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First visit here having walked past several months back when I was in the area pub ticking, I didn't fancy popping in that day.

On this visit I was disappointed to find only lager and cider on offer as I was informed by the barman that the real ale pump wasn't working!

Decorated very neutrally but with low lighting giving the pub a very dark feel to it. The bar is stocked with a large quantity of good quality spirits, this place did feel more of a wine bar than a pub.

Music played at an acceptable level but it was loud in here with most punters shouting above the music.

Nice enough pub but the absence of real ale wasn't good for me.
lezford - 5 Dec 2016 13:43
I was in this pub (and I hesitate to call it a pub) a few weeks ago, and have to say it's all that's wrong with the general direction some pubs are going in. First observation was the lack of ale - just one on tap. The rest are fizzy, overpriced lagers. Second, it's the kind of place frequented by people who don't really like pubs - you won't struggle to spot women in overpriced wellington boots or people wearing sunglasses indoors, on a dark day. You can pretty much tell how good a pub will be by its clientele.

During my last visit a reservation notice was whacked on our table having been sat there for a couple of hours. Yes, one of those places. If you do decide to visit this place, I'd suggest you reserve a table first unless you want the same to happen to you. Or if you can't find a table while you're in there, just call from the bar and reserve a table, get some punters chucked off their table. Really. The rules of the pub have worked fine for centuries (first come, first served). The sooner this kind of pub disappears, the better.
JArticle - 29 Oct 2012 18:40
Looks like some of the staff have been posting reviews .

By and large I really like Marylebone High St. The Marylebone (it is no longer a Tup) is a nice enough pub but catering rather more for the lager / G&T set than ale drinkers. There is one pump tucked away at the far end of the bar and not facing the majority of it - Deuchars IPA as it happens - not a bad choice if you are only going to have one on.

A serviceable place but not the best in the area - the Golden Eagle wins that and the Gunmakers is good as well.
murgatroyd - 5 Apr 2012 10:46
Just revisited after quite a while. Still a great pub. Ales are down to one now but I can see why. Plenty of other things on offer.

Try their bloody mary with chilli and marmite vodka.

Barfiddler - 24 Feb 2012 17:45
no reviews for 8 months and suddenly 3 glowing reviews in one day - and all by first time reviewers....coincidence?
boozelover - 24 Feb 2012 08:19
Have been coming to the Marylebone for a year now and this is by far the best bar in the area. The staff are fun and interactive (not to mention all very good-looking), and you won't find anywhere else with such a lively atmosphere in the vicinity....people normally linger even after closing. Excellent cocktails, with some inventive home-makde liquors that are all worth trying. Have had many fantastic evenings with friends, and the Marylebone is the only place I'd consider calling my local.

Only negatives, there tend to be a few too many french people and a shortage of glasses, though normally quickly rectified.

cherrycola - 23 Feb 2012 20:34
The coldest beer with the hotest view. My Favourite place for a perv. Even my sister agrees!
jessicamoretti - 23 Feb 2012 20:10
I love this place... So many quirky thing that make this place unique. The range of infusions are mind blowing... Milkybar white chocolate vodka, Chilli Nuttella Brandy WTF? Bar staff are really onto it and friendly and waitress is a bit of a flirt. I wish that they would bring back the free popcorn machine!!!
shudderbunny - 23 Feb 2012 01:20
This bar became wholly more pretentious when it dropped the 'Tup' from it's name. It was only going to go one way from there.

Since the new renovated 'The Marylebone' opening, I knew it wasn't for me. However, more of the same crowd over the years went back and it became a little of its old self, which was a success. So we have taken a punt and gone back. Landlord - so rude it is not funny. For bar staff who are supposed to be on top of their game, it would also be helpful if they could recognise those who wait patiently in queues to be served and not get seen 30 minutes later (yes, this happened to me on more than 1 occasion).

So moving onto the rudeness of the bar staff. If you have waited to be served for 30 minutes and then finally got to the front, you don't expect the bar staff to stop serving at that corner and instead taking orders from those who can't be bothered to queue because they have provided a tip to the staff who collect the glasses whilst sitting down!

Upon saying to the landlord "is this how you treat customers" his reply was "do you think we do this to upset you" - my response was to simply say as a local I'll be going elsewhere from now on in, namely the Prince Regent or some of the traditional pubs off Weymouth Street.

