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The Four Sisters, Islington

Extremely stroppy service from the barmaid on Saturday afternoon has meant that this is no longer one of my preferred bars. The bar was not busy, but our order for two drinks was met with rudeness and aggression. We were sober and polite. Bar staff should be too.

11 Feb 2008 19:06

The Four Sisters, Islington

it's always lovely in here. it's a tiny place so gets quite packed, but the staff do mix excellent cocktails and they are genuinely friendly. a perfect place to meet people for a few drinks before going out. low lighting and a few elegant touches give it an exciting atmosphere. you can be dressed up or just hanging out - it's always a good place to start an evening.

7 Jan 2005 12:02

The Medicine Bar, Islington

this place always makes me laugh. when you pay for a pint the staff give you your change back on one of those little silver trays. as if you're going to tip them for the attitude! the staff are consistently horrible and most of the chairs are broken. can't help feeling that somebody's running it into the ground deliberately just for the insurance money.
have given it one point purely on the basis that it's such a cliche of snotty service and customer disdain. which is slightly amusing in a spinal-tap kind of way.

7 Jan 2005 11:58

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