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Grenadier, Belgravia

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Supposedly one of the most haunted pubs in Britain. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a soldier who was beaten to death and thrown down a stairwell after he was found to be cheating at a game of cards. A bit harsh.
Tuna - 13 May 2017 12:49
Classic hard to find pub behind the Luxembourg Embassy in Belgravia. Expect surly service, bad beer and high prices which the baying crowd of lawyers and accountants can easily afford.
simontheeditor - 20 Aug 2015 08:14
The Grenadier is a timeless classic. Yes, the beer prices are high, but no worse than in other prominent central London pubs these days. The point is that running costs for places like this are going through the roof and it really is a case of 'use it or lose it'. So... don't choose it for a huge leaving do where a round is going to bankrupt you, but do use it for a pleasant pint or two in a fabulous slice of backstreet London history. It really is in a surprising, atmosphere-soaked spot.
Antiquarian - 29 Apr 2015 10:34
Yes its expensive but it has tremendous character. Its down a Mews just off Belgave Square so it can be hard to find.
WaitorseBoyz - 3 Feb 2015 11:46
Good beer, great history, all in all a lovely back street boozer.

What is there not to like???
kevmac - 23 Apr 2014 23:12
Christ on a bike, going downhill with no brakes.... Please tell me my landlord was not £4.75 a pint. There is a sixnstage multi geocache that brings you here. Would never have found it without that. Fantastic location and packed.... So it must be a little secret. I thought the barman said 4 pound something, but the true amount was lost in the added order for crisps.
Mappiman - 21 Jan 2014 22:19
This is a nice pub but the prices just keep going up. This showed on a Saturday night with not many in the bar. Timothy Taylor Landlord £4.75 and Woodforde's Wherry £4.00
rpf1955 - 15 Dec 2013 18:08
This pub is a hidden gem. Came for lunch and had a delicious pint of Woodforde's Wherry at 3.95. My wife had Timothy's Landlord at a pricey 4.50 but spot on in taste and clarity. Food was tasty.
endoderm - 9 Aug 2013 14:52

What is a century box?
surgery - 29 Jul 2013 12:58

Taylor Walker managed Mews pub that is not too easy to find, but on arrival you realise it's definitely a pub to search out.

The is a small seating area out front with a century box

Up the stairs and into the interesting bar area, dark wood interior with the bar in front of you as you enter.

4 ales on tap the day I was in, I had 2 pints of Adnams Ghost Ship which both were very good.

lezford - 25 Jun 2013 13:59
Nice pub, good beer. Not too pricey for the area (but bloody expensive for anywhere else in the country). Staff were fine, the place itself was okay and the fire in the back room was a welcome sight on a cold day. Had I not been on the move I could have happily stayed here a lot longer.

djw - 24 Feb 2013 00:07
A disappointing visit - only 1 beer (London Pride which was good however)
Seemingly uninterested staff but maybe just fed up having to be negative on the available selection
Fish and chips ordered and paid for never arrived - got money back and left.
This was one of seven pubs visited on an afternoons beer walk with 9 others and sorry to say it was the most unreceptive of the lot.
Pub in general was interesting and tucked away in a lovely setting
I wouldn't write it off a circuit completely.
pick_e_tippler - 29 Dec 2012 10:42
It is in a super location and the beer is absolutely fine (if expectedly pricey). I would echo the comments about staff, having been there a few times over the past year. They're not rude as such, but a bit of enthusiasm added to this fascinating building wouldn't go amiss.
toorantom - 2 Oct 2011 15:35
The old manager has gone (hooray!) and the new chap seems like a decent bloke. Atmospheric pub worth a visit and certainly different from the average Spirit pub around these days.
WatchfulEye - 2 Jun 2011 16:52
It's a great historical pub, in a great location. We enjoyed the beer selection and the food was just outstanding. We didn't order any wine, yet the selection (a la carte menu) was more than satisfying!
We were served by a French lady in the restaurant and a young Polish guy who was mainly behind the bar. We received great service from both plus the bartender told us the ghost story and the history of the place. That wasn't just a dinner, it was like going to a museum, having a dinner, a drink, a great night out and discovering historical bits. Staff was very friendly and even explained why taking photos or making phono calls is restricted.
Frankly, we totally agree with this policy and it does (as explained by a bartender) preserve the value of an original English pub.
The downside is that it's such a small venue and it can't accomodate large number of people.
Keep up the good job!
thelizard111 - 19 Feb 2011 03:03
Visited this place for the first time last week, and despite its fabulous mews setting, a couple of decent guest beers and enough quirky features to make a pub historian giddy, I came away thoroughly disappointed. I can only echo the comments below about the hostile reception and the spectacularly belligerent staff. A real shame - with someone else in charge this could easily be one of the best pubs in London.
rob1981 - 16 Feb 2011 23:18
I have been to this pub twice in 2010, once to drink, one time to eat. I was bitterly disappointed on both occasions. The first time I popped in with a friend and we had a row with a creepy barman over our scotch and gingers! He poored small measures and I said,"double's please", at which point he audibly tutted! He then added a measure and a huge heap of ice. After telling him I only want 1 ice cube in winter he got very stroppy. The fact he hasnt been sacked is a bad reflection on the owner.
I later tried the restaurant out at lunchtime, and boy this was a bad mistake. We had their 'Famous' chicken pies. 'Infamous' is more like it. A small cheap microwavable white soup bowl, containing thin soup, with a few lumps of chicken and a think pastry balancing on top. Im talking prison canteen riot material here! After complaining that this wasnt a pie, the chef returned it with more lumps of bland chicken thrown in and another 5 minutes in the microwave presumably.
Hopefully this place will go under soon, and someone else can have a go, because it's a lovely building.
expertoppinion - 14 Feb 2011 15:23
I am somewhat shocked by the roll-call of rebukes this pub - or more accurately, some of its staff - have received from BITE users over the last few months, as during my recent visit I didn't perceive any real issues with the service, or indeed any other aspect of the place.
With the aid of a pre-marked A-Z map I managed to alight upon the Grenadier, which would've been nigh-on impossible without as one simply doesn't expect to find a little bolthole like this down what appears to be a residential mews cul-de-sac in Belgravia. It oozed character, with numerous artefacts of militaria arond the place, and a fascinating bank of 6 old handpumps, which alas were no longer in usage and fonts had replaced them. By way of compensation though 4 new handpumps had been added either side and were all active. Woodforde's Wherry was on, which I always enjoy very heartily and this was no exception. Incidentally, it was served properly by the perfectly charming foreign barmaid - no sign of this ogre of a landlord referred to by others.
It did have that officer's mess feel about it, which personally wasn't offended by. It is a small affair; don't imagine that it's the pub of choice for a larger group to enjoy. Nevertheless, for a quick 'alf, or a more substantial session tucked away from the prying eyes of the world, this could be the place for you.

