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Crown, Liverpool

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had the same Dark Isle beer I ordered at the Philharmonic yet here it was a nice drinkable pint. Always prefer it to Wetherspoon for a pre-train pint.
Snarling_Mallard - 26 Apr 2019 13:01
Started a mini-crawl of Liverpool heritage pubs here on Sunday lunchtime.

Untouristy crowd, good banter, cheap sandwiches, too many beers and the Pride was very average (NBSS 2.5), but worth a visit to see the interior and enjoy the atmosphere.

mtaylor40 - 18 Feb 2019 23:26
The Crown is still a really handy pub for the station. But because of that, it always seems to be busy. It's one of the few buildings on this side of Lime Street to have survived the bulldozers. The interior is nice and there are generally 8 ales on, mostly national brands. Yesterday, they had Jennings Cumberland Ale, Black Sheep Best Bitter, Greene King Abbot & IPA, Orkney Dark Island, Sharps Doom Bar, Timothy Taylor Landlord & Everards Sly Fox.
blue_scrumpy - 26 Feb 2017 18:31
A very solid pub that is the first pub you see when you come out of lime street. First impression is the wacky looking exterior. There are 2 rooms. The first when you walk in with the bar and the second room for extra seating. Has about 5 ales on which have all been well kept when I've been in. A bit more a 'chain pub' feel to it but certainly not in a spoons way. More of an efficient service but still can have a brief chat type of way. Prices are decent as well
Wezzielad - 1 Dec 2016 01:06
Spectacular Art Nouveau exterior and relatively intact interior (but not quite in the same league as the Philharmonic ) . Reasonable range of ales but food was crap - my chicken jalfrezi was overcooked and microscopic.
baxterfish - 4 Aug 2016 20:45
Choice and quality of ales has improved quite significantly though this pub will always be busy whatever they served. It is now by far the best bet for ale for anyone wanting somewhere close to Lime Street station.
anonymous - 3 Apr 2016 09:14
Unlike the empty first couple of pubs I saw on my mid week visit to Liverpool, the Crown was crowded, standing room only for solo tourists but not for a some regulars who took up large tables, covered them with newspapers & shopping bags & strolled back & forth from bar to table to smoking area with the nonchalance of Parisian flaneurs. My stand up pint of Green King IPA (2.50) was satisfactory & service was good considering the crush. Lovely interior, stop & gawk exterior, good location near Lime Street Station. Now if they could just move the slow sipping table hogging bar flies on it would be a good pub.
Queenslander - 7 Sep 2015 22:28
A superb architectural gem bang next door to Lime Street station. Recent rebuilding at lime St having made the frontage more visible.

Used to be a bit of a dump, with no real ales, but now has smartened up its act and offers 6/7 changing real ales. Both quality and price are reasonable, my pint of Brains Rev James costing £2.70. Unfortunately, service can be slow and of questionable ability (my pint was fine, but my friend had to ask for a top-up).

There is a popular front room, which includes the bar, and fairly loud piped music. I headed for the back room which was amazingly completely muzak free, and quieter overall. There is also a “dining room” upstairs, but I didn’t venture there.

Food is pretty much “burger led” pub grub style – but seem more interesting than similar offerings elsewhere. It looked OK as well - will make sure to try it next time.

7/10 – much better than it used to be

Martinsh - 25 Jun 2015 00:18
Stopped in here to wait for a friend as pubs at station looked terrible. Plenty of through traffic and there was a hen do in here having Jägerbombs at just after midday. Large enough that they were out of the way so I enjoyed a pint from the Liverpool Organic Brewery, then a red ale for Caledonian. Worth dropping in if you have time to kill before a train but don't want to stray far from the station.
DuchyBoy - 13 Oct 2014 09:30
My first ever drinking trip to Liverpool! This was the first port of call after getting off the train at Liverpool Central.

Lovely old decorative ceiling in quite a spacious room, although there was no seats to sit down, probably as it was a bus Saturday afternoon.

Drank a pint from the local Organic Brewery which was reasonable and cost just over £2.

