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The Victoria, Victoria

OK, in essecnce I agree with everything else posted about this pub and it is one of the better 'commuter pubs' in the area. However, last night I endured one of the most unpleasant landlords ever at this pub. The issue was regarding the chip and pin system they have in place;you have to pay upfront for your drinks you are likely to buy and they charge this expected level of expenditure to your card before they even serve you. I know in this day and age it is easier to be untrusting and concerned about fraud and non-payment, but this was a bizarre new twist. When I went to pay my tab and explain that this seemed a touch aggressive I was dutily informed that it works fine and I am the one that is p1ss1ing up the system by mentioning it! This from the landlord! I only had two beers and was there for an hour max, it took 20mins to pay and be abused. If you know when he isn't working then I am sure you can have a pleasant drink there.....

11 May 2006 10:45

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