On the matter of US visitations, I'd only recommend this or any of the nearby hostleries of note to such people if they have a good working understanding and appreciation of what makes our pubs great. If they want an All-American experience, go to the numerous tawdry bars in the city that now choose to sink to that particularly low plimsoll line instead, and leave places like this alone. Better still, stay in America!
TWG - 2 Feb 2011 14:30
One of my favourite pubs. I love this pub and often take friends here. This is an old officers quarters so do as you are told!!! Great food and the beers are great, Bombadier and Spitfire were here last time I was there.
If you can find it then you will enjoy! I challenge you!
nickyboi45 - 6 Dec 2010 20:39
Really surprisingly quite little pub which could have been in the countryside rather than right next to Hyde Park Corner,
I liked it and the beer was OK but at London prices 3.55 a pint.
Barman was a little abrupt and so I can imagine that the other people's comments are correct.
Visit as it's in a lovely location but beware the barman.
stevefarmer - 13 Oct 2010 18:45
I've lived in London all my life and been to all sorts of good and not so good places. I went to the Grenadier after reading a couple of reviews and thinking it looked pretty special.
It was but not in a good way. . .
My friend and I got in fine and asked if there were any tables available for dinner. The barman told us 'yes', so we bought some drinks - I actually saw my friend hand over 20 and get change which became an important point later - and we were then shown into an empty dining room and given menus. So far so good.
Then the weirdest thing happened: 5 minutes after we sat down the barman returned and apropos of nothing said he needed the table back by 9.30 PM. We checked our watches: it was 8.15.
My friend and I talked this through and because we'd not seen each other for ages and had planned to eat in a leisurely way over the course of a few hours, we decided that we'd finish our drinks and go somewhere else: somewhere we wouldn't have an egg timer in the back of our minds, counting down the seconds until we'd be asked to make way for other diners.
So we told the barman our plan but he told us to leave the dining area immediately. We asked him if we could finish our drinks first - after all the dining room was empty - but in an extremely hostile, rude way he refused, telling us told we couldn't and repeating the line that we had to leave immediately.
Because he was so rude we protested and asked to see the landlord who duly appeared.
We explained the situation - said what we had wanted to do and how we'd been made to feel pressurised and then how the barman had made us feel really, deeply unwelcome.
The landlord explained there was nothing he could do: that is was 'policy'. I asked him if he was the landlord or the manager and he confirmed the former. I said that as the landlord he could decide what 'policy' was - he could do what he wanted. He could make a decision on whether two people who had wanted to spent the whole evening drinking, eating and spending a lot of money in his pub should be made to feel completely unwelcome, rudely spoken to and pushed out of an empty dining room or not.
At this point the barman who had slipped away for a moment came back and presented us with a bill for the drinks we'd already bought. We told him we'd already paid and he called my (female) friend a 'lying bitch.'
We were stunned.
Then I explained I'd actually seen my friend pay in cash for the drinks beforehand and that that was no way to speak to anyone, let alone a paying customer.
In the end the landlord told us he'd had a problem with the barman before and would speak to him in the morning. Given how utterly pompous and unconcerned the landlord was for how we felt, we reckoned he probably congratulated his staff member on damage well done.
In the end the landlord told us to have the drinks (yes folks the ones we'd ALREADY PAID FOR!!) 'on the house', so clearly he didn't believe we'd paid for them either.
So in summary the landlord of this pub is a total fathead who has allowed Time and Money not customers' wellbeing to become the Masters of his establishment.
if there is ANY justice in this world, this vile man deserves to have his pub taken off him by someone who actually cares about his customers not just about the cash they carry.
AlexBarclay - 11 Oct 2010 21:01
""RandomVisit" - I am going to venture out there and guess that you asked the proprietor why he was not showing American Idol or an NFL game. Think of "making a memory" when you visit a unique place, stop and listen without imposing your will and appreciate uniqueness without taking it as a personal assault. Did you ever think the Grenadier maintained its sense of community by forcing people to mingle in its friendly confines around the historic bar or below the beautiful flowers just outside in a tucked away quiet corridor of the bustling Westminster section of London? It balances this while offering the ability to escape the pub scene within the pub by offering a limited number of intimate tables with a menu not meant to match normal pub fare; this is because it is not just another big pub with a jukebox, Budweiser on tap and flat screens deployed to dull a visitor or locals ability to connect with friends or strangers and "make a memory". "

In fact, most of you sound as if you're from the US. You embarrass me.
Beadwindow - 18 Aug 2010 23:22
Possibly the worst pub I have ever been to. The situation and dcor are amazing and the selection of beers available is very good.

