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East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

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user reviews of the East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

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Spot on terenced. I started going here in the early 90s for the comedy upstairs, and at that point SE22 felt like a war zone. I'd avoided durig the 00s after the refurbs, but pleasantly surprised when I came back recently. Antic have got a good balance. Much better than the other places in the area.
baggydave - 4 Mar 2017 12:29
Easy to knock the EDT but it's a very decent pub doing whatever it does pretty well. Good range of beers and manages to dance the right side of the line of East Dulwich parody.

terenced - 5 Dec 2016 09:25
Two of us arrived here just after 11.30pm on Saturday as it was the only pub open to get a drink after leaving the Cherry Tree.

A decent selection of ales on cask, I had a very drinkable pint of Revolution’s Should I stay or should I go @ 4.5%, is this named after the Clash song or on the EU exit?? Who knows.

I think the EDT is open to 1am on a Saturday, anyway I left around 12.30 and they were still serving and it’s was pretty busy. I’m still not a fan of this pub, don’t know why but I guess I should give it another try when I’m more sober as on this visit I liked it!

lezford - 2 Jul 2016 18:57
Ten handpumps serving a wide range of Interesting ales.At typical Antic prices. The service is quick and friendly.
slerpy - 9 Feb 2016 21:00
After a visit to the excellent Flying Pig (not listed on here, but I have requested it to be added), not too far away from here on East Dulwich Road, I moved on to the East Dulwich Tavern. This place was packed with diners and those in to watch Chelsea play on the TV. However once I'd found a path to the bar, service was quick and the barman was very knowledgeable. There was a good selection of ales too. Although they had no real cider. Ales were Great Heck Washington Red, Brick Peckham Coal Line Porter, Revolutions Fireworks Smoked Pumpkin Porter, Clarkshaws Phoenix Rising, Volden Vim, Dark Star Hophead, Franklins English Garden & Sharps Atlantic. I had the 2 porters which were both enjoyable. Second best pub in East Dulwich after the Flying Pig.
blue_scrumpy - 8 Nov 2015 17:41
Popped in for a quick beer on the way to Dulwich Hamlet on Saturday.

The pumps had 4 ales and 1 cider on. Even though the choice was decent I went for a bottle of Brixton Breweries Atlantic APA @ 5.4%, £4.50 a bottle though!

Busy, football on the televisions in the bar to the right as you enter

Families and groups of friends in the other bar eating and chatting, this is quite a loud need for music!

Still not a fan of this pub but it gets a 5/10 for the beer choice alone

lezford - 27 Oct 2014 13:49
Unlike the above photo the EDT is now a vibrant purple colour. I was very happy to visit during yesterday's Beer Festival , another three gravity beers were on offer.I had a Gipsy Hill beer which was very good. The EDT is a typical Antic pub,they are hip and try really hard to be super cool( which defeats the object)take us as you find us we throw odd cushions all over the place! The traffic is usually heavy outside ,when I spotted a 176 there was enough time to drain my pint and run the 100Metres to the bus stop, that is quite handy!
slerpy - 19 Oct 2014 19:50
Heavens the beer keeping is much better but employing daft boys who sweep up unfinished glasses just annoys everyone
Michaelnow - 5 Jun 2013 23:10
I visited here to catch some of the Liverpool vs. Arsenal game on a Saturday lunchtime a couple of weeks back.

Pub was very busy with football fans and other general locals eating and drinking. Having been here a few times over the years I feel from my last visit this place is going down hill.....rapidly!

While the pub has a good range of beers on draught the service on a Saturday lunchtime was shocking. There was 3 staff behind the bar whom only one was serving while the "manager" fussed about with the pump clips and just took forever while not really noticing there was a fair size crowd gathering at the bar, leaving the one on the ball barmaid to serve everyone, this in my opinion was just poor.

