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Bricklayers Arms, Putney

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user reviews of the Bricklayers Arms, Putney

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After a quick hike across London, we got to the Bricklayer's in time for a few swift halves before the football. This used to be a regular haunt for us. But, it seemed to go downhill for a while. It once again has a range of Timothy Taylor ales, along with some guests and a cider. The interior has not changed that much and it seems to be under the same management. I also noticed that we were served in proper glasses this time, as oppose to plastic. So, that is an improvement. The pub has the same pleasant atmosphere where like-minded home and away football fans can mix quite happily and it was standing room only. Timothy Taylor ales were Boltmaker, Dark Mild, Golden Best, Landlord & Ram Tam. Guests were Twickenham Grandstand & Naked Ladies, Wadworth Hop Stomper & IPA & Watney's Party Seven. The cider was Family Reserve. Still a decent pub.
blue_scrumpy - 14 Apr 2019 07:59
Yes, the toilets are a disgrace and the outside patio no longer exists. However, beer range focuses on Windsor & Eton, plus Twickenham breweries. You cant fault this beer range at all. Just at times the lack of it!
Wilson_MacDonald - 20 Aug 2017 10:23
Really good and their approach to beer seems to be novel in that they'll showcase a brewery or an area of the country's ales. On our visit, it was Twickenham that was represented and a fine set of brews they provided too, with friendly service thrown in to boot. The interior is also very nice although one suspects the back door was left open to conceal the smell from the loos.
BoehmBawerk - 5 Mar 2017 12:32
Pre & post Fulham games, this is still the best pub in Putney, providing there are enough beers on (not always the case). Desperately needs some TLC - fix the toilets, the leaking taps, more regular ales, draft cider/lager & bring the kitchen back into play. It wouldn't take much to ensure this place remains as the only traditional one left in Putney.
Wilson_MacDonald - 18 Dec 2016 09:45
Visited in late Spring on way to rugby - a Saturday lunchtime. Got there just after 12 noon to find chairs still on tables and floor wet from washing. Only one real beer on (north of 5%) and not even any keg craft beers. Hardly any lager on.

Awful. Apparently the landlord was away for a few days - what sort of an excuse is that?
Over the year's this place has got worse and worse at every visit. I won't go again. 2/10 for old time's sake.
Old_King_Cole - 26 Oct 2015 21:21
Not the pub it was, simply because the gents toilets are a disgrace and have been for months. Embarrassing.
Wilson_MacDonald - 23 Aug 2015 21:35
had one of the best saturday afternoons in a pub i've had in a long time.

the building itself is quite striking as you approach it. its immediatly obvious this building is a relic from a previous age, as it juts out at the wrong angle from the road and obviously outdates everything around it. the photos on the wall inside confirm this, and you can see that it is the sole remaining building from streets long lost to modern development.

inside the layout and decor are welcoming and whilst nostalgic perfectly clean and contempary. a game of skittles is a great distraction, and all the framed newspaper cuttings and edwardian photos of the pub are a nice touch too.

the staff were immense. very friendly, chatty knew about the beers. cant ask for more.

the beers were spectacular. the taps were dominated by 2 brewerys, with a full range of 5 or 6 beers form each brewery to try. heaven.

i gather this place has a reputation for its beer and indeed thats why we headed there, but the overall experiance was equally as great, love it.

CHELSEA_on_tour - 11 Aug 2014 17:59
I've used this pub half a dozen times in the last 10 years and it's always when football is on at Craven Cottage.

My most recent visit last night was no exception as we used this pub before the Scotland vs Nigeria game at the Cottage. Already very busy when I arrived at 6pm mainly with Scots fans singing and consuming lots of lager.

5 pumps on the bar offering 5 different ales, the majority of them from Cotleigh Brewery. The 4 pints of Long Eared Owl I had were excellent.

Service was swift even with a crowd all requiring alcohol, they are more than used to Saturday home games when Fulham are at home.

The Brickies really is a decent back street boozer. The ales are well kept and ever changing, good service, nice friendly atmosphere.

lezford - 29 May 2014 09:35
In the area walking. Did my research using the fancyapint book, who stated it was a little piece of yorkshire, selling Timothy Taylor. Get there, see the bar towells, all proclaiming good old TT. Ask for a pint of Landlord and they only have it at festivals!

Only one real ale bitter on a couple of weirdy flavoured ones.

Nice enough but as an outsider, i cant understand how it had won all the CAMRA awards.
Mappiman - 16 Feb 2014 19:12
Lovely little Pub, 10 ales on last night, the two we tried were spot on.
lionbaz - 3 Nov 2013 09:29
A bit bare in winter. Called in the other day, there were only two handpumped beers on, ok but one went off while we were there. If they pride themselves on choice of interesting beers they need to watch it.
IKBrunel - 18 Sep 2013 12:59
Still a very, very good pub, on its day one of the best in London, but I'm a bit worried/disappointed about it based on visits this week. On Monday it only had two hand pumps on and today, Sunday afternoon, only one (a very good pint of Wandle but the only option). For a pub which prides itself on its beer choice that's pretty poor. Understandable after a Fulham game when the beers often run out but in an ordinary week like this it's a worrying sign. Lots of its trade must be based on people visiting because of that usually excellent beer range - they will simply stop bothering if there's little choice. Hope it's only a temporary blip because this is a great pub normally... please, please keep it up to the very high standard we know it can reach. Remember that the beer fans are often the ones who pay the bills if business is slow. They will travel for the right range.
derekwinchester - 11 Aug 2013 20:35
Been in here half a dozen times, always had an excellent beer selection.

Found it to be quite expensive lately, 3 pints of 4% real ale and a pint of proper lager for £17.50. Had been on a pub crawl to 6 other pubs, drinking similar beer, some of them in posh areas (Barnes village, Kew bridge) etc. and the average price was around £14.
MK_Bee - 11 Jun 2013 16:38
Have to say I was very dissapointed by this place, having heard very many good things about it.

Maybe they ahd run out with Fulham playing at home but went a few weeks ago and there were only two real ales on, both of which were good it has to be said. Maybe I was expecting too much but not sure this pub is worth all the hype.
WillfromWandsworth - 23 Jan 2013 17:52
Haven't been here for a while and I must admit that I have been put off making the journey there as I am not local by some of the recent reviews.

I first visited the Brickies when I was about 10 years old before going to a Fulham game. My first memory as a 10 year old was an extremely pissed woman flashing her ample breast around the pub. It obviously imprinted on me! !

I know that the pub has changed a lot since then and has become a bit of a haven for real ale drinkers whilst remaining a traditional back street boozer unlike some of these other "Craft Beer" places who serve decent (very expensive) beer however, lack somewhat on the decor and atmosphere.

It sounds like the Brickie's may be trying to do too much. Perhaps due to it's size as opposed to having 12 hand pumps maybe they would be better off reducing this to 6 real ale and 2 real ciders and concentrate on keeping these rotating and in good condition.

I am sure that everyone would be happy with that amount of choice as long as the beers are varied in style and from a variation of brewery's, not just the same old places.
BeerGutt - 9 Jan 2013 13:49
Seem to have resolved the problem with beer running out after Fulham games. Excellent pub, last traditional one left in Putney. Great range of beers. Bar service always first class. Proper mix of home & away fans - no snobbery in this place.
Wilson_MacDonald - 6 Jan 2013 15:05
Came in here on Sunday evening for the culmination of their cider festival. It was quiet, with only about 7 or so other customers. In my opinion, this is the time it is at its best. You can savour the pub for what it is - a classic backstreet boozer where conversation rules. One guy at the bar who represented the pubsgalore website was having a heated debate with the landlady. But otherwise, all was calm and all 12 handpulls were clipped, including 1 with a cider. Beers on were Franklins Citra IPA, Sussex Best, English Garden & Pudding Stout, RCH East Street, Scottish Borders Broughton, Potton Shannon IPA, Village Bike , Potton Gold & Penny Bitter, Moorhouses Black Cat & Milk Street Beer. There were 7 ciders - Countryman Cider, Watkins Oak Cask, Newton Court Cider, Olivers Cider, Troggi Dry, Greyfield Pick Me Up & Westons 1st Quality. There were also 3 perries - Butford Organic, Brook Farm & Troggi. I'll be back this Saturday and am hoping that there a few ciders left. The pub goes up in my estimation again to 9/10.
blue_scrumpy - 30 Oct 2012 21:01
Happy to report that the beer situation seems to have improved lately, with at least 6 beers on from 2 or more breweries. A lot from Arundel in particular. They seem to be better stocked at weekends, and I believe another beer festival is imminent!
daveid - 24 Sep 2012 17:08
Return visit yesterday (Sunday) and only 2 others in at just past 2.00pm
Only 3 of the 12 on with Wolfs Straw Dog, Sambrooks Wandell.
I went for a pint of Springhead Robin Hood Bitter which was a bit hazzy and
cost 3.50
bjbrummiejohn - 10 Sep 2012 07:34
I think you've missed the point. We love this pub too and we are concerned by the recent trend for hardly having any beer on. When you go into a pub that you've enjoyed for several years and find that only 1 of 12 pumps are serving beer, you do ask questions. Several other people have noticed similar occurences and so they have posted independent comments too. This isn't a case of us all forming a "pernickity" gang of beerhunters. As for the comment about "change...ooooh change", this says far more about you than it does about us. You are using the idea of an irrational fear of change as a one-size -fits-all statement to extinguish any discussion about the actual issue in question, namely the loss of choice at this pub. Would you apply the same comment to the wholesale destruction of pub culture that is occuring across the UK? I realize I'm probably falling for the bait here, but after a while these intellectually lazy comments get to me. "Top place" - I agree, but for how much longer? I am pleased however at the good choice one of the previous posters experienced recently.

Yes, things do "change", but there is a difference between "changing" & "vanishing" Make sure you know what you mean next time.

I'm off now to get over myself

P. Beerhunter
daveid - 17 Jul 2012 17:10
Blimey those negative reviews get over yourselves you pernickerty beerhunters.
I hadn't been to this place since the 'change'...ooooooh change , don't like change put that down in your notebook. For whatever reason the range of beers is scaled down, the pub is the same, service excellent, beer quality excellent. Top place.
rob372 - 12 Jul 2012 08:44
Sorry my last post should read "6 for ale with 6 being unused"
Never could add up!!!!!!!!
bjbrummiejohn - 10 Jul 2012 13:06
In here on Sunday pm just after 1.30pm and only 5 other punters.
Another four turned up just before 2.00 for the tennis.
Not been here for donkeys years but was a bit luckier than the last poster.
There are 13 (unlucky for some??) hand pumps with one for cider.
There were six others for ale with 4 being unused.
On sale was 3 from the Downton Brewery:- Honeyblond, & Elderquad but I couldn't resist a try of the Chocolate Orange Delight @ 3.60 - excellent!!
There were 2 from Great Heck:- Diamond Geezer & Famouse Five.
Just one from Cotleigh was Buzzard @ 3.50 which as loverly too.
bjbrummiejohn - 10 Jul 2012 13:00
My visit yesterday was my first for well over a year. Very disappointing. Not particularly busy and the range of beers seemed to consist of Cotleigh, Cotleigh and Cotleigh. That atmosphere which made this pub great was totally missing. I won't return in the foreseeable future.
geoffharwood - 1 Jul 2012 07:21
I can't believe how far this pub has fallen.