The pub itself is very small, what little space there is has been divided into a drinking area and a dining area, though the latter was not in use when I visited (and Im not surprised having found out since that the menu prices are higher if you choose to sit in the dining area) we were not allowed to sit there for a drink. This really brings me to the reason I was moved to write my first ever internet review of anything.

The short, grey man behind the bar (I believe him to be the landlord) is the least hospitable man I have ever had the misfortune to be served by. He almost seemed to be put out by paying customers wishing to keep his business going. I recommend going to this hole just to se this man in action. He is the pettiest, most small minded publican I have met, I really cant see why he thought running a pub would be a good career move.

Additional points to note, due to the lack of seating (that you are allowed to use seriously, hell actually shout at you), customers are forced to stand around on the street outside (so much for all that atmosphere the guide books prattle on about) in what is actually a pleasant street. Consequently, it is damned near impossible to get a real glass (if Id known how rude he was about to be to me, I would have demanded he re-poured my order into glass as I was sitting inside). Finally, beer is served in nominal pints only, dont expect a top up when you point out that it is only four fifths full.

Go there or dont, the only reason I can give for going is to see this man in action.

randomvisit - 7 Jun 2010 18:05
Went to this pub the other day with friends and was served by the most insulting man put on gods green earth. At the end we had to get up and leave because the atmosphere was terrible. Ended up at the Wilton Arms the made it to The Nags head. Surprisingly their bloodys marys were much better then the 7.50 rip off we had here. I would not suggest this pub to my worst enemy, I hope this pub can shape up (firstly by getting rid of the grumpy old man behind the bar) in order to keep a profit and customers.
okthatsit - 28 May 2010 22:15
I too have encountered this "barman" when I went to the Gents by removing the rope at the right hand side of the bar. He stopped me and told me it was the other way (meaning I would have to walk all the way around the bar and double back on myself)."No", I said, "I can see it there, I'll just go through here". With that, he picked up a bar stool and blocked my way. Realising how petty this individual was, I smiled at him, moved the stool and proceeded only to be told I wouldn't be served again! By the way, it was a quiet Friday afternoon and apart from myself and my wife, there was only one other person in the pub. Pathetic really, so we won't be troubling him again. By the sound of it, this guy has got quite a lot to answer for, landlord (or lady) take note!
PCD - 18 May 2010 11:01
Having discovered this pub in 2007 it became one of my favourite places to take family visiting from overseas. The land lady was always welcoming and shared the odd story or two about the 'ghost' of the pub and the story behind the money on the ceiling. I have been back 5 times subsequent and each time been more and more disappointed. After the lastest experience, I finally feel I need to post a review.

Last night was my fathers 60th, all my sisters had flown in from overseas as a surprise and emerged from the back area as the grand surprise! This was meant to be a really special night. We ordered champagne, only to have the incredibly sour barman trip over the bottle holder and spill an entire bottle. No apology or even acknowledgment he had done this was given, however he then actually opened a different type of champagne in a miniature bottle (?) and topped up our old champagne glasses with this new type of champagne!?? I of course questioned this bizarre behaviour and he replied, "oh it's fine to mix champagne as this is a better champagne"....We were the only guests in the side/back room at about 9pm, and my Dad made a quick call to his brother to say what a great surprise the whole night had been, this of course meant an argument erupted between Mr Rule Based barman and us, regarding the phone policy. I totally get the phone policy - there is nothing worse than someone loudly ranting on their phone, but when you are the only people in a room, and it's very quiet and quick and obviously a special night (or trying to be) I do think a level of understanding needs to be given. Then of course we moved onto the no photo policy - yes, we were advised we couldn't take a photo of this memory. After the 330 bill with a 40 'service' charge was paid, I quietly approached the land lord to express my disappointment of how a super little pub has gone down hill, and he informed me in a very aggressive tone, I know what you have been up to, talking on your phone and taking photos. We don't allow the paparazzi to take photos...OK so now I am paparazzi? Basically I was made to feel like a criminal. He also said that we were a huge inconvenience as we were half an hour late, when in reality, the surprise guests turned up early to get into hiding and Mum and Dad were 15 min "late" as this was being set up...

I would give this pub a good rating on food, but for service, it wouldn't even register a zero.
amyw - 17 May 2010 12:26
Revisited this gem of a pub on an Easter evening and was slightly disappointed. Still a great surroundings for an intimate evening, with good-looking food, nice beer selection and a beautiful setting. However, the barman was surly to the point of rudeness (when asked for 2 Bloody Marys (a house speciality) he loudly said to his colleague "2 bloody marys for these idiots") and the prices have gone through the roof. All in all, worth a visit, but the bar staff need some lessons in basic courtesy.
wes_mantooth - 6 Apr 2010 19:28
Worth a visit, but I'd agree that the service was average. When I peeked my head around the rear half of the pub for a seat, I was eyed menacingly and told that this was the restaurant area and that drinkers would have to make do with the space out front. That aside, I had an enjoyable Batemans. Shocking cider selection, though.
plymouthpirate - 21 Mar 2010 13:46
I have not been in this pub for donkey's years but the news that they have introduced a no mobiles rule cheers me up no end and I shall make a point of going soon on a Sunday lunchtime, always its high point.
guayabera - 19 Feb 2010 20:17
Can't believe the children are crying about not being allowed to use their mobile phones. Grow up for Cliff's sake.