The pint I had was nice enough from a reliable Scottish brewery but having drank this pretty quickly it was time to move on. While not the worse pub in the East Dulwich area it's certainly not a pub I'll be visiting again in the near future.
lezford - 22 Mar 2012 13:03
Orkney ipa (3.40), 5am Saint, Harviestoun Natural Blonde, Adnams Lighthouse, Hewitts Urbane Gorilla. A few foreign bottles and keg beers. Shabby chic, one of the Antic Collective chain of pubs. Here around 6pm and plenty of locals known to the bar staff. No bar stools but seems an ok place and beer perfectly acceptable.
GuideDogSaint - 31 Aug 2011 17:57
It's pricey and its East Dulwich so its bound to have a pretentious glance to cover its lack of soul, thats the deal.

But it does Caffreys and sometimes a decent Irish stout is the way to terenced's heart.
terenced - 27 May 2011 10:29
I love the EDT especially the upstairs room which is great for a party or quite drink/food with friends. There is new management and last time I was there the staff were really friendly and helpful. Apparently the food is looking up too. Upstairs they are planning more regular music nights so look out for Jazz on Sunday afternoons and some Thursday evenings, if you love live music!
kgroove - 9 Jan 2011 17:37
I've been going off and on for 8 years. Up until 2009 I really only went if it was very quiet. For the handsome bar and a quiet read. I was startled when it won Local of the year. But I realised it had changed hugely. No longer rubbish service to solitary gents who weren't pals of the staff. So on with the new : For someone my age and social outlook I know to avoid late Friday Saturday as they successfully field a quite different customer. But otherwise I'll now go any time for well kept beer including a house beer at 2.50. Currently Brakespears bitter. Generally very good service. Last night as I waited the customer ahead of me was offered a taste of a new wheat beer as an alternative. And last but by no means least the currently excellent menu. For the first time I dived into the menu and had a lovely herring salad. An amazing menu from the guy in what appears to be a caravan kitchen. All I could ask for from a local. And vitally it has not disappeared into gastro pub land and not lost its allcomers social local function. A marvel.
Michaelnow - 18 Jun 2010 13:30
I love EDT. Agree the bar staff can be a little unfriendly but it only applies to about half and I think the service has improved recently. Nothing's cheap but it isn't anywhere in ED. Decent food (huge portions) and a nice atmosphere with a real mix of people. Bit chocka when the football's on though so get there before it starts if you want a table away from the screen! Have enjoyed many a pint and a chat here...
KIiwiBird - 6 May 2010 11:37
Used to be a good pub, now rapidly disappearing up its own arse.
halfafarthing - 18 Jan 2010 15:33
A pretentious place with pretentious staff and pretentious prices that attracts unsurprisingly, pretentious clientele.
ShelfStacker - 24 Jun 2009 09:59
I went there recently with friends for the beenfirst time. Nothing special. Sky-high prices, matched with aloof/rude/surly staff behind the bar. Do they not know that it's common courtesy to use the words 'please' and 'thank you' to paying customers? All this with a reported six pubs closing down in the UK per week. The EDT could be next. I won't be back.
Greedyboy - 3 Mar 2009 00:16
bought pint and a half of shandy, and it was 5.50 ???
got nice seats by the fireplace, nice decor. top professional table footie game thou...
ifyourbuying - 26 Dec 2008 16:45
EDT has changed their upstairs to a 'members bar' - oh dear. I wonder if it will manage to be even more expensive for a pint than the pub ??
Free trail for a month the sign said, should anyone be interested!
gonetolunch - 10 Nov 2008 18:06
The original and still the best, not that it has to be particularly good to be be best in ED. this used to be the chav free pub in the area, sadly the chavs do get in every now and then, but overall still the best place. prices do deter most of the riff raff, but happy to pay premium if it means i'm not surrounding by Chav cockney wannabe gangsters who, sadly, still seem to think they have a place in East dulwich society.
kiwiphil - 22 Oct 2008 12:39
Has anyone caught the lesbian act behind the counter in the edt. If i were you i wouldn't-ugh
studney - 11 Oct 2008 10:25
four pound fifty for a bottle of Kopparberg..... your having a bubble.
carteraa - 5 Aug 2008 17:13
Haven't been there since the cabaret moved out. Remember when it was so rough you didn't dare go downstairs. One night there were bouncers on teh door and they were only letting locals in - we naturally thought it was dog fighting or bare knuckle fighting. A relief that it was a 70s disco! Ah those were the days.
baggydave - 17 Oct 2007 22:28
Not a bad pub on the whole but I dont think it quite competes with the Bishop just further up the road... completely disagree with the slating took here. But to be honest...

