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Username: tombs

Age: 44

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The White Hart, Whitechapel

rampantwurzel - good news.

the white hart is a great pub, although it may have a poor selection of real ales. and the food does vary, cheap and plentiful but not always the best quality but they do try.

personally i have had many a good time there over the last 7 years. It has a wide variety of customers, young and old, local and new to the area and it manages to provide something for all of them.

As for this chav business what you mean is that it actually has some young locals in it. This may seem unusual in London, and indeed this sort of thing seems to upset a lot of people, but this pub is all the better for it. (sussh dont tell anyone but I heard that most of them dont even have a first degree let alone a post-graduate qualification)

If you want a pub with a clientel that consists of 90% graduates from outside of London then this isnt the pub for you. But if you want a pub with a good mix of people where you might end up having a laugh then give it try.

29 May 2008 16:03

The Palm Tree, Mile End


20 Mar 2008 12:53

The Black Bull, Whitechapel

mintyboom - i heard they sold up and moved to Spain. I think the loss of custom when the nearby drama school closed was the final straw.

the TV screens are a nightmare - was in there a few Saturdays ago and the staff put Prime Instinct on four tvs. No wonder the place closes early most nights,

This Tv thing is becoming increasingly annoying in loads of pubs -

23 Jan 2008 16:37

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