They have this rule in a few Cambridge pubs also and I totally agree with it.
Pat_Bateman - 29 Jan 2010 16:09
This is a small pub hidden away in a mews in Belgravia, which perhaps is a good thing as it will save many the displeasure of poor and often very rude service from the staff of this pub.

The pub itself is really quite a nice place to be and has some interesting bits of history to it. Regardless of it not having a beer garden, the front area is nice to stand outside in on a summers evening, though some effort could be made to provide more seating.

However nice and interesting the building is though, this is completely spoilt by the level of service provided - or not provided as the case can be. Understandably any pub can be busy on a Friday or Saturday evening, though with this in mind why on earth is there only one member of staff behind the bar as I have witnessed on more than one occasion? This of course leads to an avoidable crowd of people clamouring to be served and then being treated to a member of staff who looks like they couldn't care any less about the customers they are serving.

Another gripe about this pub I am sure to share with others is their ridiculous list of rules, and importantly, how these are enforced. I can appreciate the need to abide by licensing rules by not allowing glasses outside, but their handling of this is often intolerable, as I have seen the staff demanding the use of plastic glasses in a rude and sometimes aggressive manner. Their no mobile phone rule is quite a bone of contention as well, does it matter in a crowded pub someone using their phone? These rules are upheld in a shocking manner and I've seen many customers look quite disgusted by the way they are told they are 'breaking the rules', its like your commiting a heinous crime. In particular, the man who I believe is the landlord has no qualms about deafeningly shouting across his pub, with some of his displays I'm surprised they have any regulars at all.

Overall a lovely little pub and it does actually do a good pint (if its not served with too much of a head) but unless you want to spend a good while trying to find it, and then to be greeted by some very rude staff its not worth the effort, better leave this one alone really.
oli10 - 18 Jan 2010 01:35
Poor little diddums bedfont is forced to sever the umbilical chord between him and his mobile for half an hour for the sake of others and he winges.

This is a very small boozer where inconsiderate idiots braying into their mobiles can be heard throughout. i for one am delighted that they are banned and only wish that all mobile users were exiled outside pubs to continue their one sided rants alongside the smokers.

Great pub, wonderful moth eaten military memorabilia, friendly staff, good food and great beer.

porcus_volans - 6 Jan 2010 19:45
Beer was good but these no mobile rules smack of self regarding owners. It's the first pub that tried to hard sell me food with my beer as well.

Timothy Taylor's was excellent and the Bateman's XXXB was well served even if I don't like that heavy dark brown malty style of beer.

It's also a great pub for people who don't like to drink full pints as every pint served was 5/6th beer.

They also continued to serve a drunk in there before finally banning him.

Not sure it's worth the trouble of going out of your way and it's tricky to find if you don't know where it is.
bedfont - 29 Nov 2009 21:39
Small, interesting, hidden-away, expensive mews pub. Not that busy - and no audible Americans - in a mid-week mid-evening, but the staff didn't really trouble themselves to be helpful. Nothing wrong with my pint (Wadworth's Swordfish, 5% abv and blended with Pussers Rum ), but couldn't really wait to finish up and move on to somewhere more hospitable.
rpadam - 28 Nov 2009 21:36
Decent Timothy Taylor Landlord. Seems to trade a lot on its touristy reputation -- several came in when we were there for a couple of pints (and they were taking photos).

It's another place with an absurd no mobile phone rule (or, actually is a little into the 21st century as it only bans voice calls and ringtones -- you can text). These rules seem to be popular with small minded, luddite little Englanders but tend to pepetuate an outdated view of the relationship between landlord and customer -- that the punters are receiving a favour by being served. Were this pub not in a tourist trap but in some ordinary suburb then this attitude would probably see it boarded up long before now.

OK to visit for the location and the beer's fairly good but no reason to return there with much enthusiasm.
charlie_m - 28 Nov 2009 13:51
I have rated this pub as a 7 only because of the location and decor..
We visited Tuesday afternoon after our friends, visiting from the US, had finished at Buck House. We arrived at 2.45 wanting lunch but food service had finished at 2.30 they would not even atempt to offer a sandwich but tried to sell us withered sausages and cold roast potatoes! we were the only people in there but I suppose such a tourist trap doesnt need 8 peoples trade. Poor service like this is very embarrassing when you have people visiting from countries where service is excellent. We asked if there were any post cards etc for sale but they didnt have any. When we tried to take photos we wern't allowed! And as we were the only ones in there it cant be because of any "shy celebrities"! We stayed for one drink anf moved on so they lost an afternoon of trade and we wont be taking more of our friends that have arrived yesterday we will try somewhere more accomodating.
walkalot - 28 Aug 2009 15:13
Another splendid Belgravia mews pub - if you don't now where this is you'll never find it as it's down a hook shaped cul-de-sac and invisible from any road a cab will take you along.

Up the stairs at the front and it's a pleasant bar area with a room off to the rear left that is mainly for eating. It's a warm pub and one that I've enjoyed on my periodc visits over 15 years.