We only had one as we wanted to visit the other pubs.
realalerules1983 - 17 Aug 2014 11:15
The Crown is still the best option for drinking in Liverpool, within the immediate vicinity of Lime Street station. It has an early opening time and you can leave the pub with just 5 minutes to spare and still make your train easily. The interior is still fairly splendid and the place is always busy. I arrived off a busy train on Sunday morning and seemingly there were dozens of others from my train who had had the same idea, as the two serving bar staff were quickly overwhelmed and reinforcements had to be summoned to help with the rush. Ales on offer were Adnams Explorer, Greene King IPA, Thwaites Nutty Black & Top of the Hops Golden Ale. Cider is Westons Old Rosie. Always worth a brief stop.
blue_scrumpy - 31 Dec 2013 20:21
White Witch and Green King IPA had to suffice this time round but no complaints whatsoever.
shouldersarms - 11 Dec 2013 16:53

The Crown is an architectural Art Nouveau gem and well worth a visit for that alone. It was one of several flamboyant pubs built in Liverpool in the early 1900s by Walkers of Warrington and now has a deserved Grade 2 listing. Several real ales were available (sorry I can’t remember which) but my pint of Rudgate ‘Zest is Best’ was excellent and served by a friendly barmaid. Bearing in mind that it is probably the closest pub to Lime Street Station, being charged less than £2.50 for a decent pint is very good value indeed !!!
steve2905 - 24 Oct 2013 09:57
Our summer visit to Liverpool coincided with some quite wintery weather but with refuges like The Crown all is not lost. Marston's Pedigree and Bath Ales' Summer's Hare came to our rescue on this occasion. Sitting in it's glorious interior among the murmur of accents from all over is really edifying.
shouldersarms - 3 Jul 2013 07:42
Over the Easter period we seemed to be popping into The Crown earlier and earier as it's so handy for an early morning pint before going off exploring. On Good Friday morning we caught the first C3 bus and were treated to a very illuminating tour of Liverpool city centre. Alighting opposite St George's Hall, the Crown beckoned. We weren't the first in either. Old Rosie cider and Wadworth's George and Dragon bitter went down well, as did a pint of Green King IPA.
shouldersarms - 16 Apr 2013 09:26
Great place with a good selection of ales, authentic gin palace decor and very freindly bar staff. Unlike the jdw down the road there were no heroin addicts begging or selling knocked off perfume in the crown. Good stuff!!
TommyRogers1979 - 7 Apr 2013 14:40
Must have got this one on a bad day as the beer selection was very poor for a Good Beer Guide pub (GK IPA being one of them. Fantastic exterior and of course it is very handy for the station - maybe next time?
mcroyal - 5 Mar 2013 14:04
After a visit to Queen square to see the reindeers we were amused when one of the ales on offer was aptly named Reinbeer, so obviously we felt it our duty to try it and it turned out to be well worth it. A pint of Liverpool Organic was also excellent. The Crown is a must for any visitor to Liverpool and I can't think of any other place with cheaper and well kept real ales.
shouldersarms - 13 Dec 2012 08:20
Nice friendly welcome off the barmaid when we entered having just got off our train next door at Lime Street. Had a well kept Marstons EPA. Interior was a splendid design. Customers were a mixed bag and very friendly. Certainly better in here than the JDW across the road. Will be our first port of call next time on Merseyside.
ng10 - 10 Dec 2012 10:38
Nice pub right nextdoor to Lime Street station and always a good option if you're waiting for a train or also if you fancy a drink any time after 10am and don't fancy a Wetherspoons. It's generally busy due to its location. But there are generally 2 or 3 ales - Marstons EPA, Sunny Republic Red Huna & Adnams Topaz Gold were on during our early Saturday evening visit. Westons Old Rosie was also available. The interior is also fairly impressive. Make sure you take a look at the ceilings.
blue_scrumpy - 11 Nov 2012 21:28
We paid a couple of visits to The Crown over the weekend and I must say it has become one of my favourites because they always have a really good selection of real ales, this time I tried Old glory and Broughton. On our next visit I have promised myself a slap up pub meal there as the food looked so appertising.
