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Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

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user reviews of the Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

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Disappointing... had three pints, first two had to be changed because they were undrinkable, third just wasn't nice. Disinterested staff, couldn't cope with crowds. No food available - "ordering system couldn't cope"
AndyBanana - 21 Jun 2018 15:35
Classic riverside pub on the Hammersmith Riverside. Now taken over by Hippo Inns -- we shall see how that goes as they have been good for pubs in other places, but nowhere so busy or well-frequented perhaps.
rainlight - 25 Feb 2018 10:48
Was back in the Blue Anchor after a couple of years on Thursday evening. The pub along with the neighbouring Rutland Arms has a fabulous location next to the River Thames. But it's central London prices and use of plastic glasses are a little annoying. It's practice of locking all the doors by 11:20 meaning you can't even use the toilets is also worrying. Thank God for the Rutland Arms! The ale selection was Sambrooks Pumphouse Pale & Lavender Hill & Nelson Blue Anchor Ale. No real cider is served. Although they have Orchard Pig Reveller on keg. A good place to meet and with a fabulous location. But nothing else to recommend it.
blue_scrumpy - 5 Jul 2015 14:10
Visited on a Saturday pub crawl of Ealing and Hammersmith areas, it is right on the river and was packed when we got there, had a pint stood outside watching the world go by, decent service seeing as how it was busy and the beer was well kept.
beershot - 2 Jun 2015 17:32
Thames side pub near Hammersmith Bridge. The outside seating area is on the pavement. There are parasols, but even so it can get a little hot there. We sat inside in the back room. This was very pleasant on a hot day to sit in the cool and shade. The pub is quite small, and fairly ordinary, though offers four casks ales from smaller, less well known breweries. We tried three, and all were in excellent condition. They have lots of wood, and some comfy leather sofas, and there's a pleasant laid back atmosphere. We enjoyed being there, though it's not a pub that I would especially urge people to visit, it served us well enough. We last visited this area a year ago, and drank and ate in the Youngs pub, the Old Ship. That is a larger, more professional place. There's more seating, and more choice of seating, there's greenery around, the terrace is shaded and off the pavement and slightly elevated so you get a better view of the river. But the prices are higher, and the beer choice is limited to Youngs.. At the end of the day, we couldn't say which pub we preferred - both have their charms. For lower prices and better choice of beer, here. For better and more comfortable views of the river, the Old Ship.
SilkTork - 23 Jun 2014 11:40
Well done for the Minder reference QP,
my quote from 2008 !!

Let"s hope when it re-opens it"s a boozer Arthur & Terry can be proud of?
check out the end credits of the original Minder series!
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winchesterclub - 27 Feb 2008 12:34
winchesterclub - 11 Oct 2013 15:45
Great location, worth coming for the view alone. Otherwise little to remark, perfectly acceptable service and punters.

This pub was on the beginning titles of 'Minder'...
QueensParker - 6 Oct 2013 04:38
Oh god, does that Mariachi band stil trot up and down outside? I remember it from years ago. But I agree that despite the refurbishment which lost the Blue Anchor its boats on the ceiling and moved the unusual pewter-topped bar to a new position at the back of the pub instead of the side, this is still a good pub with a great location. There were several beers on including their own Blue Anchor Ale (which isn't brewed nearby as it happens).
Also the upstairs room, which years ago wasn't generally open to the public, is now, and is a fine place to sit, whether Gustav Holst, while music master of the nearby St Paul's Girls School, really composed his "Hammersmith Suite" here or not.
rainlight - 31 Dec 2012 13:02
The last and probably the nicest of 3 Hammersmith riverside pubs we sampled on Friday evening. There's lots of wood, as with the Old Ship and the Rutland. But this one had a little more character than the other two. It also had a better selection of ales - Cottage Triumph Stag, Binghams Brickworks Bitter & Nelson Blue Anchor.
blue_scrumpy - 23 Dec 2012 13:21
I think Elegiac Stanzas lamenteth too much! It's not that bad or hoorayish, is it? There is always a varied mix of customers, it seems.
It is expensive for merely average strength & quality beer, though, ditto the food & snacks; but then, it is the last pub 'above' the bridge in W6.
I too can remember it from the 70s onwards, & the re-furb is OK.
What does bug me, especially in summer, is the cyclists speeding up & down outside, & also that cr*p 'Mariachi' band coming round annoying everyone with their begging. But I expect some people actually enjoy that kind of thing...?