Just great and hopefully it keeps going for many a long year yet
murgatroyd - 4 Aug 2009 21:30
Superb hidden away mews pub, outside are well tended floral displays, and a Grenadier Guardsman's hut. The inside is museum like, the front room has the bar straight ahead, wooden original floor, leather cushioned well worn settles, cast iron wooden topped tables. panelled walls, from a ceiling beam hang old oil lamps, pistols, pewter tankards, hunting horns and so on. There is a guardsman's bearskin proudly displayed on a shelf over the fireplace.
Through an arch to two rear rooms, parlour style....I'm guessing original landlords set generally for dining, tiled fireplace, military pictures/photos.
Four Angram pumps serve a range today being, TT Landlord, Pride, Batemans XXXB, and new to me, Vince Minty's Stronginthearm Ale (4%).
Don't be fooled by the old style handpumps in a bank in front of the fizzy stuff.
This pub has rules, lots of them, plastic glasses for outside, mobiles on silent, and oddly no photography for security reasons.......yeh right. No problem anyway with me sitting there and writing my copious notes!
A nice touch is the sale of Cumberland sausages on sticks (1) as a snack to enjoy with your pint.
Maldenman - 31 Jul 2009 22:05
Another blogger with nothing to say but collect virtual mates by making piontless comments .If you want burgers go to to Ronalds Place.Thank god for reviewers like John Bonswer.
bee578 - 26 Jul 2009 07:30
I have been a pretty regular visitor to The Grenadier for the last four years or so, and I hold it in the highest esteem. The beers and food are decent, the clientele are an eclectic, but friendly mix, and the pub's interior and exterior are utterly charming.

This said, after several visits over the last couple of months, it has taken a horrific turn for the worse because of its staff. Perhaps I have just been lucky in the past, but of late I have encountered quite intolerable rudeness and incompetence. Aside from one incredibly friendly and helpful barmaid/waitress, the staff are gruff and shouty without reason, ignore those waiting for drinks, instead preoccupying themselves with tasks which are quite clearly not pressing (restacking full glass shelves, counting receipts, etc), and are perpetually surly.

The notable offenders are the rather slow chap who looks a little like Harry Enfield, and the landlord and landlady. This couple are two of the most unhelpful and antagonistic people I have ever encountered. It is entirely understandable to have one's own unique rules (no photography, no straying beyond a certain tree outside), but there is no need to deafeningly berate polite foreign tourists for not knowing about them. It is a pub with a proud military tradition, and a strong contingent of regulars are servicemen, but this does not justify the lambasting which I witnessed the curmudgeonly landlord dish out to a poor young fellow who happened to be wearing a military-style coat when, to quote the landlord, he "hadn't even f***ing served". If he were running a pub frequented by unruly sorts who regularly required a heavy hand to keep under control, this sort of crass aggression would just about be understandable. As it is, however, the usual crowd is extremely polite, easy-going and civilised.

I must emphasise that the impression I have just given is based only slightly on experiences in which I was directly involved, but moreso on what I have witnessed being suffered by the many other customers. It is an all-encompassing rudeness! I should also point out that I enjoy the stereotypical English "reservedness" (I probably display it myself), but that has never been a synonym for impoliteness.

I truly hope they change their ways.
charliemorrison - 24 Jul 2009 13:53
Still one of my favourite pubs in Belgravia, it is small and can be full of American tourist but the beer is decent a normal 4 ales are on.
davetheaddick - 16 Jul 2009 17:45
Fine,small, traditional well-hidden mews pub close to Belgrave Square.

It's a very characterful pub with many prints and photographs of the Duke of Wellington and his regiment, who apparently used to frequent the pub when they were based at the nearby barracks.

There's a small bar at the front - the rooms at the side and rear are now used for dining.

On previous visits, I've never really warmed to this place - mainly because I invariably seem to end up in conversation with some excruciatingly irritating know-all Americans who are touring "Yurrup" and have been directed to this pub by the local hotel conceirge. "Gee, ain't this pub cute" tends to be my cue to try to escape to another part of the pub , which is difficult given its size.

On the day of my most recent visit - 6 June 2009 - the pub was marking the 65th Anniversary of the D Day Landings with a singer performing all the old 1940's favourites ( White Cliffs of Dover etc ) and free 1940's menu food ( donation to charity requested ) . Certain of the beers were being sold at 5p per pint to servicemen in uniform.

Real ales on were Thwaites Lancaster Bomber, TT Landlord, Batemans XXXB plus Adnams. The TT Landlord was in fine form and, at 3.10p per pint ( to those not in uniform !) might be considered reasonable, given the pub's reputation and location.

I've revised my opinion of this pub now - it's well worth seeking out if in the area.
JohnBonser - 12 Jun 2009 13:51
I would very much like to like this little pub which is almost unfindable down a cobbled mews. However despite the ales on tap and the presence of a convivial American contingent there are too many strikes against it: plastic glasses for outside (you can see why, it would be hard to get broken glass out of the cobbles, but I am sure the Belgians and so on manage), no photography policy, too crowded around the bar area, and of course it is ironically too popular for its own good.
rainlight - 16 May 2009 08:10

Native English-speaker identified behind bar!

Must state that I've never had the misfortune to encounter a footballer in here.
Flaneur - 31 Mar 2009 17:49
Tricky to find. As previously said it should be a perfect little boozer, but it isn't. Pint of landlord rather dull, guest ale ok. Has a 'no photography' rule to placate some French diplomat who drinks there, and Frank Lampard has a half every now and then (so i was told). Actually, looking back that could have been a 'no fun' rule.
Green_0nions - 23 Mar 2009 16:00
First attempt did not go well, because the pub was too full (which is not difficult to achieve).

Second attempt more fortunate, good table and good food.
"Landlord" on tap is a must and sausages and mash were very good.
Atmosphere is the best feature, though, pretty dark and full of character.
One can stay outside, in a nice mews tucked away just a few yards away from Belgrave Square.
Ticks all the boxes.

ebenezerscrooge - 22 Jan 2009 01:11
Should be, could be, great.

Never identified the landlord or landlady in the many times I've been there and the usual Eastern European teenagers behind the bar are a poor substitute.

Completely killed by its inclusion in seemingly every bloody London tourist guide published in the past five years and by the fact it enjoys milking them for every drop (see restaurant).

Flaneur - 16 Jan 2009 12:09
Grenadier surprisingly packed (even for such a small pub) last Saturday afternoon.