The last three times I have been in ,there have been only 3 or 4 beers on.

Idon't think I'll bother visiting again and even though I don't live nearby I used to go regularly.
BAZZZZ - 25 Jun 2012 13:17
Have to agree with daveid here. The trend I'm noticing is that this pub seems to run from festival-to-festival. Fully stocked while a festival is on and then really scaling down until the next one. In his post daveidon said that on his first visit there were 3 pumps on and 'all 3 beers on were excellent'. Ordinarily that would be cause for celebration for a backstreet boozer of its size but unfortunately this is the Brickies. We have come to expect so much more but since the demise of TT beers and change of direction it's all gone a bit Pete Tong.

PDWR - 20 Jun 2012 15:46
I'm a little concerned about this otherwise excellent pub. The last two times I have been in there have been virtually no beers on. On Saturday 2nd there were only 3 pumps on (fortunately all 3 beers on were excellent) and then on the following Thursday there was just one pump on (out of about 7 or 8 normally)dispensing the mediocre Windsor Knight of the Garter. I did an about-turn and left. I'd normally put it down to bad luck but I've heard reports from others of similar experiences lately. As I say it's a fine pub and I am concerned that this doesn't bode well for the future.
daveid - 11 Jun 2012 13:13
I'd take this pub below par than an atmosphere devoid Wetherspoons anyday.
Picasso09 - 1 May 2012 22:10
As a CAMRA memebr still I do not know how this pub so often gets into the Good Beer Guide and is frequently SW London pub of the year! Empty at 1.30pm Sunday lunchtime. No fire on a very wet day, no smell of Sunday roast. 8 beer pumps with nothing on. Just 2 ales and 2 ciders available. Our 2 halves cost 3.50. A dismal and very poor value experience.
southfields - 30 Apr 2012 17:30
This is an astonishingly good urban pub and is the best for real ale (and the odd cider and perry) in the area by a long way. It regularly has superb festivals. The staff are friendly and generally knowledgable. The beer is reasonably priced too. I've not eaten here but I'm told the Sunday roasts are good. Only let down is the gents' toilet: it's small and judging by the state of it difficult to clean. Great craic an hour or so before and after Fulham home matches but probably worth avoiding then if you're not a football fan and don't like standing up with your pint.
Garganey - 10 Mar 2012 11:08
You can't complain when a pub is selling off the remaining beers from the Beer Festival at 1.00 a pint. Especially when Fulham have just won!
Wilson_MacDonald - 4 Mar 2012 19:48
Went here last Saturday but they only had one real ale on and it was some yellow stuff not to my taste so gave it a miss. What a disappointment!
PerivaleElvis - 1 Feb 2012 17:02
Superb place, a real genuine pub that ticks all the boxes. Open coal/wood fire burning and a good range of local and other ales. The back opens into a spacious room with a pitched roof, when we visited they had a massive (real) Christmas tree and mulled wine on.
OldRogue - 2 Jan 2012 17:18
The Bricklayers Arms is a delightful pub, offering a great range of beautifully kept, high quality ales, and a uniquely relaxing traditional atmosphere. It is one of the best pubs in London.

If only pubs like this were not so extremely rare! Maybe the owner/manager would consider opening a second pub elsewhere in West London? Hint: there's nowhere in North Kensington or Shepherds Bush that holds a candle to the Bricklayers Arms.
foxski - 26 Dec 2011 21:43
A great little backstreet pub. Haven't been here for some time but greeted well all the same. The plastic glass argument aside, I reckon Dublad was unlucky. These guys could teach pubs in Clapham a thing or two about service. Always attentive the staff here are lovely, which is why I am sure the underlying community spirit is so high.
huntsbeer - 15 Nov 2011 05:25
Dropped in on Sunday 30th October for a pre Sunday lunch pint, waiting for friends to turn up.

To my horror, no beer, just Hobgoblin?

The bar maid was very apologetic, exclaiming that this was quite often the case on Sunday after a heavy Friday and Saturday.

I had a pint of keg IPA, which was cold and fizzy and left, ending up in the Spoons near the station that had lots of beer, at good prices.
427scr - 11 Nov 2011 14:04
Was in here again last night for the start of their cider festival. It was reasonably quiet, with around 20 other customers, which makes a change from a Fulham matchday when it gets packed. 11 ales, 6 ciders and a Perry were on. 10 of the ales were from the Vale Brewery - Something Wicked, Gravitas, Black Beauty, Black Swan, Red Kite, VPA, Wychert, Grumpling Ale, Hadda's Headbanger & Best Bitter. The 11th ale was Downton Chocolate Orange Delight. 12 ciders and 3 perries will be on during the festival. For starters last night, they had 6 on polycasks at the side of the bar - Troggi Perry, Allen Medium, Carey Organic Medium, Gillow Tom Putt, Court Farm Dry & Hecks Brown Apple Cider. Westons 1st Quality was also on at the bar. I did also notice that the T-Bar that used to have the likes of Fosters and other fizzy items has now been replaced with lagers from Meantime & Freedom. Guinness is also still available. No sign of any plastic glasses yesterday and the skittles are back in place! Still a very nice but well hidden backstreet boozer.
blue_scrumpy - 20 Oct 2011 17:22
I hope you did give it another go, Dublad! I suspect the chairs and skittles are only temporarily in store, to allow for its regular late summer/ autumn festivals: there was a Derbyshire beer festival a couple of weeks ago and a cider festival coming up later this month. These events (there is usually also a spring festival) neatly showcase what this pub is all about: showcasing a wide variety of brewers and beers to a thirsty public. They maintain a great range of real ales (and cider/ perry - and now, English wine and Meantime lagers for those who prefer it) and the staff know their stuff.
humour - 8 Oct 2011 16:20
What's happened to The Bricklayers?
This used to be one of my favorite pubs but it seems to have lost something. The nice chairs have gone the skittles has gone the Timothy Taylors has gone!!
The barman is rude especially at closing time when he becomes very aggressive trying to get people out.
I am going to give another try tonight and hope it restores my faith in this pub.
Will get back to you all tomorrow.
Dublad - 7 Oct 2011 16:30
As I walked through the door I was greeted by the sight of 6 handpumps and 6 different real ales! I ordered a pint and went to sit in the garden area. When I came back in for my next beer the range had increased to 12 so I stayed for another couple of beers!! Great range even though they have stopped serving Timothy Taylor's beers now. Nice little pub tucked away up a side street just of the main road at Putney Bridge (head for The Star and Garter and turn left). Useful place if you are going to Fulham FC's ground across the river. I only have one gripe about The Bricklayers which was a real shame and probably not a big deal but when a tourist asked if he could buy a glass with the pub logo on it, the barman said he could have one fro free - very generous. However when the tourist came back later and offered 5 for charity for the glass the barman put the money in the till! I thought that was a bit naff but maybe just a one-off and it won't stop me going back to the pub again.
mcroyal - 4 Aug 2011 09:32
I went to the Bricklayers Arms last night for the first time. There were 7 beers on. I had 3 and all were excellent. The barman was friendly enough to me and I will definitely be going back.
AndyG28 - 2 Aug 2011 17:22
Huge disappointment!

The pub is adorned with all manner of awards an accolades it has recently received; presumably so much so it feels it no longer needs to make any effort.

Entered to find the place stinking of sweat and dirt, and not very clean. One of these pubs where the regulars look at a stranger as if you have three heads. Self-same group saw my choice of ale and one politely asked "fuck you wanna drink that for?" Miserable monosyllabic barman ignored them.

Couldn't abide the smell so sat in the pleasant beer garden.

Real shame as had such high hopes given the awards it has won.

Only come here if you've been a regular for at least 30 years. Others not welcome.
GibTom - 2 Aug 2011 16:58
What a shame. Been here a couple of times previously, once before a Fulham game and once on a crawl.

This weekend was another Saturday daytime crawl around Parsons Green/Fulham/Putney, and this was the 4th pub we came to, in the early evening. Stepping through the door, it was immediately evident something was wrong. 10 pumps (as previously), but only 1 in action. Even the lagers were covered.

Despite this, we helped ourselves to a pint and sat in the (admittedly pleasant) garden. Simply put, one of the worst pints the 6 of us have ever had. Guffy smell, clearly not well looked after. I'd love to provide you with the name of the tipple (though have no doubt this was the pubs issue, not the brewers), but walking out it was noted that this pub was now off too, leaving a lonely scrumpy pump.

So disappointing. Having enjoyed a good selection previously in a well run, friendly and busy pub, I will now refuse to ever come here again. Does anyone have a clue what's going on here? It seems to have been left to rot, if not in body then in spirit. No way should this get near the Good Pub Guide based on this awful visit.
Wingate - 9 Jul 2011 19:30
Top tip,when you go to the pub take cash with you
Picasso09 - 3 Jul 2011 00:46
Believe the hype - this is a cracking pub.
Great range of beers, great service. Good ambience!

Yes it may be quiet during the daytimes but that's a good thing no? Enjoy a pint with a book or newspaper.Isn't that what daytime drinking is about.

One negative - didnt take debit or credit cards.

Don't leave Putney without a visit here.
papamike - 30 Jun 2011 20:23
Obviously depends on what you like in a pub, as many reviews below state.

Food here used to be good but they've stopped doing that now.

However, they have 10 pumps for real ale and they know how to keep it. The staff are unfailingly friendly, useful and polite, and there's a reasonably good-sized beer garden.

A perfect bit of peace and quiet away from braying Ra Ra Ruperts and plastered football fans, as far as I'm concerned.
The_Puzzler - 27 May 2011 17:32
Can be quiet but it's a back street pub. Staff are friendly and the Tmiothy Tailors beer excellent. I was lucky enough to get a seat by the blazing fire back in January as the heavy snow hit. I was praying to get snowed in.
BTUK - 7 Apr 2011 12:03
A great selection of well-kept ales is the main attraction here -- rather better than the White Horse over the river, although they
don't have the Horse's continental and bottled beer range.
The interior features a lot of bare wood with rustic touches. It could do with more customers though, I was the only one for half an hour on a thursday lunchtime!
Uncle_Dunkel - 11 Mar 2011 23:20
Nowhere near as good as these reviews suggest. The day times are consistently dead. No atmosphere and very few drinkers..only 1 or 2. Staff distracting themselves with crosswords or other puzzles. Certainly nothing on earth does it keep securing "pub of the year"?
southfields - 14 Feb 2011 12:09
Love this pub, visited when it had a cumbrian beer festival on.......collie wobbles was brilliant
doris42 - 12 Feb 2011 20:37
Was there today at opening. No taylors but lots of choice, had the Wandle, enjoyed it and didn't turn my nose up at the plastic glasses.
loveleedshatebates - 22 Jan 2011 17:47
Great pub. In my top 47. The Fosters was cold and the crisps were fresh. The staff were smiling at each other - I think they had showered. There were some scantily clad older women and I am sure Wayne Rooney would have paid them a few bob for a pump. The bacardi breezers were awesome.
Chav__man - 16 Jan 2011 04:53
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JockStrap - 14 Jan 2011 22:41
What a marvellous pub! Last night was my first visit and I wish I'd known about it before. There were 11 ales on including a stout and two milds, and of the 7 (halves) that I sampled, every one was in tip top condition. The pub is nicely decorated and the staff were friendly and welcoming. Mixed clientle, good vibe, piped music but unobtrusive. Even the toilets were clean and non-smelly! Can't fault it.
red - 3 Jan 2011 23:46
Called into the Bricklayers the other day for a couple of pints whilst over in Putney. No Timothy Taylor's on (see ed.spbw's post for an explanation), but no complaints from me as we were able to tuck into a number of pints of Dark Star's 'Green Hopped IPA'. True to the style it clocked in at 6.5% with a massive hop bite and after taste, a fantastic beer from one of the UK's best breweries.