"They also dont serve any alcopops so if youre a beer drinker who after a few pints, likes to wind down later in the evening..."

Nuff said really!
Sparky82 - 16 Oct 2007 14:12
I disagree with the below message. the EDT is without doubt one of THE finest establishments in the whole country, it is a wonderful, wonderful place. Everything about it is superb, it is a JOY to come here, an absolute thrill.
kenspubs55 - 21 Sep 2007 17:19
I used to like this place but I went here on a Friday nite 2 weeks ago and it was dead as a dossers vest (about 5 people in there all evening). About the worst atmosphere Ive seen in a pub on a Friday night anywhere. The dcor is so dark and dingy too (especially by the big screen) why dont they brighten it up a bit?

Let's have a happy hour, anything to liven it up a bit! Even when punters use it for the football matches they all dart out of the place straight afterwards.

They also dont serve any alcopops so if youre a beer drinker who after a few pints, likes to wind down later in the evening, you'll have to switch to shorts or lump beer all night. And as for the grub (I dunno if its just the pizza thats bad), but avoid the pizza at all costs it was worse than crap. Whatever yellow stuff was on top, it wasnt cheese they probably grill their own phlegm or something!
andycool4cats - 13 Sep 2007 16:50
Nice pub, can get quite hectic if there are any sport events on but if you are looking to watch a game this is a good place to go.
Recently ate here as well which was really nice. The bar staff are sometimes a bit slow but other than that generally good.
Annabanks - 3 Sep 2007 10:15
came in here with som,e fiends last week we sat on, the outside and smoked inside it 's quite big and spasoius with lot' s of peopele/ upstairs is a caffay but we dident go upstairs it has no pool table or dart-bored and coudnt find the duke-box ^ some people her are funny
bertrand - 14 Aug 2007 17:35
Came here at the weekend, sat outside and drank some delicious organic ale... I will be back.
propertyking - 10 Jul 2007 10:45
Live about 2 minutes from pub and is not bad i pass 3 pubs 2 get to this one and live oppiste one however none of them feel like pubs. The EDT Is a good pub have met loads of nice people in there. and as im gay i must say (all though not to loudly case they find out!) that sum of the barmen down there r propa fit! even though the ones i fancy r not gay! least i can look. often take the papper down there after work however dont go in there much at weekends cuz its to bizzy and near home! i like to go more central london at weekends. but not bad for a few pints after work
STYLECOUNCIL - 14 Feb 2007 19:17
Last time i was there, I ordered a stella and it was totally 100% flat. i told the barman so he poured me another absolutely flat one. I told him the pump or the barrel must be knackered and to try a different pump. He said 'it still tastes the same, what difference does it make??' and walked off. Thankfully a girl working behind the bar came over to me and said, 'your right, thats totally flat, sorry about that' and poured me one from the other pump on the other side of the bar which was absolutely fine. Just an example of the regard in which this pub holds it clientle.
pejpm - 14 Jan 2007 21:08
What a great pub! am new to the area and delighted to have the EDT on my doorstep. Have had several lovely evenings out and the restaurant is quality too. I find the staff very friendly and helpfull and thoroughly deserving of a good review. Good standard and selection of beer and I like the furnishings, has a nicer feeling than the other pubs along the road.
anonymous - 12 Dec 2006 13:47
Pub fine - restaurant a disappointment. Food took an age to arrive and even the olives and bread offered as compensation for the delay took at least 10 minutes to arrive and that was only after reminding the waitress. Food ok but served on stone cold plates so had to be eaten at break neck speed. Although there is a bar upstairs they do not have all drinks available so if you want something from downstairs you have to go and get it yourself.
ryeroad - 7 Dec 2006 13:53
I think this pub is pretty dire and devoid of atmosphere. The restaurant upstair though is excellent. The food is mouthwatering, the service is good, the embiance is inviting, the house red is highly recommended. I rate it highly but only because of the restaurant.
anonymous - 25 Nov 2006 15:49
This place is devoid of any craic or character. I need GCSE languages to order a pint. Beer is sub standard. Most people who go here just can't be bothered to walk any further to another bar.
WonnacottP - 18 Nov 2006 21:56
think some of the comments here are pretty harsh, there have been some changes but I think they are for the best- the atmosphere is really good now and the food is definately 'good pub food' if not haute cuisine. the place is more like a proper local pub now but without being scary- had a lovely evening there the other week.
thenoodle - 29 Aug 2006 17:15
I don't actually use the pub but last week I went to the restaurant upstairs and the food and service was excellent. Highly recommended.
hooley - 19 Aug 2006 13:46
Went here recently and was quite dissapointed. I know that it used to have a good rep, but now it seems a bit dreary. I had a carling there which I wouldn't serve to a soap dodger. Shame really, use to be a premier boozer