shouldersarms - 27 Jun 2012 10:45
Bishop's Tipple was my tipple on a recent early morning visit. It was hailing down in Liverpool and I remembered someone telling me on my previous visit to Liverpool that the Crown opened earlier than any other pub in the city. Well it proved to be genuine and at half past ten I was supping my tipple and my wife was getting stuck into a pint of Tiger Triple Gold. Apart from the quite magnificent decor, the prices are also staggering; must have the cheapest real ale selection in the entire Brirish Isles.
shouldersarms - 18 Dec 2011 19:12
Back in here but at a lunchtime this time round - very nice crowd of people and the ale selection was improved since my last visit (more unusual ones and more selection) - the food looked well nice, the bloke next to us got served pie, mash, peas and gravy and it looked scrumptious - will definitely come back next time in Liverpool.
kernott1 - 12 Nov 2011 08:50
I bet the rating of the Crown will soar in the next few months as it has changed out of all expectations from what it used to be. It had a superb selection of cask ales and ciders and at really competitive prices.The pub itself is a masterpiece now that the magnificent ceiling has been restored to its former glory. I didn't notice the state of the carpet as I was constantly looking upwards. I really must say that it is one of the best boozers I've ever been in and I've been in a few on my travels.
shouldersarms - 12 Oct 2011 18:22
Far better than your average station pub. Beer decent enough & cheap. Ornate walls & fittings, not sure about the carpet thoughn the back room
Wilson_MacDonald - 29 Jan 2011 15:28
Alright if you are in a hurry and about to get a train. Had 5 ales on when I was in I had the Youngs Gold Christmas Tale @4%, 1.95 pint. If you have more time then I'd advise left out the door down Renshaw St to the junction and you'll see the Dispensary on your left - better in there.
kernott1 - 23 Dec 2010 15:01
A large front room houses the bar and behind is a similarly sized room where diners and drinkers mix. Most posters mention the ornate ceilings which can be useful to look at to avoid eye contact with the occassional scalls and characters who frequent the place. The Cains was pretty good on this visit and as has been pointed out, it's very handy for the station, in particular, the London and Midlands platforms.
anonymous - 22 Dec 2010 14:34
Not to be missed for the amazing ceiling alone. Didn't see any smackheads selling bacon though, or visiting rats - must have been a quite night.
pbarney - 6 Nov 2010 08:51
I think this place is okay. Beer is normally in reasonable condition and it's one of the cheapest pubs you'll find. A few 'rough' people knocking about, but nobody has ever given me or anyone I've been with any bother in there.
Northern_Ale_Monkey - 5 Aug 2010 13:49
Unmissable as you exit Lime Street station, with the pub's name in large, gold, lettering on each facade and a huge (and frankly bonkers) embossed shield advertising the former owners - "Walker's Ale, Warrington". There are also rather grand, moulded ceilings in the busy bar and the more civilised back lounge. It must have been quite something in its heyday, but all the posters advertising cheap food and drink deals in the windows, around the walls and on the tables give the place a distinctly downmarket feel. I counted a total of 13 handpumps, scattered in clumps along the bar, but not all of these were working. My pint of Marstons EPA was fine (especially at just 1.69).
rpadam - 23 Jun 2010 17:54
Once upon a time this was a decent place to go, a grand majestic building ideal to spend a day / evening imbibing in. Nowadays, oh dear, full of ruddy-faced drunks, smack heads selling bacon and other people who you really dont want to share a room with. The beer is passable, but not great, but the nail in the coffin was a few weeks ago when whilst meeting mates in there (it's next to Lime Street station) I was astonished to see a rat casually stroll in through the door, thus resulting in all hell being let loose! Screaming women, men attempting to catch the rodent and the bar staff looking on perplexed. Quite why the rat had opted to sup in the Crown is beyond me, but I dont even think he would like the beer!
