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Username: stev1963hit

Age: 56

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Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

Still the best pub in b'mth-but then look at the competition!The re-fit was a disaster,robbing the place of it's warmth,atmosphere & character-bad idea someone!As a result,have stopped using it...even the quiz nights are dead compared to what they used to be 2-3 years ago!If it's real pubs you want...head to Poole-unless you're on the pull that is!!!

7 Jul 2008 00:53

The Lord Nelson, Poole

Yes-most of the bands are awful,the bar staff are'nt gorgeous by any means,the landlady-Anna-can be a bit scary & the bogs whiff...but this is still a great boozer.The locals may,at first,come across like Hobbits,but they are mostly v friendly-proper Poole kiddies!Don't be put off by talk of chavs either,most of the younger drinkers are actually nice people-& are not bona fide chavs anyway!

7 Jul 2008 00:36

The Elephant Inn, North Finchley

Have'nt been to The Moss since we moved back to Poole 20 years ago-good to see that it's still highly regarded.Am a bit surprised tho bout the comment re the pub in the 80s-it was wonderfull pub i've EVER known.Remember well the old copper bar,Dave the landlord,the british legion boys,the way all the light-shades were out of whack,the bikers in the back bar,how rammed it always was,one old alcoholic[named ESB man by the wife & i]who was forever falling flat on his face & the fact they never had music on-apart from at closing time,when it was the only way to kill the atmoshere so that people would leave!Why did they change the name?Is the copper bar still there?

6 Jul 2008 13:38

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