anonymous - 17 Aug 2006 16:05
Posting as I particularly enjoyed some of the more recent comments. Not scoring as my experiences are out of date. When I went regularly to the Cabaret in the early 90s downstairs was a rough old place. Believe it was a Milwall pub at the time so care needed on a Saturday! Main memory is when there were bouncers on the door and a particularly rough crowd. Was expecting bare knuckle or dog fighting but it was actually a 70's disco (obviously owners were very selective on who was let in). This is a great web-site but shame that scoring cannot start a fresh when there is a major shift as clearly score for this pub reflects older times. Similarly I encourage readers to enter a zero for the Bricklayers in Sydenham to reflect how awful this place has become and overide the previous high score.
baggydave - 31 Jul 2006 12:21
I just voted "10", not because it is a 10 but because currently this is quite unkindly and inaccurately rated as the worst pub in East Dulwich, and it's not as if there isn't some stiff competition for the title. Hence I thought I would make a small contribution to raising the average.

This is where it all started in East Dulwich when all you c***s where still living in Clapham or wherever you came from. In fact, before then, when you were all still at "uni".
Beertastingmonkey - 23 Jul 2006 22:07
Like the new decor from a few months back, a bit more lady friendly in the bar on the right. Still great for the footy. Not that impressed with the lagers or the prices. Why don't they sell basic food downstairs, as well as the restaraunt upstairs. Random DJ's at weekend, some good, (Loved DJ Crash & Burn), some naff. Music is sometimes so loud around the side with the mosaic floor, that you can't have a conversation. Friendly manager allowed up to take the outside chairs in for the footy. Have recently installed chalk boards in the mens toilets for any profound thoughts, most of which end up being profane, (and all over the walls).

