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The Griffin, Shoreditch

Is this the worst pub in London? It's certainly up there. I've been to the Griffin many times over the years 'for a laugh' but I think that following my most recent visit, the laughter has to end now.

The beer tasted rank.
The whole pub smelt of the toilets.
The toilets have only got worse over the years (and they started bad).
The pool table has been replaced by what looks like a scale model of the Battle of the Somme.
The bar staff will try and rip you off if they think you're drunk enough (I wasn't).
The bouncer seems to be ex-Stasi, not letting anyone into the pub after 11pm - especially those with drinks, coats or friends inside.

And, the icing on the cake - there was a fight! An actual stand-up, glass-smashing, blood-splattering fight. It's been a while since I've seen on of these in London but the Griffin came through. The bouncer was nowhere to be seen of course.

So if you're an arch-ironist or a masochist then this is the place for you. Otherwise steer clear.

10 Oct 2011 11:36

The Hope, Wandsworth Common

This Mitchells & Butlers house must be fairly near the bottom of that particular chain. It's got all the aspirations of the standard gastropub but fails to deliver on every count. The food is abysmal; worse than burger van standard, the drinks are overpriced and often badly kept and the outside seating area is little more than a traffic island (if you're extra lucky you get to sit next to the drains!). The speed of the service must break some sort of record for its slowness. Its continuing survival can only be down to the lack of competition in the immediate area.

The only thing going for it is its position on Wandsworth common but by the time you've bought your drinks and wandered far enough on to the common to get away from the pub you'll have realised it would have been cheaper (and quicker) to get them from the offy just down the road instead.

16 Mar 2011 17:11


Oh dear. From The Cambria to the Campbria to The Prambria, the decline of this once-fine boozer continues apace. Doubtless another couple of years will see a further change of ownership and the inevitable conversion into 'luxury' apartments but until then make mine twelve quid's worth of organic duck breast with alfalfa sprout hearts and a side order of child's dribble. Bring back smoking and chuck out the kiddies I say.

18 Aug 2008 17:10

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