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The Honey Pot, Oxford

someone make pub paint -smells .
and i go to pub with wife when we come from a london to do looking nice one buildings
there no one more customer just be us and that it

man was back to a bar watching race of horse wich he sit on chair no look at customer wich for me was a rude to do business like this.

Never my pubs staff do aloud this

i dont no why is no one person else inside a pub thursdy night

lager was no so cold and wine had horror ball smell but bar man ok and change stait away so I give more hi-score

18 Oct 2013 13:55

The Rising Sun, Reading

this one pub is dangerous and something rong with the customer act like weird

we big group mans and i never befour see such dangerous for man people.

is no problem or my business but the mans have a make ups to the face
and not for me feel safe inside such pub so we go another one pub

break speer beer was honistly very good

18 Oct 2013 13:49

The Malt Shovel, Dartford

have so much different beer
i tried two and very good
we go back some time soon

sorry my englishes i do learn more-((Mówię po polsku))

18 Oct 2013 13:34

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