Unlike most of the bars East Dulwich, this one doesn't seem to be pretentious. Sure the Guardian crowd are here, but so are the chavs, the local shop keepers and the odd pensioner.
krsone - 19 Jun 2006 13:43
Visited last night. Interesting decor - a little bit Morroccan with "stylish" dim lighting. Apparently it's great for footy matches with a few big screens. Didn't get much of a look at the beers on tap, but I got the feeling it's more of a lager place. Nice enough - I'd visit again.
steve5312 - 3 May 2006 17:23
I went in on a Sunday lunch time a few weeks back and they were playing mothership connection by parliament on the stereo. Thats worth at last a ten in my book
tribeofthenuba3 - 13 Apr 2006 16:45
I quite enjoy this bar actually, even if some people seem to dislike the foreign bar staff. As far as I'm concerned, south east London could do with a few more foreigners to spice up the usual drab mix, and maybe it will encourage us to learn to order drinks in a few new languages ;-)
sukiesam - 11 Apr 2006 12:47
i've lived here for seven years, when i came here the edt was the most prominant bar in the area.........but unfortunatly this has changed. WHAT HAS HAPPENNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the staff here were a good craic because they knew how to have a craic. THIS PLACE HAS GONE DOWN HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whiteroom - 31 Mar 2006 02:11
I used to come to EDT quite often,as my friends used to go there. I went overseas for a month. When I came back and wanted to go to EDT for a drink,I walked in and didn't recognise anybody! The whole atmosphere had changed. It definitley didn't feel like the EDT I once knew. This was in January. I haven't been back since,despite the fact that I live just down the road. I don't see myself going back to be quite honest!
rosebush - 23 Mar 2006 17:32
I have been a local in edt for many years but i must say that the new decor looked promising, but then all of a sudden all the nice staff i saw all the time have been replaced with non english speaking staff that i have to repeat my drink orders over and over. It seems cold and uninviting now and is my least favourite bar in the whole of east dulwich.
anonymous - 23 Mar 2006 17:23
I am very happy to say that the EDT is on the up again! I think the bar staff are nice and polite - maybe you should smile at them a bit and dare I say it - buy them a drink????

It's great to see the EDT bouncing back - the new decorations are great! My only complaint is footy in both bars! Have one where we can watch footy when the wife is at home, and one where we can talk to her when she's out with us!

ratsterama - 10 Feb 2006 13:47
nice pub, does what it says on the tin really. Shows live footie, beer is good and well cared for, staff are generally friendly and there is no trouble there from my experience.
carteraa - 16 Jan 2006 21:12
Has had a bit of a refit. Its not bad but the staff are pretty poor. They make you feel as if they are honouring you by serving you rather than thats what they are employed to do.
anonymous - 6 Jan 2006 11:58
too big, too much football... too little of atmosphere.
Not convinced. Maybe i should go again, in case i#m wrong.
Mrs_Kermit - 4 Jan 2006 17:08
a mecca for baby-foot playing fin-haired mugs. awful place.... not often i'd say this but i honestly think it'd be improved if they gastroed it up. yea i know there's a restaurant upstairs... who's idea was it by the way to rip out a great comedy club and whack in a half-arsed restaurant? gastro it up downstairs, use the baby-foot as a dishwasher and you'd be back on track EDT
steveo500 - 18 Nov 2005 12:11
This pub/bar has gone full circle again! Generally its not a bad place to go but for the last few years the managemtn seem very keen to get all the old locals out and make way for all the young trendies with the big city sallaries! Fair enough things move on but however i know of people being shuntered out of this bar for no apparant reason but yet they continue to serve the most disgusting foul mouthed northerner i have ever had the displeasure of having to listen to. "F" this "F" that... not to mention the C word! He certianly does not create a good impression for the bar and the management NEVER pull him up on his language, I personally have to leave the pub when around! I Think its about time they got rid of all the snotty nosed staff and get someone else in who doesnt have 2 sets of rules! It would also appear that Alli the ashtray is back in town. Now thats reason enough not to venture in the EDT, he probaby got the push from his last place as this guy is not at all popular with the locals. You go in there for a pint after work and all you get are the miseral bar maids bitching about each other! Yaaaaawwwwnn The beer is alway flat! the music is always monotonus and why bother having Sky sports if they look at you in disgust if you ask them if they are going to show the football? They all haggle together in a corner having their late note staff drink and you can see that they just want veryone to bugger off home and leave em to it! Dont work in a bloodiny pub if you cant be sociable! Jeeezzz...who does the hiring of staff in that place? I wasnt a big fan of the Bishop at first but over the last few months has grown on me so thats gunna be my new local!!
abc1972 - 27 Oct 2005 13:58
This pub's a bit crap! Overpriced too!

Restaurant upstair's nice!