renzarov - 26 Oct 2012 14:38
I was a local for long enough to remember the old Blue Anchor, as you sat surrounded by wooden planks and semi-nautical memorabilia, sipping decent beers in often a lively but welcoming atmosphere. The staff went the extra mile on evenings such as Halloween, and it was often a real event to visit this pub on a Saturday night.

Then, sadly, a few years ago somebody killed the pub. Completely smashed out and opened up the interior, turned it into some kind of ďbraying yuppies by the riverĒ theme pub and seemed to add a pound to the cost of every drink overnight. The only thing missing now is some form of sanitised branding; but Iím sure the name will be changed to ďAll Bar OneĒ or something similar before too long.

To this day, it still has a terrible range of lowest common dominator drinks, is about the most expensive pub you could possibly find, and you will struggle to find a higher quota of horsey girls and nice-but-dim boys this side of Eton.

What an awful waste, of both location and potential.

elegiac_stanzas - 7 Aug 2012 11:23
Great little pub, cracking location, personally I can't really fault the place.
kevj - 25 Feb 2012 14:50
One of many pubs fortunate to have a fantastic riverside location in Hammersmith (this is the first one you reach walking west from Hammersmith Bridge) but I think this is my favourite of them. The service is excellent as is the food and drink, and the atmosphere is always good. Popular unsurprisingly in the summer but also as the weather changes. It's always going to be on the more expensive side of things considering the location but I think it's worth paying for and not all that unreasonable!
W_Lucy - 23 Oct 2011 19:03
Very nice pub with panneled walls etc inside and an idylic location overlooking the river. Well kept ales, not too expensive taking into account the location and quality (£3.60 cask ales). I didn't eat there but the food seemed popular too.
Well worth a visit.
alexw - 31 Jul 2011 15:06
This pub must have changed management. The staff were lacking skills. Pouring one beer at at time and finding it hard to talk to us punters. Last time i was here There was a young guy running the show who had a great friendly bunch of staff. The upside is that the beer still tastes good food looks good(we didn't eat). Had a bunch of different ales which is good to see. Largers were the standard ones. If they had the old team back the Blue Anchor would be a gem of a place.
We can only hope that someone does something about this.
eveningbeer - 2 Jun 2011 08:09
Has got seriously expensive. £4.30 for a pint of stella?!
slacker - 6 Apr 2011 14:10
This was a lovely, quaint gem of a pub (not a boozer IMHO) before the 2008 refurb so I think the comments are divided into those who knew it before the refurb and those who did not. Personally I preferred it the old way but it is still rather better than the nearby competition, albeit focussed on vertical drinking and food.
SimonM - 22 Oct 2010 15:41
Stopped for a quick pint while walking the Thames Path from Putney to Kew Bridge. Beautiful pub, helpful staff and great beer! Wandle Ale went down a treat. Good place to people watch the endless stream of walkers and cyclist going past.
Mothroy - 6 Sep 2010 08:10
Small but very popular (i.e. cramped) pub in a fine spot on the Thames just west of Hammersmith Bridge. The music can be a bit loud too, so getting a seat outside on the river terrace (not easy) is a bonus. Four real ales, and not the usual supsects (e.g. Wandle, Itchen Valley Fagins, Betty Stogs and a light but flavoursome Hogs Back Dark Mild at £3.40). Pretty good, but go at a quieter time if you can.
rpadam - 8 May 2010 21:44
My review shall pale into insignificance compared to the excellent ones posted by JohnBonser and RexRattus, but nonetheless I shall continue. I find The Blue Anchor to be a pleasant pub, a traditional place. The staff are good and help to create a friendly atmosphere inside. Obviously it's excellent to sit outside by the river in the summer, but even in somewhat cooler times I like to visit The Blue Anchor due to the interior.

