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details: Techno

Favourite pub:
the Black Horse, Soho
Least favourite pub:
the Royal Oak, Stockwell

Favourite drink:
Lynchburg Long Island
Least favourite drink:
The first few shots of Tequila

Articles by Techno:
Irish Rover - St Patrick's Eve pub crawl 2003
gnineveehtnireeb pub crawl
Northern Line pub crawl
South West Pubs
Ten Counties Pub Crawl
An Ale Of Two Cities - the Oxford and Cambridge boat race crawl
Animals pub crawl

After many years of quaffing the odd glass of Lambrusco Bianco at family Sunday lunch in leafy Didsbury, Mike Techno (not to be confused with Mike) graduated to proper drinks through a combination of working at Burger King and university friends.

His razor sharp wit has earned him the unofficial role of pub crawl notary, although his desire to savour each drop of sweet beer during said crawls is sometimes misinterpreted as the behaviour of a right slack bitch who drinks too slowly. He lives in Putney and maintains his alcoholic anonimity by not being an AA member.

contact: [email protected]

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