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A South Yorkshireman living in London since 2002. I like beer with a head on it, often with a packet of cheese and onion crisps

Username: vanillarreal

Age: 44

Sex: male

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The Globe, Baker Street

Went here last night (Wednesday) at around 9pm. the Bombardier was fantastic! Drink it. I'm from Yorkshire and don't often say that about beer down here. Good selection of ales. It was just busy enough to create a nice atmosphere. I was last here a couple of months back; me and my fellow bearded mate were greeted with "no-one told me the Bee Gees were coming!" by a young jack-me-lad who after being ditched by the two girls he was with, offered us the 'Jaegerbombs' (?) he'd bought for them. We declined. Strikes me as the kind of place you get a lot of that kind of thing.

26 May 2011 21:13

The Beehive, Vauxhall

Just been here for the first time, for a 6:30 Thursday after-work pint of Bombardier. It has a bit of an identity crisis: the trad. exterior at odds with the almost-a-wine-bar interior. It's very spacious inside, and the multiple TVs were all showing the Cardiff test match (well it IS right by the Oval). Beer was okay, Tyrells crisps (cheese & onion; what else?) good. Much more of a 'shirt n ties' place than I expected.

26 May 2011 21:01

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

I often go here for a pint after work. It's right by the station, and I have to walk past to get to my train. There is always a good selection (e.g. 8) of quality ales, which are kept very well. I was last here on Tuesday at 6pm. An excellent pint of Ruddles for under 2? You can't ask for better than that. Walkers crisps lower the tone for me, but I realise not everyone's into the 'hand-crafted' crisps thing! A great venue for a conversation or solo unwind. It can get a bit lairy later in the evening and at weekends (it's right across from Kingston's premier Ritzy-style disco: Oceana). Early-evening clientele is always interesting - a cross-section of society attracted by good value and an old-school pub atmosphere (no TV screens or music). I've never had the food, but often move onto the Subway two doors down for my repast. Of its kind, this can't be bettered.

26 May 2011 20:55

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