Thankfully when I last visited the music seemed to be being played at an inoffensive volume (this was during the daytime), I hope that continues and they don't start blaring it out as the evening draws in.

I wouldn't say The Blue Anchor is a spectacular pub, but when in this area it's an excellent place to drink. When one considers that the immediate alternatives to it are The Rutland and The Old City Arms, it seems better still. Well worth a drink in.
Amy_J - 11 Sep 2009 11:39
Itís right on the river near Hammersmith Bridge. With its outside seating with superb river views it can get very crowded during the summer. But on a wet Wednesday lunchtime in early September it was fairly empty Ė only me and two other old boys enjoying a pint or two. I think itís quite an attractive pub Ė the appropriately blue painted exterior looks good in this setting, and the interior is also rather nice with what looks like an original Courage bar back(?) on the right. Decoration consists mainly (of course) of rowing related paraphernalia, plus an old £SD cash register on the end of the bar, and what appears to be some wartime helmets on one of the walls. Itís bare boarded, which unfortunately does nothing to help suppress noise levels in a pub, and the walls are dark wood panelled. Seating is a mixed bag of high stools at ledges along the front and one side of the pub and at a couple of high tables, banquettes and normal tables and chairs.

They had three real ales on when I was in: Sharpís Doom Bar; Sambrookís Wandle; and Skinnerís Betty Stogs. I had the superb Betty Stogs, which was £3.30 a pint. Iím used to paying this sort of price in London of course, but if itís a choice between paying £2.80 for GKIPA or £3.30 for an excellent ale like Betty Stogs then Iíll readily stump up the extra 50p. The food menu looked pretty straightforward. I had a tuna/ciabbatta sandwich with a salad garnish for £5.95. Again, not cheap, but what would one expect at somewhere with a location like the Blue Anchor?

The pub seems to be run by a couple of good humoured Kiwis. The only downside for me was the pop music being played a bit too loudly, which seemed a bit out of keeping with the character of the place. But thatís just my subjective opinion Ė maybe others would like it. Iím certainly happy to drop in again sometime for another pint.
RexRattus - 4 Sep 2009 13:11
Good pub, far superior than its next door rival
realaleabonus - 27 Aug 2009 18:10
Very nice summer pub. Can get very busy. Watch out for cyclists, especially after a few lagers in the sun. I was there a while back with 8 other mates from South Africa and got hit by a cyclist with 4 pints in my hands. The poor cyclist came off second best, with the loss of only i pint. LOL!! He still tried to blame me. The bar staff even offered to replace the lost pint. Was a great day.
Kyer1 - 25 Aug 2009 07:50
Decent pub - tried all three of the ales on offer (which judging by a previous review don't change all that regularly). Kept fairly well, although the Adnams Explorer was far too warm. Decent interior, but its main asset is its location right on the river by Hammersmith Bridge. If its a nice day and there's a seat outside this is definitely worth a visit, but be prepared to pay a premium for your drinks.
bananaco - 6 Aug 2009 09:46
Smallish riverside pub on Hammersmith Mall with a fine view of Hammersmith Bridge and the river from the outside tables at the front. The pub dates back to 1722 and claims to be older than both the famous Dove and the Rutland next door ( virtually ).

This pub has had a refurbishment since I last dropped in several years ago, inevitably leading to the loss of a bit of its previous character and individuality.

The bar has been mover round and now faces the river. The former Courage bar back remains in situ and the small stubby handpumps now sit proudly unused on a shelf by the front window.

