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Mash Tun, Victoria Station

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This bar has now closed after almost twenty years of trading. RIP
Redmonkey - 23 Aug 2011 23:27
This has to go down as one of the smallest pubs in England. I deal only if you are waiting on a train or meeting someone at the station.
alcohol1c_anonymous - 21 Mar 2011 13:43
Been here every now & then over the course of about 5 years or so. It's a bit small...but probably better than the JDW on the concourse, given the choice I'd go here every time.

It's not bad as train station pubs alright place to wait if you're meeting someone or waiting for the trains to sort themselves out after another day of delays, delays, delays...

chalkey79 - 7 Dec 2010 14:46
There was a bit of chaos on the trains one evening recently and I was presented with a delay of unknown duration but looking likely to be reasonably short. Not wanting to leave the station concourse and unable to face the JDW upstairs I dropped in on the Mash Tun.

The interior is tiny although there are a few tables out on the concourse. Clientele were mainly seedy looking businessmen unble to face the journey home and domestic evening without some fortification as well as a few people like me killing time until the trains got sorted.

The only pump was Pride although there were two not in use (seems to be a theme in station pubs).

The Mash Tun has a few small advantages - it is tolerably clean, not the JDW and is near to the platforms. It is not quite as depressing as the Oast House in London Bridge or Boadicea in Charing Cross but is still a crappy station pub that is suitable only those with train delays.
murgatroyd - 7 Nov 2010 10:57
Yes, I agree, it is a tiny pub. And, yes, the selection of real ales is very limited. Possibly for this reason it never seems to get too crowded - apart from the day the station roof leaked, leaving this one the only concourse bar open. However, this tiny bar with limited selection has one very important redeeming feature (for me at least); it is the only bar on the entire Victoria Station premises where you are not treated as the enemy. Visit the Iron Duke, Bonapartes, Molly O'Grady or the JDW on the concourse and you will be treated as some kind of social leper by the bar staff. Not so the Mash Tun. So, keep up the good work: this unit deserves to do well.
Redmonkey - 11 Apr 2010 15:32
I have been visiting the Mash Tun on an infrequent basis since I was 17, so for nearly 5 years, and it has become tradition to visit here on occasions for nostalgic purposes. I have yet to find a pint of London Pride anywhere in the country that is in better condition than here. I went in again earlier this evening, the first time for about a year, and once again the Pride was superb, and at a fair £3.25 a pint (for station prices, not too bad). No problems with the staff, perfect for a quick pint before a train.
Sharp - 17 Dec 2009 23:54
TWG - A perfect summary and 100% accurate.
nickthefish - 21 Sep 2009 06:54
An entirely false frontage for an entirely false pub. It is not quite the traditional Olde Englisshe boozer it pretends to be, although I daresay enough of our foreign friends are fooled by it. Acceptable for a quick snifter (not of the beer variety - with the sad exception of Wetherspoons all other Victoria station outlets are bereft of decent ale) en route to better things either in the provinces or the capital itself. The marginal saving grace here is that it does seem to be exude something of an atmosphere, even it is conjured up by a bunch of old soaks who missed their trains hours before and decided to ignore the march of time and press on with their over-priced run-through of the shorts.

It is better than anywhere in the area prefaced or suffixed by the word "Bar", and better than Bonapartes, but otherwise don't miss your train for one here.
TWG - 7 Sep 2009 16:22
My pride was reasonable enough on my visit here and Old Speckled hen was also available, although the Bombardier was off. Carling, Stella, Grolsch, Worthingtons, Guinness and Strongbow were available on draught, which I thought was a wide enough selection for such a tiny bar.

Apart from a couple of fruit machines there isnít much else in here and I thought that the maid was very abrupt and wasnít best happy to be interrupted from her conversation with a bloke at the bar.

Like most station pubs/bars this place is crap, but it is ok for a very swift half.
Strongers - 26 May 2009 11:43
3.6/10 come on! Where's your sense of humour?! As a little bar before you get on the gatwick train for your short boozy break to Europe this is perfect! Miles better than a coopers type place, and , yes, have that packet of crisps or nuts, treat yourself. I'm giving this place an artificially high mark just to up its average.
dry_riser_inlet - 12 Feb 2009 10:11
Awful place. The Bombardier cost the best part of a pound more than in Wetherspoons, and came out cloudy. Bit of a struggle to get it changed - apparently nobody else had complained, so that made it alright!
turbohorsebox - 30 Nov 2008 21:11
Tiny station 'pub', about the size of a small corner newsagents, but the sliding glass windows and 'outside' (concourse) seating make this a less unpleasant spot to snatch a quick pint than some places I can think of. Must be run by Select Service Partner, though, as you get the annoying "Would you like a packet of crisps or peanuts with that sir?" script when you order.
rpadam - 19 Nov 2008 22:26
Some Georgeous barmaids of late - and ordinary prices compared to the Iron d over on the other concourse - fewer suits - looser feel, tiny place. Come and try.
gonetolunch - 9 May 2008 22:33
Looks a lot different from when I used to work at Victoria. It was a well known Gay meeting place back then, being close to the toilets was the reason I think. Didnt like it then, dont like it now.
anonymous - 20 Mar 2007 02:53
full of shiny happy people holding hands - not. strictly for the professionals this one.. it's the closest to the gates so you gain a few vital seconds' boozing by choosing this little lovely
steveo500 - 7 Nov 2006 13:17
Re thenationofjames's comment, I was wondering that but as it is generally open to the public and without paying an entrance fee, serves beer on pump and without needing too eat as well, it does count as a pub. So it seems.
beeronaut - 18 Oct 2006 08:44
I've ventured in here once or twice while waiting for my train to arrive. It's just your average station pub and hence, overpriced.
HTM69 - 31 May 2006 19:49
Dreadfull, but it's near the bogs and is still open after the Bonapartes shuts if you need a quick half and can't face the Wetherspoons.
nickdavies - 7 May 2006 01:01
Small and Shite !!

I rest my case M'Lord !!
FattusBlokus - 11 Feb 2006 23:20
What is the point, really? The place is barely big enough to swing the proverbial cat and most of the seating's located outside as a result. It's eminently practical in some ways, especially if you have missed your train to, say, Brighton, but what else can you say about it? Better than Reef perhaps and not as expensive as some of these in-house train station pubs can be. But then, there does seem to be rather a lot in Victoria especially when you consider Paddington and Waterloo manage just the four between them.
Good for: Sitting outside and watching the world go by - but only if you are meeting somebody or find yourself waitng around for a train.
thenationofjames - 29 Apr 2005 14:03
Surely this can't really qualify as a genine pub? Serves an obvious purpose givan its location. Too small
Good for: You work it out
thenationofjames - 10 Nov 2004 13:40

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