8 the black cross 9 the turks 10 the golden lion
(suggested by kate)
All stations on all the branches of the metropolitan line
(suggested by Bo)
Done this bar crawl on bank holiday sundy - well & truly amazing !!!!!! 1. Belle Vue 2. Grand Central 3. The Office 4. The eagle 5. The King & Queen 6. The wagon & horses 7. The Cricketers 8. The Black Lion 9. The Victory 10. Easy Bar 11. The Windmill 12. The Hampton Im sure we went somewhere else after but couldn't remember !!!!!!!
(suggested by Anon)
london circle line pint every other stop, bloody brill
(suggested by oliver harkus)
due to the main chester/manchester train line passing though the town of frodsham in chesire makes it very easy to get to.start at red lion on main street then a 100 metre walk to the bears paw, accross the road to the queens, then the golden lion, amore, walk up church street to the helter skelter and then accross the road to kydds bar which is open late.for the ones who wish to carry on after that there is the mersey view nightclub situated atop the hill.all these pubs will be busy at weekends and have a good mix of young and older customers along with different styles.the week nights tend to be quieter but still quite lively.all these above pubs are also no more than two minutes walk between each and others such as the cheshire cheese, ring of bells and the bulls head are a mere ten minutes walk further. frodsham is a compact friendly town which in my opinion is ideal for a good pub crawl due to its variety of drinking houses and the friendly atmosphere.its boozetastic.enjoy.xx
(suggested by michael manion)
the metro run,take the tram from wolverhampton to brum,get off every stop and have a half in each pub by the tram line,do not start the run till bilston central (1st available pub)then every stop to snow hill birmingham ,
(suggested by kanga)
Why not take a night out in Kettering....? Starting at Watercress Harrys on the buy one get one free cocktails, not to much loud music, banging disco or Chavs, then down to the Peacock for a little boogie... as long as your ear drums can take it, then up to the top stip of bars, some thing for everyone, O'Mallys offers your cheese down staires and house upstaires, across the road is Extra and down from that is the Popular Bar Sun... Atmosphere is tops!!!
(suggested by Amy)
Old to new religion. Start at Kilmartoin Hotel (2/3 Real Ales, Practical food - not pre preped ready meals - real fire and welcomeing place. Head south past cysts, Standing stones and via Temple Wood accross the Monnie Mhor nature reserve to the canal. Turn right (west) to the Crinnan Hotel (expensive, traditional west highland "welcome", 1 real ale (alegidly). From there head south through the woods along to the path to Carsaig Bay. Turn Left (East) accrros the pass to "the house in the pass" Tayvallich. The in n does great seafood and 1 Real Ale (Cale 80). This is close to where Columba landed before heading off to Iona. Public transport practicalisties probably mean doing in reverse - or on reaching the canal heading East to Cairnbaan Hotel (2 Real Ales), the Commodore in Lochgilphead and then to Ardishaig where the Bridge Inn (the old Canal Managers house) is good for the food and the Lorn Bar does good Real Ale (local pub with pool table etc.)
(suggested by Ussian P Blagh -
This is the first pub crawl for the real ale society at the University of Nottingham. Start at the Forest Tavern, Mansfield Road, then Lincolnshire Poacher, Langtry's, Bell on the Square, Roebuck, Sal or Keans Head, Bunkers Hill and Old Moot Hall Inn. Then the cypriot society party for me-give it.
(suggested by Chaz)
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