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Username: rinky

Age: 44

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Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

I feel that I have to say something
I used to love the Tup. But now I avoid it like the plague.
The tables are always sticky and dirty. The bar staff are rude and ignore you whilst chatting to their mates. And this is directed at Andy the licencee - they are probably on their best behaviour when you are around. You fail to see how surly, rude and obnoxious one lady in particular actually is.
There is often a strange smell coming from the place too.
And for crying out loud - why on earth is MTV Base or whatever it is on all the time? Are you aiming the pub at teenagers? it's distracting for the grown adults who would like a beer after work.
And because this is on ALL THE TIME there is a need to shove scabby old blankets in the windows to block out the sun.
here's a thing - turn it off!
Please get rid of that pole - it makes the place look hideous too. Oh and not sure if it's still there but what the hell is with that odd little free standing bar thing that is in there?
Back to basics. oompah night, quiz night, good ales, good food.

18 Feb 2009 15:22

Venus, Colliers Wood

I tried venus again recently after many many years.
I'd avoided it for quite a while as it had suddenly gone downhill and was full of people I really didn't want to spend my evening with....

So I was pleasantly surprised to pop back in to find it heading back to it's old ways.
The food was really nice and the house red was lovely!
I have been back a few times since and will be making it my local haunt again.

No it may not be an ultrglam place - but it's a welcome relief from the table dancing rugger buggers in The Tup.
You can actually have a conversation without shouting over crap dance music or rowdyness.

Good work!

18 Feb 2009 15:15

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

I have to agree with the last post.
This place had so much promise but it's gone downhill terribly.
The place is always filthy, instead of curtains or blinds - there is a grotty old blanket hung at the window. They have MTV playing SO loudly all night. When they staff can be bothered to serve you they treat you like crap. I will not be going in here again.

22 Dec 2008 12:14

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