The pub, as always, was warm and welcoming, with a good mix of clientele. I really dont think it could get much better than this. The Brick remains one of Londons must visits.
Misk. - 27 Nov 2010 17:28
Apparently the Bricklyaers is the venue for a "Munch" this weekend which has something to do with the Alt lifestyle scene....nice.
loveleedshatebates - 4 Nov 2010 18:07
The current lack of Taylor's beers is due to a dispute with their (now ex-) suppliers. Becky is hoping to get normal service restored. I called in on Tuesday and there were 7 beers on from small south east breweries, mostly session bitters. Very nice too.
ed.spbw - 28 Oct 2010 20:13
As someone who regularly uses the Bricklayers I would have to agree with the landlady about plastic glasses.

The pub is jam packed on match days. Despite that, most people are good natured and Fulham fans and away fans usually enjoy their drinks with no trouble.

If the poster had waited he would have noticed that glasses are used again later in the evening.

The Bricklayers is one of the great pubs in London.
ArhurPint - 26 Oct 2010 14:37
A tad disappoijnted last night & I'm normally a great fan of the place. No TT beers on. Of theremaining five ales on, three were over 5%, the other two were 4.6 & 4.9%. So not a lot for session drinking.

Despite this, service remains impeccable & the place is an oasis of Putney.
Wilson_MacDonald - 17 Oct 2010 19:26
I returned on a Wednesday night to find everything has it should be except one little thing....only Landlord or OTT on! Now I don't want to give the impression I have got a downer on the place but it was disappointing not to have a TT choice. I like Golden Best a lot! I suppose it might just have been "between deliveres" but when you have a monopoly in London in having the full TT range you should really run your supply chain to ensure you have the staples in, no?

But the rating went back to nine, I got the Landlord in glass all night ;-)
loveleedshatebates - 9 Oct 2010 07:59
I frequented the Brick in the 70's, 80's before I moved stateside (Los Angeles). It was always the center of activity, in more ways than one (if you know what I mean). It was always a great meeting place for the locals. I can't imagine its changed all that much. So, very much recommended! The London pubs are one of the many things I miss living here, though there is the King's Head in Santa Monica for all you Brits visiting here.
Alkracker - 9 Oct 2010 05:01
I made a long anticipated visit to this pub to take in the Norfolk/ Suffolk festival being run. What a lovely pub. The interior is long and narrow, but good use is made of the space and there are various areas with differing characteristics to sit or stand and enjoy the beer.

The patio and beer garden outside were good with teh patio largely taken up with teh stillage for the festival. I was impressed that a pub of this size could put on upwards of 40 ales. I didn't get round them all, but I sampled enough to know they were in good condition.

I will certainly pay a return visit when the festival isn't on to see what it is like in its "normal" state. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I'll probably steer clear of match days though!
alexw123 - 7 Oct 2010 13:30
Have just caught up with the landladies passionate rant about my comment. I stand by my adage that to tell anyone they can't have a proper glass and must have a plastic one is to invite me and numerious others to depart elsewhere (something I wouldn't want to do, as anyone who knows the pub you don't fall on it by accident you seek it out). With respect Wandsworth Council/Police need to get a grip, where is the line, is it half a mile down Putney High Street or all the way towards Wimbledon? I'm a football fan (obvious really given the mockler I use) and I tire of generalisations about behaviour. Yours is a wonderful pub and if some Fulham fans can't respect that then wish them goodbye and have other drink there, they will see for what it is.

In terms of the logistics, well again not my problem really. I've seen lots smaller bars than yours and I find you do ok even in busy times. Also I'm afriad your comments are not consistant with the discussion had on the day, I was told it was 6pm and so the glass rule applied from then. Those lucky enough to have got in at 5.55pm had glass and (quite reasonably IMHO) went out of there way to retain that until leaving for the game. No comments about glass collection/washing/drying issues.

I don't want this to become some kind of exchange of views, I love your pub, for its ambiance, beer, location even but it is its uniqueness in terms of the TT stuff and quality of beer that makes me come back again and again. handing me my first Golden Best in months in a plastic glass is something I am entitled to be miffed about (regardless of circumstances). Blue scumpy's idea about deposits is a good one but I doubt it will be in place the next time I drink at your pub on a match day.

Finally thank you for your offer of a face to face, no thank you, I expressed myself (politily, screaming in your face seems odd even to me) with a disgruntled shrug at the time. I will be in your great hostilary quite soon but i will be there to enjoy your beer, not rate it or moan up, that is what this site is for (rated 10 before August, 8 after that night, back up to 9 after simmering down, could be 10 again soon).


anonymous - 1 Oct 2010 20:10
Paid a visit here both before and after the Fulham match yesterday. The Norfolk and Suffolk beer festival was well attended. In addition to the tent full of beers on the patio outside, the bar also had several beers with surprisingly only one Timothy Taylor beer (Ram Tam) that I could see. Westons 1st Quality and Perry were supplemented by a new regular Biddendens Bushells cider. The landlady informed me that they would be having a cider festival in a few weeks time. Morris dancers were performing in the street outside. The overall atmosphere was lively but friendly and it was nice to be able to drink out of glass, as opposed to plastic, as is usual on a match day. Perhaps the offer of a glass pint for a 2 deposit could be extended to non-festival match days? This is still clearly one of the best pubs in this area of London and is all the better for being hidden away down a side street and living off its reputation. I'll be back for the cider festival!
blue_scrumpy - 26 Sep 2010 15:01
cracking little pub. really enjoyed my time in here, fantastic people, beer and atmosphere.
gumbo10 - 26 Sep 2010 13:10
Great little pub in putney,visited the beer festival yesterday but was a little disappointed with the beers tried,only tested 7 or8 out of many but didn't find anything outstanding, down to personal taste I know but still a very good pub.
Picasso09 - 25 Sep 2010 09:21
This is a cracking little pub - I wish I lived nearer to Putney as I'd be in all the time! I first visited it about a year after it re-opened and revisited recently for the first time in ages. It was cracking then, and it's amazing now.

The beer selection is fantastic - always great to have a pub with mild on tap! - and well looked after. I'm popping to the beer festival tomorrow and really looking forward to it!
bods - 24 Sep 2010 12:05
This pub has twice won CAMRA London pub of the year,I look at pubs with a critical eye as many have glaring faults that can be easily remedied but are never put right.The Bricklayers is the exception it deserves its awards as the beer range,ale festivals and beer quality are always excellent.The food is exactly the kind of thing the customers want.It is a former boat storage facility for rowing boats that were used on the very nearby Thames ( so the pub is narrow but very deep).The Festivals are themed by County or Counties the current one being Norfolk/Suffolk,the beer menu was superb, the tasting notes were a bit scant but Becky explained the many problems she had putting this festival together,the notes concerning this are funny and give an insight into the many silly problems that can crop up when one is putting such an event together.A vast array of Timothy Taylors ales are usually available plus several from a featured Brewery.
slerpy - 23 Sep 2010 17:53
The best pub I have been to in ages! Friendly, quick service, a wide range of superb real ales (including no less than five from Timothy Taylor) and in pleasant, down to earth surroundings. Highly recommended!
ace1973 - 9 Sep 2010 08:20
This is my first and last post on this site, I usually stay out of the debate, (even when the price of my cider is mistakenly said to be 4.50). However, I really feel I have to respond to the last comment because there are important points to be made.

My policy on plastic glasses being used when Fulham Football Club play at home is based on advice and recommendation laid out by both Wandsworth Police and Wandsworth Council. Broken glass on public walkways and highways present a real Health and Safety issue. This is a highly residential area. My neighbours include many children, I have a 3-year-old myself, and pets, and I try, where possible to prevent injury and accident to them, not to mention punctured car tyres. The pub is enormously busy on Fulham days, the crowd spills out onto the street and glasses used to get broken by the dozen. With the best will in the world, when the fans have had a few, they don't bring their glasses back to the bar and sometimes they're scattered half way down the street

The other reasons are of a practical nature. To LoveLeedsHatesBates, when you were here did you not notice the size of the bar? We have very little shelf space and only a single glasswasher. To get that volume of beer served out in that amount of time using our everyday glass numbers is impossible. Ask any Fulham fan who used to come here before we introduced the plastics, sometimes we just couldn't serve beer because all the glasses were out. And then, if you did get a pint it would be ruined in a boiling hot glass that hadn't had the chance to cool down.

Lastly, I'm a small independent pub. I haven't got a huge brewery behind me, sending me down boxes and boxes of glasses as they get lost or broken. I have to stump up the money myself for EVERYTHING in this place. So yes, I try, where possible to minimise risk and waste.

We all agree, plastics are not the ideal. I know The Duke's Head and The Star & Garter get a very hard time for having to serve in plastics down on the river there. I've had grown men literally screaming in my face because of it. At my beer festivals I borrow CAMRA glasses but it's different at the festivals because folks pay a deposit for the glass and also re-use it, so no washing up.

Publicans are not 'silly', and we're not out to ruin your evening. And we're also very happy to discuss the valid reasons for our decisions face to face...

Becky Newman
(Licensee Bricklayer's Arms).
brickybecky - 27 Aug 2010 19:41
Plastic glasses simply because across the river Fulham were at home!! Disappointing and frankly silly.
anonymous - 25 Aug 2010 23:04
Nice place and pleasant alternative to the other pubs/bars in the area.
WaldorfAndStatler - 20 Aug 2010 16:42
What to add to all the great reviews, they say it all. Get there early to stand a chance of a seat. Great friendly intelligent crowd. The beer is very well kept, the food splendid, the staff are simply the best, helpful and friendly.This pub is run by a landlady who knows the business and puts every effort into making it the success story that it is.
bustergrantbridge - 7 Aug 2010 13:42
Please ignore previous idiot its still open and Ive reported all eight of his posts for removal as all say exactly the same comments.
I was in here just a few days ago its a excellent Pub with some excellent Ales always on Tap and welcoming friendly staff .

Alesonly - 5 Aug 2010 11:02
Love it.