Scousefire - 25 May 2010 11:03
Lovely ornate interior. I thought all the Wetherspoon style advertisements and menus for meals for a fiver or cheap beer offers made it look a bit messy, but it was indeed very cheap. Its a nice old boozer and definitely worth a visit.
PeoplesPalace - 12 Nov 2009 11:24
Agree with oldboots - when I went in a couple of days ago all they had on was Timothy Taylor Landlord - but they had just run out of it!!!
mattbeer - 15 Jun 2009 00:13
Rather disappointing trip to the Crown his week, apart from the architecture of course! No cask beers, only a pump clip for Tetleys Cask which wasnt on sale. The ill trained barman suggested something called Worthington smooth as an alternative - I declined, drank half a Guinness and away tout de bloody suite.
oldboots - 11 Jun 2009 12:36
Extraordinary looking art nouveau gone mad pub next to Lime Street Station. The inside is a little more restrained but the ceilings alone are worth a visit. Only two of the many handpumps in operation serving Tetleys and fairly good Youngs Special at only 1.80 a pint on my last visit. Sadly the low prices do attract more than a fair share of crazies, scallies and weirdies but there never seem to be any resulting problems.
anonymous - 29 May 2009 13:11
Excellent value beer at this majestic pub right next to Lime Street station. 1.20 a pint is amazing these days, and the environment and atmosphere here ensure that this is no Wetherspoons-type experience. Be sure to check out the plasterwork on the ceiling and the sumptuous exterior with it's original brewery signs. Although the pub has been opened out, it still retains separate drinking areas, including a back rom with a similarly impressive ceiling. Upstairs there is a separate (and less remarkable) restaurant area, although food can still be consumed downstairs. 4-5 ales to choose from, including Cains and Tetley Bitter which are as cheap as chips. The food too is very cheap and served all day, and although it's nothing special still represents excellent value for money. A few concessions to modernity- quiz machines etc.- don't detract too much from the ambience. Unsurprisingly, it's always busy with a mixed crowd. Well worth a visit.
Carlurmston - 10 Mar 2009 17:33
Not a bad pub at all, can get a bit packed at times, but one of the cheapest boozers in Liverpool. Handy if your getting on or off a train at Lime Street and dont make the mistake of going to Wetherspoons opposite!
Scousefire - 7 Mar 2009 22:33
Nice pint of thwaites "nutty black" for only 1.80 from this gbg listed pub. Two meals for a fiver also on offer, well worth a visit spesh if waitin 4 a train at the nearby lime street station, 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 1 Mar 2009 09:16
Large pub with 2 ground floor bars and a good variety of beers (including Cains and Tetley) and ciders. Nice interior and really convenient for the station. From here you are just a short 1 minute walk from getting on or a train. Opens early each morning for breakfast.
blue_scrumpy - 11 Jan 2009 16:55
Wow - 1.35 for a pint of Cains Bitter! Up to 8 out of 10!
mattbeer - 1 Jan 2009 23:46
Went in here last week (train was cancelled and had 30 mins to kill!). A middle aged lady sat at the bar was F'ing and blinding! Surprisingly she wasn't a local but was American and had just arrived on a plane from New York to Manchester. A combination of jet lag and a (probable) nightmare train journey from Manchester to Lime Street had made her get very tipsy on a couple of G&T's! The large group of Aston Villa supporters in the pub getting bevvied up prior to the match against Everton didn't even flinch! I upped my rating of this pub from a 4 to a 7!
mattbeer - 14 Dec 2008 12:37
A place I have walked past often but never felt like going in. That was till yesterday when with railway friend who uses the place to wait for trains due to its close proximity to Lime Street station. As I entered the first thing that struck me is like a large number of central liverpool pubs the inside is well more like entering a 5 star hotel lobby. The ceilings are OTT ornate. The wood paneling and match furniture are superb and well looked after then you wake up and realise you are I humble pub!
Ale were TT Landlord, Tetley's and Beartown Bear Ass which was what I drank and the beer was all round a relly good pint.

