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Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

On Friday evening my partner and I took four American friends here for a beer. We ordered four real ales and two pints of Sam Smith lager. However, we were told we couldn't have the lager as they didn't have the 'correct' branded glasses. I said, any pint glass would do but she insisted I could either have a half pint or not at all.

I then spoke to the manager who again refused and confirmed that he would rather lose a sale than serve the beer in an unbranded glass because of getting into trouble with the brewery.

Now I totally understand why a brewery would want to serve their beer in their branded glasses but surely they need a back-up plan if they don't have any! Refusing to dispense the beer in a plain glass just smacks of stupidity - either by the brewery or the manager incorrectly interpreting an instruction.

I will never go back to this pub again. They deserve to go out of business with an atitude like that.

24 Jul 2011 19:41

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