Everything you could want from a pub. Great beer, good staff and an excellent manager.
ericstadd - 7 Jul 2010 21:04
Great little gem hidden away. Lovely garden in the summer. Shame it closes at 11.
Statto - 12 Jun 2010 14:18
Lovely pub, great atmosphere. Closest thing I've found to a country feel in this part of the world.
Charlotte_Sheena - 21 Apr 2010 22:20
Stunning. Went back in here for the first time in about 10 years. Decor has been redone, excellent beer still, a superb pub.
JockStrap - 2 Apr 2010 12:50
One of my favourite pubs. Great to find a boozer in London that serves Perry on tap, though they seriously need to rethink the 4.50 price tag...
chazzles - 31 Mar 2010 12:10
I've tried to visit here before, usually on days when Fulham FC are playing (not a smart move admittedly) so I was pleased to finally get around to it when it was less busy. Given the array of Timothy Taylor beers on you'd be forgiven for thinking this was owned by the brewery, but the selection of guests would suggest otherwise. Ram Tam and Best Bitter (3.20) were in good condition and that is from someone who has previously been rather underwhelmed by TT output.

The pub itself is a pleasantly utilitarian affair with large wooden tables, a working fireplace and an outdoor smoking area which I took great pleasure in sitting in (in March!). There are various press cuttings and the like hung up on the wall which paint a picture of a proper traditional pub that inspires a loyal following. Definitely one to look out for in the area.
ChrisP87 - 28 Mar 2010 20:46
Nice to have some T.T beers other than landlord which is everywhere, the ram tam is particulary good. Top pub.
Picasso09 - 25 Mar 2010 23:07
nice pub amazing beer festival but unfortunatly tt ales are absoluly rubbish.
i tried them all and there was no flavour in any of them . all totaly bland.
and the lady who runs the pub is amazing so i know they were keept well .so if there keept well and still taste crap it means there r crapppp.

1honeydew - 28 Feb 2010 11:37
Got there with 2 friends on Sat at 11.51 and were invited to sit in the garden by the Landladys sister. A pleasing start to my 1st visit. On entering at opening time,although disappointed that there were no Guests on, we enjoyed the full range of TT by the time we left around 1.30. All Ales were in excellent condition and a special mention for the friendly Sarah as well as the local gent who I had lovely chats with. A beautiful and proper backstreet Pub with interesting prints on the wall of bygone Putney days. An absolute credit to all concerned.
dotball - 24 Feb 2010 10:12
Timothy Taylor....mmmmmmmmm
donnyo - 16 Feb 2010 15:38
So much Timothy Taylor Beer, so little time.
Serendipitous find but what a find. Dark , cosy and lots of beer
bumpby - 13 Feb 2010 01:55
What a stunning find, on a cold December eve. Open wood fires with armchairs, the full range of Timothy Taylor ales including a stout I think, and teeth breaking pork scratchings. V friendly atmosphere too, a real break from the usual identikit pubs.
OldRogue - 1 Feb 2010 13:54
Really nice old fashioned type pub, beer was good and conversation at the bar good also... I left happy and would return.
billythegoat - 20 Jan 2010 18:17
What a great entrance my eyes instantly feast on a number of different Timothy Taylor handpumps. Somewhat odd look mostly light wood benches and tables and surprisingly well-lit. Had a pint of the TT Dark Mild (one of the best!) and the Best Bitter (so-so). Extremely friendly place and as we left we chatted a bit w/ local CAMRA folks. It is nice knowing someone from the area as I'd likely never come across this place. Super pub.
NM_Ale_Drinker - 9 Jan 2010 17:39
Had to give this pub a try, after reading the reviews, agood place to have a beer or two, but not an exceptional place by any means. A good, honest pub.
sadies - 1 Jan 2010 16:47
First came to this pub in 1978 when Spurs visited Fulham. Went in again the other day and was pleased to see that the place has been saved. There is an article on the wall by the door detailing the pubs history (something all pubs should aspire to) and basically it's future has been assured by the new owners. Sad to report though that I was the only customer at 1pm on a weekday. The characterless 'pubs' on the high street were busy though. I'm sure it will be packed on Boxing day when the famous Tottenham Hotspur come visiting again.
nickthefish - 22 Dec 2009 19:01
Lovely boozer tucked away just off the river. Excellent selection of ales including a full list of Timothy Taylor beers. Decent Dark Mild and a good perry on tap last weekend. Well worth a few pints in.
ed1000 - 20 Dec 2009 20:39
A great little pub, none better in Putney and i would not have a problem saying it is in the top 20 in London.... beer always good. Only constructive criticism is that they seem to like certain breweries to point of not having enough new beers on... but still great pub.
bongobob - 15 Dec 2009 23:06
My second visit and my seceond review for this pub (stone cold sober this time). A quiet thursday afternoon, coal fire, comfy old leather chair, a Timothy Taylors Golden Best followed by a Hogsback Golden Ale. Great old pictures of the area are dotted around the walls. A clean smart, friendly drinkers pub. I'll raise my rating from 8 to 9.
rob372 - 12 Dec 2009 18:36
Was a bit empty on the Saturday afternoon but nothing wrong with that; Christmas and all plus I think they were waiting for the Fulham hoards to arrive after the match - mulled wine was put on. The beer is pretty good - the Taylor Mild and the Downton Chocolate Orange were ace. Nice little boozer - worth an afternoon of anybodies time.
Booze_Allen - 6 Dec 2009 22:31
Multi award-winning pub situated down a side street close to the River Thames and Putney Bridge.

In terms of awards, the pub won the Greater London CAMRA Pub of the Year Award in 2007 and also made the last 16 of the CAMRA National Pub of the Year Competition in the current year - but didn't progress to the last four which were announced recently.

The pub is larger than it looks from the outside - a single horseshoe - shaped bar with bare brick and wood pannelled walls decorated with evocative black and white street scene photographs of Putney in days long gone. Note in particular a splendid 1902 large photo over a fireplace showing a works outing leaving from outside the pub. Furniture consists of scrubbed wooden tables and seats and bar stools. Unusually, pub games are available such as shove halfpenny and devil amongst the tailors, although I can't ever recollect seeing anyone playing. There's no TV's or fruit machines, but there is background music played.

The Bricklayers Arms is the oldest pub in Putney, dating back to 1826, although the original fixtures and fittings were sadly lost during a period of closure. The pub last re-opened in mid 2005 and, although a free house, acts as a Southern showcase for Timmy Taylors beers. Read more about the pub and its history in the June/July 2006 issue of London Drinker - a framed copy of which can be found on an inside wall. Regular beer festivals are held, including an Annual Yorkshire Beer Festival.

The full range of 5 Timmy Taylors beers - Landlord, Golden Best, Best Bitter, Ram Tam and Dark Mild - are usually served along with several guests which, on my visit last Sunday, included 2 Downton beers plus Sambrooks Junction from the local Wandle Brewery. The Sambrooks Junction - named after a certain railway station - is a spicy, darkish hoppy bitter and is well worth sampling if you get the chance.

The pub sometimes feels a bit cold and stark to me, but it's virtually unique in Putney in being principally a drinkers pub and it's well worth making the effort to visit

JohnBonser - 1 Dec 2009 12:23
I saw this pub on the BBC, an article about high beer taxes, the government had increased duty to offset the VAT decrease, now that VAT is going back up they aren't reducing duty. The pub looked so good on Telly I felt I had to go there and I wasn't disappointed. If I was to open a pub, this is the sort of place I'd go for. The bar staff were friendly and enthusiastic. There were 5 Tim Taylors beers (The whole range I believe) and about 4 other beers, the beer was in exceptional condition too.
Abteilung - 30 Nov 2009 00:11
A lovely little pub in the south west of London. It's hidden away (like most of my favourites) a bit, which makes it all the better.

I am a huge fan of the Tim Taylor ales, so when I have the urge to consume some, this is often where I go.

Well worth the trip.
iamthelarus - 6 Nov 2009 15:57
Great pub, great beer and great food.
EssexDave - 30 Oct 2009 14:14
I don't really know what to add after reading the other rave reviews other than that I totally agree. This is easily the best pub in Putney (which is not saying much, I grant you).

The beer is fantastic, the staff are welcoming, the locals engaging (but in a nice way), the beer garden is relatively large and well designed and they even do food (via Scoff, the Gastro-pub style food service that deliver).

My only regret is that after 4 and a half years of living in this neck of the woods I have only just discovered this gem of a place, whilst wasting my time in the Half Moon that has gone seriously downhill over the last couple of years.

I believe the Bricklayers has recently been named Greater London Pub of the year 2009, and I am not surprised.

And the best bit?
Sitting in the beer garden, sipping a perfect pint of Golden Best, watching the hordes make their way to the shockingly bad Dukes Head and the 'but we have a cheese room' monstrosity of a pub that is the Star and Garter on Lower Richmond Rd, without realising that they are walking past a perfect pub.

TheClaw - 28 Sep 2009 10:12
If you had to come up with a top ten of pubs in London this little gem would definitely be in there. Brilliant. If you are lucky enough to find the five Timothy Taylor pubs on, then it is a beer-lover's paradise. If you are not, it is still fantastic.
derekwinchester - 5 Sep 2009 20:47
Top pub, best in Putney as far as I'm concerned. Fantastic range of all Tim Taylor beers plus 5 more pumps selling micro beers from locally and Sussex/Hampshire areas when last in including Sambrooks Wandle. Will be back very soon.
Oakman100 - 3 Sep 2009 17:35
Traditional-looking from the outside, but more modern than I expected once inside. Pleasant, if small, patio/beer garden/smoking area. TT Ram Tam might usually be considered a 'winter warmer', but it went down well on a hot summer evening. Nice, relaxed atmosphere and thoroughly recommended.
rpadam - 5 Aug 2009 23:24
I finally got round to visiting this place, this was No 6 on our pub crawl around London. A fine looking establishment from the outside. I was expecting a more traditional interior but it was stripped floorboard stlye, big old wooden tables with old photographs of olden times. Anyway the beer, all the TT range plus four guests I think. Like it.
rob372 - 4 Aug 2009 07:40
Called in here one evening during the week after seeing it in the GBG.
Excellent Range of TT beers including Mild and other Guest Beers as well I wish Id found it earlier. Its well worth a visit and I would recommend too anyone. I will return whenever I can.
Alesonly - 19 Jul 2009 17:52
Also retreated to the Bricklayers after visiting the White Horse last saturday.
A fairly regular haunt for me and never been disappointed.3 ales from Thwaites on as well as the TT range.As others have mentioned the beer festivals here are always well attended and well worth a visit
TonyAle - 6 Jul 2009 12:51
Paid a visit on a Saturday afternoon. After the mayhem of the White Horse American beer festival (cracking beer but OH the hateful poshos and their children!) this was blessed relief. Wonderfully relaxed pub with a lovely interior and - most importantly - cracking beers. Had a pint of the TT Dark Mild, which was as wonderful as ever (as said above, a Sparkler can definitely give it even more life, but it was still great). Followed it with a pint of Pilsner Urquell - wonderful to see this quality lager on tap - which was cold and deliciously hoppy. Divine.

