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The Tudor Rose, Romsey

We visited several pubs the evening in question and all had their quirks and goods parts but The Tudor Rose amazed us. We bought a 1) a pint of lager (fine), you can't really go wrong with that. 2) a pint of cider, most definately the worst pint I've ever tasted. Coming from Devon and having drunk some of the roughest farmhouse scrumpies known to man, this was just disgusting. It was warm, quite literally. And it wasn't a glass straight from the washer. And it just tasted sour, like a bottle of wine that had corked, that sort of taste in your mouth. 3) a vodka and coke, not difficult really, you'd think. We realised the coke would be a syrup mix from the pump but it is still supposed to have some gas in it. It didn't, it was completely flat. When you shook the glass you couldn't get a single bubble to rise from it.

Anyway, for the first time in my memory I decided that I'd have to take the cider and vodka back to the bar and get something sorted. I was polite and the young guy behind the bar was receptive to the problems with the drinks, but then the locals at the bar started ralying round against me and I quote "That's how it's always served in this pub", like I'm supposed to just say "Oh, well, if you meant to serve them that bad then that's ok!"

Long story short, no refund, no swap, once the lager had been drunk we left. Tere's no chance of us going back there again next year. There's plenty of far better pubs in Romsey.

8 Sep 2009 11:02

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