There now seems to be more room inside, probably because some of the old traditional tables and chairs have gone and have been replaced by those high circular tables and tall bar stools that seem to be very much in vogue nowadays. The wood pannelling and rowing memorabilia is still there thankfully.

I suppose I would sum the refurbishment up by saying that there's still a reasonably traditional feel, but it's now a bit more sanitized and impersonal. It's still family owned however and not a pubco chain pub.

There's now slightly more of a food emphasis and a dedicated dining area upstairs.

My recent visit was noteworthy for a rare sighting of Betty Stogs, who, for the benefit of those less knowledgeable in these matters, is not a long lost relative, nor some fearsome Northern pub matriarch, but a fine pale coloured hoppy beer from Truro. Other beers on were Landlord and Sharps Doom Bar.

Rather like the Black Lion further down towards Chiswick, the Blue Anchor is not a must visit pub, but this is a nice stretch of the river and the Blue Anchor is worth calling in on, particularly on sunny days.

JohnBonser - 18 Jun 2009 12:57
I came away with very mixed feelings about this place.

Itís undoubtedly a tidy little pub with an impressive riverside setting and friendly welcoming staff. However, the barmaid seemed to know very little about the beers she was selling and the temperature of the beer was way too cold. The Doombar seemed on the turn anyway, but the Betty Stoggs would have been fine, if it had been served a degree or two warmer. At an eye-watering £3.32 a pint punters deserve better.

In short a nice pub, but not quite as good as it thinks it is.

aleandhearty - 8 Jun 2009 16:06
Great pub, along with the service and lager
fulhamstar - 28 May 2009 21:22
We have been regular visitors to the Blue Anchor over the years, on our way from our favoured parking spot to events at the Hammersmith Odeon. Last walked past a year or so ago when it was closed for refurbishment and, at the time, feared the worst. However, last night saw our re-entry into this classic riverside pub and we were very happy. The refurbishment has seen the bar turned through 90 degrees across the centre of the room and a wheelchair access door added where the end of the bar used to meet the frontage. The original barback has been retained to provide a wall of mirrors and the tin bartop and handpumps have been resited along a drinking shelf facing the river. The toilets are now modern and spotless and I understand from other comments that an upsatirs dining room has been opened. The beer range doesn't seem to change from other comments already made, but is well-kept. The staff were friendly and welcoming and were happily surprised to see us again after the concert for another swift pint. It was completely empty downstairs at 10.30pm, but this was a Monday night, so perhaps not too surprising. A throughly pleasant experince all round.
Gristy - 10 Mar 2009 14:15
Interesting riverside pub, sells real ale and does food, riverine decor, one of the few pewter bar tops in England is a historic touch. Appears on a list of pubs compiled in 1722 so is at least that old, though the building's been rebuilt since.
rainlight - 4 Mar 2009 07:46
This is a good traditional pub, The staff were excellent, greeting us as we walked through the door, and the Kiwi barman recommended a wonderful New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. there are very good views of river from the front window of the pub. The food was very good and the portions generous, although the presentation could have been a little better. Overall a very pleasant experience and we will be back for sure.

