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I'm not very fussy. I don't care where I go. All I want is good service, nice atmosphere, aesthetically attractive setting, interesting crowd, hygienic surroundings and inexpensive drinks.

Username: therealmonkeyman

Age: 49

Sex: male

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The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Recession? Not at 2.10 for a Coors there isn't! I can't think of any other reason to drink in this place.

Weekdays you are likely to middle aged working men reclining in the pleather seats (which are comfy)and pregnant girls getting drunk and shouting at "Dave".


11 Sep 2008 12:13

Cristalz, Twickenham

How hard is it to demolish the reputation of Union Jacques. VERY. I had a chat with the boss the other night and it seems to me that he's genuinly concerned about his boozers reputation, however saying this, there were loadsa hot girls in here, not exactly what i would call chavs, wearing tiny little school outfits. I was with my women so i had to behave myself....a bit. great for a late night drink, and what an original idea to have a sheesha lounge, nice to sit on a low sofa watching the people walk past. Bar staff are pretty and attentive and drinks are modestly priced, didnt see a dirty ash tray for miles, which is more i can say for most twickenham boozers, so that gets a 7/10 already. Would be nice to see this place with a refurb. OH YEEEAH, the boxing was on t.v and i was sooo happy

15 Oct 2006 13:10

The Bear, Twickenham

I really like this place, for a couple of reasons, the most important one, the staff are great except from this one girl who had been drafted in from another pub, she was talking about how shes really good with customers to this bloke, blissfully flirting away when there was a fully packed out bar, seriously she needed a slap, apart from that service is pretty damn fast. I'm a big fan of the lounge area at the back, nice and descreet, and the crowd seem mainly young guys and girls. ah yes, second point, LOADS OF WOMEN!! FANTASTIC. The range of lagers is unrivalled in Twickenham, and its not full of chavlike scum. I think I can honestly say this is one of the best pubs in Twickenham. Keep up the good work big O, you make me so happy.

15 Oct 2006 12:58

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