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Username: tcooked

Age: 38

Sex: male

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The Only Running Footman, Mayfair

I used to work round the corner from here, we all called it 'The Running Sore'. A minute or two's stroll in any direction will land you at a better pub.

5 Mar 2009 18:26

Quinn's, Camden

They often have a limited supply of some of the more esoteric continental bottled beers, which allows for a fun game - go in with a friend or two, pick just one brand of funny sounding beer and see if you can drink them dry of it.

5 Mar 2009 17:49

The Hill, Primrose Hill

They say it is bad luck to rename a boat, it should be said of pubs too. You can still see the original name 'The Load of Hay' high up in the lovely Victorian facade; the place had happily gone by that name since it was built well over a century ago - right up until some idiot in a shiny shirt and expensive hair decided 'The Hill' sounded better. Even if you want to take it upon yourself to ruin a perfectly good pub by turning it into an horrific, overpriced nightmare of a bar, why change the name like that? What utter hubris, what total disregard for subtlety, history, tradition. It staggers me that such people should be allowed to walk the streets freely, let alone go into business flogging food and drink to the public.

5 Mar 2009 17:05

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