I used to like it and once went in there when it was very dark and I could not see anything but now I don't like it anymore!
ratsterama - 23 Sep 2005 11:21
I really like this place. It feels like a home from home.
MerchantDriver - 26 Aug 2005 17:19
i was going to write a constructive review of this boozer but even thinking about the gaff has left me with an overwhelming feeling of lethargy...
tanderson7 - 23 Aug 2005 10:25
Not a bad pub. Once it was THE trendy pub on the street, but thank goodness this has changed with the birth of the Bishop etc. Lacks atmosphere alot of the time, adn could do with a food menu to spice it up a bit. Beautiful flowers always there to admire however! All in all a bit lame though to be honest. And i will take below persons advice and a) stay in my own pub, and b) rubbish this one on the internet! Cheers!
charlottekm - 12 Aug 2005 12:33
I too have noticed that when i rate a pub as bad, that people snipe back and assume that im an ex member of staff! people not allowed an opinion anymore? Ridiculous!
charlottekm - 12 Aug 2005 12:31
I have noticed that whenever anyone makes any negative comments about any of the pubs on this site the comments are considered to be made by competitors of ex employees!!!!
hooley - 11 Aug 2005 19:16
We actually got thrown out of this pub for singing Happy Birthday!!! Even though others joined in and we werent offending anyone we were all told to leave, it really was quite unbelievable especially considering the price of the drinks!!!. The doorman barred us. Having never been barred from a pub in 20 years it came as quite a shock!!!
hooley - 24 Jul 2005 12:09
i actually think some of the comments below are unfair - and seem like they were posted by jealous competetors in the area. as it is my local i think i should just say it is wonderful. the atmosphere is great and drinks are exactly what you want from a pub - also i went there last saturday night and they had a wonderful woman DJing rock n roll - not dance music - so what are you all talking about? perhaps you should stay at your own pubs than come here or worse rubbish it on the internet...
kerrinw - 26 Apr 2005 17:24
Overated sullen dump this,..overpriced as mentioned and the decor in the TV section reminds me of a converted warehouse I went to on a stag do in Prague that calls itself "Rocky O'Reillys",...had the feel of a kids playroom - brightly lit with balsa wood panels on the walls and a table football in the corner,..bogs were directly under the (vaguely lit) big screen on the main wall...Can't remember whether they had a fruity or not,.. but if they did, assured that i woulda been on it, whilst finishing my solitary pint.....
kmcs - 30 Mar 2005 13:49
considering the local competition with pubs and bars like inside 72, liquorice and the clockhouse.. it's always fairly packed out. however, this doesn't mean it's a lively, buzzing, place for a friday or saturday night. a pretty dull atmosphere... especially compared to all the other pubs in the area. definitely missing something. no longer have the comedy club. has potential to be done up... how about some nauticalia?! some sort of theme or character to liven up the look of the place... cos the people that go there definitely reflect the dull interior
anonymous - 14 Feb 2005 20:47
Ive found the bar staff to be surly and the drinks quality to be really hit and miss especially some of the draught lagers.Expensive for the location
lnterior drab and depressing but overall it could be a good bar. In need of something.
anno - 9 Nov 2004 00:05
some of the staff seem less than happy to be serving you, quite dull, in summer nice view of the roundabout from the benches outside. much better local offerings, shame as nice venue
rory - 6 Nov 2004 17:29
this pub shows the football and is easy to meet people in if the`re not local. so that`s the good stuff out the way. staff turn over is high. except one, they are mostly boody miserable too. expensive considering the bland boring atmosphere. david`s right about the claphamites.....
swifty - 2 Nov 2004 15:05
Loads of floor space. Good place, a bit pricy though.
Anna - 21 Sep 2004 19:54
Just hate this place, apart from it being a good place to watch football, I can think of little to recommend it. The bar staff are fast but unfriendly, and it has a real dodgy atmosphere. OK if you want to try your luck before the Redstar, otherwise don't bother.
Cassius - 5 Jun 2004 16:59
Its a nice place, not very rough at all - lots of arty types. If you don't like boho/funny hat wearing types or paying about 3-4 a beer then nice venue and atmosphere.
Jack - 20 May 2004 16:31
I agree with Dave about the bitter. If you are only going to have one on, amke sure its it good quality. I have often found it to be past its best.
thomas - 19 Feb 2004 14:46
As a person who used to drink regularly in the pub, I must admit I’m surprised with the recent comments regarding the staff being rude and arrogant, and totally surprised about the Homo Phobic issue. (Especially as the some of the staff are gay)

