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(suggested by optiptnib - )
LIVERPOOL, 1,ship&mitre. 2,Excalibur. 3,rose&crown. 4,vernon. 5,rigbys. 6,the saddle. 7,officers mess. 8,William Gladstone. 9,crocodile. 10, slaughter house. Then to Mathew st.
(suggested by Mick Davies)
PS. forgot to put name of crawl- 'Mansfield Road' Nottingham
Pubs with good beer and good atmospheres! The route is easy-a relatively straight line. Each pub has a different appeal from live music to 'old manpub decor' to great food but each serves real ale and has friendly bar staff!
(suggested by hopandapple)
went to the white lion last night with a few friends like the old days. nearly 3.00 a pint spent a bomb eleven oclock I was told no more service I have rung the bell twice rudely got your money get out never go there again
(suggested by Dave Johnston)
LEEDS 'Alternative Crawl' for those who do not want to encounter groups of rowdy lads or hen nights and engage with more alternative crowds. Start at the Brudenell Social Club in Hyde Park (Brudenell Rd.), usually a good crowd mainly made up of young residents (i.e. ex-students, young professionals) but with some friendly locals too, never any trouble here. Make your way through the uni and down Woodhouse Lane to The Fenton. Great jukebox, a fair few students from the Otley Run but generally its a regulars pub, who as it happens are all friendly. You get some local scrotes in sometimes but you can just ignore them... Next stop is Fab Cafe (next to Morrisons), a sci-fi themed bar with film and TV memorabilia everywhere. Great staff, relaxed environment, decent music and a well priced happy hour before 7. From here you can make your way across Millenium Square to Carpe Diem (on the corner, diagonally opposite O'Neills). Can seem a bit dingy at times but it gets a good crowd in, pretty good music and sometimes bands play, usually punky. Beer leaves alot to be desired but the atmosphere is what counts in this place. If you know a few faces from the Leeds alternative scene you will usually find them in here. Last but not least make your way across town to Santiagos in the Queens Arcade. Cracking music (the bar staff control the playlist and will take requests), very very relaxed and friendly environment with the lads usually knocking whiskys back behind the bar. But don't piss them off because they don't suffer fools easy and once they've nacked you it will be the bouncer's turn, and he's a big bugger! Once you've done there, head up to either Mojo, Reform or Verve for late opening, beer's a little expensive but they have great ranges and brilliant atmospheres. All in all a very worthy trip round these bars, each one has its own characters you can chat to and they generally make for a very enjoyable night! Go forth...
(suggested by Ben Corkhill -
The Polruan pub crawl. Start on the quayside at the Lugger, walk up Fore St, turn right onto West St and into the Russell Inn, down some steps opposite and back to the Lugger!
(suggested by Fi)
Barbian Pub Crawl (Plymouth) An excellent selection of pubs, this crawl is an amalgamation of a couple often used by the University Real Ale Society. Starting point: Minerva Inn (pricey, but historically interesting little pub). Then: The Cider Press (good range of beers, usually the cheapest, and on the waterfront) Dolphin Inn (couple of beers on, straight from the barrel - festival style) The Fishermans Arms (up some steps around the back - always plenty of St Austells beer and excellent food) Finish at: Gog and Magog (decent beer for a Wetherspoons, always a good selection and the latest closing time) Also consider: The Navy Inn and The Admiral McBride
(suggested by sjghr)
Seagate Dundee LLoyds, Bush, Gaugher, into St.Andrew St. Lyrics bar /dancing late and 2 others, then Abode open/close 2.80 across road dancin 7 night/then top of street The Town House a big freindly good beer ,along road 2 Caws another GEM 2.20, for Inbibing followed by Central with Kitchen Tv Beer Pool table 2.15, Sunday Lunch 3 cse 3.00and fina;lly if un yhave Power aload of inns are ur choice enjoy.
(suggested by Angus McBain)
Darts pub crawl in the City of london. . . Starting at the Mail coach near Liverpool Street...3 dart boards with great staff..move up to the Ship in Leadenhall Market, not great venue but does have a dartsboard.Head towards Aldgate and pop in the Three Lords and the Scarbough Arms which both have darts and are friendly, Beware not to go into Pickwicks or The Peacock (both dirty and dodgy).... back into the City, The Porters Lodge,.. but you have to reserve dart boards there as it gets very busy with darts players...Then you head over to the Loose Cannon...a little gem with a couple of boards...up towards Farringdon to the Horseshoe, like the Porters Lodge its darts heaven...then Finish at the White Swan and try to at least hit the dartsboard after all that drink.
(suggested by George -
Darts crawl. Its good when the Premier League darts, or World Championships are on TV.
(suggested by Bristow -
Need good pubs in Hampstead NW3
(suggested by JANE -
Liverpool Pub Crawl This one takes some doing but can be done. Will be attemtpted again this Saturday. We come up from Chester and nearest pub is across from Moorfields. Exit Moorfields 1. Lion Tavern 2. Vernon Arms 3. Ship & Mitre 4. Doctor Duncans 5. The Dispensary 6. Roscoe Head 7. Fly In The Loaf 8. Philarmonic 9. Ye Cracke 10. The Swan
(suggested by Jason Bate)
Sorry the last crawl did not have any details OLD TOWN POOLE When in Poole and fed up with the overpriced Quay front pubs try some of the old town pubs. Start at The KINGS HEAD (High Street)Just off the Quay. A hall and woodhouse pub offering their range of beers. Next - Head down the high street until you come to the SLUG AND LETTUCE !!!!! Don,t go in but turn left up New Street opposite at the top of New Street turn Right into Market Street. Just along on the left is THE CROWN A locals pub worth a visit Third pub is THE ANGEL just opposite - One of few Ringwood pubs offering a selection of their real ales. Fourth and final pub - Turn Left out of the angel and head past the guildhall then turn Left into New Orchard - Keep going past the mini roundabout and you will come to the QUEEN MARY on the opposite side of the road. A free-house offering Ringwood and guest ales. Home cooked food and friendly atmosphere (YOU CAN TELL PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE ONLY PUB IN THE UK CALLED THE QUEEN MARY)
(suggested by mick -
Old Town Poole When in Poole and fed up with the Quay front try some of the old town pubs
(suggested by mick -
The South Bank Seven Bridge Challenge: Every pub between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge along the South bank. Approx 13.
(suggested by Ian Rhodes)
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