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Username: scaldow

Age: 58

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The Half and Half, Croydon

Extraordinary! The place has been closed since January and it still has the third highest rating of any pub in Croydon!

Come back, Graeme! All is forgiven!

7 May 2008 18:20

The Green Dragon, Croydon

Used to (very occaisionally) go into this place when it was the Hogs Head. Bland, characterless, same old, same old chain pub. Haven't been there again in 18 months.

Just came back from a brief lunchtime session, and was amazed at the transformation. Not a physical one, mind (apart from the green paint job outside) just a completely different feel to the place. Good beer (guest for today was T.E.A. from Hogs Back in Tongham), well kept and a splendid array of bottled as well.

OK, there is still quite a range of the usual Eurofizz and alchopops, but this is central Chavtown after all (even Graham down at the Beer Circus has a few J2Os in the back of the fridge!!). Chefs specials on the menu were mouthwatering in description and better on the palate (3 for a HUGE ploghmans with some of the ripest Brie I've had in a good while).

Love the Book exchange btw, and look forward to a spirited game of Kerplunck some night soon.

Outstanding work folks, and may be back later today for the Heavy Metal night.

25 May 2007 14:28

Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst Wood

OK, so I missed the Port night (mea culpa!!!) but took the landlord of the Beer Circus down for lunch this last weekend (and if anyone might appreciate a good pint it would be he!), and he was most appreciative of the Horsham (I left it to him to make the call, no guidance required!). His one critique was that they didn't quite offer the same range of beers that he did (!). But when I suggested that he didn't quite offer the same cuisine that they did, he wound it in and enjoyed his fine Ridge Farm beef. Oh, and he really liked the dogs, particularly Beefy (although I doubt he could have eaten a whole one!!).

21 Mar 2007 23:12

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