It's a bit of a trek for me, but I can definitely see myself returning to this place. It's wonderful!
scissorkicks - 5 Jul 2009 22:09
Consistently reliable especially with Golden Best and Dark Mild on regularly - although in my view the latter does need a sparkler to bring out its qualities to the full. A justifiably popular pub.
meurglys_iv - 21 Jun 2009 15:02
wandered in here on saturday afternoon after a pleasant walk along the river from hammersmith. nobody in when we arrived but a few locals soon made the place look inhabited.

a very fine selection of timothy taylors beers, including that most elusive of wonders in london, a pint of dark mild. and boy was it good.

looks like it could be a very fine boozer for an evening session. will have to return to check it out.
porcus_volans - 14 Jun 2009 22:17
Visiting here is always a good experience. It's tucked away down a side street away from the main drag, which means that it relies on its reputation. The place sells a good range of Timothy Taylor beers - Landlord, Golden Best, Best Bitter and Dark Mild. There was also a guest beer - Holden's Golden Glow. The cider is Westons 1st Quality. For the first time, we sat outside on the patio. Although there is generally sufficient seating inside the pleasant interior. Always busy for the regular beer festivals.
blue_scrumpy - 26 Apr 2009 19:39
I am not too bothered about prices. The 3 pint is fairly commonplace now. Get used to it, or drink in Wetherspoons if you really object.

Bricklayers is still a unique little pub with great character.

Yorkshire beer fest was excellent. Seats were available on the Thursday. Glasses from Battersea beer fest were being used. Deposit was only 1 compared to 2 at Battersea and no entrance fee. So price-conscious types take note of that.
ArhurPint - 1 Mar 2009 13:05
I have now given up on this pub due to it's pricing policy if you think their bar prices are a rip off just visit one of their beer festivals !!
lovesong - 22 Feb 2009 14:03
Welcoming pub, the five Tim Taylor beers plus Sambrook Wandle and Hepworth Sussex. Also had some real cider. Tried the Dark Mild and the Ram Tam but neither did a lot for me. Fairly basic, wooden floorboards. Rugby was showing on a large screen.
GuideDogSaint - 9 Feb 2009 21:00
Timothy Taylors Dark Mild HERE at 3.00 per pint!!
At White Horse on Parsons Green, Fulham (just over putney Bridge) Timothy Taylors Dark Mild at 2.90 per pint and Harveys Best Bitter at 2.60 per pint. At Eagle Ale House in Clapham Loddons Hoppit & Brakspears at 2.75 per pint. At Trafalgar in Sth Wimbledon most draught bitters at 2.80 per pint plus free live jazz & cheese board on Sundays. At The Sultan in Sth Wimbledon Hopback GFB at 2.30 per pint & Summer Lightning at 2.50 per pint. WHY GO HERE IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE?

alefellowwellmet - 18 Jan 2009 18:44
I was really looking forward to visiting this pub due to the reviews here and the Telegraph column. However, went in the pub today at 12.10pm and thought it was closed. It was cold, chairs were on the tables and the barman had obviously just arrived. We made our excuses and left. I know it's the silly season but you'd expect, in this day and age when pubs are going to the wall so frequently, that an establishment such as this would be ready for customers at least by midday. It's almost as though they've decided it's going to be quiet early doors and not to bother. That's two customers they've lost.

In their defence the nearby Duke's Head was only slightly better prepared at 12.15pm!
lyeemoon - 30 Dec 2008 17:07
Beer quality & bar service always excellent. Buzzing before & after Fulham games. Sometimes struggle with beer availability. Getting annoyed that lunchtime food prior to matchdays is more off than on though.
Wilson_MacDonald - 24 Dec 2008 17:04
Great traditional pub.The website is also worth checking out.
anonymous - 11 Dec 2008 12:07
Closed yesterday for 'emergency repairs'? Check before travelling.
trainman - 13 Nov 2008 12:04
Run by former actress Becky Newman this pub features in Saturday Telegraph Pint to Pint column.
hogshead - 2 Nov 2008 18:51
Unquestionably one of the best pubs in the area if real ale, good food, decent service and a good atmosphere are important to you. You just don't get pubs like this anymore. A joy to drink in. Any landlords who make excuses about "too difficult" keeping real ales should pay this gaff a visit, watch and learn.
BananaSundae - 22 Oct 2008 21:10
Everything said here is spot on. I had Tribute and it was very fresh, and my mate had one of the TT beers and was good as well. Wish all my mates didn't go to the Golden Lion for the Fulham matches cause this place is a good find. Surprised to hear good tunes on as well Not the best of the best, but wouldn't argue that it is the best in the neighbourhood. I think if we stayed longer we wouldn't have left.
TherockFFC - 1 Oct 2008 21:24
Cumbrian ale festival was very good indeed. Good cooperation between CAMRA and the pub.

So much nicer to be in a great pub like this, rather than some dreadful hall.
ArhurPint - 17 Sep 2008 14:00
Excellent beer festival of Cumbrian ales. An superb range, served in perfect condition. Great weather today as well, really nice to sit outside with a pint, contemplating what my next choice will be. Plenty of others obviously had the same idea! Wonderful pub.
ed.spbw - 14 Sep 2008 18:45
Dear Putney Landlords,
Please come and visit the Bricklayers to see how a pub should be run. It's friendly, reasonably priced, with clean pipes, an outstanding beer collection, lovely food, attentive interesting staff. Why can't the rest of pubs in Putney do it like this?
Many thanks, Gileyboy (Putney drinker).
gileyboy - 6 Aug 2008 11:51
Best pub in the area, no arguements. I always have a good time when visiting this pub. It is just far enough away from the high street to avoid the crowds that frequent all the crappy bars. They are even serving perry on tap this summer :)
chazzles - 29 Jul 2008 16:30
Best freehouse in Putney, small but friendly, good beer and great atmosphere.
ioesltd - 16 Jul 2008 15:33
What a great pub. Fantastic, excellently kept beer, and a great atmosphere even when it's quiet. I really can't think of anything to complain about. And 3 a pint is extremely good value for Putney.
gileyboy - 11 Jul 2008 15:59
Great pub. Good beer festivals from time to time.
ArhurPint - 5 Jul 2008 19:19
Info received from the Bricklayers re forthcoming ales.

Guest Ales coming up over the next couple of weeks:

Focus on Westerham Brewery in Kent.

Finchcock's Original 3.5% - Gold Medal SIBA SE 2006

Grasshopper Kentish Bitter 3.8% - Silver Medal SIBA SE 2006

Summer Perle 3.8% - Fastest selling beer at GBBF 2005 New Breweries Bar

British Bulldog 4.3% - Gold Medal Best Bitter SIBA SE 2005

William Wilberforce Freedom Ale 4.3%

Westerham Special 1965


O'Hanlon's Brewery in Devon

Fire Fly 3.7%

Yellowhammer 4.2%

Royal Oak 5%

Gold Blade (Wheat) 4%

Port Stout 4.8%

lad_newton - 2 Jun 2008 12:26
GREAT PUB! Beers kept very, very well, especially the Timothy Taylor range. In my opinion, it is one of the top five pubs in London!
jonojambo - 19 May 2008 15:17
A very pleasant couple of hours were spent in here tonight. Excellent Timothy Taylors ales (and guests from Dark Star). The food was top-notch although arguably expensive for pub grub, which is brought in by motorbike courier from I know not where.
Another for my "I wish it was my local " category.
Ordinary - 14 May 2008 22:39
Visited for the first time yesterday-loved the place. Fantastic beers (the full TT range + 3 Dark Star beers on). Very friendly relaxed atmosphere- highly recommended, really should be in the top 40 on this site.

BlindTiger - 11 May 2008 11:15
Definitely one of the best pubs in London. First class friendly welcome and service and today no less than 6 Taylor's beers including the rare Havercake Ale plus 2 from Dark Star. Good blues by way of background music. Go along and sign the petition for a bigger cellar!
ed.spbw - 9 May 2008 17:15
This is by far and away one of the best pubs in London!
The beer is always good & the welcome is always friendly, WARNING!! be carefull when you visit!

I often pop in for a "quick" beer & somehow find myself leaving at closing time!
Stevethebar - 9 May 2008 10:35
A gem for ale drinkers - full Tim Taylors range on draught and a good selection of 4-5 bizzare ales from around the country. Relaxed atmos generally. I like it a lot.
hexenductionhour - 3 May 2008 11:58
Wood floors, scrubbed tables, 10 handpumps. Does this sound good? Saved from demolition, the evidence is seen from the many photos on the walls of the destruction around it. A true locals pub, a stones throw from the Thames and recognised award wise. Unusually stocking the Taylors range, it included the special celebratory ale Havercake on my recent visit. Apparently busy when Fulham are at home and considering the walking distance, it demonstrates the pulling power of this excellent boozer.
Alerover - 28 Apr 2008 21:27
Great pub - drop everything and go there now! It has the feel of a quiet country pub - bare wooden floors and roof, friendly staff, pub skittles game etc. - but in the middle of a town, in a big city! There are people here walking round in beards and cricket jumpers - and it's not even the cricket season! It's that sort of place. Very good selection of real ales including two different types of mild on draft - when did you last see that south of Birmingham? It's nicely tucked away down a side-street so I imagine it avoids a lot of the passing trade - you've got to know about it to go there. Not many punters on the Sunday night we went but enough to give it a reasonable atmosphere.
discerningdan - 27 Apr 2008 14:57
Agree with lout_from_the_lane, it's great to see the full Tim Taylor range and Ram Tam was definitely the best.
The pub can be quiet (no bad thing?) but would still highly recommend it, and it's a real change from the other Putney pubs.
SomeDrinker - 10 Apr 2008 09:52
Good to taste full range of Taylors beers - well had 3 of them actually - preference for Ram Tam then Best Bitter then Mild. Didn't try the Landlord (the only one you will usually find) or the Golden Ale (generally prefer the darker ones)
Found it a friendly pub with food being served to tables that rather fill the front section
lout_from_the_lane - 17 Mar 2008 10:10
London's BEST pub without argument. Though very pricey.
slerpy - 14 Mar 2008 21:13
Excellent pub. Went there for the first two a few Saturdays ago and persuaded a few friends to come down too. With my rep on the line this pub didnt let me down. I got there at 4 in the afternoon and it was very quiet. Had a copuple of pints of TT porter & mild and read the paper. Very relaxing pub with a great selection of real ale. By the time my friends arrived it was heaving due to the Fulham game ending. Even though it was very busy it was a great atmosphere and we all agreed to go there again. I really cannot fault this pub - good beer, good layout, cosy, friendly bar staff, bustling without any aggro. This place is a model for what all pubs should be. Will return there very soon.
Tipping - 10 Mar 2008 17:34
Will start to include the Bricklayer's more regularly on London crawls; a good solid back street boozer with the range of TT ales.

