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Username: schmoo67

Age: 53

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The Albion, Hampton Court

We came here after ice-skating and dinner for a quiet drink and were greeted by single-cell pond life downing lager and unable to handle their alcohol. This is not a family pub. We were surrounded by effing and blinding and burping. Every other word was F*** this and c*** that. When I heard the N word being used liberally, I downed my drink and left. The whole experience was deeply uncomfortable. I would never ever bring anyone I like to this pub. I didn't realise just what animals inhabit the earth... and they all seem to congregate in that pub. Even as we left a fight was breaking out in the street, which started inside the Albion. At least they had the decency to take it outside. More effing and blinding. F**king this. C*** that. We went to the Mute Swan which was much much better; it only had one person in it who couldn't handle his booze.

The only good thing about the Albion is that the barman seems alright and there were 2 really cute dogs sniffing around the place but that was it. Never going back there again. Avoid like the plague... unless you're a knuckle-dragger who likes beating people up as a hobby, in which case, it's perfect!

1 Dec 2014 23:08

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