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Tommy Flynn's, Camden

I actually quite liked the laid back atmosphere of this pub and if they put a few things right they would likely be packed every night - the location is great. On entering the bar the first smell that greeted me was the smell of urine, although I can't say I noticed that smell in the toilets (strange). The toilets are a health hazard and badly let this place down. There is faulty plumbing and a condensation problem too, the floor is awash with water from both things and has been left for what looks like a very long time as there are damp spores everywhere. If they hired a decent cleaner and paid for an hour of a plumber's time both problems could be fixed and it would feel less like you've stumbled into a squat to use the bathroom. It is truly a degrading and disgusting experience in there.

As for the live music, they need to invest in a decent PA, the sounds are a mish mash and you get the sense that the sound guy isn't sure what he's doing as no one voice or instrument stands out in the mix. The stage would be better situated at the other end of the pub where there is ample room.

That said, I do think this place has possibilities, it just needs to decide whether it values it's customers at all beyond taking their money and running. I think it could be a really great music venue with a few changes and someone running it who knows what they are doing. The 5 entry is too much for this venue since you risk your health by just walking in. They need to get the carpets and upholstery cleaned (or changed) and start to treat their customers with a little more respect. The bar staff were nice though.

8 Oct 2010 13:53

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