Also attended last weekend's Yorkshire Beer Festival, and the fact that a pub can organise such a great event is testament to how much the Bricklayer's has improved (I believe it has won CAMRA London Pub of the Year). Agree the lavatories are not ideal when so many oversized beer guts are crammed into such a small space...
Dartitis - 27 Feb 2008 14:54
Enjoyed the Yorkshire beer festival (feb 08) but one little niggle, bad enough it has the smallest gents in history without some hops obcessives blocking the enterence washing here glasses!!

Will enjoy showing my fellow Leeds fans its Taylors range next season!
loveleedshatebates - 23 Feb 2008 09:15
Terrific atmosphere before & after Fulham games. Wide range of beer, although many can run out on a Saturday which is annoying. Prices seem to be creeping up though. Remains an oasis in Putney. Always cheers me up after a game & believe me, I often need cheering up!
Wilson_MacDonald - 16 Feb 2008 22:37
A great place for a few pints of real ale before and after the match at Craven Cottage
bigbadbri - 16 Feb 2008 21:25
Went specially and was a little disappointed, yes, the beers were very good, TT Landlord very refreshing. Eclipse Porter I found not really to my taste so went back to Landlord for my third, but I was disappointed by the lack of atmosphere. There were only a few people hanging about and the pub didn't appear to be trying very hard. Barmaid sat on a stool behind the bar and read a magazine for the whole evening while we were here. 6/10.
JTraynor - 7 Feb 2008 15:28
I have a lot of empathy for "trainman" but my visit today was reciprocated with a full range of well-conditioned Taylor beers plus four Blindman's beers (including the stunning Eclipse porter).

Great beer, warm atmosphere and increasingly entertaining background music!

Dissapointment is thankfully rare.

Well worth a visit.

Hophead - 26 Jan 2008 18:04
Still hit & miss re selection on offer, just Landlord, Golden Best & RamTam today, no guests. Landlord was very good, but 3!
trainman - 22 Jan 2008 23:22
Absolutely excellent evening last night. No less than NINE beers on, comprising five T. Taylors and 4 guest beers. Grainstore Panther Mild was mouthwatering and there was an exquisite stout from the Matthews brewery. Although not the cheapest pint in the whole world, the beer quality far outstripped the average 2.80-2.90 pricetag representing superb value for money.

Friendly staff, and a group of happy imbibers over from the US provided a convivial atmosphere in which a lively session developed and flourished.

Although I don't live anywhere near Putney, I vow to make regular visits to this hostelry in the future.

lad_newton - 18 Jan 2008 09:48
A fine backstreet pub, unusual for the area, the full range of Tim Taylor's beers plus 3 guests, Bath Brewery Gem and Barnstormer plus Downton's Chocolate orange....didn't try this as it doesn't sound like my cuppa. Warm, convivial and friendly, large wooden tables, huge Sunday roasts, in all a cosy spot for a leisurely Sunday afternoon with the papers. I assume its different when Fulham are at home though.
Maldenman - 16 Jan 2008 11:23
I decided to try this pub last week having heard so much about it. Had 3 different Timmy Taylor beers and they were all disapointing. I liked the pub itself, I just hope I went on an off day.
Huey - 15 Jan 2008 18:43
Old-style boozer with great range of Timothy Taylor's excellent ales.
twm_sion_cati - 7 Jan 2008 14:16
It's a lovely pub with friendly landlady and locals, but the prices do take the edge off of one's enjoyment somewhat. The TT mild isn't that great nor is it very strong, yet it's still 2.80. 7/10.
somertel - 30 Dec 2007 11:41
All the Timmy Taylor beers have been increased in price by 20p a pint.
PDWR - 3 Dec 2007 08:35
The Bricklayer's Arms is a bit of treasure - a charming ale drinker's paradise - an oasis of beauty located amongst the horror of the Putney pub scene.

They carry the full range of Timothy Taylor ales, plus a fine selection of guest ales which rotate every fortnight or so. Last night I had a TT Golden Best followed by one of the guest ales, Museum's White Shield. I wasn't such a fan of the White Shield to be honest, but that's beside the point. The beauty of this pub is in that there are so few places like this left in London, and it is markedly different to anything else in the Putney area (which lets be honest, in terms of pubs is a bit depressing!).

All in all, the Bricklayers is an absolute gem.

gatomalo - 23 Nov 2007 13:03
I visited last week end ( Sat 10 Nov ). As well as the full Timmys range, they had 3 guest beers, which is more than they used to have a few months ago - so I will also give it an upgrading
JohnBonser - 15 Nov 2007 13:09
Just to add to my previous review - it was me who supplied the new bulb for the gents on 31/10/07!
lad_newton - 8 Nov 2007 12:50
Yesterdays visit was much more like it for beer choice - 4 TTs, incl RamTam, plus Downton Mad Hare & Brewsters Belle de Jour (although I wasnt keen on the latter). Also listed in the gents (but oddly nowhere else in the pub) was the forthcoming range of guests incl 4 from RCH brewery, 2 from Butts Organic, as well as Daleside Porter & Museum White Shield. Sounds good to me; rating rectified to a comfortable 8.
trainman - 8 Nov 2007 11:16
Visited with a friend on 31/10/07 during a Hallowe'en crawl. Three T/T beers on, all in fine condition. Pleasant 1950s/60s oldies background music and a friendly atmosphere. The beer range DOES vary, so it is always worth a quick phonecall to the pub before venturing out. We were there on the offchance, and enjoyed pints of mild and Golden Best.
lad_newton - 2 Nov 2007 12:57
Went in last night and all 5 TT beers were on - I walked back outside to check I was in the right pub!! To be fair to the 'trainman' I struggle to remember when this was last the case and there have been occassions when this little pub has almost been out of ale with just one pump on. This place could/should be a little goldmine.
PDWR - 2 Nov 2007 12:03
A very good pub but disappointing beer selection on my last two visits, with last week only 3 and yesterday only 2 pumps in action from a possible 10 (Landlord & Pumpkin ale); hardly a justification of Camra's London 'pub of the year'! Quizman is right to suggest checking the range before travelling.
trainman - 1 Nov 2007 12:05
A perfect pub. Friendly bar staff, great beer, character...the only decent pub in Putney.
sapple - 26 Sep 2007 14:04
My first visit was yesterday, for the Lancashire beer festival (I love the idea of having such a beer festival with a clear regional focus). Some 30 different ales, not only with a programme of tasting notes but also information about the brewers.

Staff were very friendly and helpful.
dpv - 15 Sep 2007 12:37
All the TT range were on at the weekend, although only paid a brief visit both the Mild and Golden Best were in cracking form.
Wonderful little pub, wish I lived closer by. Best place in Putney by a mile.
mps77 - 28 Aug 2007 12:01
In again yesterday before the Fulham - Boro match. all TTs on, the three I tried were great. Decent food - bacan and sausage bagette's. A top pub!
Alfnoax - 19 Aug 2007 17:57
Oh dear looking forward to a first and trying all the TT ales. Only Landlord on with some Wolf ales, which were OK, especially the Wild Mild. Good that Mild is a regular but wot abat the other TT's? Then the Landlord went so nofink. If pub has small cellar shouldn't it be concentraing on its promoted TT ales and not guests. Still I liked the cosy atmosphere of the place and will return but first checking to find out wots on!
quizman - 8 Aug 2007 21:10
Paid my first visit here last night. What a great pub! Had all the Timothy Taylor range on and in great condition plus two guests. Nice relaxed place with freindly efficient staff, will be back for sure!
Alfnoax - 1 Aug 2007 10:25
To the last reviewer below I would offer the following:

I can sympathise with the fact that you go to a pub that promotes itself on being the only pub in London to stock all five TT and find there's nothing there. I gently rib the guys about it whenever I visit myself if there's no Golden Best. But sometimes there are a number of contributing factors that need to be taken into account and I can assure you that the most frustrated off us all is Becky the landlady. So, why did there appear to be such a shortage of beer (which has now been rectifed)?

1) The Bricklayers has a very small cellar and if an unexpected demand (25 July) ourstrips supply then there is little that can be done about it overnight.

2) Word on the street is that The Bricklayers has won the CAMRA award for the best pub in Greater London (and quite right too) and therefore the pub was swamped on the 25th with bearded-and-sandalled CAMRA members (only joking guys)basically drinking the place dry when the announcement was made. The pub did not know about this until the hordes arrived.

3) The reason this lovely little pub wins such awards is not just the diversity but, just as importantly, the quality of the beers it sells. There are lots of factors that can affect a beer being ready to drink and if the beer ain't ready - it doesn't get served.

So, to sum up, this little pub has been a victim of its own well,deserved success - congratulations to Becky and her team on their achievement. If you want to try a particluar beer then I suggest, as I have before, that you call beforehand to make sure its 'on' as |I'm sure that things are about to get even busier.

PDWR - 30 Jul 2007 13:16
Went last night and there were no, I say again, no Timothy Taylor beers on offer. Get a grip somebody please.
anonymous - 27 Jul 2007 16:40
Fabulous example of how you can make a pub if you try. The only Tim Taylor pub in London and the beer is always in great condition. Putney is a bit dry when it come to real ale...not anymore! Even my girlfriend likes it in there and she would have me drinking in the pitcher and piano if she had her way!
Tobias10 - 19 Jul 2007 09:55
Popped into the place on Friday after work and pointed to the Timmy Taylors tap when ordering. Unbeknownst to me it was "Ram Tam", which I'd never had before. Thankfully it was top drawer. My young lady wasn't sure what to have so the barman made a suggestion and let her have a taste before buying a pint. She loved it. We'll be back. In fact I may pop in tonight and try some of their Berkshire ales!
ChrisBass - 16 Jul 2007 09:37
Popped in on Saturday lunchtime to find an excellent selection of real ales available from West Berkshire brewery, (4 different beers), along with Dark Star APA, Purity Gold and Taylor's Best Bitter. The barman provided generous samples and all 4 beers bought were in good condition. Very impressed - will call again.
wee_jock - 16 Jul 2007 09:00
Four TT ales were on, and in good condition, when I visited, plus two other. Great place.
deho - 3 Jul 2007 12:15
Good news for the previous reviewer, as of last Friday the Landlord is back on - unfortunately the Best, Ram Tam and Mild were off. They were replaced by other ales but if you are going to visit this pub to sample the 5TT beers under one roof it would be worth phoning beforehand, especially if you live a distance away and are making a special visit.
PDWR - 12 Jun 2007 15:07
I have been to this pub on three seperate occasions in the past month & each time the Landlord was unavailable, as much as i like this pub the main reason i go is for the beer & the best bitter wasn't on either last time, lets hope it's a glitch
lovesong - 6 Jun 2007 18:00
Great pub. Tim Taylors beers on good form.The new beer garden is now open, nice little sun-trap. Friendly staff, comfy interior. Well recommended
mac1 - 3 Jun 2007 20:42
I agree with comments below; great pub; Downton too expensive; staff friendly, though when I sent a pint back the other night the barman made a great show of collaring it for himself, only to sheepishly pour it away when he realised that yes, it was the end of the barrel and therefore not drinkable. Still by far the best pub in Putney.
bulky - 3 Jun 2007 14:19
Timothy Taylors whole range in London !! That should be enough on it's own, but the staff are friendly & the pub is cozy. the only improvements i would make are extending the opening hours, & installing a jukebox with classic albums on, otherwise excellent.
lovesong - 31 May 2007 19:57
Cracking little pub, great real ales, fantastic bar staff and top Sunday roasts. That said, the cracks appear to be creeping in. They need to keep the basics in stock all the time (bar snacks, white wine, Fosters(!) and how about a credit card machine?) because whilst this is a pub that has is popular amongst the visiting CAMRA community, it is the basics that keep things ticking over and therefore relies on its regulars. As its location does not catch passing trade I would hate to see anything happen to this little pub because the locals have found somewhere else to drink. Remember, a lot of the people who now drink in the Bricklayers used to drink in The Dukes Head but moved when things changed and I'm starting to hear rumblings.
PDWR - 30 May 2007 10:00
Another very enjoyable visit last Sunday lunchtime. The Timmy's Landlord was in its usual good form, as was the Downton's Mild, if perhaps at the top end of price expectations at 2.80p for an OG of 3.3% ( a very weak beer ).