Good pint of Landlord, and friendly service from the bar staff, though following on from previous comments, they didn't seem to be quite on the ball, including an apparent inability to ascertain which customer was next in line to be served.

Looks like the interior has had a smart redecoration, though generally I have to concur with the review "theregent".
Dartitis - 15 Jan 2009 17:04
I visited the Grenadier with a small group of friends in the early afternoon this week. I totally disagree with most of the comments. We had only planned to stay for a quick drink before moving on, but we quickly decided to stay. The staff were all particularly friendly, the atmosphere was great, and the bloody Mary's were excellent. We did not stop for food but the other people there seemed to be enjoying their's.
mice470 - 18 Dec 2008 11:45
Not easy to find, unless you have a good tourist map. Which for the locals working around the area is good during the week! (It is down a back mews, which appears to go no where).

The pub has a small front bar with some tables. Typically around 3 beers actually on draft. These are well kept, with Landlord one of the regulars. Major downside, is that you are not allowed to take your glass outside. If you wish to stand and drink (enjoying the sunshine) outside, you need to have a plastic thing. Not good.

Food is reasonable quality for the bar menu. However, note there are LIMITED tables (in the bar side) for this. And you are NOT allowed to have bar food in the restaurant side. Regardless of the fact this maybe completely empty...

Staff tend to vary from being ignorant of the beer, but friendly, to sully (mainly from the female landlady). There are other friendly places locally.
zakman - 17 Oct 2008 11:51
Popped in here at the start of a day's london pub exploration, and rather enjoyed it - very limited ale selection but it tasted pleasant and the girl behind the bar was an amiable presence,food didn't look that appetising though.Overall, worth visiting for attractive location, get there early if you want a seat!
virginiaplain - 17 Aug 2008 14:53
Brilliant location,I feel sorry for the tourists that get suckered into visiting this place. this rates as one of the shoddiest run pubs in London. If this was run by a dedicated landlord I'm sure this would be a place that you would look forward to visiting time and time again, this place has had no care, pride or attention lavished on it for many a year,just a cash cow for the owner, not that their is anything wrong with making oodles of money, just do it with some aplomb and finese.
theregent - 25 Jun 2008 22:02
Horrible pub, filled with horrible people. If you want a taste of olde England then this is the place for you, as in olde attitudes. Filled with dithering, wobbly Sergeant/Major types, like the guy in Faulty Towers but not as pleasant. In fact a bit nasty. Treat like a zoo or a window into the past, but don't stay too long. Oh and in agreement with some of the other posters..the food stinks. And the beer is very very average...clean to pipes for gods sake....Actually on second thoughts don't bother, people, after searching for this place, you'll be dissapointed..just go somewhere else..loads of nice pubs around that area....
Mickeen - 28 Apr 2008 12:31
Called in here recently on a quiet Monday afternoon. Pleasant location with an interesting history but the pub's atmosphere is badly spoiled by it's recognition on the tourist route. I admire the patience of the bar steward who endlessly described the relative merits of "English Beer" to a string of American and Oriental tourists. Pass.
sussexred - 26 Mar 2008 22:56
We visited this pub today based on positive (historical) recommendations. It turned out to be the worst dining experience I have had in London since gastro pubs were a concept rather than reality. This place is riding on its prior reputation and that is all it has to offer. When one person in our party ordered a tea, asking for Earl Grey, she was told they only had 'English tea' as this was a real English pub (I must have missed the tea plantation on the way in from Brighton last weekend!). When the starters were delivered, 3 out of 6 had to be sent back because they were cold. When the mains were delivered, 4 out of 6 were wrong and 1 was cold. The waitress suggested we might want to just take the 4 incorrect orders as it would be another 15-20 minutes to bring the correct order. I should mention that none of the food (served hot or cold) was any better than average. At the end of our incredibly average and over priced meal, we were confronted with a bill which had an additional GBP90 service charge as a penalty for 9 no-show people which we had never agreed to. Quite frankly, the recent other diner experiences sum up this new management nicely. They are unprofessional, serve below-standard food and it won't be long before they are out of business.
kboynto - 16 Mar 2008 17:42
Bring back the old licensee (Chris) as the new one is rubbish, she is never available in person or on the phone. The service has gone downhill and the prices have risen beyond belief. The new management have removed all traces/photographs of sunday "TOM"
The Grenadier was once a place of goodwill and great service, you are better off not going.

davidjohnson - 1 Mar 2008 22:38
Rumours of its closure have been greatly exaggerated. Still very much alive.
blueski - 29 Feb 2008 11:43
my second visit to this pub both times ruined by hoorays who think its jolly good japes to fart in the pub,disgusting.i left my pint and wont return. There are far better pubs in Belgravia.
chasepaige - 11 Feb 2008 18:21
I've heard a rumour that the Grenadier has closed. I've not been there for a few months but if it has closed this is terrible news. This is by miles one of the best pubs in Central London
davetheaddick - 8 Feb 2008 14:55
Friendly London pub in a nice area. The barman done really well when our group of 11 virtually all requested a pint of Timothy Taylors 'Landlord'. At the end of our London crawl he took some of our good natured comments very well, while he poured our pints. On the whole the pubs customers were very friendly.
An attractive pub both outside and inside.