The pub to me has always been busy and popular. The staff to me seem friendly and efficient, unless some thing has drastically happened to the pub in the last 4 months I haven’t been in there.

Must admit there are reasons why I don’t regularly go are,
A) Bouncers on door seem to think they run the place. (Anyone actually told them that it’s not a proper job to be proud off)
B) Only one real ale in the place. (I know I’m sad, but larger to me has no taste after 2 beers)
C) Music is generally load and repetitive. (Any chance of a slight change in order or even record list.)
D) New people moving to East Dulwich seem to think that it’s Clapham. (No its not, if you want to drink in a Clapham type pub, jump on the No 37 Bus and go, but don’t turn Dulwich into a Circus?)

Well does anyone else agree with my comments, please respond?

David - 16 Feb 2004 15:13
Someone always takes my seat by the fire. Bastards.
Maureen Hooper - 8 Jan 2004 13:57
Went in there recently and was surprised at the way my friends and I were treated. To say it is a rough, racist, homophobic pub would be an understatement. We felt as if we were doing something wrong when we asked for drinks. We decided to leave before the locals jumped us, as they looked to be wanting to do. Never have I BEEN SO GLAD TO LEAVE A PUB in my life. All that was missing from the pub were pillow cases on the locals heads. One to avoid if you have friends who are supposedly "NOT BRITISH". One to avoid at all costs!
Anonymous - 3 Jan 2004 14:38
It was a much better pub when they had the comedy club upstairs
jeff - 2 Jan 2004 13:34
'Ali the ashtray' is a pathetic excuse for a bar man or what ever he thinks he is, I find him and the rest of the staff rude and arrogant, and the bar itself is not so great. come guys sort yourself out
robert - 3 Dec 2003 00:28
Wouldn't say its the best pub in Southwark but its ok. Tries to hard to be clapham pub.
Its good for the football, but could improve on the real ale frtont.
thomas - 16 Nov 2003 15:17
The EDT is probably the finest pub in Southwark and with the best and friendliest bar staff.The Hamlet(Vale now)is all hype and not a patch on EDT.
danno - 7 Sep 2003 16:17
Would have to say its the best pub in Southwark and as the best staff around.
dan - 1 Sep 2003 20:33
A decent enough pub but with appaling accoustics. Maybe I'm just getting old but its impossible to hear a conversation at a normal level over the roar of backgound noise bouncing off the tiled floor.
Bodge - 8 Aug 2003 11:13
This pub is west london gastropub...without the gastro. Would be one of London's finest if it served decent (or indeed any) food enabling you to spend all Sunday there behind your broadsheet. Clientele's spiritual home is Chiswick. Decent ambience pretty much all the time.
TNT - 14 Jul 2003 15:45
The EDT was a revelation to me. The range of clientel was an eye-opener. I drank next to the fattest cattle rustling Mississipi swine I have ever come across. And then there was Danny Bell who started chatting me up and proceded to faint in front of my eyes, banging his head on the way down. I suppose that was a sign of how good the drinks are!
Jenn - 29 May 2003 13:21
This here place is about as fine a goddamn drinking establishment as you'll find in the state o' Southwark. Bottles o' beer so smooth you could rub your ass on 'em and barmaids so darn pretty I damn near got a stiffy the second I walked through those doors. If you want a beer that ain't served by no toothless crone and ain't part o' some goddamn awful chain I suggest you visit this place-tell 'em Big Bob sent you.
Big Bob - [email protected] - 29 May 2003 12:45

got anything to say about this pub?

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