In some ways, this is an odd pub - you always get served by someone you recognise - on Sunday it was Mark - but it doesn't seem to have any regular customers. Probably the only pub on my circuit where the "regulars" are the staff, instead of the customers. Pub is obviously very popular with the real ale fraternity, but has a slightly transient feel to it. Nevertheless, I shall continue to drop in from time to time - after all, there's no competition in Putney is there ?
JohnBonser - 29 May 2007 13:11
Cracking pub. A pleasure to be able to enjoy beers from the Timothy Taylors range and in such a friendly, comfortable establishment. A place to enjoy a nice pint or two and a decent conversation with friends without having to shout over loud music.
DuchyBoy - 28 May 2007 12:23
2 out of three beers we tried the other night were not right. They need to watch it and not rest on their well-deserved Laurels.
bulky - 20 May 2007 23:44
A much improved pub. A 'must' for disciples of Timothy Taylor beers
stevecole - 17 May 2007 17:52
This pub is great! The staff are very friendly & always have a smile on their faces. Myself & my friends had a great 'hang over' roast last Bank Holiday Sunday.

I am one of those annoying 'Veggie's' & I emailed them about having a Sunday roast. They made me a lovely homemade roast with proper veggie gravy & the roast potatoes were cooked seperatly in veg oil.

They made a real effort & my meat eating friends LOVED their roast & thought the price was fantastic. Will be taking my parents there for a nice roast when they come & visit me in London.
Leah123 - 14 May 2007 12:39
superb pub, friendly, excellent Taylor beers + guests - shame i live so far away but i'll be back for sure
moclips2002 - 13 May 2007 12:38
Splendid session last night. My two friends and I were among the last to leave, for which we all apologise to the friendly management.

Timothy Taylor's Golden Best was good, but Saltaire "XB" and "Cascade" were superb, particularly the latter which was exquisite.

This pub certainly remains the best in the area, and I look forward to our next visit.
lad_newton - 10 May 2007 14:57
Lovely warm and friendly boozer, all "wood n ale". The Timothy Taylors ales are good - although a wider selection now and again would have gotten it a better score from me.
BungleBob - 10 May 2007 12:51
Doesn't look much from the outside, not very flash "beer garden", old treadle sewing machines for tables, but this pub has got that certain something to make it a place you want to go to again, its welcoming, friendly, non-threatening, calm, relaxing and sort of peaceful. I wish all pubs were like this.
Fullerspubcollector - 7 May 2007 23:05
We love the Bricklayers Arms. It is always a fantastic time and the bar team is so friendly, funny and helpful. Mg and M
mga - 23 Apr 2007 15:13
In here for the first time the other day. The Timothy Taylor Landlord was superb. Most certainly a real pub with no gastro-pretentiousness about it. Missed the last couple of beer festivals here, but will try to make a future one. If you want a no-frills pub with great beer then this is a must.
RexRattus - 17 Apr 2007 18:01
Another very enjoyable visit early Saturday afternoon. There's a guest beer on - Alcazar Windjammer - very moreish, light, bittery and hoppy and only 2.80 a pint for a beer with an ABV of 6%.

Friendly staff - there's usually an American woman serving when I'm there - sorry, I'm not good with names, I've forgotten it already. Americans usually wind me up, but this one doesn't.

Still the best pub in Putney - picking up where The Dukes Head left off when Youngs vandalised it recently.

See you again soon !
JohnBonser - 16 Apr 2007 14:28
yeah, this pub has come back from the dead and it's all down to the folk who own/run/serve there.

might even tempt me to drink brown beer.
evers. - 20 Mar 2007 23:26
Had my stag "do" here back in 1970 and it was a great pub then I've been back a couple of times many years ago and it seemed a bit grotty but I think I will try and organise a reunion of the available guys who are still around and give the "Brickies" a visit.Lets hope its as good as all the contributors here have said it is.We will be the old grey-haired oldies trying to relive the old days.I've rated it 10 'cos thats what it would have got 37 years ago if B.I.T.E.had been in existence then!
Earlhamcourt - 20 Mar 2007 10:20
I'm so glad to see the Bricklayers moving up the "top 40" list. It is well deserved. I found this great treasure by accident on New Year's Eve when visiting London and every other pub in the area required a pre-purchased admission ticket or there was some other restriction on getting in. I'm an old timer from London but have lived in California for the last 40 years. I'm pee'd off because it is not likely that I can get back to London in the very near future and visit my two favorite watering holes, The Wenlock and The Bricklayers. I'm hoping for a something that looks like a heart attack so my wife will ship me over for in preparation for my last rites celebrated with some great Timothy Taylors or one of the great rotating ales at the Wenlock.
fernebranca - 16 Mar 2007 01:35
I used to drink here ten years or so ago and back then it was a pretty ordinary local pub. After various makeovers and closures, it's brilliant to see how it has come back. They've given it a really high quality refurbishment without losing its character or that "real pub" feel.

And the beers... I've heard Yorkshiremen tell me that Taylors beers don't travel well, and have had some pretty average pints down south before now, but the range here is extensive, good value, and immaculate. There are some interesting lagers and guest ales on too.

Best of all is the service, and the sheer enthusiasm of the management and the staff. It's obvious how much pride and effort has gone into this place and it makes it a real pleasure to drink in. It's getting increasingly rammed on Fulham matchdays as word spreads.
ormondroyd - 15 Mar 2007 10:06

Friendliest and most down-to-earth pub in Putney. If you are looking for a respite from the Walkabouts, All-Bar-Ones and Wetherspoons in search of a REAL pub you'll have struck gold with a visit to this backstreet gem. Situated behind a well maintained local authorty housing block, it's quite easy to miss, but the 22 bus almost stops at the beginning of Waterman Street.

You will find well-kept Timmy Taylor beers plus at least one guest ale. The pub has a cosy traditional interior.

Be aware they stop serving at 11 o'clock.
Phucough - 12 Mar 2007 22:43
Just returned from that "second visit" I promised back in June 2006. What a superb pub indeed. There were four Timothy Taylor beers on tonight (6th March) and I enjoyed Golden Best, Landlord and Ram Tam all of which were on very good form indeed.

This pub is run enthusiastically by keen, informed and friendly staff determined to make a success of it. Locals were very welcoming too, and I ended up in long conversations at each visit to the bar wilst my friend waited patiently at our table. The Bricklayers is well worth the journey from North London, and it has certainly established itself as one of SW London's premier alehouses. Just a shame I missed their first fesival last month, but I hear another is planned for the summer.

I will be back!
lad_newton - 7 Mar 2007 02:06
I visited the festival on Friday night. Everyone was enjoying the free entertainment (oom pah band) and there was no admission charge. Festivals charging even a couple of pounds admission are disguising the price of a pint. It was my choice to sample the more expensive ales or stick with the excellent Timothy Taylors.
silva - 5 Mar 2007 23:05
Visited during their Yorkshire beer festival (24/02/07). Pub was packed with beer drinkers, Fulham supporters and Morris men. Good selection of (30) beers and the quality was superb, but some of the prices were OTT, (even for Putney).

OTT puts it mildly, is this the first case of the 6 pint? (It was an 11%er but even so.. and there wasn't much under 3/pint, so drank mainly Taylors)
Enjoyed the festival tho, especially the Hammersmith Morris Men. Thanks to all concerned for a fun afternoon :-)
somertel - 5 Mar 2007 09:45
The Yorkshire Beerfest was great. Never been to the pub before but will try again out of festival time. The beers were superb and the staff helpful and friendly. A bit of a trek from North London but worth the effort.
chick - 28 Feb 2007 13:45
Visited during their Yorkshire beer festival (24/02/07). Pub was packed with beer drinkers, Fulham supporters and Morris men. Good selection of (30) beers and the quality was superb, but some of the prices were OTT, (even for Putney).
wee_jock - 26 Feb 2007 09:27
This pub is excellent even if it is a work in progress, every time i go in here i notice some small new addition, howevere the one constant ids the superb Timothy Taylors beers.
lovesong - 16 Feb 2007 16:32
Popped in for a few yesterday lunchtime and found it a more than reasonable pub.The American behind the bar was very pleasant and the Taylors beer was excellent,had had a pint of Landlord in the Blackfriars just before which tasted ok but was really cloudy compared to in here.The Taylors mild was one of the best you get around.
Henners - 11 Feb 2007 20:11
Very many congratulations for winning SW London CAMRA Pub Of The Year - very well deserved. We had our wedding anniversary & both my wife & my birthday celebrations here last Sunday afternoon and could not have had a better time - we were treated royally. Excellent value Sunday lunch, superb Timothy Taylors (complete range), blazing log fire, good rugby and fantastic atmosphere. Long may this little gem of a pub thrive.

zeitlin - 8 Feb 2007 22:53
Visited the Bricklayers over Christmas while visiting London. Great local with good atmosphere and super friendly staff. The landlady was concerned about the rickety barstool I was perched on and insisted on replacing it. Good free food spread on New Years Eve and even though my group of 7-8 people had never been there before, they made us feel at home and well fed. The only other pub in London I prefer is the Wenlock Arms in Hoxton (used to be Shoreditch); that's where i grew up and that was my local in the 1960's. The Bricklayer's is second to the Wenlock only because of the beer array. While the Timothy Taylors were good, they don't compare to the Wenlock's ever changing range of finely kept beers. When I next visit london, i will be back at the Bricklayer's. Thanks for the good experience.
anonymous - 4 Feb 2007 22:19
Let the caged bird sing. One of the best pubs in SW London, in England, in the world. Beers from Timothy Taylor: don't be decieved if you have only had Landlord, that is their 'loss leader', the others are better. Lovely bar staff, friendly regulars, so beautiful ...
beeronaut - 4 Feb 2007 18:55
This Pub is Magic. Great find. Especially good on Fulham home games, miles ahead of the 'Geek' filled Golden Lion. Becky and bar staff are very friendly and welcoming. Easily the best boozer in Putney...
Bangers - 29 Jan 2007 16:13
Dropped in this afternoon and had a beautiful pint of Dark & Mild. Fire was roaring, welcome was warm and all the Timothy Taylor pumps looked most inviting.

