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Bankes Arms Hotel, Corfe Castle

Went in again during the Swanage Blues Festival. Note, "Swanage" - eh? I didn't think Corfe Castle was a suburb of Swanage. Chelsea and Fulham, maybe, judging from the 4X4s, green wellies and Zaras and Piers hanging around there. Anyway, back to business. It might be because the group was splendid and the mood was good, but I must say that the the beer was better and the atmosphere much improved since the last time i visited (See previous postings). If they continue in there slow improvements this place could become a sensible place to go for a pint, albeit an expensive one. )Still, the Scott Arms at Kingston's now charging 3.20p for luke warm amber liquid - but at least they have Jamaica barbeques!!)

19 Oct 2009 21:56

The Fox, Corfe Castle

Went in there the other night with a couple of colleagues after putting our noses round the door of the Greyhound and deciding that"mmmm Naah - don't think so". I have to say that it's a lot lot better than it was the last time I went there. Must have caught the landlord on a bad week last time!! Pub was friendly - even the strange woman sitting in a corner just inside the back door was more friendly (well, a bit. Similar to Col. Clebb of 007 fame this time rather than a great wite shark with toothache as she had been previously). There were more customers than in the greyhound and they appeared to be locals. Beer was first class - Tribute and 6X. Yes, we'll go there again - if the landlady will allow!!!!

19 Oct 2009 21:41

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Popped my nose round the door the other evening. You can tell summer's now over because there were hardly any customers. A couple sitting at a table looking rather sadly into their plates of whatever. No-one who looked like a "local" and the atmosphere was somewhat akin to a down at the heel mortuary!!! Mind you, I'm not surprised that the locals don't go in there, what with the nutter landlady, overpriced ale and cider and a chef who looks as if he's he's been "decoking" a leaky motorcycle engine in kitchen whilst cooking the altogether disgusting concoctions he and the the unfortunate staff describe as "delicious food cooked by Andy". Anyway, I decided not to stay and my mates and I went to look at the other 'pubs again in the village, including the Bankes Arms and Fox - which I have been a bit negative about in previous reports. Must say, however, that theyr'e much improved which is more than I can say about the the poor old Greyhound. At least there was laughter, good conversation and enjoyment amongst the customers and the beer was actually good. Indeed, the beer at the Fox was 30p a pint cheaper than in the Greyhound. One day things might change for the better at the Greyhound, but I think the only way that will ever happen is when the landlady decides to call it a day, decides that the 'pub life is not for her and bogs off back to wherever she came from - obviously a place where real English 'pubs don't exist - and takes "Andy" ( her scrap car dismantler cum cook) with her because, unfortunately thanks to the EU, if he's still there the unfortunate successors will have to keep him on for at least 6 months during which time his standard of cooking and egregious demeanour will probably continue to destroy what is left of the goodwill of the business.

19 Oct 2009 21:31

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