Emily1979 - 5 Feb 2009 22:35
Hadn't been to this pub in years untill my christmas party in December. Food was the best i've eaten at a work christmas party.
I've been back a few times since with my family and been welcomed back with a smile each time. Friendly, smiling staff, well kept ales and good pub food - definately worth a look.
anon30 - 15 Jan 2009 13:22
Some mixed reviews below but I liked it here. A pleasant riverside location close to Hammersmith Bridge, with flowering baskets and tables overlooking the Thames. Internally there are wooden floors and panelled walls to the main L shaped area, with a further space behind containing a couple of Chesterfields and low tables. Another room upstairs plus a small terrace provide good river views.
Decor is river/ship based as the locale with oars, ships lights, anchors etc. Some interesting framed photographs include one of flooding in the vicinity from 1928, together with a framed newspaper article from the West London Observer dated Friday Jan 13th 1928 concerning the same event.
No issues with the beer or service, I did need to ask for my pint to be topped up but this was done with good grace and a smile. Beers were, Sharps Doom Bar, Taylors Landlord, and Brains SA.
Maldenman - 11 Jan 2009 18:49
Discovered this gem over Christmas. We thought it was wonderful and ended up spending a few evenings there over the Christmas break. We found the staff to be very welcoming and eager to please so I'm a bit surprised by the comment below. Location obviously fantastic. Interior traditional and warm. Food very acceptable (we ate there twice). Wine list varied and reasonable. I don't drink bitter so can't comment. Excellent pub.
mandyt - 5 Jan 2009 21:04
Great location on the river front looks warm and inviting with candles lit in the window.Not inviting when inside... staff miserable and not welcoming .We asked when we could order food and was told a curt not till 6 and walked away. We were meeting up with 8 friends who all wanted to eat and they were all treated the same we had to wait till one minuite past 6.....should have walked out but it was a cold night and didn't want to dampen the mood any more.The food was ok but just plonked on table.Seems this place doesn't have to try because of it's location.Would not go again.
takethe5th - 16 Dec 2008 17:22
Seems like a decent pub. Had three real ales on - Doom Bar, Timoth Taylor Landlord and Brains SA, tried them all, all well kept. Food was pretty good and not that pricey given the location. Overall a pretty good place.
Alfnoax - 16 Dec 2008 13:46
Very quiet on a rainy Friday lunchtime..needs to feel a bit more welcoming when the weather isn't working in its favour. Good to see Doom Bar on tap. Has promise...need to try the food out next time!
jeremyb - 6 Sep 2008 10:29
Sorry have to disagree with the comment below on food. My team and I eat here at least once a week (office is nearby) and we have always found the food to be of a high standard and very good value (and weíre a fussy bunch of lawyers!). Certainly better than the Rutland or the Ship. Agree though that itís a great pub in an awesome location!
hprbs - 15 Aug 2008 11:40
Lovely pub, great location, excellent refurb (apparently back to the pre-Sliding Doors period layout). Beers are good and coffees not bad either. Sadly the food is a terrible let down - the upstairs could become a great eating place (without ruining the traditional pub emphasis downstairs) if the quality of food was improved.

With friends in tow I've really tried to give it a good crack of the whip: 3 different pies have been tried, only one of which was passable. Cold mash potatoes with the pies twice. Miniscule (but tasty enough) fish pies (in the first few weeks they were humungous but mostly potato). Steak salad was okay, as was (surprisingly) the Mexican-style chicken fajitas dish. Bar snacks are more reliable, it seems.

Notwithstanding the above, I can't recommend a sweeter spot to drink (or eat) - for the mood and views, if not the flavours. I'm hoping the owners will read this and raise their game: I suspect that a small uplift in food standards would repay their costly and thoughtful refurbishment investment pretty quickly.
siddhartha99 - 26 Jul 2008 13:59
The refurb took me by suprise. Been quite a while since last had a pint there. Bit more space & the atmosphere still remains the same. To be honest, they could have replaced the place with a portacabin & it still wouldn't have much effect - the view makes up for any inconsistencies with the refurb...
E1_Norton - 9 Jun 2008 15:06
Location to die for on the north bank of the river (therefore a real sun trap). Unpretentious menu. One of the best places in London for a simple lunchtime bite Monday thru Friday, weather permitting. Can be too popular on summer weekends. A bottle (or glass) of white wine from their imaginative list and a pint of shell-on prawns, with brown bread and butter, will hit the spot. Eat either outside or in the room upstairs, both overlooking the river. Only 5 mins walk from Hammersmith tube.
ChoosyCarrie - 1 Jun 2008 11:55
Just awesome really. Riverside location with some of the best views in London. Drank outside until the sun went in and then sat in their upstairs bar with panoramic views of the river. I think the pub has been done up great (never realised it was so historic!). Good selection of food on the menu and given the quality of the food and location of the pub we all thought it was awesome value. Looking forward to returning this weekend.
ANITA15 - 14 May 2008 15:33
These guys have done a fantastic job on refurbing this pub. While I didn't mind the old boozer it was small, dark, dirty, smelly and in a real state of dis-repair (I guess some people would call that character!). They have kept many of the original features and I think have succeeded in maintaining the charm and history of the pub(it dates from 1722. There are some wonderful old pictures of it on display).They have also opened a second floor with fantastic views over the river. Its family run so the staff are very pleasant and keen to help. Spoke to the new owner who has a genuine affection for his pub. Good selection of Beer and everyone in my group thought the food was great(would never have eaten here before). We will be back. Well done!!!
rbos - 8 Apr 2008 11:50
"Oh my good gawd Terry"
sounds like a right monz up!
winchesterclub - 2 Apr 2008 15:27
This classic pub has just been refurbed and has lost all of it's character and charm. It's bland, anonymous and just plain awful. Now complete with fake fireplace and a bookshelf painted on the wall - nice!