Oh PS. Do not go here on Friday post-work. You cannot go outside, so you're forced into the most sweat-based BO smelling room. The landlord has cracked down on those standing on the pavement outside.
davicio - 18 Jun 2011 12:00
This is very amusing. There are two old grumps that have actually either spent the time to investigate the Licence of this pub or have actually gone to the Beer and Pub association to grumble about a venue that doesn't allow their kids!

Have you ever heard the term: Right of admission reserved? These guys can allow or disallow whoever they want. If they don't want your screaming kids disturbing their other customers on a quiet Sunday afternoon then that is their choice. Those customers are probably there to get away from their own kids.

A venue like this is a sanctuary from lifeís irritations. I applaud The Marylebone for providing us with great place to unwind and get away from it all.

So leave your kids at home and enjoy the magical venue that The Marylebone has become.

Newbie007 - 19 Nov 2010 18:29
On a quiet Sunday afternoon pubs should welcome infants provided they are not causing trouble to other customers. To quote the British Beer and Pub association : "Generally speaking, children are allowed to enter a pub unless it has a particular licence condition which says children are not to be permitted."
We walked into this pub which was nearly empty with a sleeping baby in a pram and were told by the barman that "the licence prevents them from allowing children".

After checking that the licence on the wall said no such thing we were then loudly accused of "being trouble makers" for asking questions.

If the man behind the bar had been either:

A) polite

B) truthful about why they were asking us to leave


C) preferably both

Then this would have been acceptable but lying and shouting at customers on a quiet Sunday afternoon is wholly unacceptable.
WingnutLP - 9 Nov 2010 13:23
Pubs are for adults, take your kids to a cafe.
kevmac - 8 Nov 2010 17:23
If you like @$$ h0lEs, then let this pub is for you. I went in their with my infant daughter and a friend, only to be shouted out of the pub by a petulant, mendacious twerp behind the bar that tried any and every reflexive, idiotic excuse he could think of to ask me to leave. Why?

Them: "The licence says we can't have kids in the pub"

Me: "Really, why?"

Them: "The food, only adults can have the food."

Me: "Really, this is on your licence? Can I see the manager?"

Them: "No, they're not here."

Me: "Can I see the licence?"

Them: "No, you can't. Are you a troublemaker?"

Me: "What? Isn't your licence supposed to be on the wall somewhere?"

Them: "Erm... yes, it's over there."

Me: "[Looking at the licence] I can't see any kid-related info here, where is it?"

Them: "Look... would you pleae leave?"

Me: "Happily."

They'll be hearing from the council.
Ianimal - 8 Nov 2010 14:39
Decent pub but reasonbly generic. During our first visit one of the girls with us had her handbag stolen, and another had their purse nicked on our second visit! Unfortunately neither time the staff were helpful. Bit of a shame and ruined and otherwise decent but not outstanding pub.
newuser247 - 17 Jun 2010 22:04
For all of us who find the ubiquitous All Bar One franchises far too edgy and dangerous, we can thank the brewery for taking what used to be a nasty pub called the Marylebone Tup and rebranding it as the Marylebone. If you donít like pubs much, itís a wonderful experience.

The Tup used to be an awful place if you wanted to have a nap or do some quilt-making on a Saturday afternoon in winter. It was always full of loud rugby fans, drinking pints of beer and cheering for their team.

Luckily now the clever landlord has painted it grey like a suburban library and bought some scatter cushions to soak up the sound of any stray whispers. He thankfully keeps the volume down on the television while the game is on, which means that finally we can hear the enchanting mix of lounge jazz and Hall & Oates that the bar plays for its grateful clientele.

I would recommend this to anyone who, for example, wants to finish off an afternoonís shopping for deck shoes with a quiet chat with his fiancee about the colour of table linens for their wedding over a small glass of chardonnay; or also for any tourists who feel uncomfortable in their red kagoules, but would like to try a half of Guinness between them while they look up the way to Madame Tussauds.

The only problem I had was the constant stream of young men who walk in, then shrug, turn round and walk out! They must have their times mixed up, and were expecting to attend the weekly cheese and wine night.