Wish I had been able to stay longer - looking forward to returning for a more leisurely visit.
kenny_the_keg - 23 Jan 2007 19:45
What an amazing find--Been a few times now and well worth the walk over the river and the finding. I could become a regular visitor amongst the many 'characters' in this friendly little freehouse pub.
Wooden floors, comfortable seating and a real fire,with bar games and excellent accoustics for chatting rather than shouting(or braying as they do in Fulham n Chelsea it seems all to often),no beige muzac but instead a fine and changing background of jazz,r n b, and soul, a great landlady and staff and superbly kept real ales to die for....I understand that they are now fully stocked cos the Timothy Taylor seemed to fly out of the pumps on the busy saturday that I went there first. For a while they could not keep enough beer !
I have also been on a quiter Sunday and stuffed with the 6.95 roast lamb which was huge .Looks like there is going to be more food through the week and the landlady was busy having a baby and opening up an outside seating area on old flag stone with a real,separate baconbutty bbq for those fulham footie home match days!.
One of the most delightful pubs I have come across in London and oh those real beers,most at 2.70. Quality and price..Apologies for such a biased rave review!
Straighttalkin - 30 Dec 2006 19:16
Love this pub, was heartbroken when it closed to make a childrens playhouse, what the f*$k was that about?. Great traditional quirky little pub, great on Fulham home games and caters for folk well into their beers as well. Love the old Putney photos from when it was a totally different area. FULHAM.J
anonymous - 28 Dec 2006 20:57
I cycle from the other side of Hounslow to get to this pub - nuff said. Bar staff that know their onions and can 'talk beer'. On a good day, a daunting array of Timothy Taylor's finest. The downside? It's further going back, I'm bloody sure it is!
billynibbles - 16 Dec 2006 16:49
This is a good pub but on the last two occasions I have been,there was no Landlord or Ram Tam available and the stronger beer although only about 4.7% was 3.
BAZZZZ - 1 Dec 2006 16:21
What a terrific surprise to find a Timothy Taylor's pub in this part of the country that serves the full range of their wonderful ales. Would visit more often except that I'm not a Fulham fan.

Has a good pre-match atmosphere but it wasn't claustrophobically rammed which is a good thing. Obviously on match day it's a Fulham pub but there were plenty of Arsenal fans in last night and no bother. (We have a common enemy)!

To sum up, a great pub with great ales and great staff.
johnkn7 - 30 Nov 2006 21:08
This pub goes from strength to strength having recently installed another two handpumps serving two guest ales in addition to the unique (for London) full range of Timothy Taylors' excellently kept real ales on the other five handpumps. A qualified chef has also been engaged to produce good value Sunday roasts - but don't be fooled into thinking that this has changed the place into one of the psuedo overpriced gastro pubs so currently favoured by the likes of Youngs Brewery - this place is a genuine unspoilt traditional pub!
zeitlin - 22 Oct 2006 13:36
This is a seriously, seriously good pub. Timothy Taylor - nectar. Welcome received - very fine.
AndySk - 20 Oct 2006 01:22
Paid my second visit today - very quiet for a Saturday afternoon but the barlady was very friendly, beer was excellent and the pub seems comfortable and relaxed. Apparently the beer range is to be extended. Wrong side of town for me but probably the best pub in the area.
ed.spbw - 14 Oct 2006 19:16
Started going there before Fulham games because traditional pubs are a bit thin on the ground over the river these days
anonymous - 9 Oct 2006 20:42
A fantastic pub! Visited here on Sunday for the first time only to be greeted with a full compliment of Taylor beers (including Ram Tam) which were all in remarkable condition - a real testament to the dedication and hard work of the Licensee and staff. The pub has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, sense of character and is very welcoming to visitors despite retaining the warm feel of a classic British local. Oh, and the food (in this case, Sunday lunch) was superb. I'll be back - regularly. Cheers!
Hophead - 9 Oct 2006 18:08
Third visit yesterday. This place is definitely growing on me, in spite of being on the wrong side of London. Nice laid back atmosphere, friendly locals, welcoming staff and absolutely superb beer.They have a full range of Tim Taylors Beers, but the Best was so good I stuck with it.
If I lived nearer, I'd be in there every day, so maybe it's a good job I don't...
M.O.G. - 1 Sep 2006 17:46
Third visit yesterday. This place is definitely growing on me, in spite of being on the wrong side of London. Nice laid back atmosphere, friendly locals, welcoming staff and absolutely superb beer.They have a full range of Tim Taylors Beers, but the Best was so good I stuck with it.
If I lived nearer, I'd be in there every day, so maybe it's a good job I don't...
M.O.G. - 1 Sep 2006 17:46
I visited again on Saturday and enjoyed a couple of pints of Ram Tam, which I'd previously only sampled in Keighley. With regard to the general availability of Taylor's beers: It's rare to find anything other than Landlord in London, but Golden Best is starting to pop up occasionally and if you like it try the Trafalgar in South Wimbledon where it's the house beer, with five other (non Taylor's) guest ales on handpump.
Rich66 - 28 Aug 2006 23:35
Have to admit that I didnt think much of the place last year on its opening, but the management here have really turned this pub around. The full Timothy Taylor range is served impeccably, including the Dark Mild which I enjoy even more for the fact that it is retrieved form the bowels of the cellar each time without so much as a raised eyebrow from the staff. The locals are very chatty, although you can escape to the side garden for a little peace if required. This pub has been well spoken of in recent editions of Camra's London Drinker magazine, including a cover feature, so its stock should rise even further if it starts appearing in various 2007 good beer/pub guides.
With the exception of Landlord, these beers are mostly un-available outside of West Yorkshire, so if you have even the slightest interest in good beer, you should definitely pay a visit.

SteveinLondon - 25 Aug 2006 14:17
Another very enjoyable visit last Sunday. The Timmys ales go down well with me although the Dark Mild, which was brought up straight from the cellar tasted a bit bland. The Best Bitter was well on form.

This pub is a classic example of how a pub is so much better run by a tenant who has a financial interest in making the pub succeed than by a disinterested manager paid a salary by from a big pub chain group.

Probably my favourite pub in Putney now
JohnBonser - 16 Aug 2006 11:53
I have been to this pub twice now and on both occasion ended up deep in conversation with either regulards or barstaff. Good selection of beers (Timothy Taylor beers for the ale fans, San Miguel amongst others for the lager drinker). Seems like a country pub that's been transported to London, which is a recommendation in my book.
glue_factory - 27 Jul 2006 13:18
Great traditional pub.
With the cavalry charge by some breweries (sadly now apparently led by Youngs Brewery) to convert many of their pubs to faceless bars & gastro-pubs (most of the latter in fact falling well short of the real thing & often being far less value for money than most restaurants) it is refreshing to discover a traditional pub like the Bricklayers Arms in Putney.
The added bonuses here are four handpumps serving well kept Timothy Taylors (probably the only pub in London with this beer range)- Golden Best, Best Bitter, Ram Tam & Landlord, and old fashioned hospitality from Becky, John, Sam & Paddy (Youngs Brewery especially could do with sending some of their area managers & new managers to this pub for training in hospitality and cellar work).
Furthermore the " craic " amongst the regulars at this pub is always entertaining.
A happy experience every time.
zeitlin - 23 Jul 2006 13:00
A decent backstreet local close to Putney Bridge which I visited after reading the aforementioned article on London Drinker. A freehouse selling predominantly Timothy Taylor's beers; on my visit only the Best was available (an excellent pint) plus a Hyde's brew, although there were two other handpumps waiting to dispense other TT's beers that weren't ready to serve. Barstaff were friendly and helpful.

The owners have put a lot of hard work into getting this place up and running and clearly didn't have the budget to splash out on flashy new decor & furniture, but I liked it and will definitely return.
Rich66 - 10 Jul 2006 22:46
Nice traditional pub - a welcome addition to the Putney pub scene, which, with the exception of The Dukes Head ( and The Half Moon if you're a music fan ) is pretty dire.

Read the article in London Drinker for further info on this pub - sells the full range of Timmy Taylors beers.

I received a very warm welcome on Tuesday evening on my first ever visit. I certainly intend to return sooner rather than later. Highly recommended
JohnBonser - 23 Jun 2006 13:41
Spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon here recently. It was a hot day and the beer garden was busy, but we found a nice cool spot with a breeze coming through the open doors. Received a lovely, genuine welcome from the landlady, then settled down to sample the well-kept Timothy Taylor ales. The lunches that came out of the kitchen looked excellent and smelled just like the Sunday roast your mum used to cook (sadly I'm vegetarian so couldn't partake, but they looked to be splendid value to me). Friendly local crowd too. 9/10, one point off as I couldn't see a veggie alternative for lunch.
somertel - 21 Jun 2006 12:45
Visited with friend last night. TT Best and Landlord were available, we tried the Best. Unfortunately it was a little below par, but was not bad enough to return to the bar. The sweetness rather than complementing the hoppy aroma this beer usually has, seemed to be fighting a battle with it, and caused a clash (rather than a blend) of flavours in the mouth.

That being said, the pub is very traditional inside, the staff are friendly and welcoming and I will make a further visit later in the year & will reoprt on any improvements to the beer.

This is a promising pub.
lad_newton - 13 Jun 2006 11:27
Now has a full bank of four TT handpumps, although only two on yesterday. Once they paint the peeling ceiling, this pub will almost be faultless.
Wilson_MacDonald - 16 Apr 2006 17:46
been there a few times before football, seemed to be a few Fulham `boys` in there and despite being die hard Fulham fans ourselves definitely got the impression that we drinking in `their`pub
anonymous - 23 Mar 2006 21:04
Now properly renamed The Bricklayers Arms. I hope it will be getting back to the Glory Days. Good pint of Tim Taylors, charming smiling manageress, the future's bright.
bulky - 14 Feb 2006 14:07
An oasis in a sea of Putney yuppiedom, particularly when Fulham are at home. Timothy Taylers excellent. Bar staff very helpful & pleasant.
Wilson_MacDonald - 16 Jan 2006 12:53
This is an ok pub, at least they turned it back into what it was before its ill-advised 'refurb'!

Good beer, and well worth a look up for local watching.
JockStrap - 3 Sep 2005 17:33
great pint, but full of pananoid @rseholes who think it's their pub.

Never going again whilst under that management.
anonymous - 29 Aug 2005 14:51
Walked into the Putney Brick on the way back from the Dukes Head on Friday and was so plesantly supprised. Great pint of Landlords! It's well worth a visit.
BenEd - 25 Jul 2005 14:15
This is now trading again as a yet un-named public house, strangely enough, selling very well conditioned Timothy Taylor Landlord on tap. However, as the next door estate & football away fans seem to make up the clientele, expect the Fosters brigade to be accompanying you at the bar.
SteveinLondon - 3 Apr 2005 16:59
This pub is gone/closed/kaput
anonymous - 9 Apr 2004 12:40
It's been turned to a Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is happening to Putney!
Stu - 18 Mar 2004 16:19

got anything to say about this pub?

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