trains2064 - 5 Dec 2008 13:43
Very good food available and considering how busy the place gets, we've never waited more than twenty minutes from the order being placed to the arrival of the food.
There's usually a couple of real ales available and at 1.80 a pint, very good value.
Nice decor and friendly staff.
Doc_Holliday - 15 Sep 2008 18:50
It's all about location. If you're meeting someone at the station after getting off the train, you do it here because the beer isn't bad.
Dimple_mug - 13 Sep 2008 16:52
Strange place, as previous reviews have said it always looks like somethings going to kick off! Would only go there during the day to shelter from the rain!
mattbeer - 1 Sep 2008 19:38
Good central location. Nice & bright with an interesting ornate ceiling. Unfortunately there was a "domestic" brewing with the couple next to us so we didn't stay long! Will no doubt go back at some stage in the future.
happytyskie - 15 Aug 2008 11:46
Looked ok but could not get served so I walked out after 20 minutes waiting with just 2 staff on!!!
beer_guzzler - 1 Aug 2008 16:10
Good cheap beer, lousy service
raymocon - 25 Jul 2008 13:13
Fine traditional Largish Victorian pub close to Lime Street Station.

On my recent visit - 27 June 208 - the beer range was limited to Tetleys and Everards Sunchaser, the former being on form and noticeably cheap at 1.35p.

Note the splendid ornately plastered ceiling and the art nouveau glass dome on the first floor - which you can see by walking halfway up the staircase.

Note also the copper bar front and the fine external friezes advertsing Walkers Warrington Ales and the Crown Hotel ( note that accommodation is not offered )

The pub opens early for breakfast and I think serves beer from 10 am.

My recent early morning visit - 27 June 2008 - was interrupted at about 10.45 am (!) by the arrival of a large hen party of about 25-30 females in number, a good few of whom looked at though they had probably had to bunk off school for the day. I retreated to the quieter, but equally traditional room at te back.

Read more about the pub in the Liverpool Historic Pub Guide, which is well worth getting hold of.

In conclusion, the Crown is not a must visit pub, but its central location and proximity to bus / rail stations make it a good meeting point or a good place to start or end a Liverpool crawl.
JohnBonser - 7 Jul 2008 13:25
I've only ever visited this place late on a Friday evening (so I've probably not seen it at its best) but each time I've been in I've felt that the beer was pretty badly kept and that there was an atmosphere in the room like a fight was about to kick off. As I say, it might just be that it was late Friday, near to kicking out time, but then again, I can only go off my own experience of it - not somewhere I enjoy going to.
anfieldjet - 26 Nov 2007 14:55
Friendly pub near Lime Street statin. Comfy seating in large rooms. Going upstairs to ladies I found a large funstion room with a beautiful coloured glass dome at the top of the stairs. Choice of 4 real ales including a Wyre Piddle micro as well as local ales.
gillhalfpint - 6 Nov 2007 11:50
Cheap and cheerful..and a nice ceiling.
LickeyEndBooze - 29 Oct 2007 16:25
One of the cheapest pub in Liverpool and right by Lime Street Station. The pub sells decent, cheap food and beer. A roomy pub with pleasant staff. Well worth a visit when you step off a train.
DixieLand - 17 Apr 2007 02:11
6.40 for 4 pints and 6 for 2 meals. Whats not to like? Bar staff pretty friendly too and beer was passable. Will revisit when back in the pool
stanpetrov19 - 10 Apr 2007 11:51
Great pub, interesting decor and a barman who can serve three people at once and do it right!
Pubgrabber - 19 Mar 2007 16:46
Tetleys is now 1.25 and 1.40 for Carlsberg, otherwise it's buisness as usual
douvres - 19 Feb 2007 20:21
Good pub for football fans when travveling to any of the liverpool grounds and its cheap 1 for a pint of cains bitter. 1.30 for carlsberg and good cheap food
mattjcrawford - 10 Jan 2007 12:05
Good starter on Liverpool pub crawl. Old building with nice ceiling and full of "posties"
3 pints (2 lager 1 bitter) for 4! Advertised pint of Cains Bitter for a pound, but didn't have any, Tetley was reasonable instead.

AlRobis - 23 Jul 2006 12:18
Fine pub with ornate ceiling and other interesting features. Good ale at reasonable prices. Astonishing menu!
joegreen - 24 Aug 2005 13:28

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