knoxdwc - 2 Apr 2008 12:09
If they cared about their regulars or even regular occasionals, they'd have announced the closure for refurb.. they'd also put signs up to annouce the re-opening. As I write, this is some two days away - no indications visible yet.

Let's hope they retain the best of the past, the gentle atmosphere: and that they don't copy the adjacent Rutland with unstopping loud music.

Pity the re-furb, by creating a new doorway, has reduced the river-facing area of the main bar. Wasn't that one of the main attractions? Written 21 3 08
michaelw - 22 Mar 2008 00:12
Let"s hope when it re-opens it"s a boozer Arthur & Terry can be proud of?
check out the end credits of the original Minder series!
winchesterclub - 27 Feb 2008 12:34
Due to re-open after refurbishment in mid-March, according to the banner outside.
rpadam - 1 Feb 2008 23:51
i know this place is having a refurb- but dont lose your reputation - i had the most awful meal at the weekend - no customer service
mr___________ - 22 Nov 2007 23:42
Really bad pub. Went in a few days back and the service was terrible, the beer was awful and the wait on food was about 45 minutes - even though there were only two other people in the pub at the time. I do not recommend this place at all.
MaryR555 - 18 Nov 2007 18:29
Much nicer, cheaper and cleaner than The Rutland next door.

One of the best of the riverside pubs around the area.
CheekyShepherd - 6 Jun 2007 18:00
Small, old and dark are the best ways to sum this place up. Iíve never had a problem with the service or the quality of the lager/cider.

When the sun is shining the queue for drinks actually goes out of the entrance, but it is preferable to drinking in the Rutland.

I do like the fact that the staff actually ask you if you are drinking inside or out before palming you off with a plastic glass.

