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Username: stoneape

Age: 40

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Bar Med, Bournemouth

A dramatic change to my last visit to this bar.
Previously a desolate hole in the middle of Bournemouth. Where it seemed only the low life would bother to venture. Then again the clientel were a lot freindlier than the bar staff.
Now during a very short visit to Bournemouth I was once again dragged, digging my heels in, to this bar. It was mid afternoon and rainning heavily we ran for cover and this was what we were greated by;
An extremly freindly and bubbly waitress who asked us wether we would like to eat and if so to take a seat. I jumped at this opportunity as I am always hungry we ordered drinks and food straight away and were extremly surprised when all the food arrived with in 11minutes and absolutly delicious.
After supping up and drying out we asked our waitress were was a good place to go that night she obviously recomended Bar Med we all laughed but said if she was working she would return. She said she was on the Bar at 11 and not to be late.
So again we returned after a few unsuccesfull attempts at a: getting in to other Bars (as we were a group of 6lads) b: being able to afford a beer without having to re-mortgage. Low and behold there was our waitress now working the bar with a lovelly bevie of young barmaids, cheaper prices and an awsome set from the D.J. We stayed all the way to the end and were completely partied out I suggest to all the other reveiwers on this bar to return and re-rate as you will be pleasently surprised I think.....

3 Jul 2007 00:48

Casa, Epsom

A former mishmash of both Epsoms elite and unfortunatly deprived, it looks like this place has finally finding its ground.
Under new managment it is now safe to walk in to the premesis on a tuesday night with out your kevlar stab vest on!
A new attempt at weekend nights has brought D.J's back. These create a fantastic atmosphere with their uplifting house tunes.
Unfortunatly some of the staff should take a leaf out of the D.J's book and stop looking like they're chewing on a wasp. One in particular looked like she'd been slapped round the face by her degenerate boyfriend.
Furniture needs to be looked at as after sittin on one of their chairs for a hour I felt like a baby learning its first steps!
This bar I feel is a great early starter to your weekend nights.

16 Mar 2006 12:55

The Salt House, Epsom

This shoddy attempt at a face lift has only masked the original monstrosity of the old bank.
Toilets are the same mistreated cesspools where you're more scared of catching an STD than a loose piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
The staff it has to be said are polite and helpfull although I think the manager might have a penchant for large breasted women!
The pitch black atmosphere is absent at best yet spoilt by the mishmash of inappropriate music!
The drinks are rather pricey in veiw of other bars in the area and tend to be served in warm glasses.
I will be looking forward though to my return visit (but only because I left my phone there) where I will be trying the food!

16 Mar 2006 12:36

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