Love_good_ale - 9 Oct 2007 00:29
Little gem of a pub, in a woderfully classy area, no plebs or chavs to depress you. popular with tourists who on the whole are quite friendly.
theregent - 30 Jul 2007 17:38
Smashing little boozer. Went there on Saturday afternoon, sun was shining, birds were trying to have sex with the bees, usual summer's day. Sat outside on the cobbled street, chatting, drinking. Not sure about the French bar-man's ability to pour the the perfect pint of Guinness though. Lot's of happy people.
mad_mullah - 9 Jul 2007 14:15
Popped in one evening last week ; hadn't been before. One or two "hoorays" were present, as expected from reading earlier reviews:the weather was good so plenty of people were drinking outside. Quite hard to find.Enjoyed a couple of pints of Wells Bombardier, as if to maintain the military theme.
Barman rather condescendingly told me they didn't sell crisps and he put the beer into plastic glasses even though I'd said I would be drinking inside.Nonetheless a good find overall.
Ordinary - 16 Jun 2007 15:01
I am an American and a frequent visitor to London. After finding the Grenadier in 1983, it became a favorite watering hole. The Grenarier may be small but it has atmosphere, ambiance, friendliness, excellent ale AND food. I have never encountered a rude customer or staff. While it can be said that it has become a tourist trap, you Brits had best realize that the entire city is a tourist attraction. As for the noise, patrons desiring quiet seem to migrate outside. The Grenadier is a great place to socialize; I have met English, Scots, Welsh, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, many continentals, and asians; all were friendly and it developed we had something in common - we were all veterans. All in all, in spite of its age, the Grenadier is well worth the visit. I may see you there.

Davet3498 - 11 May 2007 20:07
I spent a very happy Sunday afternoon in this quiet pub. The owners were more than friendly (they gave me a London Pride t-shirt for free!), the service quick and efficient despite the crowds, the ales excellent, and the other patrons friendly (one Italian gentleman invited me to stay with him in Rome whenever I feel like going). It is rather difficult to find, but it is worth the wandering about in this beautiful neighborhood to find it. Oh, yeah - and the pewter bar is AMAZING.
Pandoraly - 26 Mar 2007 21:33
It's a wonder this pub has any customers it's so hiddeen away, down an exclusive mews cul-de-sac and totally invisible unless yu walk to within twenty yards or so of its doors. a very nice old-fashioned pub on the face of it; I wandered in around 8pm on a tuesday evening and it was busy without being uncomfortably so. Most of the customers looked like well-off local who could afford to have their dinner in the pub rather than cooking at home after a long day at work, although the food smells were a bit overpowering for someone such as myslef just wanting a quiet pint of decent ale. Speaking of which: four handpumps including London Pride and Old Hooky, which was on good form. Unfortunately I'd been there barely a quarter of an hour when the place was invaded by a large crowd of young American student types who couldn't seem to keep still and were talking very loudly. (One or two of their number didn't even get a drink in - being irritated by people who aren't even proper customers was the final straw!) After several minutes of aural assault and being constantly brushed past I drained my glass and left. As mentioned by an earlier reviewer, this pub isn't really suitable for groups of more than three or four. Certainly worth checking out though and I'll definitely give it another try.
Rich66 - 4 Feb 2007 22:13
Been coming to this pub since I discovered it by accident in the 70s (I really don't remenber what I was doing down alleyways off Hyde Park corner). It has its faults but it always features on my tour of Belgravia's hidden mews treasures. One of the first places to have Old Specckled Hen on draught around 10 years ago - which has got to be a tick on the plus side. Too small for any group more than 2 or 3 to drink in comfort - but I like it.
RexRattus - 17 Dec 2006 22:38
Yes its a bit snobby but the beer is good and the food is excellent , if a bit expensive. Very nice barmaid and good ambience. Well worth a visit.
WaitorseBoyz - 14 Dec 2006 15:24
No smoking, no mobile phones, no making loud noise, no drinking beyond the designated area, no atmosphere. Yes, it's a nice pub and the food looks tasty, but the service is slow and it can take a long time to get served behind the masses of American and Japanese tourists / businessmen who come here. Quite hard to find unless you really know where to look.
kingston_toon - 3 Oct 2006 16:06
Very small pub. Service was awful. Somewhere to try out your posh accent. Full of Horses types. Sorry my inverted snobbery coming out again.

Only plastic pint glasses outside.

Beer OK but expensive but the area is generally
TheHorsesMouth - 26 Sep 2006 15:40
A lovely pub and well worth seeking out.

Be warned though that it is not big and when I visited it was a bit busy - the bar staff were as fast as sloths, meaning that I ended up waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting..

LovePubs - 23 Aug 2006 21:53
It's charm is it's hidden location (you have to be Sherlock Holmes to find it), but it's well worth a lunchtime visit.

I found the staff to be very friendly, considering I was part of a 15 man stag do.

Quality of real ale, good.
markbernard - 31 Jul 2006 18:31
On my recent visit the beer was fine and the place hadn't changed of course. Varied clients, all a bit squiffy in the sun. The service was adequate but not friendly or welcoming for such a small place. History and character yes and in a good little place.
mitomighty - 23 Jun 2006 20:26
Yes, it has history, but not quite sure what the fuss is all about. Not quite a hidden treasure, but also not as friendly as I would have expected.
Mr.Matt - 14 May 2006 21:08
lots of character, good selection of ales and pleasant atmosphere. It's off the beaten track so need to be an orienteering champ to find this place! As a historic pub it is on the tourist map, so be prepared to "bite your tongue" when large groups from across the pond descend on the tavern - one of the reasons why they get away with charging the prices they do. Nonetheless worth a visit if in the area.
big_dog - 18 Apr 2006 14:57
Visited for the first time on Sunday. I did think it was a nice pub with nice bar staff, but the circulating landlord gave off an unpleasant attitude and the beer selection was extremely unexciting. What is the point in offering Young's bitter, Pride and Adnams bitter? Why not serve one or two standard bitters, and maybe something else like an ESB, a mild or a real stout/porter? A common gripe of mine.