Strongers - 12 Apr 2007 10:34
The riverside location is the major draw here and it generally attracts a more mature and chav free client base. Donít be fooled by the 6 handpumps though Ė 4 of them bore pump clips advertising the likes of Fosters, John Smiths Smooth and Kronenberg 1664. There were only 2 Ales actually on offer on my recent visit: Brakespears and London Pride. The interior is fairly small and it gets busy very quickly, especially on a warm sunny day although most people tend to overspill onto the riverside terrace with its views of Hammersmith Bridge. With a bit of patience, seating usually becomes available inside. The walls tend to act as a gallery for a local photographic agency although there are a few assorted tin hats, brass plates and other odds and sods on display. Pride of place probably goes to the sawn in half, upturned rowing boat suspended from the ceiling. Lots of dark paneling, bare floors and dated wallpaper. The piped music was a rather dull and repetitive but overall this is a far better and more homely pub than its next door neighbour.
RogerB - 29 Mar 2007 09:45
My colleagues and I thought it would be a good idea to go and have lunch there on sunny Friday afternoon. It wasn't that busy and yet we had to wait over an hour for our food without any apology and they even forgot one of my colleagues order which was pitta bread and houmous. So definitely would not recommend this pub unless the Dove, Rutlands or Old Ship are all so packed that you had no choice.
anonymous - 9 Mar 2007 14:34
Good riverside pub. Food a bit pricy, but huge portions, decent selection of beers.
duckorange - 19 Feb 2007 17:52
Great stop for a drink by the river on a pub crawl. Well worth it
london123 - 9 Oct 2006 14:20
We sat here one friday lunch and consumed many ice cold pints. We were directly in the Heathrow flight path and were able to whatch each plane 45 seconds apart tearing overhead. What a sight!
kyer - 5 Sep 2006 13:10
fine thameside boozer. it is a bit cramped inside, but that's because its an old pub. worth a stop off in a thames pub crawl.
JohnnyCrow - 18 Jul 2006 21:10
Great pub, enjoyed several ice cold Grolsch's down there on Friday evening - and they sell the proper big bottles, not the 330mls :o)
slacker - 19 Jun 2006 11:55
Nice atmosphere but the layout makes for some tight seating arrangements.
Visit this and The Dove for a taste of the tradional and well-maintained West London riverside boozer
ReneArtois - 12 Dec 2005 18:07
Very nice pub but can get very crowded at times. The staff are fantastic and the beer very pleasent. Great location by the river does mean that it attracts a great diverse crowd. It is also far enough away from central Chavesville (Hammersmith)for the scum to bovver walkin innit!!!
Mr.Raffles - 10 Dec 2005 18:01
Home to Sean Wadmore. The world's most accomplished drinker. If it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for you. Amen
anonymous - 27 Jun 2005 17:54
Go during the week when its the best pub by miles in the hammersmith area. Transforms in to heaving monstrosity on hot days in the summer and you'd get more joy trying to order a pint from the river thames.
vurshon - 8 Apr 2005 11:21
A fan of this.... by the river, good ale, drinking with my Brother discussing the dynamics of dialectic materialsim..... who could ask for more!
SketchySi - 22 Nov 2004 16:11
brilliant pub great food lately new chef?
leo - 27 Sep 2004 18:13
London Pride rarely tasted better than at the Blue Anchor. The riverside seating option is perfect when the pub fills up and gets a bit smoky and warm.

If you don't like intelligent conversation, quick repartee or the odd sarcastic twinge, don't approach the bar and talk to the pretty girl working there.

A great place to spend a cosy evening with a good friend or two, rather than a great big excited Saturday-evening crowd.
kingofgoodtimes - 27 Sep 2004 16:58
Was so-so. Actually improved a lot since that lovely couple from The Isle of Wight started to work there.
Gerard - 24 Sep 2004 09:47
Has appeared in Gwynneth Paltrow weepie "Sliding Doors". Good for minor celeb-spotting, if that's your thing. Saw Peter Snow, some bloke off Grange Hill and the chap in the adverts there.

Pleasant when not crowded.
jeremy - 16 Apr 2004 17:38
Very decent little boozer by the river. Great for meeting on a Summers day although prepare to be disrupted by the local rowing club going about their business
Good for: a few jars before moving on to watch Argyle lose at QPR

thenationofjames - 16 Jan 2004 13:50
Probably the best pub on the world.
Certainly the best in Hammersmith and different class to the Rutland.
Toby - 17 Dec 2003 15:21
not bad. good spot inside up against the window on barstools or fight for a bench out by the river. wasnt some of 'sliding doors'(gwynnie paltrow) filmed here???
millym - 25 Jul 2003 21:53
Absloutely useless service. Plastic glasses at the weekend too. Try The Dove
Gary - 30 Jun 2003 07:16
Used in the 80's TV Minder in the end titles. Also a popular pub on the boat race circuit
James Pimentel-Pinto - 2 Aug 2002 10:29

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