I commend this bar for the dedication of its staff, which even extends to a couple of them posting reviews of the Marylebone on this site! A welcome addition to the dozen or so places exactly like it in this area.
timsvengali - 1 Mar 2010 01:37
A nice, clean, well run, comfortable pub at the top of the high street.
Been recently painted battleship grey. Good,firm,tidy benches outside to sit and sup and puff your weed;watching the talent go by.
Princemonolulu - 28 Jan 2010 09:56
it's a pity it no longer really shows sport, as it was easily the best place to watch games in the area. however, to do a decent refurb like this, which seems to attract a mixed crowd and be more female friendly, i guess you have to lose the football. i agree it's a very good bar indeed now.
mps77 - 19 Oct 2009 17:44
As I run pubs myself, I tend to be over critical when I visit a bar. I must say that I was genuinly impressed at what I saw at The Marylebone. The staff were good and not arrogant. The Landlord was friendly and was keen to swap ideas with me. I tried a pint of both the Tribute and Doombar and was pleasantly surprised as most cocktail/champagne/wine bars don't have much interest in Ales. Unfortunaly the IPA was off at the time which was a pity as it was a hot day.

I will be back and recommend this little gem to anyone.
Barfiddler - 25 Jul 2009 14:14
I agree. I've tried their Cheese & Wine tasting nights on Monday and their Cocktail evenings are a must. There are a lot of pubs and bars these days that try to do cocktails and do them badly. If you are going to do it, do it well. I've found the bartenders at the Marylebone to be both knowledgeable and accommodating. They actually seem to enjoy what they are doing.

It's a pity they no longer have sky, but they seem to have made up for it in many other areas.

Methirsty - 24 Jul 2009 02:09
These guys are flying! They are moving from strength to strength. They have cheese and wine tastings, live music, cocktail evenings, pub quiz's and that's every week! I love that fact that I can go in there any time and there is something different going on. The amount of energy and effort to keep things fresh is greatly appreciated.
Give it a go...
BarInterest - 24 Jul 2009 01:50
Lots of mixed reviews but predominately positive which is in exactly the same vein that mine will follow. Most expect more for their money nowadays whether it's a trip to the theatre, a restaurant or in this case the local pub or bar or whatever you want to call it. We, that's my girlfriend and about 5 of our friends use the Marylebone not because we expect more but because it meets our expectations. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the all important { especially for the women} loo's are clean, it's very female friendly and you never have any bother from anyone. What more do you want. Wine and real ale are looked after and served as you would expect and we always have a great night out, yes it's changed but it's neither for the better or worse, it's just changed and as long as you are getting your needs met, who really cares. The basics are all there and performed exceptionally well, the manager has done a superb job in our opinion. Keep it up.
pubandbarlover - 21 Jul 2009 16:26
My favourite bar in central London and definitely the best place to go on Marylebone High Street! I was always a fan of the atmosphere at the Tup and in the last 2 years it had definitely become much more female friendly, but THE MARYLEBONE, as it's now called, is now my regular haunt...even though I've moved out of the area! I still see the regular faces that I've got to know over the years which is great as the local pub vibe is fast diminishing in London. The cocktails are amazing....a million miles from the likes of [email protected] the staff so so friendly, they made me and my friends every drink we asked for despite none of them being on the menu! There is no way that you could not enjoy this bar!!
lottie - 13 Jul 2009 19:46
Hardly a decent seat in sight Ė all high stools, high settles, high tables, etc. Itís scrubbed clean and decorated in indescribable colours Ė probably a combination of muddy grey and puce. There were a couple of nice high backed chairs in the back room but thatís about it. Ales on were Abbot Ale and Deuchars IPA (at £3.10 a pint). I suppose if you like pubs that have been turned into sanitised and clinical bars then you might like this place, but I donít see any reason to return. Incidentally, Image 2 is how the exterior looks now.
RexRattus - 15 May 2009 12:06
BTW - they still allow you to bring your own food.
BarInterest - 19 Mar 2009 15:29
I do agree that it is a shame, the Marylebone Tup is a place where I have a lot of fond memories. I do however disagree that you should now give it a miss.
Yes it is different, but I think different in a good way. The Tup was always a great place for sports viewing but as we all know, that can mean a little heavy on the bloke side. The Marylebone still shows sport but I can now bring my Girlfriend in with me. They will put the commentary on for the big games and the pub still has the same atmosphere. However for the smaller games I find it is great to be able to glance at the screen without the noise drowning out conversation.
All in all. I think it's still a friendly pub, run by the same people. And it will remain my local.
BarInterest - 19 Mar 2009 15:27
Its NOT the Marylebone Tup anymore!! Its now know as the Marylebone and is a cross between a wine bar and .... well i dont know!! Its a MASSIVE shame that was always a busy, great, friendly, BYO food, LOCAL has been changed to a (yet another) standard want-to-be young person bar.... Give this a miss with both barrels! And before you ask, yes i am a local, yes i have lived in W1 for years and I am in my early 30's and just donít get why you would change such a great pub that always had amazing reviews by any London media...SHAME!!!
honestreviewer1 - 25 Nov 2008 22:13
used to go to this pub quite often while at uni. The pub interior has drastically changed (for the better)but its lost its neighborhood feel it had, which makes it generic. Prices are high but it's in a great area.
londongirl1981 - 21 Aug 2008 11:09
I think the average rating is a tad on the generous side, but this isn't a bad pub. Three ales on display when I visited, but Deuchars was off so I had to make to with Bombardier, which was pretty average. One oddity of the pub is that it actively encourages patrons to order takeaway food (a collection of flyers is on display!) and eat it in the pub. Presumably they're making the best of a lack of kitchen. The pub quiz (at 8.30 on Sunday) was well-attended.
grecian - 28 Apr 2008 11:01
great pub, wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff. will definately be going back!
cc2008 - 25 Jan 2008 13:53
Very nce small pub where you can bring your own food.
In addition, every single game of the rugby WC2007 is broadcast live....
multicharette - 15 Sep 2007 10:50
Pleasant little pit stop
anonymous - 5 Sep 2007 23:14
Reasonable pub, used to drink in here when worked locally. Nice beers, yes, expensive, but look at the postcode!
zagreb - 2 Sep 2007 17:19
Excellent choice of beers, nice food... but a bit on the expensive side.
Very nice interior - almost too smart to be categorised as a pub. Offers a big windowed light bit by the bar and warm lounge area for drinking in less clement weather...
Remarkably well heated bathrooms.
Only down sides are the slightly musty smell (probably from all the olives on offer), and the influx of people in the evening who've reserved half the tables.