Our visit was pretty much ruined by an extremely obnoxious group of about 8 middle aged ugly americans, smoking cigars, drinking champagne and SHOUTING.
anonymous - 18 Apr 2006 10:10
A well hidden pub - come equipped with map, compass and preferably a GPS receiver. Probably a good thing it's elusive though as it's a bit too popular with organised tours already - on the plus side the ale is usually very well kept and the Bloody Marys are truly excellent.
tim_eyles - 29 Jan 2006 20:23
Had a terrible experience in terms of service there a few weeks back. The quality of service of the waiter was not greta and then guy who was looking after the restaurant could not have been ruder towards the end of the meal. Made us happy to go and spend our money somewhere else

Wouldn't recommend it to anyone
tour_contact - 29 Jan 2006 13:51
Will be back for the bloody mary! Good little place. Very charismatic. Nice ale. Very small.
mitomighty - 10 Dec 2005 13:01
Delightful little pub, very well hidden down what appears to be a private mews but full of charm and English tradition. Oh and did I mention the toffs?! Fully expected given its location and calls for much entertainment, naturally! Well worth a visit if you can find it.
Cleversaz - 1 Dec 2005 01:05
Struggled to find this one from Hyde Park Corner. Was worth the effort. Enjoyed a pint of Greene King IPA on a slow afternoon.
Other than one overbearing American blathering on about how great the lager it was a great experience.
jorrocks - 22 Oct 2005 04:24
I love this pub. Have been here many times & - although it can get very crowded - I have always found it difficult to leave when it is time to go. The food is superb,the ale fine,the staff more than efficient. Go there - you may even see the Grenadiers ghost!!!
Mr.Raffles - 12 Jul 2005 22:58
It's a pub I want desperately to hate. But I can't. It's fabulous. There's a bloke who owns a Ferrari-estate just up the road too (very rare). Stand outside on a summer's evening and you might see it ....
anonymous - 4 Jul 2005 09:37
Jolly good Bloody Mary.
rah - 2 Jun 2005 14:34
It's got a great atmosphere. I went there during a heat wave and for some reason (maybe it was the pewter bar and breeze from outside) found it a tonic. Nice drop, nice fries. No ghostly encounters though...
version150 - 28 Feb 2005 12:38
A must on any pub crawl in Belgravia. Fullers London Pride is consistently good and perhaps not quite as expensive as might have been expected given the location.
John - 8 Nov 2004 12:39
Went there one hot Friday lunchtime with my young family and mum, a bit of a nostalgic visit as my great Grandmother (Mrs Cowlard) used to live at 21 Philips terrace, Old Barracks Yard in the late 18th Century.Nice pint of Fullers London Pride but expensive round as that, a glass of house wine and a Gin and pineapple gave no change out of a tenner !
Mr Phil Gurr - 6 Aug 2004 18:33
One of the better pubs in this area, which is crowed with characterless places catering to overseas visitors. Yes, it is expensive, but consider the location.

The food here is great, but you need to be sure to book ahead of time. They also serve food at lunchtime, which is a better bet for a seat without a reservation.
radandmark - 11 Jun 2004 19:45
Sometimes Madonna and Guy Ritchie can be seen here, but mostly it's OK if ferociously expensive.
OK, just a quick half - 11 Feb 2004 17:15
A good pub, and conveniently out of the way in a mews. However, can get a tad crowded as the punters fight for space at the bar. After 9, unlikely to get a seat. Some good Fullers ales.
Oliver - 18 Nov 2003 14:14
Nice old pub. Don't go for dinner without a reservation. Plenty of open seats but the stuffmeister's won't seat you.
Bruce - 17 Nov 2003 19:37
relies on clients from nearby 5* hotels who are prepared to pay top prices. lots of problems with local residents especially during summer when drinkers gather outside. it pays to make friends with the manager, Patricia, who is not one to cross swords with!
anonymous - 23 Aug 2003 02:49
Good exterior and atmos but I nearly had a rectal prolapse when I looked at the menu for the restuarant. Fish and chips 12.95!
Rich - 24 Jul 2003 19:30
Disappointed last time I went October 2002. Bar was dirty and under the counter were bar flies.......
Hope theyve cleaned up their act because it used to be a great pub.
tony chetwyn - 9 Jul 2003 05:55
A truly elegant old pub. Very real history as this was the Duke of Wellington's original Officers mess hall. The Pweter bar is over 200 years old. Small and cosy. A few locals and tourists and it is more of a "suits" place. Nice clientale, frienly staff and cthe food whilst basic at the bar the restaurant is excellent. I recommend the "stilton puffs" as starter.
A high recommendation for a visit.
J. Reeder Pennsylvania-USA
J Reeder - 8 May 2003 14:19
Went on 4/25/03 and have been there each time we visit London, and the atmosphere and friendly mix of locals & tourists draw us back. Friendly staff.
Paul & Debra Williams - 30 Apr 2003 15:49
i used to work in the pub as well
and it kind of grew on me.
definately a place worht visiting!
tanja tuomola - 14 Feb 2003 13:41
i have been working there and i must say that it is wonderfull place1!!
Vesa Nikkari - [email protected] - 20 Jan 2003 10:12
A great, authentic and historic English Pub. Menu is a bit starchy, as would be expected, but worth the calories.
Chris - 3 Jan 2003 16:06
Lovely historic pub with genuine charm and character. Do not visit though for the food which is vastly over priced for very basic.
Peter Green - 13 Nov 2002 09:08
Great little pub, gets a bit busy. appears in tourist guides so often frequented by lost septics...
Phil - 7 Aug 2002 10:11

got anything to say about this pub?

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