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The Blue Anchor, East Aberthaw

I am writing this comment in response to the inaccurate review posted by 'Sandradiner' on 12 July 2011.
The lady who posted this review has only advised half of a one-sided inaccurate story and I although I have requested that this review be removed from this web-site, I would like to explain the FACTS of the event that she is referring to.
During the lunchtime in question, the customer and her party arrived at the establishment herself, her partner and the elderly lady. The elderly lady was extremely vocal about the fact that she did not want to eat in a pub, she wanted to have lunch at a supermarket. The lady caused such a scene that the gentleman with the ladies did not sit with them (he did not eat and spent the majority of the time outside drinking a pint on his own) during the meal as he was clearly embarrassed.
The customers loudly criticised every single dish on the menu (to the amusement of other customers who commented on her behaviour) prior to settling for fishfingers, the other lady (who posted this review ate a lunchtime snack).
The customer who ordered the fishfingers ate half - 3/4's of the meal prior to making any complaint directly to a member of staff. The lady who posted this review did not make any comment with regards to her own meal.
Whilst we endeavour to meet the needs of all customers (please see South Wales Pub of the Year reviews - three times so far) in this instance the customer was rude, aggressive and obviously used to paying supermarket meal prices, we could not do anything to make the situation better and a refund was not appropriate.
The owner was clearly not aggressive or rude to the customers, I personally was there witnessing the entire event.
Whilst we do use the reviews on websites such as these to identify ways to improve our services, we 'aggressively' deem this review as inaccurate, unjust and unfair and expect it to be removed.

15 Oct 2011 21:17

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