eustonflyer - 3 Jul 2007 11:34
Great place, unfortunate that whenever football's on the untrained masses swarm there, but it's fairly easy to ignore them
andy33brixton - 18 Jun 2007 14:29
yep got to agree,vast improvement all round. The furry looking fellow behind the bar manages the place now i believe,freindly chap who was obviously well trained. Lots of atmosphere and charactor to the place now,many happy returns.
anonymous - 24 May 2007 16:48
A chilled out bar on Marylebone High Street that is well worth a vist. It's changed a bit recently but definitely for the better! I love the cosy area tucked away from the bar with the arm chairs and the big seat to fit all your seems brighter and friendlier, the crowd are relaxed and there's quite a buzz going on. The staff are really welcoming and I mustn't forget to add that the Pino is delicious!
barley - 23 May 2007 20:31
a welcoming atmosphere with good beer and comfy sofas. Never too busy and big screens for sports.
Ideal for two or three drinks and non intrusive music.

Cosmopolitan crowd; a good pub for a chat and beer with friends!
anonymous - 29 Sep 2006 12:53
Can get a bit raucous, but great atmosphere, some of the best looking barmaids I have ever seen, good for sport and bring your own food (quality Kebab restaurant opposite) very mixed clientelle, tables outside.
CheshireCheese - 19 Jul 2006 12:01
Nice little pub, and you're allowed to take own food in which is a nice idea. Lovely big sifa next to a fire at the back
LufthansaTerminal - 20 May 2006 18:55
A good place, especially for the sports, and the BBC have been known to film their pub crowd scenes in there for just that. Manager and staff always seem friendly even when stupidly busy and the mix of people in there is huge. A good all-rounder with the bonus that you can take your own grub in for lunch.
cardamom - 14 May 2006 20:51
Thoroughly pleasing venue for Sunday drinking, and sport viewing - Tasty beer and 2 large screens.
4 attractive, softly-featured bar staff, assisted by a highly competent Sky operator, successfully navigating dual sporting fixtures to placate the rowdy crowd.
Clientele - Toffs and Frenchies, an excellent mix.
MISG - 13 Mar 2006 13:13
Good pub for Master and G to meet after work. Not too smoky. Night-night.
anonymous - 20 Dec 2005 15:46
good friendly pub nice inside,good selcetion of beers and tables outside on the sunnny side of the street,very enjoyable
Like Jimmy Somerville, small but perfectly formed.
aldhous - 24 May 2005 17:30
Great neighborhood pub with a great chicken kabob across the street. The nake lady painting is nice as well.
Tu Pak - 4 Aug 2004 21:49
The barmaids are not bad looking and they serve VB.
Wot more could you ask for?
A top geezer - 21 Feb 2004 00:09

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